Signs That Tell You Your Relationship Is in Danger

Updated on December 19, 2016

Love can be tricky at times. Relationships that lasted for years may be torn apart just in a matter of seconds. Well, heartbreaks are tough to bear, but, breakups don't really happen due to a single incident or fight.

Numerous small fights usually lead to a breakup. Well, if you are worried about your current relationship and trying to understand whether you are seeing some signs of the excitement fizzling out in your relationship, go through the list below:

Being Overly Critical

Is your partner criticizing you in every single aspect - the way you talk, dress, behave, eat or even walk? The chances are high that your partner doesn't honor your personality anymore.

Criticizing may do some good to the other person in the relationship, but if criticizing becomes a regular affair, for even little things, it usually denotes a problem lying deep beneath. You may do it to your partner as well, without even realizing how much your words are hurting the person you love so much.

Discussions Start Negatively

Usually the outcome of a discussion can be predicted by following it for the first 30 seconds. Check if your discussions with your partner are always starting on a negative tone these days. This usually denotes that none of you actually want to resolve anything, but just want to be heard for airing your individual opinions.

How to Communicate With Your Partner?

You Have Stopped Doing Things You Used to Love Earlier

Do you realize how much you used to love to go to the dance class every Tuesday? Well, maybe not because you have stopped doing it for weeks, if not months, now. A relationship should liberate you, but if it is restricting you from participating in things you used to enjoy a lot before, then, that calls for a reality check.

Walls Have Formed

Not literal walls off course! But when you feel that you cannot open up to your partner or you don't want to talk about an achievement of yours with your partner - that is definitely not a good sign. These behaviors are known as stonewalling and usually develop after numerous fights with each other. When you give such type of silent treatment to your partner, please try to take a second look at your relationship and understand if that's making you happy.


This actually points toward a serious problem and apparently you may have started doing it without any such proper reason. Usually you just do it to make the other person feel bad and there is no solid reason for you to indulge into that whatsoever. Many relationship advisors consider this to be a killer and sign that your relationship may be over, sooner than you realize.

Did you ever get hurt by your partner physically?

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Assuming the Worst All the Time

Have you ever seen yourself getting paranoid just because your partner is late from office and didn't give you a call to inform? Does it make you feel that your partner doesn't love you anymore because of this?

Usually, you can start thinking like that because you are not happy with your relationship. It just may have been that your partner was stuck in heavy traffic. Understand the reason behind your partner's behavior before starting to give him or her silent treatment.

Out of Control Arguments

It's natural to fight with your partner, but if your fights are escalating at a rapid manner, there is a reason to have a critical view at your relationship. Sometimes these fights can get a bit dirty as well when you start name calling or even physical abuse. If you don't feel humiliated to criticize your partner heavily in front of others; that's another sign that your relationship has hit dead rock.

Forgetting the Reasons That Made You Fall in Love

You cannot reason your love for someone, but, there are certain traits in your partner that made you fall in love with him or her at the first place. If amidst all the fights, you still remember those reasons, the chances of reconciling are pretty high. But if you don't, you probably don't feel the same excitement towards your partner anymore and maybe are looking for an option to get out of it.

Some relationships work, some don't. Even if you cannot make your relationship work, that doesn't mean that you will not fall in love ever again. A relationship will usually make you feel better about yourself and if it doesn't, try to understand the reasons behind it. If you think it's your fault and you feel the urge to do something about it, start making that change right away. However, if you know in your heart that no matter how hard you try, things are just not going to work, then it's time to come out of it and start afresh - for good of both of you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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