5 Quick and Practical Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

Updated on September 24, 2016
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I enjoy writing about relationships because, if things are not right with your relationship with your partner, it will affect other things.

Lovers by the sea
Lovers by the sea

Is your relationship getting boring and repetitive?

We have all been there; things get off to a great start and all of a sudden, Nothing!

Suddenly, you are that couple. The couple that doesn’t go out anymore, sex becomes once a week, breakfast in bed becomes fart in bed, and goodbye kisses become “Honey, I’m off.”

You’re in a relationship rut! Here is how you can get out of it:

Spice things up in the bedroom
Spice things up in the bedroom

Try Something New in the Bedroom

SEX is typically the first aspect of a relationship that gets boring! Many argue that if you can keep things creative in this department, your partner will never get bored.

Here is what you can try:

  • Read books and different materials on sex and then experiment with your partner.
  • Have a naked day! Pick a day of the week when you can both afford to stay all day indoors. The rule is simple, you both have to be naked all day, relax and watch it play out.
  • Sex in the bedroom can be romantic, but it gets boring quickly. Try this - For a week, no sex in the room! Try the kitchen, the couch, the shower, anywhere but the bedroom.
  • Keep it in your pants, oral pleasure only. You both have to commit to keeping it in your pants. This means he cannot use his junk, and you have to find ways to pleasure him without your va-jay-jay.

Watch the sun set
Watch the sun set

Take a Weekend Trip Together

Take a trip! Get away from friends, family, kids, and anyone or anything that has denied you alone time.

Try this,

  • Book a weekend getaway, it doesn’t have to be fancy. A cheap hotel just outside of town will do.
  • Make a checklist of things to do on the trip. Hit the beach, go to a restaurant, see a movie, go sight seeing, play board games in your hotel room, just do something.
  • Avoid distractions. Exchange mobile phones and all electronic devices, Set a naughty penalty for the use of your devices. If he wants 5 minutes with his phone, he has to spend 5 minutes extra on foreplay tonight.
  • Memories are all we have, and a good weekend trip will work wonders for your relationship and leave you with loving memories, just ensure you bring the thunder home with you

take dance lessons
take dance lessons

Sign up for a Class Together.

To get more quality time together, sign up for an activity you both enjoy or something you both suck at.

Try this,

  • Sign up for an activity class.
  • Ensure it is an activity class because whatever you learn, you want it to be something you can practice together and correct each other's mistakes.
  • This will help build teamwork and collaboration, and you will spend more time together.
  • Physical activities release dopamine; the chemical that helps your brain feel pleasure and happiness.

use cute nicknames
use cute nicknames

Find a New Pet Name For Your Partner

What pet names do you call each other? Baby? Honey? Dear Luv? Stop it already!

Here is what you should do instead.

  • Find a cute and adorable nickname for your partner. You can even use more than one.
  • Get Hilarious, Get Sweet, just make sure it isn't a safe and boring nickname.
  • Suddenly, "My love" becomes "Prince Charming."
  • Finding your partner sweeter and cuter nicknames will remind them of how much you love them and your partner will want to do the same for you.

Go Cold Turkey
Go Cold Turkey

Go Cold Turkey

...Only know you love her when you let her go. A little time away from your partner could help you appreciate the value of your partner.

  • Take a trip to see your parents, take a short break from each other,
  • This is not an excuse to do something that will ruin your relationship.
  • It is just to give both of you some space to appreciate the value of each other.


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