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13 Signs That He Doesn't Love You Anymore

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Signs he doesn't love you anymore

Signs he doesn't love you anymore

If my boyfriend stops replying to my cute texts, is it a sign that he doesn't love me anymore? If he says he wants more space, does it mean he wants to break up with me? If my guy has stopped saying, "I love you," does it mean he doesn't have feelings for me anymore?

Stop assuming and read this article, which discusses some of the everyday signs that show that he isn't interested in you or the relationship any longer.

1) Your Boyfriend Suddenly Starts Demanding Space in the Relationship

Your boyfriend really shouldn't be asking for more space in your relationship if there have not been any changes in the way either of you behave. His demands to be left alone could be because he doesn't enjoy being with you the same way that he did before.

Calmly ask your guy why he wants more space. If he says something specific, deal with it and get it over with. But if he says something vague and has no clear reasons why he suddenly wants you to take a step back, his love for you may be fizzling out.

2) He Starts Comparing You to Other Girls

A guy should never say something to a girl that makes her feel less beautiful, less talented, or less of a woman than someone else. The slightest hints of comparisons made between you and any other girl should be a warning sign.

Comparing your behavior, looks, or any other aspect of personality with another woman suggests a deep-rooted resentment driving a sense of frustration. Here are some examples of how a guy's cruel words may mean that he is falling out of love with his girl.

  • Why can't you dress like her?
  • She carries such a lot of confidence when she speaks, why can't you do the same?
  • Maybe you should learn a thing or two about style from her.
  • You are such a jealous girlfriend, why can't you be like my best friend's girl? She is always relaxed and calm.

If your guy does this once, let him know that you will not tolerate being compared to another girl. Ask him how he would feel if you compared him with another guy. And if he still continues to do so, it may be a sign that he doesn't love you the same way he used to.

Has he stopped replying to your texts? It could be a sign that he's not that into you.

Has he stopped replying to your texts? It could be a sign that he's not that into you.

3) He Stops Replying to Your Texts or Takes a Long Time to Reply

One of the first signs that your boyfriend is really beginning to lose his feelings for you is when he stops replying to your texts. This is the moment when he is out with his friends, he gets a beep on his phone, and he makes a dirty face when he sees that it is a text from you.

You will immediately notice this twist in his behavior because he will suddenly start taking longer than usual to reply to your texts. In the beginning, he will have all sorts of excuses for taking such a long time. But after a point, he will simply get irritated and lose his temper every time you ask him why he took so long. This is the moment when you must realize that the love in your relationship has been taken down a notch.

4) Your Boyfriend Starts Spending Most of His Time with His Friends

Everyday relationship problems, fights, and arguments often drive a couple apart to the point where they stop hanging out with each other. But usually this distance is temporary, lasting only until the silly arguments have been sorted out.

If your boyfriend has cut down on the time he spends with you and increased the amount of time he hangs out with his buddies, ask him if something is bothering him. If he is doing it unknowingly, he will do whatever he can to make you feel that nothing is wrong.

On the other hand, if he is deliberately avoiding you because he doesn't feel the same way about you anymore, he will fumble for a reason. Take this as a sign that his love for you is on the decline.

Does he only care about his work/routine and refuse to recognize that you need attention as well?

Does he only care about his work/routine and refuse to recognize that you need attention as well?

5) He Starts Becoming Extremely Selfish in the Relationship

When a guy starts losing interest in his relationship, his behavior will likely take a very selfish turn. He will become more inconsiderate and self-centered in his interactions with you. Here are some of the classic signs you should watch out for.

  • He starts becoming extremely selfish in bed.
  • All he cares about is his routine, his studies, his work, and his friends.
  • He stops asking you for your opinion on where you both go out on dates.
  • He doesn't acknowledge his self-centered behavior even after you have pointed it out to him.

6) He Gets Irritated When You Start a Mushy Conversation

Mushy conversations and cute names are a playful part of a couple's love life. These things slowly taper off as the puppy-love effect wears off, but they still remain deep-rooted in everyday behavior.

Your guy's annoyance may be justified if you overdo it by calling him cute names all day long. But an overall aversion to anything lovey-dovey can be a sign that he is no longer invested in the relationship.

