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Is My Partner Cheating? Apps That Hide Text Messages and Phone Calls

Updated on April 28, 2016

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Phone Apps That Hide Secret Text Messages and Calls

Is a loved one hiding a relationship from you with a little help from smartphone technology? I recently noticed a group of apps designed to conceal text messages and phone calls received from specific people. The ones that struck me the most were Second Phone Apps' series of Hide My Calls and Hide My Text apps for Android devices.

Second Phone Apps offers a series of Android apps for concealing calls and text messages from designated contacts.
Second Phone Apps offers a series of Android apps for concealing calls and text messages from designated contacts.

When you install one of these apps, you choose the contacts whose texts and calls you wish to hide. Once you put these contacts into the app, their calls or texts won't trigger the same alerts that you get for other contacts. Instead, you might get a pop-up saying "software update available," or your phone might merely vibrate, or you won't get any alert at all (so you'll have to proactively check the app).

During setup, you choose the contacts whose calls and texts you want the app to conceal. You can also choose how the app should notify you of calls or texts from these contacts.
During setup, you choose the contacts whose calls and texts you want the app to conceal. You can also choose how the app should notify you of calls or texts from these contacts.

Decoys to Conceal the Concealer App

What's really insidious about these apps is how difficult it is to detect them if you don't know about them. To read the messages or look at the phone calls from these designated contacts, the user launches the app from an innocuous-looking icon (the so-called decoy app), and must then enter a password.

Second Phone Apps' various versions of Hide My Text or Hide My Calls append to the app's name a description of the icon: In addition to the baseball icon in these screenshots, you can find one with a purse (for a decoy app called Shopper), for example. There's even a version that has no icon: Hide My Text-Invisible launches from a button that only appears when you tap an area of a black screen.

Hide My Text-Invisible launches from a red button that only appears when you tap on the bottom of a black screen.
Hide My Text-Invisible launches from a red button that only appears when you tap on the bottom of a black screen.

If anyone else clicks on the app and doesn't know where to enter the password, they'll see a message about a system error, or perhaps an expired subscription.

An incorrect login to the decoy Baseball app produces a message about an expired subscription.
An incorrect login to the decoy Baseball app produces a message about an expired subscription.

Most Hide My Text apps are available in both paid and free versions. The free ones let you hide texts and calls for up to five contacts; the paid ones set no limits on the number of contacts whose texts and calls you can conceal.

What Decoy Apps Are Used For

These apps make it easy for people to be dishonest by concealing relationships they don't want nosy partners or parents to sniff out by checking cell phone messages or call logs. Here are what some users had to say about these apps in reviews (note that one points out a few shortcomings):

  • "This app is the shizznit! Now my girl can go thru my ph all day if she wants..."
  • "Looks like a game that hides my text messages, awesome. Great app, helps a lot..."
  • "Great app for phone, but depending on the phone carrier, the numbers will still appear on the online statements."

iOS Alternatives?

Apple keeps a tight rein on iPhone apps, and there don't appear to be completely comparable iOS alternatives in the iTunes App Store. Apps such as CoverMe can help you keep calls and text messages secret, but they don't create decoy icons, so at the very least a snoop can see you're using an app designed to help conceal communications from prying eyes.

So-called jailbreakers—people who develop iOS software outside of Apple's ecosystem—may have apps that do what Hide My Text does. Researching these, however, is beyond the scope of this article.

Bottom line for suspicious parents or spouses is that people who want to cheat will always find ways to do so. These days, they probably can find technology that will help them out.


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    • Nspeel profile image

      Nspeel 5 years ago from Myrtle Beach

      I love these applications because sometimes you must be dishonest... I disagree with being honest to your mate or loved one, but being dishonest is a part of life... In business, in everywhere, sales is all about hiding some things.

    • Sadie14 profile image

      Brittany B 5 years ago from U.S.

      I guess for some people that is true but in the end your spouse is going to find out because if you're having to hide stuff from them it's not because you're merely just texting someone.

    • SummerLn 4 years ago

      @Nspeel, if you relate love or relationships to a business, than you must live a very lonely and depressing life. Dishonesty is never the answer for a functioning relationship. Maybe after you get screwed over enough times for your own selfish beliefs, you will see this.

