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How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

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Are text messages, phone calls and online chats the only things keeping your long distance relationship alive? Read on and find out the little things you can do to bring romance and stability back into your long distance relationship.

Are text messages, phone calls and online chats the only things keeping your long distance relationship alive? Read on and find out the little things you can do to bring romance and stability back into your long distance relationship.

How can you make a long-distance relationship work? Relationship gurus talk about creating the feeling of togetherness, increasing levels of trust, embracing commitment, and building a better emotional connection.

This article gives practical advice to aid girlfriends and boyfriends who live apart from each other. Stop feeling gloomy, sad, and depressed, and find out how you can bring love and romance back into your long-distance relationship.

1. Increase the Use of Cliché Words of Love and Affection in a Long-Distance Relationship

"I love you," "I want you," "I miss you," and other such seemingly cheesy words symbolic of love and affection carry a lot of weight in shaping the emotional quotient of a relationship.

Keep saying these words to him or her every time you talk on the phone or have a private online chat. These words and messages in a long-distance relationship will passively give your partner reassurance that he or she is on your mind all the time.

2. Do Things Simultaneously to Create a Feeling of Being Together

It is a myth that a couple cannot do things together when they are in a long-distance relationship. Think of creative ways in which you can do things simultaneously, if not together. This could include watching the same show on TV, chatting on the phone while cooking the exact same recipe, or reading the same book on a Sunday.

Making a long-distance relationship work is all about creating a feeling of togetherness. Doing things simultaneously with your partner will do just that, and it will also bring some fun back into your relationship.

3. Use Google Street View to Show Your Partner Around Your City

A cute way of connecting with your partner is to show him or her your house, school, university, or workplace on Google Street View. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will feel more attached to you while going through your surroundings on Google Street View.

Don't just stop at showing your neighborhood. Use Google Street View to show your partner the places where you hang out, your favorite shopping mall, and all other quirky places that you regularly visit.

4. Send Each Other Postcards and Letters

Snail mail may have been made redundant from many perspectives, but feeling the warmth of a handwritten letter may still beat an email from the ultimate romantic's viewpoint. You will crack a smile when you read the love-laden lines in your partner's own handwriting.

Making a long-distance relationship work involves doing everything that serves to close the physical gap between you and your partner. A handwritten postcard sent via snail mail will allow you and your partner to write, scribble, draw doodles and express emotions in their entirety.

5. Send Each Other Handmade Gifts—It Will Be a Constant Reminder of Your Presence in His or Her Life

Whether your loved one is living in a different country or just across another state, sending small tokens of love can make your partner feel special. Your focus should be on putting effort into making the gift, not on buying something expensive or readymade from the mall.

Make a handmade card, paint something cute on a mug, knit a small piece, make a heart-shaped clay toy, or some such. Let your sweetheart know that you are willing to do the little things that make a relationship tick.

6. Be in Touch Constantly—Communication Is the Cornerstone of a Long-Distance Relationship

Communication is the foundation and the most critical aspect of a long-distance relationship. A couple must stay in constant touch to give the feeling that they are still there for each other even if they are physically apart.

Staying in touch across national and international borders is easy with texting, chat, calling cards, email, VOIP, Skype, Facebook, and many other online and cellular portals. Douse the feeling of loneliness by constantly filling each other in on how your day went, who you met, and what you plan to cook for dinner.

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7. Count Down Toward a Goal Together—Motivate Each Other to Fulfill a Common Dream

A great way to cut down the anxiety of a long-distance relationship is to set a common goal and look forward to it with your girlfriend or boyfriend. These goals can include saving money for a holiday together, studying for the same competitive exams, losing weight, or even learning a new language.

Having a ticking countdown with your partner will make you both feel motivated to quickly reach the goal together. The whole exercise has the potential to diminish the pain of living apart from each other.

8. Send Each Other Pictures Every Other Day

Pictures have a lot of power and can make loved ones go weak in the knees. Take all sorts of pictures from your daily life and send them to your partner. These pictures don't necessarily need to be of an important event at work or a party. They could include silly pictures of you smiling cheekily at the camera, doing random chores, or even a self-portrait you took from your cell phone while you were getting up in the morning.

Ask your partner to do the same and have fun exchanging pictures. Don't just post them on Facebook. Send them in an email. This will give both of you a warm feeling that you are not missing out on anything in each other's lives.

9. Play Online Multiplayer Games Together

You can boost the feeling of being close to your partner by playing a multiplayer game with him or her over the internet. Search for online multiplayer games and pick something that interests you, whether it is pool, cards, or a board game.

