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Ten Cheap Ways to Treat and Surprise Your Girlfriend

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As men, we all like to do something special for our girlfriends/wives. That look of appreciation and surprise on your lover's face can be intoxicating. Unfortunately, we are notoriously bad at it. A large part of the problem men have is that we hate to spend money without having a good reason to do so, whereas, for many women, the thought that you spared no expense on their latest present-of-no-practical-use-or-relevance is part of what makes them feel so special. However, all is not lost. It is possible to make her feel special and not spend ridiculous amounts of cash. So here are my top ten ideas for romance to give your partner the feeling that she is the most special person in the world, without making you more familiar with your bank manager than you are with your partner.

1. Buy Her Flowers

Flowers are great, but if you get the wrong ones or you don't really pay attention to what you're ordering, you end up spending a large amount of cash on something she isn't all that excited about. If you find out her favourite type of flowers, or even just her favourite colours, and go out and pick them yourself, you will score huge brownie points and spend next to nothing. Failing that, most supermarkets and newsagents do flowers at a tenth of the cost of a flower shop, and you can deliver them yourself at an appropriately romantic moment. You can save a lot of money just by listening to her and finding out what she likes. It doesn't have to be for her birthday or some anniversary either. Women love to get surprises out of the blue.

2. Buy Little Thoughtful Gifts

Regular, little surprises or thoughtful gifts can go a lot further than a huge gift that you blew your month's wages on. A chocolate bar or her favourite magazine every few days costs pence but looks very thoughtful. Do one thing a day just for her, even if it's only making her tea!

Do Nice Things for Her

Do Nice Things for Her

3. Spoil Her With Breakfast in Bed

Try to do something to spoil her. Bringing her breakfast in bed is an oldie but goodie. Score extra points by putting a flower you picked in a little vase on the tray. For those who would rather not get up at the crack of dawn to slave over a hot stove, you could always do an evening meal instead. Every woman likes a meal cooked for her, but go a bit further and put out candles. In my experience, the more the better. You can cover an average-sized room with candles, and it will cost you less than two quid!

4. Take Her on a Picnic

Picnics are another oldie but goodie. With this one, it's all about location. The last thing you want to happen after laying out your perfect spread is for a farmer to drive his tractor through it! Choose somewhere romantic and away from the crowds. The beach is always a good idea if there's one near you. If not, a secluded area of a public park can work. For extra brownie points, try to time it so you can see the sunset. This is usually only good in the spring or summer but can still work in winter (it might even be better with a bit of preparation). If you have a car, just take her somewhere scenic where you can watch the sunset and bring a hot flask with you.

Create a Fun, Creative Surprise

Create a Fun, Creative Surprise

5. Build up to a Surprise Evening

If you already have the perfect plan for a romantic evening, don't just surprise her with it all in one go. Build it up a bit. The best way is to leave notes (you can also do this by text) telling her to go to a place where you have something planned without telling her why. If you're going out, you could tell her to go home first (best if she isn't already there), shower and get ready, and then meet you somewhere. This will build suspense and excitement. Or you could tell her you're going to pick her up from work and don't say where you're going. Let her find out when you get there.

Nothing is more relaxing than a massage.

Nothing is more relaxing than a massage.

6. Pamper Her With a Massage or Foot Rub

This will work especially well if your partner is the professional, career-driven type. The stress of a day at work will still be hanging on her when she gets home, and this can work in your favour. Meet her with a glass of wine when she gets in, then lead her to a room you have previously prepared. Have some calming, soft music already playing and candles lit ready.

Write your partner a note.

Write your partner a note.

7. Write Her a Simple Note

Leaving little notes or messages for her can be very romantic. Even just the simplest ones can pull at a woman's heartstrings. A good one is to write a simple "luv u" in the condensation on the mirror so she will see it when she showers. You don't have to be a wordsmith; the fact that it comes from you will be enough. If you are of a literary bent, little poems left in her make-up bag, handbag, or under the pillow will work wonders.

8. Try Something New Together

Women like a man who is prepared to take a risk to be romantic. I'm not saying you have to leap through the bedroom window dressed in black (this is actually more likely to cause you injury either due to poor abseiling skill or your partner hitting you with the nearest blunt object when she mistakes you for a burglar, and there is nothing more embarrassing than having to be rescued by firemen, dangling upside down from the roof of the house), but you can still be a Casanova without going on a special forces training course. Take her somewhere neither of you has ever been before, try out new hobbies together, or cook her something neither of you has ever had (try to avoid anything you know she wouldn't like though).

9. Help Her With Things Around the House

Help her take a load off by doing her washing or doing a bit of ironing. Even if you only do this once, it will score major brownie points, which you can then cash in when you turn up 3 am from the lock-in you promised you wouldn't go to. Careful with this one if your partner is the fussy type though. You won't score any points if you present her with her favourite top with an iron-shaped hole in it!

Plan a weekend getaway.

Plan a weekend getaway.

10. Go Away for the Weekend

Grand gestures don't have to break the bank. If you really want to do something special for your girlfriend, there are so many cheap flights nowadays that you don't have to spend a ton of money. A weekend away can still be cost-effective. The key here is planning. Book the flights and hotels separately. This will usually only take an hour or so and will save you a fortune. Check online and try to find a weekend where the flights and hotels are the cheapest. The best thing about this is that it doesn't matter when you do it, so you're free to pick the cheapest one. When choosing a hotel, choose one slightly outside the resort or city, so that you will get a much better price for a higher quality hotel, and it will look like you picked it because it's more romantic. For transfers from the airport, go to the website of the airport you are arriving at, as you will usually find local public transport is much cheaper. Hotels in the UK often do deals for weekends in the off-season, and it doesn't matter if the weather is bad, that's what wine shops were made for.

Of course, most men would like to think they are a bit of a Casanova. Hopefully, by following these tips you will be able to make that a reality, without hiding your bank statements. Women love to be told or shown they are special, but they care more about the thought behind it than the amount of cash you spend. A thoughtful gesture goes a lot further than letting her use your credit card for the weekend. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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Answer: There are a lot of possible answers to this. Every woman is different, and I doubt any will fail to appreciate something you say that is personal to her. In general (though not always), most people like to be complimented. If you can add some witty self deprecation that usually works well too.

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