7) Your Boyfriend Has Stopped Saying "I Love You"

A guy and a girl usually start saying "I love you" to each other once they move past the first phase of dating. If your relationship developed into the "I love you" stage a long time ago, there is no reason why your boyfriend should suddenly feel averse to saying these three beautiful words to you. As cheesy as it sounds, if he stops saying them, it is a strong sign that that he isn't as into you as he was before.

If he doesn't comfort you when you're feeling blue, he's not reacting as a boyfriend should.

If he doesn't comfort you when you're feeling blue, he's not reacting as a boyfriend should.

8) He Doesn't Bother to Comfort You, Even When You Are Sad

A man who is in love will always recognize when his loved one is sad or in distress, and will do whatever it takes to bring a smile back to her face. This is true regardless of how much a couple fights or argues. No guy can call himself a boyfriend if he does nothing when he knows that something is bothering his girl.

Hugging a girl when she looks sad and rubbing her shoulders when she is down should be a boyfriend's instincts. If your guy doesn't do any of that and turns a blind eye even when you are feeling blue, it can be a sign that he doesn't love you with the same intensity that he did before.

9) Your Boyfriend Digs up Regrettable Incidents from Your Past

Everyone knows how painful it feels when someone reminds you of memories that have scarred you emotional and psychologically. It takes a person many years to forget someone, let go of bitter memories, and move on from the regret of doing stupid things.

Your boyfriend has no reason to dig up painful memories from your past and fling them at you when you have an argument. This is one boundary that partners must not cross, because it can be very damaging to someone's confidence.

If your guy has recently started slinging your past regrets at you with a hurtful intent, his feelings for you may have already bottomed out.

10) He Doesn't Flirt with You Any More

Flirting speaks volumes about the chemistry a couple shares. No matter how long you have been in the same relationship, your boyfriend should typically be flirting with you by:

  • Giving you compliments when you wear something new.
  • Picking random moments to tell you how beautiful you are.
  • Staring at you and looking into your eyes when you are both alone.
  • Make you feel sexy by telling you how attractive you are.

Of course, your guy isn't expected to be Prince Charming all the time. But he should be taking the initiative to start such romantic conversations every now and then.

Snuggling and physical contact is normal in a relationship. If you find yourselves maintaining your distance from one another, that's a sign something is wrong.

Snuggling and physical contact is normal in a relationship. If you find yourselves maintaining your distance from one another, that's a sign something is wrong.

11) The Spark of Physical Intimacy Fizzles Out in Your Relationship

When a guy starts falling out of love, it will reflect in his hugs, kisses, and cuddles. The chemistry of physical intimacy that you share with your guy says a lot about your relationship. Ask yourself these questions if you think that your boyfriend doesn't love you anymore:

  • Do you still share those long hugs that you used to when you started dating him?
  • Does your boyfriend cuddle you when you are all by yourselves?

Thinking about these things will immediately give you a fair idea of whether your boyfriend is still totally into you or has gotten bored in the relationship. Another sign of a lack of emotional connect is when your sex life is either non-existent or it has gotten to the point that it feels mundane.

12) He Gets Angry and Loses His Cool without Any Reason

People lose their tempers for any number of reasons, including doing poorly at school, having rough times at work, feeling bullied, or going through family problems.

If your boyfriend seems to be edgy all the time and loses his temper at non-issues, try to find out the reason for his anger. If you can't seem to pin-point any specific causes, his random flare-ups could simply mean that he is irritated by you and the relationship.

13) Your Boyfriend Suddenly Starts Getting Annoyed by Some of Your Habits

Has your boyfriend recently started pointing out little stuff in your everyday behavior, claiming that you annoy him endlessly? Ask yourself these questions if he suddenly feels that some of your habits are driving him crazy.

  • Did you have these habits before you met him?
  • Had any of those habits created problems in the relationship before?

Make a mental note of whether you have had those habits since the beginning of your relationship. If you did, then why is your boyfriend suddenly becoming averse to them? Ask the same question to him. If he doesn't have an answer for you, the real answer probably lies in his heart, which doesn't beat for you anymore.


musashi from japan on September 10, 2020:

some of the articles are fits with my relationship and i dont know what to do, sometimes i wnat to say it with mu bf but i know he dont want hear like this topic taht whay i kept on quiet with myself but sometimes its like a bomb in my chest . i hope he will understand my feelings and sometimes if im feeling jelous because i love him

Anna on August 23, 2020:

I feel my relationship is crashing, my boyfriend has all these signs already, my heart feels like its bursting.. Am so sad i love him so much ..i might not be able to take it when the break up is finally done

Marcos allen on July 12, 2020:

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Andrea on June 14, 2020:

Emilia, just keep calm. "What do I do now?" you said, well, just talk and be direct and concise. If not, then you both will be on a toxic relationship... and that is NOT good.