If both are gamers, you could even start playing an MMORPG together. Being together in the virtual world may calm your nerves down. Avid gamers can also use Playstation, Wii, Xbox gaming consoles, and their online networks to play together.

10. Control Jealousy—Long-Distance Relationships' Biggest Test

The control and grip over feelings of jealousy can make or break even live-in relationships, let alone one where partners are living in different cities or countries.

Next time you feel possessive or jealous of your partner being with someone else, treat the situation as just another quirky and lovable aspect of being in a relationship. Don't expect to stop feeling jealous overnight. It is a gradual change that you will have to acclimate yourself to.

Talk it out with your partner and explain why you are feeling jealous. A few reassuring words may put your worries to rest.

11. Don't Do Things That You Wouldn't Like Your Partner to Do

How would you feel if your girlfriend went on a road trip with one of her male friends? How would you feel if your boyfriend crashed at his beautiful work colleague's home for the weekend? If you are not comfortable in situations like these, don't put yourself in them either.

Talk to your partner and set a few ground rules. Don't ever do something that you may not approve your partner of doing. Else, you may not have the right to say no to your partner when he or she does it too.

12. Talk About Your Trust Issues Openly

The foundation of making a long-distance relationship work arises from strong core levels of trust. Insecurities are part and parcel of living thousands of miles away from your girlfriend or boyfriend and if you have something on your mind, discuss it with your partner as soon as possible.

Don't let the issue balloon into something bigger in your head and spin out of control. Tell your partner to do the same.

13. Meet Each Other's Families if They Are in the Same City as Yours

If your relationship is at a point where you and your partner have been introduced to each other's families, take advantage of the situation if they live in the same city as yours. You can hang around in your partner's room or have dinner with his or her family, depending on how close you are with them.

Meeting your girlfriend's or boyfriend's family will serve as an anchor point for your relationship. It will also add to the notion of commitment and the feeling of security.

14. Don't Make Baseless Accusations of Cheating or Betrayal

Baseless accusations of cheating and betrayal will claw into your long-distance relationship's foundation of trust. Chose your words carefully when you talk about trust issues.

Accusing your boyfriend of having feelings for his pretty colleague or voicing your doubts over your girlfriend's intentions with a guy from her class is not the way to go without substance behind your suspicion.

15. Talk About the Future of Your Relationship to Show Your Commitment

Committed partners can talk about their future to ease the worries of a long-distance relationship. As long as you and your partner are both comfortable talking about commitment, ask open-ended questions like, "Where do you think we both will be after three years?"

The key to keeping these commitment talks light and enjoyable is to not get into the details. Making it elaborate and messy may scare your partner away from the conversation.

16. Don't Forget Important Dates, Anniversaries, and Celebrations

Forgetting a birthday or an anniversary will invite the wrath of any partner in any relationship. Such forgetfulness can be very hurtful, especially when you are trying to make a long-distance relationship work. Your partner will feel unimportant, and his or her ego will be punctured.

Apart from birthdays and anniversaries, remember to wish your partner on days like Valentine's Day, Friendships Day, and other fun celebrations that come along the way.

You can make your wish special by sending personalized messages. For example, you can write your own Valentine's Day poem for your girlfriend on a handmade card and surprise her by snail-mailing it a few days in advance.

17. Keep the Excitement Alive—Don't Allow Distance to Fizzle Out the Romance

Being romantic is possible even when you are physically away from your partner. Popularly, romance may be all about holding hands, kissing, hugging, and leaning on each other's shoulders. In a long-distance relationship, romance must go beyond the physical and transform into an emotional connection.

Whisper sweet nothings to each other on the phone, randomly call your partner and say that you feel like smooching him or her, exchange candid pictures or send each other virtual kisses. The idea is to keep the romance, lust and excitement in your relationship alive.

18. Take Turns Visiting Each Other

Making a long-distance relationship work requires an equal amount of effort and understanding from both partners. If you are the only one making plans to visit, you should give your partner's behavior another thought. Talk about the reasons why he or she is not showing the same level of excitement to come and meet you.

19. Keep Yourself Busy—Don't Lose Your Own Life and Personality

You must make an active effort to retain your individual personality when you are living away from your girlfriend or boyfriend. Don't allow yourself to sink in the quicksand of loneliness.

Keep yourself busy in studies, work, friends, hobbies, and other activities that take your mind away from the physical distance in your relationship. Being in a happy state of mind will automatically make you sound cheerful when you speak to your partner on the phone.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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