3 Mistakes Women Make When Men Cheat

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Cheaters Cheat... end of story.

When your man cheats, it feels like your entire universe crumbles around you. Most women dealing with a cheating husband or boyfriend start thinking of ways to fix the situation. We wonder what we've done to drive him to the arms of another woman. We struggle to think of ways to bring him back.


Cheaters cheat. That's it. Cheating is not about boredome or dissatisfaction. Cheating is the result of a characterological flaw that allows men or women to rationalize cheating and breaking vows. Affairs are not normal, healthy reactions to uncommon relationship struggles. Rather, they are unhealthy reactions to the trials and tribulations common to most relationships from time to time.

Don't torture or embarrass yourself making the same mistakes millions of women make when they know their man is cheating. Save your self-respect, dignity, and time by cutting your losses and freeing yourself for a better relationship with a more functional man.

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Mistake #1 -- The Investigation

When women suspect their man is cheating, the first mistake they make is launching a fact finding mission. Spying, calling around, interrigating their partners, women invest their energy in a senseless hunt to prove what is already obvious: the relationship is seriously broken.

You don't need proof that your man is cheating to know that something isn't working between the two of you. Whether he's actually cheating or you're just seriously paranoid, evidence isn't required to know something has to change. Driving yourself mad trying to catch him in the act of cheating won't deliver the peace of mind you are looking for. It will only make you look and feel crazy.

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Mistake #2 -- Blaming the Other Woman

Yeah, she's got to be pure evil to steal another woman's man, but that's really not the point. She's not the one who committed to you, who promised to to be true to you, and then cheated on you. Even more importantly, if it wasn't her it would be someone else.

People cheat because they are cheaters. When a man cheats it's not because he was innocently seduced by another woman's wicked charms. It's not because she offered something you didn't. It's not because she's better than you. Cheaters cheat. They don't need temptation to have an affair.

Let go of your anger towards the other woman. It's misguided. Focus instead on the fact that the partner you were in a relationship with violated his commitment to monogomy. If it wasn't her, he'd have found someone else. Even if she leaves the picture, there are millions of women in the world for him to cheat with.

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Mistake #3 -- Changing to Keep Him

First of all, if your man is cheating, the last thing you want is to keep him around. Cheating is a pattern of behavior that won't stop no matter how many promises he makes or how many changes you make to keep his attention. If he has cheated on you, it's time to move on. Cheaters cheat... and cheat... and cheat.

Second, you didn't drive him to cheat. If your man is cheating, it's not a reflection of your worth, but an indication that he is incapable of handling the responsibility of maintaining a relationship. He is lacking mature adult coping skills. The problem is his, NOT YOURS.

Because you didn't cause your man to cheat, you can't stop it either. There is nothing you can change in yourself to make a cheater be loyal. Stop thinking that if you were thinner, prettier, wilder in bed, or more exciting he would be faithful. If your man is cheating, he's not thinking about you one way or another.

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Aya_Hajime profile image

Aya_Hajime 7 years ago

Very nice hub Kate. I agree with you wrt. the mistakes, but I also believe that a person can do a lot to keep a relationship interesting and rewarding, and reduce the likelihood of cheating. I think that the decision one has to make is how much work you want to put in to the relationship, to make it work. Also, there are different types of cheating. Some cheating is more about sexual exploration, while others involve greater emotional attachment.

cosmic observer 7 years ago

men or women who cheated on their significant other are cowards. They don't have the ability to look their partner in the eye and tell them they are not happy w/the situation and like for certain things to change for the benefits of everyone. But then again "Cheaters cheat. They don't need temptation to have an affair.' Boy, that's an original statement.

Stacie L profile image

Stacie L 7 years ago

Good hub and these tips are so true. Women need to trsut their instincts and not change for any man

moinseo 7 years ago

Good work on this hub.. I appreciate you about these type of information..

Lisa 7 years ago

My boyfriend has come home from goning out for a short errand and came home and showered, what do you think?

