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How the Internet Benefits Reclusive People

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Analyzing why people do the things they do and how those things affect others is one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy finding solutions.

Internet Communication

Internet Communication

The Internet's Impact on Stay-at-Home Lifestyles

The Internet may be the vehicle that drives some people into seclusion. Many people become addicted to it, and they may lose the desire to socialize in live, face-to-face settings; or, they may have been victims of Internet stalking, and they fear venturing outside their home or its immediate surroundings.

People become reclusive for many reasons. Most of those reasons have little to do with computers; however, the Internet does offer many conveniences that make being a recluse much easier than it had been prior to the launch of online services.

Design Work and the Internet

Design Work and the Internet

How the Internet Lets Us Spend More Time at Home

In the past, when people didn't want to leave their homes, they often had no other choice; they had to. Their needs and responsibilities forced them out into the world. If they weren't fortunate enough to have personal assistants or somebody else to run their errands for them, they had to do those things themselves. In addition, most of them didn't have an endless supply of money lying around, so they had to go out to work.

Reclusive people were among them. Some felt anxiety in the presence of others, but they had to wrestle with those feelings almost every day as they went about surviving. Some felt anxiety simply because they weren't inside their own homes, and they likely rushed to get back to their comfort zone. However, now people can access services through the Internet that make it possible for people to stay at home most of the time.

How Social Networking Benefits the Recluse

While some reclusive people have no interest in socializing whatsoever, others enjoy interacting with people; however, they don't want to leave their homes to do it. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter make it easy for social butterflies to spread their wings in the confines of their own home.

People who feel uncomfortable being in physical contact with others can send virtual hugs and kisses to let family or friends know they care. They can have real time face-to-face conversations without even being in the same room. They can observe, through photos and videos, all the physical changes their loved ones experience without stepping foot outside their homes.

In addition, they can join groups and participate in forums to virtually meet other people or to learn and share more about things that interest them. For the reclusive person who would otherwise miss out on all these things, the Internet enhances their life experience.

Earning a Living at Home

Earning a Living at Home

Learning and Making Money Online to Avoid Going Anywhere

People with some internet skills and a strong desire to avoid the outside world no longer have to leave their homes for employment. Many companies offer work-from-home opportunities.

Furthermore, online courses are available for people to gain a diploma or certificate. Some of these are designed specifically to teach and train people in fields where home-based employment is prevalent for positions such as computer specialists, graphic designers, or information technology professionals.

Other diploma or certificate programs, such as web design and business administration, often provide the knowledge and training needed for the entrepreneur to run their business from home. For people who enjoy their solitude and want as much of it as possible, these options present a way that they can stay home and make a living.

Drop, Then Shop With the Internet

One of the conveniences of the Internet is the ability to shop from home. This service helps alleviate much of the anxiety many reclusive people feel when they need items and they don't want to go to the store. Instead of leaving the safety and comfort of their home and dealing with traffic and people, they can sit down in front of their computer and order just about anything they desire and have it delivered to their door.

Most retail and department stores have online catalogs where people can order anything from clothing to home goods (and a myriad of things in between), and they offer delivery services. Some grocery services such as Schwan's have an online site where people can place their order and have their groceries delivered. Some grocery stores such as Hy-Vee have a website where people can order any of the items they sell and they will bring them out to your car or deliver them to your house.

The list of things people can order online goes on and on. These services make being reclusive less painful.

Shopping Online

Shopping Online

Internet Commerce

With companies, banks, stores, and others taking their businesses online, the time reclusive people have to spend away from home has dropped significantly. It's possible for a reclusive person to never pick up a check from an employer, or walk into a bank or store. The Internet makes it possible for them to have their paycheck directly deposited into their account.

They can order things and pay for their utilities and other bills online. They can pay with a credit or debit card or directly from their bank account. There are few things left that people have to leave their house for on a daily basis. Some might have to pick up their mail at the post office; however, for most people, even that is delivered. Life for the reclusive person is much easier than it once was.