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How to Make Your Wife Feel Loved and Special

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Do you really love your wife? The usual response to this question is, "Of course, I do!" Well, perhaps you do love your wife, and you mean well; however, are your actions demonstrating your love to your wife? Chances are, they are not!

Most husbands love their wives but do so only in their minds. In other words, they don't demonstrate their love. Perhaps, they think it isn't necessary to demonstrate their love. Well, why wouldn't you want to demonstrate your love? For a woman, it is very important to know that she is loved, especially once she gets married.

As the years go by, a woman may feel insecure about her physical features and may start to question whether her husband still loves her and values her the same way as he did years before. Unless, as a husband, you demonstrate your love in tangible terms, these insecurities may grow, and the relationship might suffer. Even otherwise, isn't it just so much better to make your wife feel special every day? Assuming you are a husband who wants to make his wife feel special, here are some ways you can!!

15 Things to Do to Make Your Wife Feel Loved and Appreciated

1. Give Your Wife Your Time

Husbands often get so immersed in their work that they spare no time for their wives. How sad is that? The "not having time" is just an excuse. You can find time if you really want to. If you are a loving and caring husband, ask yourself if you have seriously tried to find time for your wife?

The honest answer to this question would be a resounding NO. Work is important, and yes, things can get hectic, but with a little bit of planning, you can definitely find some time just for your wife. She'd love it if you make the effort and take her out for a lovely dinner or just spend some alone time with her talking, reminiscing, and loving!

2. Surprise Her

Who doesn't love a pleasant surprise? Wives are no different. They get used to a monotonous, often boring routine, so there's nothing better than a good surprise to make her feel loved. Gift her with some flowers or something she's always wanted but could never get herself. Write her some love notes in a place she'd easily discover after you've left for work. She'd love the fact that you took the time to write those loving words for her.

3. Say It With Spoken Words

Don't be shy to tell her the evergreen words "love you, dear," or "love you, darling." They may feel cliched to you as a husband, but they truly will make your wife feel loved all the more.

4. Use the Little Gestures That Matter

Most men don't think much about holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc. However, to a woman, these are important gestures that show her how much you love her and care for her and appreciate her. So, do hold your wife's hands and hug and kiss and make her feel special that way.

5. Remember the Important Dates

Well, aren't men just so awful remembering anniversaries and birthdays! I need not tell you that for women, it is very important that you do remember. Well, make a real effort to remember the dates that matter. Your wife would feel delighted that you consider them important enough to remember. Also, make plans to go out on a dinner, for example, and do gift her something special that she'd always wanted.

6. Be There for Her When She Needs You

This does not just mean that you be there only when she is sick, but also that you pay attention to her body language and recognize when something is troubling her. Often, women may not share what's troubling them. However, by keeping the problem to themselves, they stress themselves out more and so try to read her body language, and if you notice there is something that she's not telling you, devote some time to be with her and ask her patiently.

Photographer: Aleksandr Kutsayev

Photographer: Aleksandr Kutsayev

7. Show Her You Remember Her

When you are at work, call her or text her a couple of times a day. She'd feel delighted that you took time from work to give her a call or text her. Say a few loving words and tell her how much you think of her and miss her.

8. Cook for Her

At least once in a while, give her a break and do the cooking yourself (if you know how to, of course).

9. Help Her Out With Household Chores

It is demanding work—doing chores around the house. Your wife does it day after day. It is tiring and just as (if not more) demanding as an office job. It is often a thankless job, too—in the sense that no one recognizes their efforts. Wouldn't it be wonderful, therefore, if you were to help her out on occasions at least. Help her out with chores around the house and let her know how much you appreciate the work she does in the house. She'd be happy that you recognize.

10. Be a Good Listener

Yes, you are busy all the time, but when she needs to talk to you, put aside everything else and listen to her a 100%. She deserves that, doesn't she? Switch off that TV and all other distractions and just hear her out. She does a million things in the house and probably she needs to share some of her frustrations, may be she needs to discuss some important issues—give her a patient and focused listening—not the sort of listening that you do with your ears and eyes focused on the television.

11. Make Her Laugh

Yes, you are stressed out yourself oftentimes, but so is she! She isn't enjoying a holiday at home. She's often doing an office job and managing the house at the same time or staying at home and doing all the chores. It isn't any easier or less stressful. So, make her laugh when you can and help her release the tension that has got built up during the day. If you can't do that much, put on a fun movie to watch together—that way you both would get some much-needed laughs to lighten up your mood.

12. Watch Your Words

Marriage isn't easy and fights are common in marriages. You cannot avoid fights, but you can watch what you say during those fights. Try not to say things that hurt and sting—even after the fight is over. Don't make references to her not being attractive, not good enough, piece of whatever . . . among other things.

Remember, words cannot be taken back and there are some who remember such words and feel hurt—even though you may have not meant it, or said it in just a fit of anger. In short, watch what you say and treat your wife with the respect that she deserves.

13. Know Your Wife's Physical Needs

I don't have to tell you that this is important. Get to know what she really likes. You won't know unless you take the time to talk to her. Some wives may be shy to discuss this, so give them time to open up and try to understand them fully. You wouldn't feel good, would you, knowing that she isn't loving it just as much as you are! Respect her wishes again and don't force something upon her.

14. Be Close Without Being Physical

Women don't always want sex. Sometimes, they just want to hug and snuggle/cuddle and be close that way. Understand them when they feel like this and just do that—snuggle, hold hands, be close!!

15. Give Her Freedom

Allow your wife to pursue her interests—don't limit and shackle her. Encourage her to learn the things she loves. Support her and be there for her. Take an interest in what she loves!!

A good husband shouldn't have a problem doing any of the above things. Making your wife feel loved isn't hard—it just takes a bit of effort on your part. As the years go by, you tend to take your marriage and your wife for granted. You start giving her less of your time, less of your attention, and less of your love. You may feel love for her inside of you, but how would she know that—unless you demonstrate your love to her in tangible ways.

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