Moller Wright 10 on June 01, 2020:

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Nautica on May 21, 2020:

to sum it up, men are a waste of time... #golesbianssss

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Kehinde on April 09, 2020:

He asked me a question on mathematics i answered some of the questions ,i know am not that good in mathematics but since then he hasnt been replying to my messages like before ,does it still like me or losing interest in me

Bangi on April 07, 2020:

my boyfriend does'nt pick my calls nor reply my mesages.Its clear that he dumped me.He spend weeks and even amonth without texting or calling.

Chris on February 08, 2020:

my boyfriend is sitting right next to me and said he does not love me anymore. what do I d0? should I just kill him? Keep him hostage maybe?? Because I don't know what to do if he left. He pays me to love him so why cant he just realize im trying to keep a stable job????

Ashley on December 06, 2019:

One min he is happy with me and and then out of know where he doesn't like me and he doesn't love me either

Nikki on November 18, 2019:

I feel disconnected with him. like I'm just someone taking up space. how do I get his attention without seeming needy or stupid? I've folded and I just wanna be loved or seen. who am I? am I good enough? did I fall flat? I know I'm insecure. I have trust issues I know this. what do I do. He is so tired of me. Im wilted and I just want his warmth. I'm dying for romance. relationships they can be as strange as the weather.

prossy k on September 23, 2019:


Girl with lovers be careful because everyone is admiring your lovers including your best friends

Stop reciting your love affairs with any one else more especially to your sisters.

prossy k on September 23, 2019:

stop staring at someone's boyfriend with romantic eye because he will also start smiling for you and at the end you fall in a romantic love.

The Girlfriend on September 16, 2019:

Is there a way to get him back on track...like seriously, i love him so much but with all the passing days he is hurting me all the time. He isn't even leaving me. He keep flirting with others and ignores me but is not ready for breakup. What should i do..i am emotionally and physically drained. Have lost all my confidence and trust. Sometimes i feel suicidal.

Queen Nanny on September 08, 2019:

I love a guy and he loves me too but he is shy to tell me what should i do?

Terri Ann on September 04, 2019:

Myn husband left june 1st with the van and my 2 dogs after I was diagnosed with double breast cancer.

He changed his cell number and none of his family like me anylonger and I feel they're keeping him distracted because they hate me.

He's not coming back....this time.

Its happened a lot, and his sisters and sons always hated me.

I've never met them, they only knew what he told them after an argument or disagreement or if he just heeded to vent instead of talking to me.

I have no closure at all.

I miss my dogs soooo much it hurts.

Happy on August 30, 2019:

It's really sad when you find out that your boyfriend who used to be kind to you and who used to care and love you, stop doing all the good things by suddens,

It really hurts when he stop touching you!!!

My boyfriend behavior has changed so much and he became so nervous and irritated, we broke up!! And I'm very sad because I loved him so much.

Unknown on August 19, 2019:

We aren't boyfriend and girlfriend, but we both like each other. We've been on summer break and neither of us can text. We go back to school in a few days and I'm worried he won't like me anymore. Also most of my friends hate him and think I shouldn't like him. Help!

Shaylin on August 18, 2019:

Before I started dating my boyfriend of 3 months, he has been the kindest and funniest individual towards me, and to all of his own friends and mine. However, he always made it obvious that he had a special form of "affection" towards me. And I'm not sure if it's because we talked all day everyday after we started dating, but recently he has barely ever responded to my texts. He takes at least 15 hours to respond, and they're all "good morning" or "good night" texts. For all the hours I've been waiting, I know that he's on his phone too since he posts things on social media. He also hasn't said "I love you" for at least 3 weeks now. He has been the only person to ever show romantic interest in me, and I do not want to lose him. But I do know that having a one sided relationship is just going to ruin me as a whole, and I keep myself prepared in case he sends any "break-up" texts.

