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10 Signs He’s Still in Love With You After All These Years

Does he still like to hold your hand after all these years? That's a good sign he's still crazy about you!

Does he still like to hold your hand after all these years? That's a good sign he's still crazy about you!

Is He Still in Love With You After All These Years?

How do you know if the man you fell in love with so long ago is still in love with you?

A recent Huffington Post article explored responses from its readers and Facebook followers on the most common signs that your partner is still in love with you. If you are wondering if your partner is still madly in love with you, you’re not alone.

I’ve been married to my husband for over 20 years and these ten points are the ones that resonated with me after reading the article. So, if you are wondering what the signs are that your husband is still crazy in love with you, have a read and then let me know what you think in the comments!

1. He likes to hold your hand in public. Holding hands says so much about you as a couple. It tells that world that you are devoted to one another. It says ‘I’m ready to catch you if you fall.” It says “We're heading in the same direction in life.” You can’t follow the same path if you aren’t holding hands. (Reaching out and holding hands can also say, "My hand is cold and I need you to warm it up for me!")

2. He gives you his undivided attention when you have something to say. When your spouse puts down whatever he is doing, makes eye contact, and pays attention while you are talking to him, that’s a sign that, after all these years, he still believes you have important things to say. You’ve probably had thousands of conversations with your husband and yet he never gets tired of hearing what you have to say. He listens to you as attentively as he did when the two of you were just dating.

3. He spontaneously shows you signs of affection. It doesn’t have to be a huge show of affection like wanting to make out with you in the middle of a crosswalk! It could be as simple as kissing the top of your head while you are reading or playing footsies under that table at dinner. Anytime he reaches out to touch you gently, he is telling you he still loves you!

"Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives."

— C. S. Lewis

4. He still uses your pet name. A man that believes you’re never too old for sweet nicknames is a keeper. Consider yourself lucky in love if your honey still calls you his 'sweetpea' or 'cuddly-pie' or whatever other affectionate name he uses for you.

5. He likes to surprise you with little treats and goodies. In Gary Chapman’s bestselling book The Five Love Languages, the author and respected relationship counselor says that one of the five ways couples express love is through the giving and receiving of gifts. For some people who may not always know how to say ‘I Love You’ offering a small gift or token of appreciation to their spouse is how they speak the language of love. If your partner still brings you little gifts for no reason other than to make you smile, well that’s a pretty good sign he’s mad about you!

6. He calls during the middle of his workday just to say hello. Or if he can’t reach you on the phone because you are both busy in meetings, he still texts you to let you know he is thinking about you. He sends you jokes or funny memes or goofy articles he finds on the internet, just because he knows it will make you smile.

7. He still says 'good morning' when you wake up and he always kisses you good night when you go to bed. Couples who have been together a long time have likely seen their share of tragedies and losses. They know that life is short and can change in an instant. That’s why they never take anything for granted. You never know what might happen in the day so it’s always reassuring to know that you have been kind to one another from morning to night.

8. He knows your vulnerabilities and he is always there to encourage you when you are filled with self-doubt. He knows when you are making an effort to do something that is a challenge for you and he tells you how proud he is of you. This is such a sweet sign that he is still in love with you after all these years because it shows that he believes in you!

9. He lets you pick what you watch together on TV. First of all, the fact that you still watch TV together after all these years is a good sign! The fact that you sit down together in the same room rather then ending up in different parts of you house shows you still love spending time together. These days, modern families have so many screens they can choose from to watch TV that people end up watching their own thing all by themselves.

10. Laughter is still a big part of your life together. He loves to make you laugh and he knows when to laugh at your jokes or your attempts to make him laugh. And he’s the first person to laugh at himself when he makes a mistake. One of my favorite signs that my husband loves me is when he tells me he loves the sound of my laugh. Whether I'm laughing at a joke my husband told me or I'm laughing at something funny on TV, he likes to tell me that he loves hearing the sound of my laugh because it means I'm happy.

As sure as the sun sets and the moon rises, a kiss at dawn and a kiss at dusk is a sign your spouse is in still madly in love with you.

As sure as the sun sets and the moon rises, a kiss at dawn and a kiss at dusk is a sign your spouse is in still madly in love with you.

No Matter How Long It's Been, the Flame Can Still Burn Just as Bright

After being together for years and years, you might be wondering if your partner is still as crazy about you as he was when you first met. And that’s OK.

Life can be stressful sometimes and you’d have to be superhuman to not let the ups and downs create doubt in your mind about whether the two of you still have it going on.

After all, you are not the same physical people you were 20, 30, 40 years ago when you first fell in love. Back then, physical intimacy was probably a big part of your life, but now that you’re older, things might have changed as your bodies have changed. But that doesn’t mean your spouse isn’t still crazy in love with you!

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