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25 Timeless Quotes for Men Tempted to Cheat

MsDora, writes on moral integrity, especially for women, and encourages appreciation for the men in their lives.

The need for good sex in marriage is satisfied only by good sex in marriage.

The need for good sex in marriage is satisfied only by good sex in marriage.

Why Some Men Cheat

Both men and women expect to enjoy the sexual expression of love, and if their expectations are not met within marriage, they may seek to fulfill their expectation in outside affairs. However, according to Dr. Alice M. Walker, author and sociology professor, men and women have different motivations to cheat. “Where a lack of sexual satisfaction at home motivates women to seek out affairs, men crave the emotional connection and support their spouse neglects to provide.”

So, this is not an attempt to blame the men above the women, since both genders contribute to the dilemma. Walker reports that some men who cheat are craving the validation, attention and praise which their wives neglect to give. Men want the praise for their sexual prowess which the other women are more prone to offer. They hate it when their wives’ behavior in bed mimics the performance of a tiresome chore. We get it. Men do not always cheat because they fall out of love with their wives, but sometimes, because their wives do not make them feel macho.

These 25 moral conduct quotes from three published works by Christian counselors are not intended to condemn. They are based on the premise that nothing satisfies the need for good sex within marriage, except the reality of good sex within marriage. Cheating, cyberporn, and all other cheap thrills may create addictions which hopefully will increase the desire for genuine fulfillment (though they can also nullify the desire for it).

The macho man will take pride in initiating healthy conversations with his spouse, and allowing for professional counseling, if that is what it takes to restore satisfying genuine pleasure in the relationship. May one or more of these quotes inspire him to try, and may his wife respond favorably.

(1) Temptations Men Face

Tom L. Eisenman published Temptations Men Face–Straightforward Talk On Power, Money, Affairs, Perfectionism, Insensitivty (InterVarsity Press, Downer, Illinois) in 1990, but the principles are timeless. In this book he discusses the common temptations men encounter, and how to avoid and overcome these temptations.

Here are some quotes from Eisenman's book:

1. Our physical desires are not wrong; they are normal and healthy. However, they have to be controlled.

2. Cheap sex is never ever really cheap. Those who buy into it do so at a great price, the destruction of human personality.

3. The reality in pornography is that it lures men away from true relationships. . . The longer they chase the titillating image, the longer they will live empty lives, not able to find and enjoy the deep integration of their personalities with a woman in love.

4. Although masturbation will cause you no bodily harm, it can eventually turn to an obsession which greatly affects the way you think about yourself and the way you interact with others.

5. One mistake we can easily make is to consider ourselves strong in an area when in reality we may simply have not been tested.

6. The macho man . . . pretends that it is possible to live life with a constant erection. But our physical genital reality reminds us that we are only sometimes hard. Most of the time we are soft.

7. A good chef knows what a long soak in a fine marinade will do for a tough piece of meat . . . A lifetime of soaking in the marinade of God’s grace can transform even the toughest sinner into a heavenly delicacy.

 Pornography is candy ... It can make you sick. It can also spoil your appetite.

Pornography is candy ... It can make you sick. It can also spoil your appetite.

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(2) Your Marriage and the Internet

Thomas Whiteman, Ph. D., founder and president of Life Counseling Services and coauthor, Randy Petersen wrote Your Marriage and the Internet (Fleming H. Revell, Grand Rapids, Michigan 2002), to help couples save their marriages from the lure of the Internet and all its anti-marriage features.

The following quotes are from this book:

8. Technology doesn’t corrupt people; people corrupt people. Technology just makes it easier.
9. Real life has its shortcomings, but it is better at raising red flags in a relationship.

10. Pornography is candy—sweet, pleasurable for a moment, but it can make you sick. It can also spoil your appetite.

11.Some consider pornography the ultimate safe sex. . . It may seem like harmless fun to the comedy writers, but it has led many men into a fantasy world that they never really escape.

12. Far too many people these days ditch lasting love for momentary excitement. . . But it shouldn’t be like that. Excitement is not a basic human need; love is.

13. You can carve the legalities any way you want, but if you’re typing a detailed description of how you’d like to caress someone other than your spouse . . . You are cheating.

14. It may be the explicit, obscene lure of cyberporn, or it may be the tamer attraction of heart-to heart chats. . . It could eat you alive, so you’d better make sure it’s on a strong leash.

15. Addiction is a strange beast, because it is, by its very essence, religious. . . Some have even indicated that the root of addiction is a “hunger for God.”

Truth and honesty are the basic currency of ... the marriage relationship.

Truth and honesty are the basic currency of ... the marriage relationship.

(3) Torn Asunder

Dave Carder, pastor and counselor and Duncan Jaenicke wrote Torn Asunder- Recovering From Extramarital Affairs (Moody Press, Chicago) to provide counseling for couples whose marriages have been wrecked by infidelity.

Our final quotes are from this book:

16. What is most needed upon the revelation of an affair is compassion and understanding, not condemnation.

17. Sex doesn’t make relationships good. It only makes the good ones better.

18. If God got angry at those who went a-whoring after other gods, a spouse has every right to be angry at the infidel (offender) who had gone a-whoring after another partner. . . You only get mad about things that really matter to you.

19. Most men and women desire to have more of their person explored than their sexual anatomy; they want emotional closeness and soul-to-soul understanding.

20. Many times in a marriage the couple has gone from loads of physical affection in their dating days to having only sexual intercourse once they are married. . . That is a loss, especially from the woman’s point of view.

21. Truth and honesty are the basic currency of any relationship, especially the marriage relationship.

22. Extramarital affairs seem to run in families. Yet that doesn’t mean that you are absolutely predestined to cheat on your spouse—you can break the cycle. We have to break the cycle with the Lord’s help.

23. It is clear that external structures will not protect an individual from the temptation of adultery. Real protection comes from inside.

24. Part of the message of any affair is that someone else has figured out your spouse’s love language.

25. Forgiveness and reconciliation are always miracles. Only God can heal!


Walker, Alice M, Ph.D: Marie Claire, Lifestyle, This Is the Real Reason Why Men Cheat (16/11/2021)

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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