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10 Reasons Why I Will Never Leave My Gamer Boyfriend

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Gamers make the best partners!

Gamers make the best partners!

Is It Good to Date a Gamer?

My boyfriend is a gamer. And I am not talking about playing “Candy Crush” whilst on the train to work or harvesting crops in “Farmville.” I am talking about hours spent on completing missions in "Mafia III," relentlessly killing off enemies in "The Witcher," and scoring goal after goal in "FIFA" (that’s not even the full list).

Although the social stigma of losers and inept individuals is still often attached to gamers, dating and living with one helped me see why gamers are amazing and why you definitely shouldn’t cross them off your list of potential partners.

Here, I give you 10 reasons why I think gamers are great and why you should definitely date a gamer!

1. Gamers Are Pretty Brainy

A lot of research has been done on the effects of computer games on the human brain. The results show that they actually boost regions of your brain responsible for spatial navigation, motor skills, memory formation, and strategic planning. To play computer games like “the Witcher III,” “Starcraft,” or “Cities,” gamers require a long attention span, quick reaction times, and a strong focus on details.

Incidentally, those are the same skills that are required for safe driving or making critical decisions fast. Rather than making gamers dumber, as many people would believe, computer games exercise the players' brains, keeping them alert and young for longer.

You level-up when you date a gamer

You level-up when you date a gamer

2. Gamers Are Creative and Open-Minded

A lot of computer games force you to think outside the box. Games like “Inside” and “Minecraft” allow you to explore and use your surroundings, letting your imagination run free.

Gamers often translate this attitude to the world around them in real life, turning it into a land of possibilities and fun. They’ll always find something interesting to do, forcing you to widen your horizons and try new things with them.

3. Gamers Are Very Laid-Back

Just as games can boost your creativity and thirst for knowledge, they can teach you about the importance of kicking back and just relaxing. Have you ever watched anyone play “Uncharted III”? The gorgeous graphics and gripping plot take you away, helping you forget about a bad day you had, kind of rebooting your nervous system.

Gamers appreciate the little things in life and make the most of them.

Gamers always look for a new adventure

Gamers always look for a new adventure

4. Gamers Never Give up

Rest assured, no matter what your problem is, however big or complicated, your gamer boyfriend will find a solution. If there is no obvious fix, he will look for alternatives over and over again until he finds the right one – and he will never give up. Ever. Hours of gaming have taught him that giving up will get you nowhere, and he is smart enough to apply the same rule to real life.

Gaming improves spacial navigation, motor skills, memory formation and strategic planning

Gaming improves spacial navigation, motor skills, memory formation and strategic planning

5. Gamers Will Save You

Your gamer boyfriend will be your hero. Players go far and beyond to succeed and save the planet/princess/family (whatever their current mission is). A lot of strategy games revolve around the subject of the end of the world and various natural disasters that take over humanity. Unlike in real life, in computer games, people are all about saving and preserving peace; they do all they can to learn the skills necessary to protect those they love.

6. Gamers Understand the Importance of Personal Space

Just like your gamer boyfriend would appreciate you for understanding and accepting his enthusiasm for games, he would understand your need for your personal space.

A gamer will never accuse you of not paying him enough attention or be jealous of your hobbies. In fact, they’ll love you even more if you have a passion of your own – creativity and self-improvement are a big turn-on for them.

7. Gamers Are Great Communicators

Despite a common belief that gamers are reclusive and have limited social skills, many of them are actually great communicators and have active social lives. Anyone who is familiar with "FIFA" or "GTA" knows that playing as a team with other people online requires you to be able to communicate clearly (sometimes, even without a headset) and build connections in order to complete the mission. Gamers always know how to relay their thoughts and ideas in simple and accessible ways.

When it comes to socializing and making friends, gamers can teach you that quality is better than quantity. Their social interactions create strong bonds built on mutual trust and respect. They care little about popularity and social media; what they care about is real friendship - give me a man like that any day of the week.

8. Gamers Will Fix It

If your boyfriend is a gamer, he won’t rest until he finds the best computer, graphics card, software, and RAM to play the games at their best. Yes, now I even know what all those words mean.

I also never have to worry about anything at least remotely related to computer technology; everything in my house works better than ever after my gamer boyfriend tweaked and adjusted things I didn’t even know were there. Gamers are generous perfectionists.

Gamers are thoughtful and always remember what you want

Gamers are thoughtful and always remember what you want

9. Gamers Are Attentive

Just like they know what they want, they’ll make sure you get what you want too. You’ll never receive an unwanted gift, and no gesture will be thoughtless. Gamers’ analytical skills help them observe and deduct what your current desires are, and they’ll make sure you are satisfied. They know exactly how it feels to receive a sought-after reward after completing a mission, and they’ll want you to experience the same happy emotions because they are just amazing like that.

10. Gamers Are Patient

No download is too big, and no Internet speed is too slow when it comes to getting a game they want to play. They know a thing or two about patience, and they also know that patience is usually rewarded. And don’t we just love a man who waits patiently while we take ages to pick an outfit or decide on the flavor of ice cream we want?

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