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How to Deal With Your Girlfriend or Wife's Mood Swings

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How should you deal with your partner's mood swings? Read on to find out!

How should you deal with your partner's mood swings? Read on to find out!

How to Handle the Mood Swings of a Girl

How to deal with mood swings in women? The answer to coping with your girlfriend or wife's PMS-related mood swings is not in black and white.

Managing and controlling female mood swings requires the four Ps—Presence of mind, Patience, Perseverance, and Pampering. Stop trying to understand why women have mood swings and find out how you can stop annoying your girlfriend or wife during her mood swings.

1. Leave her alone—don't pester or bother her.

Ask your girlfriend or wife what is bothering her only once. If she doesn't seem too keen on talking about her mood swings, leave her alone, and give her some space. Allow her to take her own time to bounce back into a good mood.

Constantly asking your partner why she is upset may be the last thing she wants when she is having a mood swing. Regardless of whether her mood swings have been triggered by PMS or not, giving her some space may just do the trick.

2. Listen to her needs—find out if she is upset about something specific.

Your girlfriend may have swirling moods because she is upset or angry with something very specific. It could be something you have done, or it could be something silly that has triggered her mood swings.

Listen patiently and don't try to avoid a seemingly boring conversation with her. Her mood swing may be driven by factors external to PMS-related symptoms. Talk to your girlfriend to find out if she needs anything from you, whether it is a change in your behavior or more attention.

3. Don't do things that will annoy her.

Don't make your girlfriend or wife's mood swings spiral out of control by doing something that will annoy her. For example, don't look at other women, don't play music that she hates, don't burp loudly in front of her, don't be arrogant, and don't dirty the bathroom.

While these were just a few commonly known things that can be annoying to her during her vulnerable state of mind, be aware and don't do anything that irks her.

4. Don't be righteous; be non-judgmental, and don't be bent on being right (even if she is wrong).

The last thing that a woman needs while going through PMS mood swings is a righteous person telling her that she is wrong. You can win half the battle with her mood swings by overlooking her wrongs temporarily.

Think of yourself as the bigger person and be numb to blaming games, heated arguments, or unapologetic rants. Don't be bent on being right. She is likely to realize that she is being unnecessarily annoying. Your cool and calm behavior will have a calming effect on her, making her feel better instantly.

5. Empathize with her—agree with most of the things she says.

If your partner is having mood swings because of external causes such as having a fight with someone at work or just having a bad hair day, empathize with her. Agree to whatever she has to say, no matter how childish or ridiculous it is.

Your girlfriend or wife will feel relieved to know that someone in the world thinks like her, no matter how stupid you feel doing it. She is likely to join you in laughing about her silly behavior once her mood swing has fizzled out.

6. Allow her to vent—having an emotional outlet can be very healing.

A woman's mood swings are not always as herculean and gigantic as they seem to be. Sometimes they may just be a result of bottled-up emotions that are looking for an outlet. This outlet can be in the form of a moody rant that she needs to let off her chest.

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Be a good husband or boyfriend and soak up these rants without thinking too much about them. Don't pass them off as silly or stupid; else, you may aggravate your partner's mood swings.

The easiest way of dealing with your partner's PMS mood swings is to pamper her. A cuddle or a tickle, a back rub or a massage in the bathtub, hot chocolate, or a takeaway from her favorite local food joint—do the little things that will lift up her spirits immediately.

8. Make her laugh—manage her mood swings with your sense of humor.

Aim to be the antidote and not the aggravator of your girlfriend or wife's mood swings. Deflate her stress and pain by cracking jokes. Thaw her down by making faces or reminding her about an incident that generally makes her roll with laughter.

Use your sense of humor to infuse a light mood in her. It will take her mind off certain bodily functions if the mood swing is PMS related. Even if it isn't, good humor will instantly make her break into a smile.

9. Keep her busy by involving her in anything that diverts her attention.

You can help control your girlfriend or wife's mood swings by involving her in an activity that diverts her attention from psychological and physical factors that are upsetting her. Ask her to help you with something, watch a movie with her or play a video game with her.

Keeping her busy may not diffuse her irritability, but it will help to take her mind away from the physical aspects of a PMS-related mood swing.

10. Satiate her food cravings—let her favorite foods lift her mood.

Sweet cravings or cravings for particular foods are known to be quick mood fixes. Use this trick to instantly calm your partner down when she is having a mood swing. Whether it is a chocolate, wine, or dessert, do this before you have any conversation with her.

11. Shower her with compliments and make her feel good.

Just like how a guy's confidence levels will start peaking immediately when a girl strokes his ego, a woman's emotional quotient receives a loving boost when she receives compliments. Kiss your partner's mood swings goodbye by giving her compliments.

Don't make your compliments come across as premeditated or awkward. Be cool and keep it natural; otherwise, it could become the cause of another conflict with your girlfriend or wife.

12. Take her out and treat her to some fresh air.

A stroll in the park or half an hour of daydreaming at your local café can make a world of difference to your moody girlfriend or wife. Fresh air, sights, and sounds of people and places will help her calm her nerves down.

Don't worry about emptying your pockets while going out because this trip does not need to be a glamorous dinner date. A hot cuppa and a patient ear are all you will need to spare.

13. Cuddle up or tuck her into bed—get her to take some rest.

Whether PMS-related or not, mood swings can be aggravated due to fatigue, frustration, or stress. Your partner's mood swings may be on the verge of going from bad to worse if she has not been getting enough rest.

Waking up early and lack of sleep the previous night could be the reason why she has an irritable look on her face when she wakes up in the morning. This could snowball into massive mood swings during the day. Sometimes the easiest fixes to life's troubles lie in the simplest and most basic of all human actions, like hugs and cuddles.

Cuddle up with her in your living room or tuck her into bed while watching TV. Watch her bounce back after she has had some rest.

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