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Keys to a Successful Long-Distance Relationship

How to make long-distance relationships work?

How to make long-distance relationships work?

How to Have a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Many people do not believe that long-distance relationships will last. When a couple lives miles away from each other, many issues will eventually arise. This includes unfaithfulness and the lack of proper communication. Jealousy and insecurity can also become contributing factors.

Before you engage in a long-distance relationship, think about it first. Do not just jump into the relationship without setting clear goals and realistic expectations.

If you are already engaged in one, then you and your partner must have a mutual understanding of your relationship status. After all, it's not just about love. It's how you keep the relationship alive despite the many issues that you will face as a long-distance couple.

For a long-distance relationship to work, here are some key elements that you must take into consideration.


A long-distance couple must have mutual trust in each other. Remember, you can't build trust by words. You have to prove it by action. For long-distance relationships, this can be difficult to do. Given the distance and difference in time zones, you can't always see what your partner is doing. Nonetheless, it is not impossible for as long as you're both willing to make it work.


Good communication is an essential key to a successful long-distance relationship. Both parties should make an effort to communicate. The key here is always to make your partner a part of your daily life. Never let your partner feel left out. You both must be free and comfortable enough to talk about anything under the sun. Do your best to listen to your partner and be open-minded. When talking about issues, try to see things from your partner's point of view. Arguments are healthy but know when it's time to let go of your pride.


Living miles away from each other requires a lot of patience. After all, you don't always get to see each other. Others would even wait for months or years just to make that long-awaited visit happen. While waiting, you get overwhelmed by feelings of uncertainty and hopelessness. Even so, don't let these negative thoughts and feelings overcome you. Remember that waiting is just a phase. Things will get better in the end.


When you're genuinely committed to a relationship, good things happen. Prove that you really want the relationship to work by making an effort. The thing with most long-distance relationships is it eventually gets complacent. When Skype calls become the norm, couples tend to become lazy. They no longer think of ways to spice up the relationship. Never let this happen. Always strive hard to bring something new into your relationship. Let your creativity take the lead.

Setting Realistic Goals

The thing with long-distance relationships is you can't always remain that way forever. At some point, you both need to decide whether to take your relationship to the next level. Thus, it is very important to talk about it ahead of time. As always, make sure to set realistic goals. It also helps to set the time as to when you'll meet for real, live together, or get married.

Having a long-distance relationship is never easy. Also, it would be best not to engage in one if you're just going to be cynical about it. A lot of issues may arise but instead of seeing it as hurdles, take it as a challenge to further deepen your bond.

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