What Is Micro-Cheating? 5 Warning Signs

Micro-cheating is a nuanced concept and can be very subjective to each person, so how can we tell if it's happening in our relationship at all? Here are a few common signs of micro-cheating to keep an eye out for.


Signs My Boyfriend Is Cheating on Me

Is my boyfriend cheating on me? I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. How can I be sure? How can I find out if my boyfriend is dating someone else? I am worried that he is seeing someone else but how do I confront him? Even the best of relationships break apart when either of the partners allow their libidos to get the better of them. This post lays bare some of the classic signs of a cheating boyfriend.


Is My Partner Cheating: How to Find Out

If it is one thing I have learned through my unfortunate and unpleasant experience with infidelity, its that cheaters are either one of two things: either sloppy cheaters, or extremely secretive cheaters. Don't get me wrong, there is also a host of...

Menage a Trois...

Different Forms of Adultery

Emotional adultery and its consequences At what point does a person commit adultery? It is really easy to think of adultery in terms of black and white. If you are in a relationship and you kiss someone else, then it is adultery? Or isn't it? Do...

Is My Husband Cheating with My Sister?

The answer may surprise you. Most cheating husbands get involved with someone their wives know. For some reason women give cheating men more credit than they deserve when it comes to choosing someone to cheat with. One woman, during the course of...