Dee 7 years ago

I am in a relationship that i truly hate, i told him to leave, and I caught him several time cheating on me. No I don't blame myself, I blame in I feel that he acts like a little kid that will never grow up. I told him to leave several times, I am a law enforcement officer so i cant call the cops because of my job. The is no hitting involved, he claims that he loves me but i been with me before n i know what loves feel like n it don't feel like this. I love him but i know that I want and need to move on. Eventually I know that he will leave but i rather he leaves now, because I feel that he will never change. Also dealing with his kids mother is another drag. Signed in a box with no sunlight in sight

tinyteddy profile image

tinyteddy 7 years ago from INDIA


thats a nice piece of pshycology

eyeopener it is


MarieSPowers 7 years ago

Thank you for this post-I intend on printing it out for quick reference to reinforce your points every time I find myself blaming myself. I wish I been able to read it 10 years ago when I first found about one affair. In the end I have come to know that my husband had 23 known affairs in 27 1/2 years of marriage. A prime example of your belief that "cheaters cheat" I only wish that the cheaters could realize the long term and permanent damage they do to spouses, children and extended family. Thanks again for your wisdom.

Susy 7 years ago

This is such a great slap in the face. I just found out my husband has been cheating on me for months or maybe years! The worst is that we just recently got married (3 months ago). So, it KILLS me to think that I was planning a wedding while he was doing his thing. I feel grossed out and disgusted. And I've spent days trying to find out of everything he did, which is too hurtful. I'm not going to waste any more time. You're so right, why try to figure out something that is already known? I do feel crazy. THANK YOU!!!!

Sandy 7 years ago

I am at point a. Doing the snooping, checking email. I am starting to move past it. But it hurts so bad. Especially when he says that I am acting crazy and thats what is driving him away. Praying for the strenght and backbone to move on.

Tiffani P 7 years ago

thank you for this post. It's so true.

Donna 6 years ago

Mine cheated on me for no other reason then he is a cheat, he was in the relationship on and off, she was a long time booty call and I found out about it two months into the relationship. I decided to stay with him, he promised, swore up and down he would end the relationship that I was more important and six weeks later he is still involved with her. It is apparent he did not value our relationship. One thing is for certain I know it had nothing to do with me. I decided to end it I deserve better. This article helped me to see things for what they are. Once a cheat always a cheat.....

angel 6 years ago

My boyfriend had cheated on me. He told me that he was ill.I got off work at midnite and came to see at his house with a hot soup.I wanted to surprise him so I didn't want to text or call a head of time. When I arrived,I saw his car and the other car both parked at his house. Tv is on. I knocked, texted and called a million times. No response at all. I called him and heard his ring tone was in the house. He never open the door for me because there was another woman at the house with him. I stood in the cold and rain with a bowl of soup in hands. I didn't come to visit suddenly I wouldn't he is cheating on me.... I cried and cried because he broke my heart but that's, I never want to see him. He hurted so much but I got to move forward and never look back. Once he is a cheater, he will always be a cheater no matter what.

BJ 6 years ago

I was in a relationship with a man for 20 months. I fell deeply in love with him. So one day during one of our conversation I asked him if he was seeing anyone. I had this internal suspicion that he was so I asked. His reply was I have always been seeing other women. Meaning the whole 20 months we have been together. At that point I packed up my belongings and left him standing.

bb 6 years ago

I'm in a situation... a guy i dated briefly a year ago.. i am still in love with him.. He still calls to chat now and then, all good, now he has a new girlfriend, and he's been emailing me the past few weeks saying he wants to see me. He has a terrible history of cheating on all his previous partners.. Why do they do it???

jessie 6 years ago

I cheated in a past relationship and have never cheated since. And now I'm in a relationship with a man that constantly cheats. How am I suppose to say that once a cheater always a cheater if I did it and choose not to ever do it again. I don't wanna make excuses for him or any other cheater bc it is wrong! But if I know I can stop than what's to say he won't stop?

jj 6 years ago

i found out my girlfriend cheated on me with a guy that had a girlfriend, i never thought that it would happen to me, and i feel like crap. i just wanna get away where no one can contact me.

tiffy12 6 years ago're so right..I just found pictures of multiple naked women in my boyfriends phone..and he was the one taking the pictures...I'm disgusted with him...I always had a feeling that he was doing some thing..but NEVER with so many women..I don't know how to feel anymore..I'm just hurt..