    • meya 4 years ago

      hahahahhaaahahahah so true

    • cheater4life 4 years ago

      I love this app! women are nosey!

    • Tiger 4 years ago

      What some women have to understand is that cheating sometimes helps making a relationship wordth having.

      You can give in to your natural desire to make love to other women, and still have a fine family life.

      Even a man with the most sexiest wife on earth has the desire to cheat, just to find out that plain sex is nothing compaired to family life.

      Men do cheat, that doesn't mean that they don't love their wife.

      Women need to stop peeking around, you will only find things you would rather have found. Why do that??

      Fact: Men cheat

    • lb 4 years ago

      how does it show up on your phone bill

    • Sadie14 profile image

      Brittany B 4 years ago from U.S.

      From what i have read they are free apps. I don't think they show up at all.

    • Eric 4 years ago

      Thanks for the info. FYI...there are a lot of women who cheat.

    • Logical 3 years ago

      So men should be understanding when they find their women have cheated on them.....Fact...They Cheat...

    • Trevor 3 years ago

      How does invisible text app numbers showed on bill?

    • Horrible 3 years ago

      Wtf is wrong with people? Its obvious that with every generation there is so much cheating there might as well not be marriges anymore..or just make polygamy legal. What is this world coming to!

    • A real Woman 3 years ago

      To Tiger: if you have these apps and truly believe that its just life that men cheat I guess you need not be angry when you find out your wife is doing the same thing. Fact: women cheat too .....but I guess it just makes for a happier marriage right? I mean she is getting here sexual desires met by another man but does not mean she doesn't love you.

    • keith 2 years ago

      Any women that's using an app to be dishonest or man doing it to his girl is a dirty scumbag that diesnt deserve to be loved in the first place.

      Cheating is a scummy thing and karma is a real mofo

    • devastated 2 years ago

      How can i retreive an sd card that has been transferred to a lap top.? Mine and his phone are in my name. I hope I haven't been outsmarted. He did this knowing he was going toto jail, for six months.

    • Johnc682 2 years ago

      I was looking through some of your blog posts on this internet site and I conceive this web site is rattling informative ! Keep on posting . geggbkegbgkg

    • 22 months ago

      See if husband has hide messages from me

    • woman0869 21 months ago

      Cheaters are scum. The lowest forms of life on Earth. And for your information, not all men cheat. Only the dumb ones.

    • Angel777 21 months ago

      On behalf of men I will defend them a little. I know a guy that would never cheat though he has had the opportunity but now his wife is accusing him of cheating. So now she is pushing him to do what she is accusing him of doing because all they do is argue and the relationship has become tense. He no longer feels trusted and all because she has convinced herself and accused him of things that were not an issue to him before.

    • go figure 21 months ago

      Every man or woman has the "opportunity to cheat" it's a person's decision to do so. You can't be "pushed to that's a cop out excuse. If you support cheating because you feel it helps you appreciate what you have then you'll really appreciate what you've lost when they find out. Not to mention the germs and possible disease you pass to an innocent person who has given you their ultimate trust. Cheaters support cheaters. Too bad it's the good honest people that pay the price.

    • go figure 21 months ago

      And Angel if he's telling you that much about their relationship then his wife has reason not to trust him. Smart good quality men don't confide in other women outside of marriage. They fix their issues on their own. If he's already confiding in you she has reason to be suspicious.

    • not gonna 19 months ago

      It does show up on phone bill

    • edwin 19 months ago

      If you don't love some one then why be in relationshipit's very cruel to cheat on someone who is there for you!!!!!!

    • Annie 18 months ago

      on my boyfriend apple iphone was a search on his history he said he didnt look it up he said his phone did it then said i did but i never herd of that site i was bein nosy and look in his safari history am i just crazy

    • meercat 17 months ago

      To Annie , Smart of you to do so , to trust blindly is to trust foolishly. We all have to safeguard our selves at some point , & take a closer look at the different situations surrounding our lives that will in turn cause an impact on later decisions.

      I've known women that have based their decision on bringing a child into a marriage that was soon to be broken with no knowledge or clue .

