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What Women Hate About Men: 15 Bad Habits and Behaviors

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What do girls dislike in guys?

What do girls dislike in guys?

Things Girlfriends Hate About Their Boyfriends

What do women hate about men? Which habits of a husband irritate his wife? Which aspects of a boyfriend's behavior do his girlfriend hate? Whether it is in a marriage or a relationship, inside of the bedroom or outside of it, in public or in private—here are some of the most common things that women hate about men in a relationship.

It should be noted that not all women hate the same things, and not all men do the things on this list.

15 Things Guys Do That Women Hate

  1. Hogging the TV remote
  2. Being completely unromantic and ignoring expressing love
  3. Zoning out and being a selective listener
  4. Not putting in effort to turn on their partners and taking sex for granted
  5. Still talking to his ex
  6. Ogling at other women
  7. Making a mess and leaving stuff all over the house
  8. Unwilling to compromise with activities and interests
  9. Turning into fitness freaks
  10. Women hate inflated male egos in a relationship
  11. Being disgusted by women's hygiene issues
  12. Slouching on the couch for the entire weekend
  13. Excessive burping and farting
  14. Comparing her to his mother or ex
  15. Obsession with gadgets and machines
Women hate it when men hog the TV remote.

Women hate it when men hog the TV remote.

1. Hogging the TV Remote

Watching TV together can either be extremely romantic or extremely annoying for a woman, depending on whether or not her man is willing to share the remote.

Just as she tolerates the never-ending sports games and mind-numbing action movies, she expects her man to occasionally be willing to cuddle and watch a romantic comedy or TV show about fashion (or whatever types of flicks she happens to enjoy). Relationships are about trade-offs and compromise.

2. Being Completely Unromantic and Ignoring Expressing Love

One of the main things that frustrates women about men is actually one of the most innocent aspects of a relationship. Women can feel resentful when the men in their lives forget to be romantic or take the romance in a relationship for granted.

Women don't expect men to constantly behave like bubbly teenagers in love, but regular expression of love and romance in the form of stealing kisses, sudden warm cuddles, unexpected flowers, and compliments is greatly appreciated.

3. Zoning Out and Being a Selective Listener

Selective listening is a habit that women despise in men. Women feel frustrated and ignored when their guys simply zone out during a conversation that does not interest them.

It's insulting when a guy has an animated conversation with his partner when they are talking about gadgets or cars but zones out completely when she starts talking about her new hairstyle or something else that's interesting to her.

4. Not Putting in Effort to Turn on Their Partners and Taking Sex for Granted

A woman can be upset if her boyfriend or husband expects sex even when she has had a terrible day at work or the couple has been fighting continuously.

Women correspond their sexual life with their day-to-day lives. Her sexual quotient is directly impacted by things that happen around her at work and home. This is why a woman will expect her boyfriend or husband to make an effort to turn her on, instead of just taking sex for granted.

A woman might not like it when her man keeps in touch with his ex.

A woman might not like it when her man keeps in touch with his ex.

5. Still Talking to His Ex

A woman hates it when her boyfriend or husband keeps in touch with his ex. She might feel pangs of jealousy over a partner's ex regardless of how secure and confident she is about herself and the relationship.

Does he still miss his ex? Is it possible that he still has feelings for her? Does he share chemistry with her that's stronger than their own? These questions are bound to resonate in a woman's mind if her partner continues to be in touch with his ex.

6. Ogling at Other Women

Women get really irritated when their men stare at other women. It is a direct insult to them on many levels. Men usually blame their stares on genetics and an odd glance, but women are well aware of the real reason behind their men's ogling ways.

A woman will have lots of respect for her guy if he keeps his eyes to himself when an attractive girl in sexy clothes walks by.

7. Making a Mess and Leaving Stuff All Over the House

A common cause of arguments between married couples is the man's messy ways around the house. Coins scattered at different corners of the house, dirty clothes hiding in sneaky corners of the bedroom, and messy bathrooms tend to irritate a woman.

Women tend to think of a guy's messy habits as a direct insult to her and disregard for her efforts to keep the house clean. It should be noted that there is usually one person in the relationship who's messier than the other—and sometimes it's the woman.

