15 Ways to Be Your Husband's Best Friend

Updated on December 27, 2016
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Sadie married her best friend 20 years ago and couldn't be happier. She thinks couples should aim to be each others' dearest companions.

Do you want to improve your marriage and bring more fun and spontaneity to your life together? Here are 15 little ways to remind your husband how much his love and friendship means to you.

Is there anything more comforting than a hug from your best friend?
Is there anything more comforting than a hug from your best friend? | Source

1. Be courteous to one another. Be mindful of your words. It costs absolutely nothing to say 'please' and 'thank you' often. Good manners matter, no matter how long you’ve been married! Being best friends with your lover isn't just about being comfortable and casual with him all the time. Don't forget that building a strong friendship with someone means being kind, thoughtful, and appreciative.

2. Pass notes to one another. Write a love letter to your partner at least once a month, but try to write a love note at least once a day. Love notes could be as simple as a sweet sticky-note left on his briefcase, a sexy doodle on the bathroom mirror, or a romantic quote sent in an email. Think back to when you were a kid in highschool and how much fun it was to sneek handwritten notes to your best friend in class, Love notes and love letters are a fun way to

3. Don't take your husband for granted if you want him to be your best friend too. Express your gratitude and appreciation every day. Make even the simplest of occasions grand by toasting your husband before a meal, even if that meal consists of eating take-away sushi while you flip through NetFlix trying to decide what to watch together.

4. Make little sacrifices. When settling to what to TV watch together, watch the shows or movies that your sweetheart loves, even if his favorites are not your thing. Time spent together is precious, no matter what you are doing. Being best friend with your spouse involves give and take.

5. Read books aloud to each other. Think back to how safe, secure and loved it made you feel as a child when a parent, grandparent, or other trusted friend read to you at bedtime. Or remember when you and your best friend used to read comic books or teen magazines together? It was always fun to share stories with your best friend when you were a kid, so why not do the same as an adult.

6. Pay attention. Notice when your spouse does something unexpected. Then says thanks! If you want to be your husband\s best friend, don't take anything for granted.

7. Be the first one to say you’re sorry after a fight. It doesn’t matter who started it (you’re not eight, after all). When you are best friends with your spouse, you don;t need to put on a brave face or be proud. Showing vulnerability to one another is what makes a friendship strong. When you are best friends with your spouse, you don;t want to stay mad because you know that every moment wasted on anger is a moment that is lost to having fund with one another and enjoying life!

Being best friend's with your husband is like winning a lifetime supply of hugs!
Being best friend's with your husband is like winning a lifetime supply of hugs! | Source

8. Love (or at least be kind to) the people he loves. Treat your partner’s family and friends with the same love, attention, and respect as you treat those people who are important to you!

9. If you share a car, fill the tank up with gas. Take it to the car wash. Detail the interior. When your partner is stressed out and in a hurry to get to work, the last thing he wants when he’s already late is to have to stop and get gas or ride around in a smelly car. Best friends find ways to make one another's lives easier and less stressful.

10. Make him smile, even when you are not there with him. Send your partner spontaneous texts or links to funny websites during the day.

11. When your partner is tired, let him sleep. When he is cranky, let him be. When he is hungry, offer to make a snack. Responding to your partner's physical and emotional needs is a kind way to say ‘I love you!’ If your best friend was feeling tired and rundown, you'd be there to offer love and comfort, wouldn't you? So think about how to offer love and comfort to your husband when he is having a bad day and might need a little bit of TLC.

12. Don’t gossip about your love life. If you need guidance on sex and romance, talk to a professional, a counsellor, anyone who can be trusted to keep your private life private. Think about how you would feel if you knew that your partner’s beer buddies knew all your favorite bedroom moves.

13. Don’t interrupt. Sometimes when you get to know someone really well, you feel like you can finish their sentences. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Say ‘I love you’ by being a good listener.

14. Don’t be afraid to ask for hugs and kisses when you need them. And be generous in return. When you are open to asking for more affection, he will be more open to giving love and affection.

15. Remind him why you are crazy about him. Tell your partner how smart, sexy, cool, funny, (insert your favorite adjective here) you think he is. Don’t just offer compliments on the bad days, offer them randomly for no reason at all other than to remind him how wonderful he is!

Does your husband have a particular skill or talent that you admire and appreciate? Then be sure to tell him! being best friends is about supporting and encouraging one another's hopes and dreams.
Does your husband have a particular skill or talent that you admire and appreciate? Then be sure to tell him! being best friends is about supporting and encouraging one another's hopes and dreams. | Source

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2016 Sadie Holloway


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