Gotti on August 02, 2019:

I have to say my s/o is not exactly all that lovie dovie anymore either ,I'm pregnant with our 3 child and it's really hard to get him to at least touch my belly. But then it hits me why do eomen get so bent out of shape about it ,ladies we need to remember to stay confident no matter the cost ,when we start to complain or nag we push them away. somtimes people grow together and sometimes they grow apart ,but I know he is still here and we struggle alot but we struggle togother. Communication and understanding not jealousy and fear.remember we birth them onto this planet, we raise them don't say now that hat we have no idea we're thier coming from they also have feelings and sometimes when they see us sad over things they hate them self's for not being the hero we need to fix what ever problem it is that is bothering us at the moment we are real emotional creatures we demand alot of attention take it easy relax if he is still there that should say something don't ignore that!!!! Untill the next epsoide ladies stay positive ,

Nobody on July 21, 2019:

My boyfriend doesnt say "i love you" to me anymore and he hasnt for months, he also brings up my past and throws at me and makes out like im the bad guy!! He hurts me with my past!! He says that my past affects his life!!! Does my past life affect his life now?

Gabe uwu on July 18, 2019:

My boyfriend is noothing like this. So i guess he's perfect heart heart i love him so much even if he refuses to tell me the same with his gorgeous voice while the emoji movie trailer anlaysis plays in the background heart heart uwu

AshWitcombe on July 04, 2019:

I think these signs are accurate... so kudos to this author. However, just because he's showing these signs doesn't mean it's over.

Sometimes men can become complacent in a relationship and it's possible that he's taking you for granted. You need to become high value and make him feel like he's missing out. There's a brilliant guide on this here: http://www.WhyHePulls.com - If you feel like he's the one, done give up. These kind of situations can make or break a relationship.

Abigail V on July 02, 2019:

This is exactly how my formal bf of 4 years has been with me . So distant and no love shown towards me . I feel so broken because I still love him. But it’s hard to stay in a one sided relationship . Have tried leaving multiple times but it’s so difficult . I just want to be happy and it seems like it won’t be here with him .. unfortunately

Anngela on June 30, 2019:

I see that my bf has done a lot of these signs and..we’ve been together for more than a year now but ever since the second week of exam season me and him has started acting like..this and constantly argue.On the first week it was nice it was like how we use to but than the second it was bad the third it was good again but this week has been bad...he does show these signs but he still said he loves me and he still wants to stay..all of my friends think I should stay to and he still does love me and it’s just a difficult patch,ladies me and my bf has had these times before where I thought he didn’t love me.These signs I witnessed before back in October and I thought he didn’t love me but I still kept fighting for the person I love..ur probably on his website to actually see if he has and now ur just broken hearted and don’t know what to do..sometimes it’s a difficult patch it doesn’t necessarily mean u should break up with him it takes time to get better not overnight..me and him were fine honestly and I doubt it’s possible for him to have fallen out of love with me after less than a day it makes no sense when we’ve been dating for more than a year

jessica on June 29, 2019:

he tots behaves this way what can i do i love him so much i can't lose him now after everything

truthbetold on June 25, 2019:

Solution: Find another boyfriend; you are worthy and someone else can treat you better.

Lovessyou2 on June 25, 2019:

I think that if both partners put the same effort to re-kindle the relationship it will work. Get off FB get off the internet and pay attention to them. My boyfriend was acting like all of the above, I couldn't take it so I made a big scene acted out and confronted him. He told me I was the one not paying attention to him and how I was cold towards him and I did some self reflecting and showed him I did love him and put effort to proving him so now he has no excuse to say it's me right, and sure enough wala it worked he is back to his sweet ways and so loving and attentive. No magic here just 2 people who love each other not giving up. PS we are going on a 7 day cruise next week!!

anita on June 23, 2019:

just realised im not loved anymore

A on June 19, 2019:

This is what I’m experiencing right now but it’s my girlfriend and the mother of my son :( told me yesterday she doesn’t have any reason why but she just doesn’t love me anymore.

