I Miss You Quotes, Messages and Poems for Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Updated on December 20, 2016
Waiting for someone to come home is more agonizing than any other wait. The mind and body craves for a warm hug - every passing second feels like eternity.
Waiting for someone to come home is more agonizing than any other wait. The mind and body craves for a warm hug - every passing second feels like eternity. | Source

This collection of I Miss You quotes, messages and poems represent how someone would feel when they are far away from their partners. If you are in a similar situation, take ideas from these and send your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife text messages, emails, tweets or posts on Facebook.

Whether your partner is on a vacation, overseas job or has simply moved out of state - Write your own romantic message, express your love and tell your partner how badly you want him/her to come back soon.

  • Missing you for the silliest, weirdest and stupidest of reasons is what I love doing all day long. Do you miss me too sweetheart?
  • The best part about missing you is having those butterflies in my stomach when I think of the moment when we will meet again. I hope the sizzle in our relationship never fizzles. I miss you darling.
  • Every time I think of you, tears start strolling down my face. Come to me soon so that you can kiss these tears away. I love you and I miss you a lot.
  • Without you by my side

.......Ice cream isn't that sweet

.......Chocolate isn't that exciting

.......Movies aren't fun

.......Pillow fights are very dull

.......Watching TV is boring

.......And living life seems futile

.......I miss you darling

  • What's the point of having all the luxuries in the world when you're not around to share it with me? Everything in my life is meaningless without you. I miss you love.

Only a true lover knows the real meaning of I Miss You and the feeling of living far away from a loved one.
Only a true lover knows the real meaning of I Miss You and the feeling of living far away from a loved one. | Source
  • Although I'm a thousand miles away from you, I can hear you in every heart beat. I can't spend one moment without thinking of you. I miss you sweetheart.
  • I don't need any reason to miss you. I miss you for just about everything – from the way you make my morning coffee at home to the way you kiss me goodnight. I can't bear the pain anymore darling, come back soon.
  • Today, I missed you in the morning, then I missed you a little again in the afternoon and then finally at night, I closed my eyes and missed you tons and tons. I love you sweetheart.
  • Every day I am surviving only because I know that you will always be with me no matter how far I am. I miss you sweetheart. And I am looking forward to see you.
  • Until I went away from you, I never thought I would miss you so much. As they say, distance makes people come together. So here I am, soldering in your memories and wishing that you could be with me today. I love you sweetheart.
  • Every time I miss you I think of the promises that we've made to each other and the dreams that we've seen together. It brings a smile to my face which is soon wiped off because you're not here by my side. I miss you baby, come back soon.
  • Can you relate to the feeling of gasping for air when you are underwater? I get the same feeling every time I think of you. I miss you dearly and crave for a hug from you. When are you coming back sweetheart?

  • Missing you has never been difficult and getting over it has never been simple. Come to me before I lose my mind sweetheart.
  • This Miss You message doesn't even express an ounce of the feeling that I have for you in my heart. A thousand messages like this wouldn't suffice. I miss you tons and tons darling.
  • Missing you like crazy

.......Loving you like crazy

.......Thinking about you like crazy

.......Dying to be with you like crazy

.......Without you, I'm going crazy

  • My love for you knows no boundaries, distance or time limits. My love for you is infinite, everlasting and evergreen. And that's why when I say that I miss you, it means that I'm feeling empty from inside without having you by my side.
  • What's life without your sun kissed face, your delicate touch, your soothing voice and your seamless beauty? Not worth a single breath. I miss you so much that I don't feel like living one more moment alone.

  • My sister told me that I was murmuring your name in my sleep yesterday. Now do you realize how much I miss you? Come back darling, life is incomplete without you.
  • Sometimes I wish that I had never spent all those beautiful moments with you. Because every time I go to those places and relive those moments without you, my heart aches with a biting pain. I miss you a lot sweetheart. When will you come to me?
  • Every day before I go to bed I make do a countdown of the number of days left to see you. Trust me darling, that is the only the highlight of my day. I miss you.
  • Imagine what would happen to the earth if the sun weren't to shine one day. That's the kind of chaos happening in my life every single day without you right now. I miss you like crazy.
  • When you see the raindrops falling down, think of them as my tears and the pain that I'm going through without you. I Miss you.

I feel so far away - I can't bear the pain of loneliness any more.
I feel so far away - I can't bear the pain of loneliness any more. | Source
  • With every breath of mine

.......I miss a girl like you so fine

.......With every single day

.......I don't know how to say

.......I love you

.......I care for you

.......I miss you

.......My sweetheart

  • I hate to say this but I miss you a lot because there's no one to fight and argue with anymore. Haha! Miss you darling and I want to see you soon.
  • The worst punishment that God is giving me right now is that he's keeping me away from you. Can you come to me and tell relieve my pain? I miss you like you and it is getting worse with every passing day.
  • I watch the clock ticking away and keep thinking about the things you do and the people you meet. The agony of spending time without you has left a fire burning in my heart that only your presence can put off. Come to me darling and put my heart at peace.
  • The most difficult thing to do is to put up a fake smile even when you are not happy. How can I be smiling when you are not here with me? Come back soon darling, and bring the smile back on my face. I miss you.

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      • profile image

        7 weeks ago

        I am going to France on Sunday and l'm Missing someone in my life he meant everything to me

      • profile image

        nina Pickert 4 years ago


      • profile image

        Singh 4 years ago

        I smile but inside I cry, I pretend, but i don't really know why! I think about you every secound of everyday, I still whistle and wait for you to whistle back.. I wish and I pray for forgivness of god? And i ask'? Am i a bad person?

      • profile image

        Sachini 5 years ago

        There is no use sending these messages to my ex cox he is never goin to come back but he needs to realize how much i actually miss him!!!! I miss u Muneeem......

      • profile image

        johnny 5 years ago

        i know what i have done! i know all my m istakes!!! i don't even have a power to stand in front of ur face. i punished ma self i keeping me away from you. but i am missin u so bad!!! missin u more than stars that found in the sky

      • amyarlene61 profile image

        amyarlene61 5 years ago

        Sounds like codependency to me. It worked in the famous "You complete me" in Jerry Maguire, but not here. I'm codependent with my cat, Peewee.