Will a Capricorn woman and a Leo man fall in love? How can a Capricorn woman know that a Leo man loves her?


All 78 combinations of the zodiac can work.

Yes, a Capricorn and a Leo can fall in love.

Leo has pretty straightforward signs when they like someone. They have a large ego and like to be heard and seen.

When they are interested:

1. They will make their presence known. You will see them, hear from them, and they will touch you.

2. A Leo will try to do everything they can for you. They will try to impress you in a number of ways, so you see them as the best.

3. They may hold back a little if they are unsure if you like them.

4. A high amount of charisma will come from them.

5. Dressing up.

6. Driving fast.

7. Showing that they are confident.

8. They'll become generous.

Updated on January 8, 2018

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Signs a Leo Likes You
By Andrea Lawrence