Coldeyes on June 12, 2019:

Almost my boyfriend do like this

lia on June 06, 2019:

My boyfrend was fine with me but see his ex galfrend and he starts hanging out with her and ignoring me wat shiud i do he doesnt want break up too

Riio on June 02, 2019:

..He is doing like 6 of them..he still says that he loves me tho but..he always thinks that I'm being inconsiderate to him as he is stressed and stuff..yet when I try to help him out he prevaricates and leaves asap...as if I'm a burden..

Crystal on May 28, 2019:

All this sings my boyfriend have I been seen it with my own eyes I don't know what to think anymore I love him but he's not the same he's not the man I meet the man I fall in love with him I try to talk to him but he gets man for no reason

Nae on May 27, 2019:

Well damn after 13 yrs Its clear that my relationship is over!! Hell he shows every sign but yet denies it trying to convince me Im overthinking. Well I guess if you're on this page you already know he's not in love with you anymore.

qunt on May 08, 2019:

my bf doesn't want to hamish me at all. and touches his surfboard more than me. i think they're having an affair

Sail0r M00n on May 06, 2019:

This is terrifying for me because almost half of this stuff has been happening for the past week... I'm scared now.

precious on May 02, 2019:

my bf i dont know but he post alot of gehs pic nd am tired of it aready but i dont want to give up just going to try one more time

venus on April 25, 2019:

Umm he doesn’t hold my hand anymore and we don’t talk as much as we used to before and he doesn’t every reply to my texts anymore so basically just 3 and 4 but we’re gonna watch a movie this Saturday so idk... he never really flirted with me before, only when we were alone and he used to walk me home now he doesn’t. I’ve been annoying since the start of the relationship coz that’s just who I am and he said those habits don’t annoy him anymore coz he got used to them....

cherry on April 21, 2019:

wow he does like 5 of these things so know im worried

hi on April 14, 2019:

same bro

Sad on April 12, 2019:

my boyfriend doesn't love me ;{

Kiana Yarbrough on April 10, 2019:

My boyfriend is suddenly making me feel like I’m not wanted by him. He has college and work everyday and when he comes home he’s tired and I try to understand but it’s making me feel like he doesn’t love me anymore because he hardly shows me attention. Random nights I like to wake him up and talk to him because I can’t sleep and he has never had a problem with that until here recently and now when I try he just shuts me out and pushes me away.

anonymous on April 07, 2019:

we were together for a year and a half. We had a rough patch for like a week then he cheated, being me I try to forgive him and get back together. he's been pushing it off and still texting other girls, he tells me his love never left and he's gonna get right for me, but his actions doesn't match his words. Idk what to do !

addy on April 04, 2019:

there was so much love in my life 1 year back and today my bf has just left me alone...yes he his there physically but emotionally he is no where to be found....i think its time to end my relationship

Ria on April 04, 2019:

My boyfriend always argued with me and he keep insisting that I'm talking with other guys even though I don't because i love him so much but he doesn't believe me. I don't know what to do.

Camron on April 01, 2019:

Ye my bf dont love me no more most of the signs are present.

Jacob on April 01, 2019:

my boyfriend doesnt love me

J.G on April 01, 2019:

I've been with this guy for almost 1year, And I already experience all the 13signs,Because he said he lost his love to me when I talked to someone else just because I don't have his attention. And now I'm regretting to what I did. I tried my best to bring us back but he keeps coming back to the thing that I did, But when the time he did something to me I ignored that because I love him. What should I do?Im getting hurts to what is happening to me right now

Lilac on March 17, 2019:

Wow. I’ve been with this guy for months and he has been saying this and doing things like this. I breaks my heart to read this and find out he really don’t Love me. He has a “Backup plan” with my sister thinking about dating. This just makes me feel dumb for dating him

Gill on March 07, 2019:

Wow. Crazy how I'm guilty of almost all of these. Stopped buying the dessert she wants. Didn't care that she didn't come last night. Taking hours to respond to her texts because I just don't care anymore. Don't say "I love you" back, because I don't know if I still do. I get angry for no reason.

I'm going to start spending more time with my friends because they aren't so difficult to be around. I'm going to ask for space tomorrow.

