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How to Make Your Girl Go Weak in the Knees

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This is not going to be some racy, raunchy, over-sexed article about where and how to touch a woman to drive her "bonkers." Don't get me wrong, women love sex just as much, if not more than men do, but we need more than just that to be completely content in a relationship. The true key to making your girlfriend/wife weak in the knees is to touch her heart and soul every day, not just her body. Let her know just how special she is to you.

Below are a couple of examples to keep your girlfriend/wife forever happy and forever yours.


We Need Love

"We need love and lots of it," show us as much as you tell us. Hold doors open for us, tell us how beautiful you think we are. Say phrases such as, thank you and may I help you, to us every now and then, "we really dig that kind of stuff. " Kiss us for absolutely no reason at all, other than to kiss us, hold our hand and hug us without expecting anything back in return. Those little random acts of kindness mean the world to us.

Help Us

This is a big one, "make us as happy as we do you. " When you see we need help, just offer to help, don't just stare at us, and walk away. If we cook, you can do the dishes or, at least, make an offer to do them. "Helping your girlfriend/wife is one of the essentials to keeping her and you happy. " Pick up a broom or mop every now and then, wipe off the counters and table tops. It doesn't take a massive amount of effort to do these simple little things. But it shows us you care about us enough to help out.

Don't Make Us Jealous

Jealousy is the colossal killer of love and trust in any relationship. It is okay to look at people from afar, that is just our natural human instinct kicking in, but you don't have to make your eyes pop out of your head to take a look. If you and your girlfriend/wife are out on a romantic date night, don't tell her how pretty the waitress is—tell your girlfriend how beautiful she is instead. Duh!

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Also, don't go around sending text messages to random women who are co-workers (or so you say) all day and expect her to be okay with it. Not only is this just plain rude and disrespectful, but it will also make her feel like you would rather talk to them than you would her.


We don't expect you to give everything up, just ask that you compromise with us a little bit. Don't make every decision based on what you like alone, let us have some say-so too. We are just as capable as you are at making decisions. A relationship is meant to be a team, if you don't work with your mate, you won't have one for very long.

Be Honest

Tell us exactly what's on your mind, not what you think we want to hear from you. How can we make you happy if we don't know what it takes to make you happy? If our perfume makes you nauseated or kissing us with lipstick on grosses you out, tell us. We can't read your mind, just be honest and truthful with us. Tell us all your dislikes and likes and we will do the same if your partner loves you they will appreciate the fact that you share everything with them. You should never have to play the guessing game in a relationship.

Listen to Us

Listen to us when we talk, we wouldn't tell you something if we didn't have a reason for telling it to you. Don't just shake your head and say yes to everything we are saying to you, actually listen. Your lack of wanting to hear us is portrayed more like an "I don't care, " or "You're boring me." Listening is what makes a relationship work, without it, you have no relationship.

Any man can make his girlfriend/wife weak in the knees, by simply being a good man, keeping her happy and treating her like a lady.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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