7 Ways To Keep A Sizzling Hot Marriage

Updated on February 11, 2017

First Things To Consider

Every guy dreams of a perfect relationship, well? Dream on - it doesn't exist! Lots of so-called experts are offering their golden advice to newlyweds or those aspiring husbands-to-be. But after all of what’s been said and done, marriages are sometimes far too-short from perfect. After the honeymoon comes the realization that roses indeed have thorns, lots of it! For sure there will be fights and frustrations from unmet needs or unrealistic expectations. So here I offer a bit of advice for those who are newcomers to my world. A little trick that might work: A happy wife = a happy life. Period! Don’t even question it. Here's how:

1. Always be diplomatic to your wife. On whatever issue, women (in general) love to argue before they ever listen to any proposal. Good timing is essential in diplomacy especially when coupled with good ambiance. Say - a nice dinner out is a good kick-starter no matter how good sounding is your case. So state your case clearly, persuasively and be ready with a bribe if necessary.

2. Women love to be pampered. Support them with love, understanding, and of course lots of money (if possible). More often-than-not, money is the only way they would come to understand that you love them. It’s part of their language so you need to listen to their money-talk. If possible, do the extra mile – that often mean extra shopping! Surprise them with something they love to have; they will act surprised always although they had been expecting you to give anyway. Their mind-set is totally different from yours. Men’s thoughts are more conventional. Women’s minds are scrambled and spiced with lots of emotions. They are wired that way so be cautious to avoid short circuit!

3. Learn to read their heart not their lips. Women sometimes say one thing and mean the exact opposite. So a "no" for them doesn’t always mean no. Patience is a virtue. You need to decode the hidden message of a woman’s language. Observe their body language, facial expressions, etc. sometimes it speaks louder than their mouths. Always ask permission to almost anything, as if they own everything (that's the way they think often). What belongs to you is a conjugal property, what belongs to them is none of your business. Think about your stance before you do a step.

Date Your Mate!

Boost Her Relevance!

4. Take note of her dates. If possible, maintain a log book or an organizer and keep reviewing them even on monthly basis. Women have a high-capacity storage of birthdates, anniversaries, personal events, highlights of their lives, involvements, or any date that they think important. They are all fully-charged with dates on their mind-databases. Forget your other dates (if have one), theirs is what matters. You miss one and they will never forget for the rest of their lives, she will haunt you for sure!

5. When it comes to fashion, don’t even suggest nor intrude. They have monopoly in fashion statements. Your ideas are out-of-this-world so don’t even bother mentioning any, just go with their flow. You don’t have the right to select what type you wear even when you had been paying the bills all along. Your role as cash-cow is fixed, so be content with your role no matter how small. These are according to the 'women's world' not yours.

6. Do not quarrel with your wife. You may disagree but consider rule number one. She might consider it as quarrel anyway, but don’t bother to initiate it. Don’t let the sun go down without doing amends. Get out and take some fresh air, count the times of quarrels vice the loving times. Often the ratio is 1:7000 so it’s not worth quarrelling, because at the end of the day – you never win. Learn to say sorry and mean it, she may reciprocate but she may not be sorry. You initiate the talk anyway. Women pride dictates they are always right – so accept you’re wrong, even when you knew you are right. It does not matter to them. But you restore the relationship and good house order.

7. Most of all, love your wife even when she seem to be a nightmare. She will pick up your initiative and soon will recompense your move; for love begets love. You’ve got nothing to lose but your pride. You gain back your wife or your dreams. Hey, they are not perfect just as you are. Sometimes, they are not even beautiful. But she’s your wife so tell her you love her often enough and it will become true. Maybe you lie a little bit telling her that she’s beautiful even when you’ve been so used to it and had lost the luster. It happens! But you help yourself of loving and admiring her again; because as you confess – it becomes your reality. So appreciate your wife and do as often as you brush your teeth.

Express It Boldly!

Worth Remembering - All Of The Above!

Here, I divulged my secret of happiness; remember – a happy wife makes a man’s happy life. After all men are bent to seek happiness in marriage or otherwise. I am just putting it into proper context. Happiness in marriage gained through self-serving ways do not last. There is always sacrifice. Learn to give magnanimously in order to gain. You will always reap what you sow, and even if not – you have done your part of the bargain. That is always beneficial to you or to your spouse. What benefits her benefits you. If you think my suggestions are hard to follow, or even one-sided – yes they are! If value your marriage much as I do - then try, you won’t regret a single day. It’s all worth the effort. God bless, man!

p.s. if you think I am crazy (maybe I am) then stay single, don’t even bother having a wife. You don’t deserve it or maybe she doesn’t deserve you! Cheers!!!!

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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