Guess things really are over now. Gonna have to ask for my key back.

tingting on March 03, 2019:

7 and 8 *sigh*

Euphoria on March 02, 2019:

Well,I hate talking about astrology but scorpio x gemini worst couple experience ever too much to handle and he never comfort me when im sad with along the side feel distant now after we broke up

Christy ikechukwu on March 01, 2019:

Thanks for the lecture

INDIARIGHTNOWdotCOM from INDIA on February 27, 2019:


Hope on February 22, 2019:

I’m #11,12, 13th, it could be worse and I feel that we can work on everything else. But he’s more temperamental than a six year old, so If I have to address any issues with him he freaks out,goes and sits in the bathroom, I hope to c alm him. 5 minutes later he’s find! never apologizes for talking to me so badly I just feel verbally abused and the other night my stepson (bc husband and were fighting) well he told and tried to kick me out of MY kitchen WTF. Don’t worry I handled it by husband doesn’t want to fuss at his 28 year old who lives with us!

That hurt, he should stand up for his wife. Am I wrong to think that?

Thank you for reading.

Emi on February 16, 2019:

Me and my boyfriend been dating for a year and 2 months now. And its been great but all last week it’s been non stop arguing. Idk why it’s just that I got threw stuff and when ever I would tell him about that i feel depressed or not in the mood he just doesnt show his emotions with me or even comforts me anymore. I always tell him what’s wrong do u not feel is anymore he says yes he loves me and all that but I don’t even know today we arguing again and idk what else to do plus I work and I try to make time for him and he doesn’t even try to make time for me

Arsha on February 15, 2019:

Me and him are not together now. He has totally changed. He stopped comforting me when i was sad, took long time to reply messages and started spending more time with his friends. I tried so hard to bring him back to how he used to be. But now I understand that he himself never wanted to return.

nia on February 14, 2019:

I cheated on my boyfriend he saw the messages then after 4 day he commited himself to another girl with a tatoo on their left finger both of them does dat mean he won't come back to me

katie rice on February 14, 2019:

im gonna die i do not wanna lose him......

Adora on February 12, 2019:

How to no my boyfriend won'ts to break up with me

Armi on February 05, 2019:

He's always with his friends, drinking, having fun.. and if I say something about what he's doing, why he's always with his friends, drinking? Then he has no reply at all.. and I started to cry because he has no time for me. Then suddenly he said, he was very bored when we are together. Then I cried more because it hurts, but he just get mad and said to me that stop crying! He just give me that angry look and I just continue crying because it hurts soooo much...

Midas Touch1242 on January 21, 2019:

if he or she is not showing interest anymore, it might be the person is already seeing someone else. My girlfriend showed these signs so I decided to spy on her phone. It turned out I was just being too worried, she wasn't seeing anyone. She just had mood swings. You can reach out to cyberghostbusters911 at gmail dot com for help

jules on January 17, 2019:

my boyfriend is sorta scaring me because i just told him on text i love home and i hope he has a good day and he replied with “you too” which broke me, and it breaks me when he does this but when we are on call he just says it back, i feel like the relationship is just wearing off since our 4 months happend in the 14

leila on January 06, 2019:

I honestly don't know what to think sometimes I have done things in the past that some men wld stop talking to me fr but he still does

I asked him if he is still interested and he said yes

I believe him I think he is just afraid of getting hurt again

Sasha on January 04, 2019:

Me and my girlfriend have been Darwin for a little while and her parents just found out about her being a lesbian and since than our relationship seems strained and stressful and less connected like it was before she doesn’t ask me the simple things that she use to and it scares me bc I’m I love with her. I don’t know if it’s my insecurities or she just doesn’t love me.

Ayomikun on December 28, 2018:

My current relationship

He doesn't call nor care

Brook on December 25, 2018:

my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months. Recently he's been very distant. He takes hours to reply to my text messages even when I know he is on his phone. The day before Christmas Eve we were planning on making Christmas cookies with his mom and his mom had to reach out to my mom so I could go over there. When I told him I could he had a bunch of reasons why he wouldn't be able to and when I asked if he could hang out at any time this week he said I could come over. I love him I just don't know how much he actually likes me, I was even the one to ask him out on the first date. We were good for the first couple of months but recently he's been distant and having short conversations with me. We used to say goodnight every night even if we hadn't talked in hours and tonight he texted me and I texted back and he never answered back.

Pretty on December 23, 2018:

My current relationship he doesn’t care nor call

Afuckedupgirl on November 22, 2018:

we've been dating for almost a year now, and he seems to be putting all his priorities before me. He texts me after hours, and seems to always have something to do instead of seeing us and has so many things to do... usually in a relationship there should be at least a little amount of time to spend together...

