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Random Acts of Kindness Your Husband Will Appreciate

Sadie Holloway is a workshop facilitator who teaches interpersonal communication skills to help people strengthen their relationships.

Can random acts of kindness improve your marriage? Researchers believe they can. Why not test their research findings yourself with these suggested gifts, random acts of kindness and spontaneous favors your husband will be sure to appreciate!

Carve out some quiet time for him.

Everyone needs a bit of alone time now and then. Planning your errands on an afternoon when you know he's got nothing to do but chill is, I think, the kind of gift more spouses should give to one another.

Everyone needs a bit of alone time now and then. Planning your errands on an afternoon when you know he's got nothing to do but chill is, I think, the kind of gift more spouses should give to one another.

Surprise him with a goodie bag of treats as he goes out the door to work. It could be as simple as a few miniature verisions of his favorite chocolate bars or a few silly jokes and goofy toys that have secret meaning for the two of you. Or you could go all out and make a charcuterie board (minus the board) with his favorite cured meats, gourmet cheeses and nuts and fruit. The idea is to do something for him that will make his day at work a little less ordinary.

Make him a mini-care package and mail it to him at work. Instead of giving your husband a care package as he goes out the door, you could mail a non-perishable version. It will be a nice surprise and a welcome break from opening his boring old day-to-day business mail. Be sure label the package "Private and Confidential" so that his administrative assistant doesn't open it for him while sorting through the regular mail.

Send him an 'anonymous' thank you card at work. Some people take pride in displaying thank you cards they recieve from clients on their pin boards or around their desks. Send your partner a thank you card with simple but heartfelt words of appreciation. To make it anonymous, sign it with your fist initial. That way he will be the only one who knows it's from you---he'll recognize your handwriting so you don't need to put your full name in it. Keep your message clean, not racy or flirty, just in case someone else does happen to read it.

Upgrade his toiletries. Do you know that your spouse covets a certain after-shave lotion or hair care product but doesn't buy it for himself because he thinks it's wasteful to spend too much on everyday items? Then why not slip a bottle of his favorite grooming product into the shower or on his side of the bathroom counter. Being the recipient of a random act of kindness first thing in the morning is always nice!

Let him take the weekend off. Hire someone to do an odd job around the house that you know he has been putting off. He'll appreciate the break from having to finish a boring chore and you'll be happy that the 'thing' you've be wanted to get done has finally been finished. Win-win!

Give him a foot massage, hand massage, or scalp massage. The video below demonstrates how to give a relaxing scalp massage.

Take some of his shirts to be laundered and pressed. Even if your husband doesn't normally where formally pressed attire to work, there is something special about have a crisp set of dress shirts neatly wrapped or boxed on a shelf in the closet. It

Have lunch delivered to his whole office and let him get the credit. Who doesn't love pizza for lunch. Provided his office is not huge, you could buy enough pizza to ensure that each person gets at least one or two slice. If people generally bring their own lunch or tend to be on the road a lot, you could send cupcakes, gourmet pastries or fresh bagels with assorted cream cheeses.

Clean something that you know he hates to clean (or sometimes just forgets to clean). Polish his watch. Clean his glasses. Organize his side of the medicine cabinet.

Make him his favorite dinner from his childhood. Don't forget dessert! Giving your spouse permission to not be such an adult all the time and do silly indulgent things is a wonderful act of kindness that can help reduce stress, put things into perspective and let his inner child come out to play.


What's good for the goose...

These random acts of kindness don't just apply to men. These ideas are meant to inspire both men and women to think of creative, kind ways to show their spouse how much they care. Men can clean and cook for their spouses too! If you have any random acts of kindness you'd like to suggest, leave a comment and share your ideas!

is good for the gander!

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