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100+ Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

Sam wishes you happiness forever in your relationship. And if you aren't in one yet, it will be OK! Everybody's been there.

Flirty questions for your boo!

Flirty questions for your boo!

If you’re looking for questions to ask your girlfriend, boyfriend, or a potential love interest, then you’ve come to the right place. These questions range from cute and mischievous to revealing and embarrassing. At the end of the night, you’ll get to know your significant other on a deeper level (which may be a bad thing or a good thing). Play and find out!

How to Play: This game is usually played with alcohol.

  1. In each round, you will ask 10 questions.
  2. The first person says a statement from the list below. If the other person has done the same thing, then they must take a drink.
  3. Then the second person says a statement. The same rules apply.
  4. If the other person has not done it, no one drinks.
  5. The person who drinks the least at the end of the round wins.

Variation: You can also put up 10 fingers and put a finger down every time you have done something that is stated. Whoever has the most number of fingers up at the end of the round wins.

Icebreaker Questions

Never have I ever...

  1. ... fallen in love.
  2. ... looked up an ex on social media more than once.
  3. ... questioned my sexual orientation.
  4. ... gone commando.
  5. ... seen a dirty movie.
  6. ... insulted someone for the way they looked.
  7. ... had a crush on two people at once.
  8. ... made out with someone in public.
  9. ... stood someone up.
  10. ... ghosted someone by text.
  11. ... broken the law.
  12. ... been hungover.
  13. ... smoked.
  14. ... sexted.
  15. ... met someone on a dating app.
  16. ... teared up when watching The Notebook.
  17. ... peed in an outdoor area.
  18. ... felt lonely.
  19. ... eaten at a restaurant by myself.
  20. ... tried to lose at a game of truth or dare.
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Have you regretted saying three special words to a special someone?

Have you regretted saying three special words to a special someone?

Revealing Questions

Never have I ever...

  1. ... stopped remembering my first love.
  2. ... made a move on a teacher.
  3. ... said “I love you” just to sleep with someone.
  4. ... hooked up with someone in this room.
  5. ... flirted my way out of a ticket.
  6. ... done pushups to impress someone.
  7. ... texted a dirty picture of myself to a relative on accident.
  8. ... cooked bacon naked.
  9. ... showered with someone I met the day before.
  10. ... paid for something over $20 in coins.
  11. ... ordered pineapple on my pizza.
  12. ... worn someone else’s underwear in public.
  13. ... offended a police officer.
  14. ... been part of the mile high club.
  15. ... licked another person.
  16. ... named a pet after someone I loved.
  17. ... exploited a loophole.
  18. ... lied playing “Never Have I Ever”.
  19. ... passed gas or passed out on a date.
  20. ... done it in a car.
  21. ... fallen asleep thinking of Tim Tebow.
  22. ... had a crush on someone in this room.
  23. ... eaten more than my share of cheese.
  24. ... dated my best friend’s ex.
  25. ... been to a nudist beach.
  26. ... kissed a stranger.
  27. ... been in love with my teacher.
  28. ... been serenaded.
  29. ... regretted dating someone.
  30. ... spent a night in jail.
  31. ... been handcuffed.
  32. ... gotten a tattoo of my partner’s name.
  33. ... fallen in love at first sight.
  34. ... regretted saying “I love you” to someone.
  35. ... been awake for 2 days straight.
  36. ... broken up with someone.
  37. ... woken up next to someone I didn’t recognize.
  38. ... gone somewhere just to look at naked people.
  39. ... been slapped in the face.
  40. ... broken up with someone because of politics or religion.
  41. ... been hated by my partner’s parents.
  42. ... been screamed at.
  43. ... gone vegan.
  44. ... not paid my fair share at a restaurant.
  45. ... reached into the field of play at a sporting event.
  46. ... snooped through anyone’s phone without them knowing.
  47. ... slept with someone in the last 24 hours.
  48. ... shown up to work hungover.
  49. ... called someone while naked.
  50. ... hooked up with someone on Tinder.
  51. ... slept with someone more than once with someone else in between.
  52. ... looked at dirty pictures at work.
  53. ... kissed someone of the same sex.
  54. ... been kicked out by a bouncer.
  55. ... used a portable.
  56. ... put someone’s hands on my junk.
  57. ... been too afraid to break up with someone.
  58. ... called someone immediately after a first date.
  59. ... broken up with someone over text.
  60. ... taken someone to church on a date.
  61. ... called someone the wrong name on a date.
  62. ... stuck gum under a chair.
  63. ... been so wasted that I thought I was hot.
  64. ... sung karaoke in another language.
  65. ... told my partner that they remind me of one of my parents.
  66. ... used deodorant instead of bathing.
  67. ... danced to a Christmas song in the summer.
  68. ... had a bad school photo.
  69. ... gotten hair waxed off my body.
Have you hooked up with a friend while drunk?

Have you hooked up with a friend while drunk?

Scandalous Questions

Never have I ever...

  1. ... lied about someone’s performance in bed.
  2. ... thought about someone else while on a date.
  3. ... had an affair.
  4. ... lied just to get my way.
  5. ... forgotten a partner’s birthday or anniversary.
  6. ... thought the person I was dating wasn’t hot.
  7. ... had a one-night stand.
  8. ... had a threesome.
  9. ... hooked up with a friend while drunk.
  10. ... sought revenge on an ex.
  11. ... pranked my partner.
  12. ... sent an anonymous letter confessing my love for someone.
  13. ... liked my best friend’s partner.
  14. ... slept with my best friend’s partner.
  15. ... flashed someone.
  16. ... looked at the outline of someone’s breasts.
  17. ... kissed two people in the same day.
  18. ... needed to use three condoms in one day.
  19. ... played strip poker.
  20. ... traded nude pictures.
Do you stay in love after a breakup?

Do you stay in love after a breakup?

Cute Questions for a Crush

Never have I ever...

  1. ... bought roses and chocolates for a date on Valentine’s Day.
  2. ... had a crush for more than a year.
  3. ... cuddled with a teddy bear.
  4. ... thought about what to name my future children.
  5. ... imagined being married to someone.
  6. ... still been in love with someone after they broke up with me.
  7. ... kept a partner’s item of clothing so I can sniff it.
  8. ... made breakfast for someone in bed.
  9. ... stayed up all night thinking about someone.
  10. ... texted someone at midnight just to tell them how much I miss them.
  11. ... sent a handwritten love letter.
  12. ... given someone a massage.
  13. ... taken a shot instead of telling the truth.
  14. ... misspelled “beautiful.”
  15. ... crossed the street just to talk to a puppy.
  16. ... said “figuratively” when I meant “literally.”
  17. ... laughed so hard my drink came out my nose.
  18. ... written a letter my future husband/wife.
  19. ... dated someone just for their looks.
  20. ... taken care of someone when they were sick.
  21. ... tried to match my clothes with my partner’s.
  22. ... driven two hours to see someone for just 15 minutes.
  23. ... introduced my date to my parents on the 2nd date.
  24. ... dated someone just for their money.
  25. ... been broken up with for being immature.

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