TypicalGirlInLove on November 18, 2018:

i been through the phase where he was distanced and put his priorities first and i understood so i supported him. i surprised visited him because we haven't seen each other in 2 weeks and he got very angry that i interrupted his schedule for the day which was playing fortnite with his buddies. i poured out my emotions and he didn't give a damn. after an hour we fixed through that "problem" and everything was better but i am starting to see this routine happening again where he is dodging dates and time with me. we've been together for 8 years and i just do not know what to do. i cannot leave because i am too deep in this hole of love. he is my only friend.

Sarah on November 17, 2018:

I’ve had talks with him he doesn’t express his emotions no more I say I love you in Spanish and he just says same he leaves me alone for along timeand makes hella excuses then I’ve talked with him that he’s being dry I say why he doesn’t say I love you the all he said is ily

on November 17, 2018:

Thx this actually helps but Idk bcs he tells me ilysm but I don’t know if he really means it ...and so many other girls like him and I don’t want to lose him

bash on November 15, 2018:

i have lots of questions in our relationship and i found my self I'm here .

Ryleigh on November 15, 2018:

I've been experiencing most of these signs with my boyfriend, he doesn't text me as much as he use to when we first got together, he always finds the smallest things to argue with me about when their isn't any reason to argue about, he has been spending his days sleeping from 5 am until around 4 and then stays up all night playing games with his friend, and texts me maybe once or twice every 2 hours, then when i confront him about it he gets defensive bout it and try's to pin it on me like its my fault and i love him a lot i do, but i don't completely know if i should continue to stay with him any longer honestly.

Stella Mateo on November 13, 2018:

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Brokentotheworld on November 11, 2018:

I should of realised this a month ago. Now it’s to late.

Victoria on October 30, 2018:

I’m going through all of these now except worse, he’s gotten to the point where he verbally insults me and doesn’t bat an eye when he raises his hand . I can’t stop crying. I’ve never felt so unloved

Harper Lucas on October 26, 2018:

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VICKKYJJ on October 22, 2018:

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Rajesh on October 08, 2018:

Each n every thing u wrote is wrong stope sprading wrong msg to lover.

Amylou83 on September 23, 2018:

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 and 1/2 years, we moved in together 2 years ago. We have been through a lot as a couple last year or so. When we first went out I knew he fancied me, sex was passionate, he appeared proud to have me on his arm, we talked for hours and he was always affectionate. Now I’m lucky if he says I look nice which I know I do! I make the effort in my appearance all the time! Buy sexy underwear, work out and wear nice clothes. I’m now feeling like what’s the point it’s all one sided, me making the effort, me deciding what we should do. He no longer does I’m lucky if he can be bothered to iron a tshirt if we go out. He has sex reluctantly and there’s no passion there at all, his face says I’d rather be asleep and he yawns throughout or doesn’t cum at all. He never appears to think of me, we do everything he wants, 2 times a week he’s out doing sports weekends are all about cricket and spending time with his friends. I’ve tried talking and saying is our relationship over but he says no I love you more than anything?, he promises to change but nothing happens, I still have to beg for sex, I don’t get any compliments, we do what he wants to do all the time and I cry myself to sleep because of it and he just rolls over and says I don’t see your problem.

Mobly on September 15, 2018:

