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Things Girls Do in a Relationship That Guys Don't Like

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What are some things girls do that guys hate?

What are some things girls do that guys hate?

What Do Men Hate About Women?

What are the things that husbands and boyfriends hate about their wives and girlfriends? Just like there are many habits of men that women don't like, there are certain typical things that guys hate about girls. From nagging to dependency and from comparisons to exes—this article discusses these quirky and funny differences that create friction, fights, and arguments in all relationships and marriages.

1. Men hate it when women mess with their gadgets.

Most men are really possessive about their gadgets. They don't like it when someone messes around with their settings, favorites and other personalized aspects of their iPhones, iPads, laptops, computers, GPS or any other gadget.

This sense of attachment creates a lot of frustration when their girlfriends or wives use their gadgets and unknowingly change a few settings here and there.

2. Pestering guys to open up about their feelings.

Guys hate it when their girlfriends or wives pester them to open up about their feelings. Apart from the occasional concern, guys don't generally see the urgent need to vent about the stuff that is going on in their heads.

While there are always exceptions with guys who really like to talk and open up, most guys are not as gregarious as compared to their girlfriends or wives.

3. Using nicknames in front of others.

Calling a guy by cute and sweet names may be a woman's way of expressing her love for him but from a guy's perspective, cute names are somewhat of an insult towards his manliness.

Guys hate to be called by mushy names simply because it erodes away their masculine image. Imagine a tough looking guy being called 'cutie pie' by his girlfriend – the two don't go together.

Men love to veg out in front of the TV and hate it when they are forced by their girlfriends and wives to go out.

Men love to veg out in front of the TV and hate it when they are forced by their girlfriends and wives to go out.

4. Guys hate it when they are forced to go out.

There is nothing more a guy would hate than to be dragged out of the couch on a lazy weekend. Men really value their relaxing time on a holiday and don't like to be forced to go out.

This typically happens when his girl wants him to take her out when all he wants to do is veg out in front of the TV.

5. Being told to pick up dirty laundry all the time.

Husbands get really annoyed when they are asked to pick up socks and men's underwear from bedroom and bathroom floors. Guys don't necessarily advocate a dirty living environment but they get frustrated when they are constantly asked to pick up their dirty laundry behind them.

6. Men don't like to constantly discuss the future of a relationship.

This typically applies to couples who are dating and not yet married. Guys who are not needy hate it when their girlfriends keep bringing up commitment, future plans and relationship goals in day to day conversations.

This has nothing to do with commitment phobia. Guys may just find it unnecessary to talk about a relationship's future over and over again when there are no hiccups along the road in the first place.

7. Men hate it when women become excessively dependent.

Men love it when they can help a woman. Being able to solve problems for women is in fact, a major driver of a man's ego. But there is a fine line between dependency which drives ego and dependency which causes frustration.

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For example, when a wife asks her husband to open up a tight jar of jam, he willingly obliges. Opening up the tight jar is his way of showing his strength. But if his wife nags him for just about everything including helping her pay her bills online, he will get frustrated.

8. Guys don't like it when women give directions while driving together.

Men hate it when their wives and girlfriends start giving directions while they are driving. Guys like to believe that they know where they are going and they don't need any help.

This typically leads to a lot of fights when a couple is driving to some place and they get lost. The guy will blame it on the girl who gave bad directions. While the girl will blame the guy's inability to accept that someone else can give better directions than himself.

9. Nagging about never spending enough time with her.

Repeatedly asking a guy to spend more time with her is something that most couples fight about. While a woman's intention to do this may be nothing but romantic, a guy is likely to see this as needy and clingy behavior.

A situation like this gets worse when it concern's the amount of time a guy spends with his own friends. Meeting up with friends and hanging out with the guys is seen as something that all men should do. Any form of nagging in this regard will really get to his nerves.

10. Overanalyzing social situations and conversations.

Men aren't the best at reading between the lines which makes them really annoyed when women overanalyze conversations and social situations. Guys typically like to take things on face value and are unlikely to be as good as women in understanding the emotion or the hidden meaning in a conversation.

11. Guys hate comparison with other relationships and couples.

Guys hate it when women compare their own relationships with those of other couples. Here are some examples of comparisons that really annoy men.

  • Sarah and her boyfriend regularly go out on dates to this amazing cafe, why can't we go there too
  • Why can't we start saving money for a house together, just like Mark and Marissa
  • All my friends have special names for their boyfriends, I should have one for you two

12. Ranting about womanly issues—guys don't like that stuff.

Guys don't like it when girls rant about women's issues. This includes talking about hormonal mood swings, period pain and any other stuff that is related to biological cycles that women face month after month.

On one hand, women expect their men to be more considerate about such issues. On the other, being a part of the circus is the last thing men want to be involved in. Both parties can frown at each other all they want, but periods are not going to end and nor is a general aversion from the men's corner towards them.

13. Men cringe when they are asked to buy gifts.

Men hate it from the inner most corners of their hearts when they are asked by their wives and girlfriends to buy gifts. This includes subtle hints while window shopping.

Right from jewelry, handbags, dresses and other stuff - apart from birthdays and anniversaries, men prefer that women go out and buy their own stuff.

Men are proud car owners. They are touchy about their wheels and hate it when women compare their car with others.

Men are proud car owners. They are touchy about their wheels and hate it when women compare their car with others.

14. Comparing their car with another guy's car.

For most guys, their cars have a lot to do with their egos. Even if they are driving a rickety set of wheels, they will never accept that their car is a bad ride.

Men want women to understand this quirky bond they have with their cars. Comparing a man's car to another man's is as good as disrespecting him in one of the worst possible ways.

15. Guys freak out when their girls keep in touch with an ex.

Guys may not say it out aloud all the time but they get really jealous about their partner's exes. They cringe at the thought of their girlfriend or wife talking with an ex.

No matter how cool a guy pretends to be, it is nearly impossible that he is completely ok with his woman talking to her ex.

16. Lack of interest in sports and other hobbies that guys like.

Just like women expect men to take interest in girly stuff like shopping so that couples can spend more time with each other, men also expect their better halves to take interest in manly stuff like watching sports.

He expects her to watch action flicks, go to the Friday night games with him and maybe even play a round or two of the latest Xbox bestseller – just like she drags him along while shopping.

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