I do everything for my husband as a wife, but I feel that he doesn't respect me. He is paying a cell phone bill for another woman, he is having inappropriate conversations on WhatsApp with friends of opposite sex, telling them how hot they are, how much he misses them and wants to be with them. What must I do?


Tell him his behavior is damaging to your relationship. Tell him how it makes you feel. Then, take a deep breath, stand up straight, and get hold of yourself. You are not the victim of your life. You are not stuck with an unloving, unkind person. You are in charge of your life experience. Do not give an ultimatum unless you are willing to act on it, but prepare yourself to take care of you. You deserve to feel peaceful. Be open and honest with him and with yourself. Decide what you really want.

Updated on February 26, 2018

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Top 10 Ways Men Destroy Their Marriage
By Deborah Demander