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101 Anniversary Messages for Your Boyfriend

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What should you write in that card? Read on to find out.

What should you write in that card? Read on to find out.

Being in a relationship with your loved one is truly wonderful. Spending time together and celebrating your milestones as a couple are important aspects of keeping a relationship strong. One important milestone is your anniversary—this is a huge event that needs to be celebrated to maintain a healthy relationship.

Here are 100+ anniversary messages for him.


Romantic Anniversary Messages for Your Boyfriend

1. One year ago today, my life became our life.

2. You are what my heart truly desires, yesterday, today, and forever.

3. Like the moon, you are my light, even during the darkest times.

4. I love you and appreciate everything you do for me.

5. I always felt like I was missing something, and once I met you, I knew it was you.

6. I've been waiting my entire life to meet someone like you. Happy anniversary, my love.

7. You have worked so hard this year and I don't know what I would have done without you!

8. Today, all I want to do is to lay down and cuddle up next to you.

9. You are my rock, you keep me stable and grounded.

10. I hope this coming year will bring many wonderful moments. I'm so lucky to call you mine.

11. Beside you, is my favorite place to be. Happy Anniversary!

12. We've made it this far together, I can't wait to see how far we will go!

13. Because there is no greater achievement in life, then finding someone who loves you just the way you are!

14. You give me strength, because I know that together, we can conquer anything.

15. Our adventure is still just beginning!

16. Let's not go anywhere today, let's just lay in bed together and cuddle!

17. Because of you, I can now love again. That is a debt I can never repay.

18. I love the way our hands fit perfectly together, it is as if we are meant to be.

19. When my world comes crashing down, you are the one who saves me. Thank you for never leaving my side.

20. When I was little, I made a wish to meet Prince Charming. You made my wish come true!

21. Thankful, grateful, and blessed to call you mine.

22. I will spend my entire life showing you how it is possible for someone to love you as much as I do!

23. Once upon a time, you came into my life and made my dreams come true... and we're going to live happily ever after!

24. I never want to stop making memories with you!

25. Ever since we first met, you have changed my life in more ways than I can count.

26. I'm so grateful that God gave me you.

27. Happy anniversary, to my favorite person in the entire world.

28. You are the love of my life, thank you for making my dreams come true.

29. The more I get to know you, the more I love you!

30. Starting a life with you was the best thing I ever did. Spending a lifetime with you will be the best thing I ever do.

31. I love you with all my heart and soul.

32. Waking up next to you every morning means more to me then I ever thought was possible. I love you.

33. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

34. I never pictured that I could be this happy, and you are to thank for that! You are truly amazing my love!

35. You are my world!

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Flirty Anniversary Messages for Your Boyfriend

36. Your lips, on mine. That's all I want tonight.

37. A one-minute kiss burns 26 calories.

38. I bought strawberries and whipped cream... I was thinking we could make a little dessert later!

39. I bought an anniversary present for you, but you can't open it till tonight.

40. You're the hottest guy in the world, even hotter when you take off that shirt!

41. Every time you look at me, I get butterflies!

42. For our anniversary, I want you!

43. Roses are red, violets are blue, I bought some wine, and I want to share it with you!

44. Let's make babies (or at least practice!)

45. Let's stay in the shower till the water runs cold.

46. I'm so glad we got drunk and did it!

47. From the moment I saw you, I knew we were either going to have have real, or imaginary sex!

48. You make me want to pretend to be sexy!

49. You're so hot, even my pants are falling for you!

50. Yes, I have a dirty mind, and right now you're running through it... naked.

51. This year has been great, but not as great as your butt.

52. You're in my inappropriate thoughts.

53. Happy Anniversary. You're getting laid.

54. You put a smile on my face, by putting your face on my...

55. Damn, and I thought you were hot a year ago!

56. I think we're going to make some great looking babies one day. Want to go practice?

57. Can you guess what I want to do tonight?

58. I couldn't decide what to get you for our anniversary, so I'll just get you naked!

59. I loved you then, I love you still, I always have, I always will!

60. I said "I love you" first. Just wanted to remind you of that.

61. If you were a triangle, you'd be an acute one!

62. Happy anniversary, to the best looking set of buns I've ever seen!

63. Psst... I'm wearing your favorite color!

64. I love you to the point of it being a little creepy. Happy Anniversary, from your biggest fan!

65. I would do anything for you... including that thing Meatloaf wouldn't do.


Funny Anniversary Messages for Your Boyfriend

66. Yay! We still like each other!

67. I really like-like you, and I'm going to really like-like spending another year with you!

68. My favorite part of waking up to you in the morning, is when you're handing me coffee!

69. Finding and claiming you as my own, as been my greatest achievement!

70. It would be hard to picture a life without you, I mean who would pay the mortgage?

71. And to think, Mom and Dad said we would never last! Just kidding! They love you too!

72. We go together like Oreos and milk!

73. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life in debt with you!

74. I will love you even when you have grey hair!

75. Just remember that I am always right, and we'll always get along great!

76. Thank you for loving me, even when I'm make-up free!

77. "Less is best", except when you're talking about chocolate and roses. The more the merrier, Honey!

78. You are my "Happy Place."

79. Everyday I fall more and more in love with you, well except for yesterday, yesterday you got on my nerves.

80. Sometimes our relationship is hard and sometimes it's not. Either way, I love you, Happy Anniversary!

81. Just wanted to say "Thank You" for dealing with me. I know it may not always be easy, but no one said it would be!

82. Sometimes you make me madder then hell, but you always make up for it later.

83. Growing old with you is one of my happiest daydreams, even if I think you're going to look ridiculous!

84. Want to be my penguin? Because I would mate with you for life.

85. It's our anniversary, so congratulations! I can still tolerate you!

86. I love you, even when you're grumpy.

87. You can learn a lot about a person in a year. I've learned that you like me a lot... And I like you too!

88. I love you and your smelly feet.

89. I still love you.. I think.

90. Happy anniversary, to the only person strong enough to take out the trash! (It's in the kitchen!) Thanks and I love you!

91. With you, everything is better. Well, except for pooping. That's better without you.

92. There's no one I'd rather get drunk and fall asleep on the sofa with, than you!

93. There's only one thing I want to do tonight... watch you do the dishes!

94. Who would've realized we've been playing video games together for a whole year already!

95. I wish I was an octopus, so I'd have 8 arms to grab your butt with!

96. This is your yearly reminder that you landed someone way out of your league!

97. Happy Anniversary, and yes, you have clean underwear.

98. You might call me crazy sometimes, but you're the one who is with me voluntarily.

99. You're my favorite weirdo.

100. It's remarkable how long we've tolerated each other!

101. I love you so much, I'll let you eat the last Little Debbie.

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