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25 Romantic Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

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My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I like writing articles that help bring people closer together.

Romantic things to say to your girlfriend.

Romantic things to say to your girlfriend.

Knowing what to say to your girlfriend can mean the difference between a slap on the cheek or a kiss on the cheek (or even on the lips!) so it’s important to know what to say, and when to say it.

Sure, there are many romantic things to say to your girlfriend, but each girl is different so you best know her well before you try to shower her with romance.

The "Don'ts"

Along with a list of romantic things to say to your girlfriend, comes an even longer list of what not to say to her. Before I touch base on the “do's,” let’s go over a few “don’ts” first.

These are just a few of the scenarios that win you a puffy, red handprint on your cheek--ouch!

  • Don’t talk about her boobs. Or to her boobs. This will not get you any closer to them. Girls need to be and feel respected! You’ve been warned.
  • Don’t talk about her badonkadonk. And don’t attempt to touch it, slap it, grab it, or poke it. Unless you want her to “back that ass up” far away from you.
  • Don’t tell her she looks better with makeup. But be careful with this one, it can be a trap as telling her she looks better without makeup can also cause a negative reaction. Instead, try saying something like “you look beautiful no matter what.”
  • Don’t use those pickup lines you hear in movies. Seriously, they’re cheesy. The only thing you’ll pick up will be her hand across your face.
  • Don’t try to be romantic with her if she’s in a bad mood. Just save it for when she cools off, the results will be much better.

The "Do's"

Now that I’ve gone over a few of the “don’ts,” let’s touch base on the reason why you’re here, the “do's.”

When thinking of romantic things to say to your girlfriend, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Do compliment her clothes. There’s a good chance that she spent a lot of time getting ready to see you! Make it worth her while.
  • Do mention her perfume. Girls love to smell pretty, and love it more when you think they smell pretty!
  • Do compliment her hair. Girls love to do their hair, and if you think a particular cut, style or color suits her well, make it known!
  • Do notice the small things. Girls love it when you notice subtle changes, even if it’s just a change in how she plucks her eyebrows, new makeup, new perfume, new jewelry, and so on.
  • Do make sure to compliment the things you really like. She will not only love this, but she will keep it coming to appease you as well!

25 Romantic Sayings

Okay, now that you know the do’s and don’ts to complimenting your girlfriend, it’s time to give my 25 examples of romantic things to say to your girlfriend. Here goes…

  1. “You look beautiful no matter what.”
  2. Go watch the sunset and say to her “the only thing more beautiful than this sunset, is you.”
  3. Buy her a bouquet of flowers and sneak a fake one in there. When you hand them to her, say “I’ll love you until every one of these flowers die.” She’ll surely notice the fake one and catch on.
  4. “My love for you runs deeper than the ocean.”
  5. “When I look into your eyes, the beauty radiating from within just melts me.”
  6. “When I hold you in my arms, I feel so complete.”
  7. “When I’m with you, nothing else matters.”
  8. “I always thought flowers had the prettiest smell, until I met you.”
  9. “I can’t spell ‘soulmate’ without ‘u’.”
  10. Go for a walk in the park and pick her a small bouquet of flowers, give them to her and say “I picked you these flowers and now I pick you!”
  11. “If I said something new I love about you to each star in the sky, I’d run out of stars.”
  12. “If Romeo and Juliet can get a movie, Shakespeare would have made us a series!”
  13. “There is no distance that I wouldn’t travel just to hold you for a minute.”
  14. “The warmth I feel when we embrace can get me through the coldest of winters.”
  15. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of forever with you.”
  16. “I used to think I was missing my other half; then I met you and realized I was missing everything.”
  17. “The things you do not like about yourself, I love enough for the both of us.”
  18. “The softness of your hair and skin puts all of the clouds to shame.”
  19. “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life.”
  20. “I feel like we’ve been together in past lives.”
  21. “You make me feel something that I’ve never felt before, with anyone.”
  22. “When I’m with you, I feel like we are the only two people on this entire Earth!”
  23. “If our love was a ship, there is nothing that could make it sink.”
  24. “There is nothing about you that I don’t love.”
  25. “When we embrace, I wish we never had to let go.”

Woo Your Woman!

You get the drift. You may use these if you wish, just remember that timing is everything with any girl.

If you want her to stick around, respect her, respect her boundaries, and shower her with compliments when timing is right; hopefully, it’s her lips that will do the smacking!

Now time for funny stuff not to say to your girlfriend!

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