    • Tired of the cheating BS 16 months ago

      i have been honest faithful caring and loving and I get cheated on. My boyfriend of 5 years is hiding apps on his phone. He knows my x spouse cheated on me and hurt me real bad. He promised he would never hurt me like that! Cheaters deserve to die and burn in Hell!!!!

    • Anderj7 12 months ago

      This looks so cool

    • Guest12 10 months ago

      Yes...this can be an issue. But, there's also nothing wrong with wanting to be sure of who you are with. There is no other way to REALLY know. The world is different now and relationships are made more complicated with technology than they were before it was around. And unfortunately you need some objective information in life and not just subjective (what you are told). Trust but verify is the best way to be sure in my opinion. I know men and women who have checked their sig other's technology from time to time and it made them feel better (or worse in some cases). In the negative cases, it gave them the information they deserved that there partner was not sharing. Blind trust is idiotic! I'm sorry but there is no other aspect of life where we would expect people to follow someone or something so blindly like that... I put all my money in this bank...but I don't need FDIC backing or any information from them about their business at all, because I trust them! Love, time, physical connection, etc. are investments, too! I think we all deserve from time to time some reassurance that we are investing wisely! We are only human after all. These apps are really worrisome and really say a lot about how low we've gotten regarding relationships as a society. No one should feel entitled to cheat. It's not just about you.

      Furthermore, can we please stop confusing privacy for secrecy! They are not the same thing, folks.

    • James 9 months ago

      Seriously? Some of you peoples comments are out of this world. The one about how you don't agree being honest with your partner? Really? Because that's how life is? And business? Really? So, if you had a business, you wouldn't be honest with your business partners? Why? Dishonesty means your hiding something, and the fact that you guys think it's OK is ridiculous. You obviously haven't found a person that really means something to you, like really means something. You may say you love your partner's, but it's not REAL. It's fake love, from a fake person, who doesn't know what it is or how it feels to really love someone. When your in love, and it's right, you trust them, and they trust you. You don't have to worry about where they are, and you don't notice other guys or girls, even if they are beyond gorgeous. You just don't see them, because your in love with someone who means more to you than scoring a piece of tail on the side. How about everyone who downloads these apps stops lying to themselves. Your not in love with your partner, and you just want to get laid. Or it could be worse, and your lazy, not really attracted to the person but your don't have a job and would be homeless if your didn't lie to them about your relationship because you wouldn't have anywhere to live if not. So you pretend to love them for all the amenities included with your lies. Just stop that, and start being honest for once.

    • Ian Huggins 7 months ago

      Is there such thing as a texting app that "diguises" your number and the number to which you are sending texts, but the "fake number" shows up on the provider cell phone bill?

    • Concerned wife 6 months ago

      I found out my husband was texting another girl, I blocked her number and now he gets strange 999999999 numbers that show up on our phone bill. Does that mean that one of them has an app to hide the numbers

    • Jeff 5 months ago

      All you have to do is create a Skype account and delete it when your done texting then redownload from the App Store and log in to text again. That's what my wife did and I never suspected a thing.

    • Tina 5 months ago

      Cheaters make me sick.....

    • Cheatedon 4 months ago

      Does anyone know how to retrieve text messages, voicemails or emails from accounts you dont have access to?

    • Hairlady 4 months ago

      I have his spare tablet that I use now. I can still log into his Gmail and playstore and this is where the sneaky stuff showed up. He even does the encrypt ones that u have to download a keyboards, how smart huh? and ones that are a music player and they have skins for them. Anyway how can I see those messegez on the tablet that I can sync his accounts? I did see on his phone he has app locker so some I don't see at playstore. Help

    • Dizzy Ben-Judah 3 months ago


      My name is Israel Ben-Judah, I just wanna say that NOT all MEN CHEAT. I cheated on every woman I ever dated until I met my wife. Perhaps it was because of the FACT she's the most beautiful woman GOD "ever" created and I'm not just saying that. But in my past relationships in my personal defense it didn't help any that just about every woman who got alone always put the moves on me. I never initiated one single time. I have no earthly idea what women see in MEN let alone me and yeah I might be good looking and built very well but it was something else. There was always a sexual attraction on their part that always lead to sexual tension which then lead to sexual relations...