DjBryle profile image

DjBryle 6 years ago from Somewhere in the LINES of your MIND, and HOPEFULLY at the RIPPLES of your HEART. =)

Hey, I love this hub! I even shared it on FB. =) Sure thing, cheaters cheat because it's their nature. lol! Thanks for sharing!

Maria  6 years ago

Why are we SO quick to think it's OUR problem???

dudu 6 years ago

My boyfriend cheated on me for more than a year. one time I went to the state for vacation and his ex emailed me that said she wanted to talk to me and ask me personal questions. I replied to her how it was important for her to tell her my personal life. finally she convened me and I decided to tell her everything and she was more shocked than me. She thought she was the only one the guy loves. But things were different from what she thought,,,,, she said "help me help me call him and let him talk,put me in 3 lines and let me hear when he actually talking to another woman". I did what she asked and she heard when the same guy said to me that I was the only person he loves. It was such a hurtful experience for both of us.... don't want to remember it back at all!!!!! I am still with that guy because he was going crazy, he was bothering my family and friends to help him to get me and every body asked me to give him a second chance so I did. But regardless how nice he is trying to be, I can't be happy. I know the relation ship is not going no where but I am still with him till my heart really feels the relationship should over.

LiesLast4ever 6 years ago

I was with my bf for 3 years and he cheated the entire relationship. I found out about one girl and we haven't been the same since. Just a couple days ago I found out he is still cheating. I broke up with him and I've felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I dealt with the pain of infidelity for so long that my life revolved around his life. I wanted to know everything he was doing at all times. However, he still found time to cheat. I truly feel in my heart that all man will always cheat. No matter age or race. This thought scares me. I thought I wasn’t strong enough to leave him and that he would change one day. FACT he is still the same person. Once a cheater always a cheater. I went through the phase when I blamed myself for it. In my years of life I always had high self-esteem. Once I found out he cheated on me I began to hate myself and the ppl around me made it worse. Everyone judge me for staying with him. I was addicted to drugs and drinking just to drown out the pain. I’ve been through so much to just try to cope with the pain. He was like a best friend he witnessed me going through all the trails from his infidelity and he still cheated. There is nothing we can do to prevent it from happening. I would go all out for sex and I would feel guilty. Thinking I wasn’t good enough. Or if I was tired and I let him do all the work I would feel like I wasn’t good enough. Ladies every one of us is worth it. Worth all the love and fidelity a man has to offer. But when you’re in love you believe what you want to believe. I figured that I was unhappy and in pain on the daily basis. So why not leave the cheater and pain alone. I finally got myself back. Being cheated on is like getting shot in the head bc it seems to kill who you are and stays in your mind forever. There was nothing I could do to erase what he has done. It is a part of my past and I'm happy it is. I still love him and I miss him so much. LADIES you can leave. You can walk away and feel empowered. It isn’t easy but staying isn’t easy either. No pain will last forever. Staying busy is key. I never thought I would have the strength to leave him but I’m here and I’m moving forward with my life and trying to leave him in the past. I appreciate this article and everyone who took it serious and exposed their true feelings about the heart break of infidelity.

Kathyluv 6 years ago

I have gone thru this and continue to. I really luv this hub. Unfortantly I find myself stuck. I have been with my husband for 6 years and married two. He's probably always cheated. Feels like my life revolves around him trying to figure what he's always up to. Even tho I already kno... I have tried to leave him but I always get sucked right back in. I have been depressed for years and blamed myself. It doesn't get easier with kids just harder. This article opened my eyes to A lot and I think I'm going to read it until I finally have the strength to walk away and realize I can't change him. Thank you for the wisdom and to the people on here that understand what we women go thru...

kimberlyslyrics 6 years ago

What a fabulous hub, what could I possibly add

Thank you

Your newest fan


julie 5 years ago

I had a relationship with a guy who had cheated on his ex girlfriend,she wanted to get married and he didn't, he said he wasn't happy and didn't feel loved enough, I asssumed that he was as he said not happy with her. I taught he was over all that and we got married. I had trust issues because I knew what he was capable of, I secretly was wary he would do the same to me, so I checked his email and credit cards, he was always hard with giving me money , but I found out that he was also in fact cheating on me and spending money to see his chick, I did eventually forgive him(I did still love him) only to find out later that he was chatting and sleeping with someone else during the time we were trying to reconcile. What a peach!

nunya 5 years ago

Cheating comes from one partner not being ready for a commited relationship or one partner secretly being unhappy and feeling unable to communicate this with the other. You all put so much thought and effort into a subject that answers itself. If we were all honest with ourselves this wouldn't be an issue at all.

