Following my divorce 1 year ago, 3 months later I tried the no contact with my ex-wife, which did not last long. I still help her with day-to-day stuff and she texts me all the time, sending me pictures of our daughter or asking me to come over to help her with stuff around the house. Should I stop doing that? She says she doesn’t want to reconcile but she wants to be good friends with me.


You have a daughter together and it is vital that you maintain a dialogue with your ex. You should also assume your share of the childcare responsibilities. It's a positive sign that your ex is sending you photos of your daughter so that you are still actively involved in her life.

What I'm a little concerned about, is you "doing stuff around the house." If it's for your daughter's benefit, then all well and good. If it's not, then you need to consider saying no. Your ex cannot cherry-pick which parts of you she wants and doesn't want. Keep yourself busy and don't rush around there at a drop of a hat unless, of course, your daughter's welfare is at stake.

Updated on January 15, 2018

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7 Powerful Benefits of the No Contact Rule After a Breakup
By C L Grant