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Are You Being Bratty to Your Man?

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How to Stop Being a Brat in a Relationship

Bratty behavior is usually exhibited when we don't get what we wanted from a guy. Usually, this is due to false expectations, assumptions, or setting our hopes too high when it comes to dating.

It can also occur when we have an idea set in our heads about how something should be during the date or his response after—when it doesn’t happen that way, we act out (a.k.a. throw a tantrum). This is far from attractive and usually is a turn-off to men.

So Why Do We Still Display Bratty Behavior?

We hope that by acting this way, he will stop doing the things that irritate or bother us. However, this usually backfires, putting a wedge in the relationship.

Unfortunately, once bratty behavior becomes a habit, it can be hard to stop. Unless you can learn from your mistakes, stop rolling your eyes, and acknowledge your bratty behavior, you will never have a successful relationship.

12 Bratty Behavior Examples

  1. A guy waits too long (by your timeline) to text or call, so when he finally does, you wait even longer to respond.
  2. He doesn't pick you up for a date, so you purposefully show up late to meet him.
  3. He has a really busy work week, and when he finally makes time to see you—you "suddenly" don't have any free time.
  4. When he doesn't hold your hand quick enough as he reaches for it, your hand will be holding your phone, purse strap, or in your pocket (Or maybe all 3) just so he is unable to touch you.
  5. If he doesn't open the door for you, you will open it enough to fit yourself through just before it closes.
  6. If he's noticing another lady at the bar, the ceiling becomes interesting, and the conversation goes away.
  7. He chooses a restaurant that you're not a fan of, then suddenly you go from starving to "not that hungry anymore," huffing and puffing while looking at the menu until he suggests somewhere else to go.
  8. When wearing high heels you whine about the fact your feet will hurt to walk a block until he drops you off in front of the venue.
  9. When he has the tv remote and starts channel surfing and stops on a program you have no desire to watch, you shift from cuddling to across the couch, and your phone becomes your entertainment.
  10. Suppose you're at an event, and your glass is empty. In that case, you make it obvious to him and everyone around you that you're ready for another round by either slurping through your straw, shaking the ice, or gesturing with an empty glass in front of his face until he offers to get you another one.
  11. He shows up at your door, and you're not "picture perfect," so instead of recognizing the effort, you give him attitude when you first greet him (no kiss or hug) then dart away to finish getting ready.
  12. He spends twenty minutes on his phone in front of you, so you find a way to spend two hours on your phone (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram).

Being a Brat Can Be Toxic

After he dumps you (which, at this point, is probably well deserved), your ultimate bratty behavior will shine in front of your girlfriends when you proclaim, "you were the best he's ever had, and he won't find anyone better."

Ladies, in the end, brattiness will never get you a meaningful relationship. Although a "true" brat never reveals that she's being bratty in the moment, does this manipulation really serve her in the end?

Communication is the medicine to control your brattiness. Admitting this behavior (to yourself as well as him) is critical in changing your behavior and curbing the symptoms that contribute to a bad outcome. Compromising and finding a balance is the best remedy for healthy responses and healthy relationships.

Learn to communicate and help cure yourself by keeping your brattitude in check!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.