Broken Hearted 5 years ago

I dont know where to start, i have been married for 12 years and i don't think for 6 months straight my husband has ever been faithful to me. He has even slept with suppose to be friends, i feel so down and depressed all the time feeling that i can't do without him. When i did build up the courage to leave not even 6 months he was where i had move to i guess my self esteem is so low that i'll put up with anything. i honestly feel like i'm not his type and i really dont know why he marry me he is use to dating light skin girls with long hair and nice bodies i am dark skin i had a nice body before the kids and i guess i'm not to bad looking. i was to a point one time where i wanted to kill myself, but i could not leave my beautiful kids behind. Someone please help me tell me what to do?

jenny 5 years ago

You are the mother of your beautiful children love is sacred under God, yes it hurts but its not about your dark skin , which by the way is the beautiful you, you can't beat what God gives you!!!!! Believe in yourself for your kids yourself God and even me, no excuses hold onto your dark skinned beautiful self and hold your head up there are no responsible excuses for him be good and let him fall on his face you cant teach him what he already knows is wrong

best wishes,

the light skinned mother of a beautiful 6 yr old with a dad who missed the boat on the meaning of love and the sweetness of the child

who needs a good role model............

respect yourself


Romica 5 years ago

It’s very easy to drive yourself in sane trying to dig and dig for information on a deceitful spouse. I’ve been there and done it. Knowing more only hurts you more. My husband deceived me with half truths and had an emotional affair with another woman. Every time I asked him to be truthful he denied and stated I was crazy for expressing my thoughts and suspicions. He denied everything until I had proof. Even then he tried to make up stories and excuses. The” other woman” was not completely innocent. She knew what she was doing when she constantly called and texted a married man late at night and on contantly on weekends. It wasn’t appropriate. And yes, it was his responsibility to bring a halt to how much his work was going to interfere with his marriage. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t have the strength of character or maturity to do the right thing. He still doesn’t. He would rather keep his friendship with Jennifer then try to work on his marriage. I feel like I’m in a loop of constant misery. I can’t force him to end his friendship with her nor can I force him to work on our marriage. I get so angry when I think how I begged him to put our marriage ahead of his friendship and he refused. After 7 years you would think he would have made an effort especially when we have a little girl together. He—They are not worth my dignity and self-respect. I need to move on and concentrate on myself.


Lisaxo 5 years ago

I have been on my own with the children for 9 years.. I was married for 11..I was busy raising the kids and working lots of jobs.. I dated abot 4 times in 9 years... all 4 are still good friends of mine... :) I met a man about 4 months ago and I am crazy about him.. he is soooo nice, thoughtful, we laugh , we talk for hours, alone time is like we knew each other all our lives. I do not know why but I felt funny sometimes and thought it was just because my husband cheated on me a lot.. and I was being silly because of that.. there was no reason to think my bf was doing anything wrong.. wrong..he left his accounts open on his computer and I looked.. I hated it but I started shaking bad before I open any mail.. he had been on chat lines with these beautiful women, date site, telling different women how beautiful they are..or wow your hot.. wow your sexy, wow your the most beautiful woman I ever seen... giving him his email addy and asking to get to know them.. it took him a week to convince me to start seeing him again ..that it was a mistake ..I know they were not..and promised he was was a habit..I went back to seeing him before Christmas.. then just last week..I just checked his History for fun.. it was pretty clean.. except for one 1 week and a half ago.. he was in the personals for our city looking at adds for intimate ( discrete ) encounters.. I confronted him yesterday... he said he did not contact anyone..first he said it was a mistake..and he must have clicked it by mistake, then he said he wasn't looking for someone to be with, it was just reading material..blahh blahh..each time he changed his story.. so I said no..he knew it would hurt me for him to do this to me and he did it to me.. he said he did not have sex with anyone..and I really do not is not the is doing something to someone that hurts them... I told him I am not angry it just hurts.. but he should be honest with people and if you want to do something that the other person will be hurt by..then leave them first then go do your being sneaky..he had taken my choice of what I was getting and wanted from a relationship away from me..and that is not fair to do to another person :(

LIAR LIAR! 5 years ago

The best thing to is cheat too if you know for sure he or she is cheating and never tell your parter you know they are cheating.

