5 Reasons Why You Enjoy Being Alone

Updated on February 14, 2019

There’s a certain stigma that plagues a man that decides to sit alone in a crowded room, or keep to himself at a party. Others expect them to interact with their surroundings, make friends, and form intimate relationships. But what if that man or woman lacks any desire to do so?

There also people that like to be social, yet desire time to recuperate in private.

1. People Bore You

Your mind is going at 1000 m/s. The ideas that entertain your intellectual capacities are so complex that you can never explain them to anyone. You think of your future, of the endless possibilities. You imagine myths, war, and dragons. You picture death, resurrection, and victory. With such an enthralling mind, the mundane conversations you have with human beings are very boring.

2. Responding to Messages Is a Chore.

You have an easy time reading messages, but see no need to reply. You think, “I’ll just tell them in person, or I’ll reply later.” Sometimes, days or months pass by before you realize there’s still a message you haven’t replied to.

3. Being Alone Allows You to Recuperate.

After a stressful situation, or interacting with people for a while, you develop a strong desire to withdraw from everything and everyone. In that time alone, you listen to music, relax, exercise and recharge your tired body/ mind.

4. Social Situations Sometimes Require a Lot of Thought.

Throughout the dialogue with the other person, you contemplate your response. Serious problems and questions require a well thought-out solution. It requires your undivided attention. In cases like this, you look beyond yourself and focus on the other person.

5. You Are Insecure.

In the company of others, some become overly conscious of their faults. It eats away at how they interact with friends, family, etc. Sometimes you feel inadequate and unaccomplished, and only you have to power to change that. Only you can address your shortcomings, and try to fix them. No one is perfect, but only you can plan your future, and take the desired steps to accomplish set goals.

In terms of insecurity, you are your greatest obstacle. By taking time for yourself, you can address the underlying causes of that powerful emotion, and make steps to become your best self.

Is It Wrong to Want to Be Alone?


It makes you human.

It’s in our nature to withdraw, contemplate and plan.

It’s a way for us to solidify our identities without being influenced by others.

Time alone can free you from chains you never noticed were holding you prisoner.

It fills you with boundless opportunities, and it allows you to develop your strengths.

Being alone means that you aren’t held captive by other’s expectations.

You are free.

© 2017 Aristotle Wilson


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    • Aristotle Junior profile imageAUTHOR

      Aristotle Wilson 

      2 years ago from Vancouver

      Thanks for reading, Lakeyia,

      Growing up, I always felt forced to be part of the crowd. But now I realize, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be alone.

    • LLugo profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      This is a great article. I think that being alone sometimes is a great thing but others hate it. I know people personally that just have to have someone in their life and at times it can cause drama. I am married but I make sure to take some alone time to myself like at night when the kids are sleep and he wants to watch one of his movies. I love listening to music and writing so that is what I end up doing.

      There is nothing wrong with being alone or taking some time to yourself just to clear your head. Yes, people can bore you or just cause issues in your life and you may need to drop them. Great article and can't wait to read more.


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