8. Unwillingness to Compromise With Activities and Interests

Women hate it when a man expects his girlfriend to tag along to watch the latest Transformers flick but makes a disgusting face when asked to tag along with her to shop for shoes. In a relationship, a woman wants her man to show as much interest in her activities as she shows in his.

When a man fails to reciprocate interest in the things that his girlfriend or wife likes doing, she will feel unfairly treated. She does not expect him to come with her every time she steps out to do girly things, but accompanying her on a shopping trip or taking her to the theater once in a while is definitely appreciated.

Women love it when their partners stay fit. But many women find it unappealing when guys become obsessed with fitness and try to morph into muscular monsters.

Women love it when their partners stay fit. But many women find it unappealing when guys become obsessed with fitness and try to morph into muscular monsters.

9. Turning Into Fitness Freaks

Women really appreciate it when their guys stay fit after the wedding, whether it is in the form of regular trips to the gym or taking time to hop on the treadmill at home for a quick cardio workout. She will herself be inspired by his ripped body, which can help her find the motivation to lose weight (if needed) and stay healthy.

But this source of motivation can easily turn into a source of frustration if her man takes fitness to an extreme level. Unless her man is a professional in the field of bodybuilding or fitness, she may see no reason why he should be spending thousands of dollars on fitness supplements, following crazy diets, and spending all his free time in the gym in an effort to try to look extremely buff.

10. Women Hate Inflated Male Egos in a Relationship

Women want men to leave their egos behind when they are together because a woman's personal space has no place for her partner's ego. Sometimes men don't understand that their behavior toward their women doesn't need to be as macho as it is when they are with co-workers, colleagues, or friends.

A caring girlfriend or wife will lovingly stroke her man's ego. But she does that expecting her man to show off his inflated ego in front of others and not in front of her.

11. Being Disgusted by Women's Hygiene Issues

Women want their men to be more accepting of all women's hygiene issues, including hair removal and periods. Men typically like to steer clear of anything that has to do with these things, including hair removing tools and accessories, tampons, or special underwear.

It is common in relationships and popular culture for men to show disgust when it comes to women's hygiene issues. For example, if a woman doesn't make a face when her man shaves his stubble, why should a man make a face at the sight of a woman shaving her legs?

This is not necessarily a woman's idea of a fun weekend.

This is not necessarily a woman's idea of a fun weekend.

12. Slouching on the Couch for the Entire Weekend

Monday morning to Friday afternoon is generally the boring part of the week. Work and studying can take the fun out of life on weekdays. But Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday are supposed to be the fun days of the week.

Women absolutely hate it when their men just want to sit on the couch, watch TV, play video games, watch movies, and eat ridiculous amounts of home-delivered pizza. Women expect their men to strike a nice balance between relaxing like a slob and doing something fun over the weekend.

Of course, this isn't necessarily true for every couple. Some couples love to stay in every weekend and veg out to recover from the stressful weekend. Again, it's important to make compromises when it comes to your partner's interests and hobbies.

13. Excessive Burping and Farting

Girls expect their guys to excuse themselves and pass gas in private when possible. Women hate it when their guys unapologetically burp loudly or fart in front of them. It is gross and shows bad manners.

High levels of familiarity and comfort should not be taken for granted. A married couple or guys are girls who have been in a relationship for a long time may have been at the receiving end of an untimely burp or fart. But this is supposed to be a one-off, not a regular occurrence.

14. Comparing Her to His Mother or Ex

A woman can feel devalued if her guy compares her to his mother or his ex. It can make a woman feel like she's not the most important female figure in his life. Women understand that a man's mother is important to him, but constantly being compared to her mother-in-law can be exhausting and make her feel like you don't value her as an individual in her own right.

Such comparisons are commonly made by men when they compare their woman's cooking with their mother's or point out an annoying habit that their ex-girlfriend did not have. Most of these comparisons may be made unintentionally or in a fit of rage, but the damage is done irrespective of whether or not it was deliberate.

15. Obsession With Gadgets and Machines

Men can be obsessed with gadgets, cars, and other "boys stuff" to an extent that a passionate hobby turns into a gripping obsession that takes over their lives. For example, a man who is obsessed with tinkering with his motorcycle may be spending every second of his free time in the garage.

His obsessive hobby may also be draining hundreds or thousands of dollars. His wife or girlfriend will hate the fact that she, and the relationship, is the second priority in his life.