I’ve been in my relationship for almost two years, I’m 50, he’s 44. I was married for 33 years, met my first husband after my father died when I was 15, he was 33. Married him when I was 16 and by the time I was 20 had three babies,living in a tiny town in I’ll near St Louis. I was always faithful & loyal to God first, my husband,family. In Aug of 2016 my sister 12 years younger living in northern ca got into trouble, I went out there to help her. In Oct- Nov 2016 I met a guy who turned my head, that never happened before, eventually in mid Dec we got together, I went back home to IL to my family for Christmas, my children are all grown with their own families, told my husband I met someone in CA.ive known for at least 10 years or more I wasn’t in love with him. So I eventually went back to CA in the end of Jan 2017, I was to go back for court & whatnot for my sister the beg of Jan but when I told the family I met someone, they took my phone, kept canceling my plane ticket, I had no money, no one in my family supported me(daughters, brothers, aunts) I was cut off, had to go to counseling, eventually the counselor who was a pastor at the church, who did not agree with my choices and was trying to counsel our marriage, told my husband at this point I’m kinda being held a prisoner & to let me go if I want. I finally arrived in ca to meet the guy I was in love with on jan31 2017. Things were great, I was so happy, but the about the end of March I started asking why we don’t have sex often, he replied I was going to ask you that. Fast forward to today Mid sept 2018, I still wonder why we’re not having sex more then once or twice a month, we never have held hands in public, he has never gone down on me more then 4 time and even then it was just a few seconds, I give him the “ special” once a week but still no sex or anything. I’m a very clean person, shower am & pm, teeth too, people always say how pretty I am, I’m slender. I just don’t understand what’s wrong. He says he’s in love with me or most times loves me. We rarely touch during the day only at bedtime we cuddle. He shows the cats n puppy love & affection daily. I told him once my ex is having a hard time getting over me, his reply was ur not that special. Ayayayay. He treats me ok but I feel like I’m a convince to him, cook, clean, trash, litter box, I’m always doing lil things for him like getting in things he likes, soda water, special candy, and he never does anything for me. I know what everyone’s response is gonna be......... I should also say he is a recovering alcoholic in sobriety for 7 years, it seems like addicts don’t think the same as a person who never had an addiction. Just had to get it out, he is kinda da unapproachable in some ways so I have not said most of this to him, but some like the sex part, in my mind I’m always going over what I’m gonna say ya know....... it’s like we’re more friends/ companions then lol very but I can never get the words out.

Cynthia on September 09, 2018:

I 've been in a 6 year relationship, he used to treat me great , now in last 2 and half years , he' s changed so much. It feels like he hates me. He did have 3 bad marriages and I was married for 30 years then my husband past away. He was mY husband best friend and I ve known him for 8 years before we started dating each other. We took it real slow for the first couple of years. Then things seemed well, then it started with him taking a cell phone to work and the rest is history . Since I've lost my job last week there hadn't been no weird numbers and calls on my house phone and his calls are narrowed down go a few. He never takes my phones calls or Texts , but he will everyone else. He never wants nothing go do with me anymore and when I've had enough I want to break up he dosen ' t want go he lives me and so forth. He doesn't' t need me for nothing, He has no affection, conversation , or taking me anywhere at all for months on end more like in last two years. He will change for a week or two then it's back again. Please help me. I know we need to break up he clearly don ' t care about my feelings, he just won't leave!!!!

Nthabilicious on August 28, 2018:

My boyfriend give me bad look and does not even care how do i feel,i love he and i dnt want to loss him but his behavior start boring me i dnt know what to do anymore.i told he everyday but he dont care

Taylor on August 23, 2018:

Me and my boyfreind broke up before b/c i thought he was cheating.But when we got back together he told me he loved me but now he doesnt say it at all and he hasn't texted me in three days at all.Its just been me I've told him I love him but all he does is ignore me but I dont want to break up with him because I still LOVE him.

Kerry Adams on August 17, 2018:

My boyfriend Marcus slater he hurt me he bullies me and I want to stop him he carry on with he was on Facebook and everything he 3 week he said he going to Bering the gun start thwarting sue Hubert I want Marcus to say sorry to his girlfriend Kerry Adams

Kerry Adams on August 17, 2018:

My boyfriend he was nasty to me he selling my bus fares and I didn’t mean to do it i was covering for him he wow talk to me anymore that way he didn’t love me anymore because don’t know what to do

Theresa on August 17, 2018:

Am Theresa by name am a gal of 21yrs old,am a student of uniuyo.am dating a guy inwhich we r in d same level nd same department level 100 we started datin each other in first semester so dis second semester he started showing some nasty character which i dn't lyk in him.example if i play wid him he wil be angry wid me he wil say dat am insulting him so pls i need ur advice

Lynn Hughston on August 12, 2018:

Sylvia Olympic if you believe he’s with his friends,look in the Mirror. He has

another woman or more. If you find he doesn’t kiss you any more because he

has someone more kissable I know as I had doubts about a lot of things in 6months. Then I saw them,the feeling of Revenge in Me has not left nor has the Sorrow. Lynn Hughston

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