      But when I fell in love with my wife it was different. I realized before I thought I loved them but really I never loved them at all ! ! ! It was pure infatuation and lust. Honestly I learned I didn't even really know what love was??? I was clueless. Now as hindsight is "Definitely 20/20" looking back leaves me overwhelmingly and eternally grateful for meeting her as I have absolutely no desire in cheating I don't even notice e other beautiful women come into a room. I love my wife more than I have EVER LOVED another Han being and as humble as I know how to say it...."if you can't say the same thing you should probably reevaluate your relationship because I guarantee you are just fighting the inevitably obvious. Don't settle put sanctity back into marriage where God intended it. I was an idiot for the way I treated women like toys and not human beings. So to all the girls I've used before...please accept my most humble and sincerest apologies , you didn't deserve that and I hope I didn't leave you too emotionally scarred that it still causes your current relationships to suffer.

      God Bless and Kindest Regards,

      Izzy Ben-Judah.

    • TellingTheRealTruth35 2 months ago

      With most of the women these days that are Real Pathetic Low Life Whores that really Doesn't surprise me at all since a Good man like me that was Very Faithful to my Ex Wife at that time that i was married too turned out to be the Biggest Whore of them all which i Never knew since i was the Committed One to begin with. These type of women Unfortunately just Can't keep their legs Closed anymore since they're the Real Reason why many Marriages are Failing these days since many of us Good men out there are Very Innocent which still Wasn't Good Enough for them. This is why many of us men are still Single again because of this Real Mess that these women have Caused. And for the men and women out there that are still Married with your family which you have so Very Much To Be Very Thankful for since many of us innocent men Would've Wanted the same thing as well. For us now unfortunately it is MGTOW For Life.

    • AH 2 months ago

      All the more reason to cheat on them if they cheat. Doesn't mater if they stop you are due yours too, you know their secrets etc. and how to hide your own so do to them the same unless you are done with them in which case move on without them.

    • deeplyhurt 2 months ago

      my fiance has been cheating for doubt about it..have recordings of them after I leave our apt..she lives across the hall. denied it both of them. I left in Jan but we got back together 2 weeks after and I noticed he was distant. But I moved some of my things back in May..He bought me a ring and asked me to marry him this Sept. My so call ex best friend said he is a xheat you cant trust him. Note same woman who is screwing him. She was caught in numerous lies by me..lots of red flags. and when I asked both they both had the same and I do mean indentical stories. Plus on beginning first time I started talking to her came home from across hall at her place he was having full blown panic attack..from day one he calls her a slut ect but yet says he doesnt know her..same goes for her..but yet his brother lives in same building said he told him 2 yrs ago when she moved in oct she was a good looking woman..told me she looks like she has been riden more than a harley..and he also told his brother shortly after she moved in that she invited him for coffee..but both denied that as well..I gave him many chances to be honest and end our relationship so they can be together..all I got if you want to leave leave..and he says I dont want you to go..but cant stop you either..he claims to love me..but recordings dont lie..because the program i used took tv basically out.

    • cheated on 7 weeks ago

      My husband of 23 years has been cheating on me and I have stood by him through everything in his life. This was the last straw and if I catch him again I will divorce him. My heart has been broken into little pieces and have been very depressed for over 4 years. Cheating on someone your with causes deep pain that you can't get over. Why would anyone want to hurt another person like that? If you marry someone its a commitment and you should be man enough to leave if that is what you want. He keeps telling me he won't do it anymore and lies. Just because I wanted to believe him I stayed. I now know that I have the right to leave him even if I love him. This is the worst kind of pain....

    • Truth 5 weeks ago

      I'm sorry to tell everyone on this page. Men & Woman both cheat but stay in a relationship, marriage because they want someone to go home to and that their comfortable with or they have children together. I asked a engaged man who I found out was cheating on his Fiance. Why did you cheat? His reply was ? Because she's not always in the mood. I said why get married if your cheating? His reply....Because I love her....wth? Another person I know who has been with her man for 21yrs. Why do you cheat? Her reply? The sex isn't any good anymore, we have children together. All cheat for different reasons, none are any reason to cheat but it happens.

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