PJS 5 years ago

My exhusband cheated and I filed for divorce. During the divorce process our youngest daughter died and that scumbag used that to try to worm his way back into my life and my bed saying how sorry he was, he wanted to prove he could be a good husband and father to his other two daughters going forward. Sadly, in my moment of the most incredible sadness a parent can experience I believed him again. Three months later the same whore tried to run me off the road and I knew he was right back at it. Once a cheater, always a cheater and lying goes right along with it. I am divorced now and very, very happy.

cll 5 years ago

When my ex-husband and I were about to get married, he told me in the past he had affairs with two women that had were married. He also said that one of them told him that the could still keep the affair going after we were married. He told here no because he'd found a good thing. Meaning me I guess. It wasn't long after we married he was mentally abusive and ignoring me. He slept on the couch most of the time. He had his own business and said he would have to work. I would go to bed and wake up to find him sleeping on the couch. I trusted him because well, I just did. We had two boy's together and I can tell you the exact date I became pregnant because thats how infrequently we had sex. I worked out had a great body, I confided this with a few people that did not know him and they said he must be gay or he was having an affair. Something I refused to believe. It was not until years later I finally broke down and checked cell phone records and found a number that he had been calling many times a day. Sometimes it looked like they were hanging up on one another. Of course he lied about it. I called the number and found out that it was the woman that was married and still married. What a mess.

ybarnes 5 years ago

ive been in a relationship for 6yrs and found out that he was cheating on me. the person came to my door told me she was sleeping with my man. my heart drop to the foor,i was so hurt. i thought i was in a dream and i was going to wake up. how could he do this to me . im hurt and i cry every day

ybarnes 5 years ago

i cant get over him cheating and i gave all my love .the thing that hurt the most is everything he got from her he could have got it from me as long as he wanted it. im still with him i do love him. but why did happen to me ?

girly 5 years ago

Being a victim of cheating ybarnes is like going though grief i've been through a number of them. yes we all still love them in some way but the fact is THAT cheaters have psychological ISSUES they need help! but there is no xcuse for cheating. try and keep yourself busy, dont listen to love music it can trigger off the initial hurt, listen the music that can empower you to try to cope. time do not make you forget it just help you to cope. with me i had to fall all over in love again even though it was infatuation at first otherwise my depression would of swallowed me up. i can tell u was to do but try and speak with a specialist otherwise it can distroy your esteem, always remember you are a beautiful individual and IT IS NOT AND NEVER YOUR FAULT! I am sure u have friends and family who genuinely cares about you. WE WOMEN NEED TO STICK TOGETHER AND STAY STRONG... I KNOW U CAN DO IT! Hang in there

christalluna1124 profile image

christalluna1124 5 years ago from Dallas Texas

Excellent hub. These points should be well noted by all women going through this problem. Been there done that!!

Warmest regards,


Not alone 5 years ago

Romica what you went through is exactly what I am dealing with now. Reading what you dealt with made me think I wrote it myself, except I am still with him.

LeslieB 5 years ago

I can't believe how perfect this article was. It was exactly what I needed to put me in the right direction. I forgave him before, and I am begining to suspect that he is doing it again. Its time to leave. Thank you so much.

Monae Lee 5 years ago

Me and my boyfriend have been together 6 years & have a five year old together about 3 weeks ago he needed to start sleeping on the couch and inviting our kid to sleep on the love seat. (so I can look like a bitch mama by making our son go upstairs) Well last week while our son was spending the night with a relative, I ask him to come upstairs with me instead he rolls over on the couch and goes back to sleep...."this bothed

Suzana Cardoso 4 years ago

This article has helped me so much. I broke up with the man who kept cheating on me with so many women over the past 6 years, its hard to count. Every time i found out he said sorry... said i was the only one he loved... tried to keep me from leaving him. He had women from all over the world flying to see him...Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Dubai. He knows how to play his cheating game...I finally had the courage to let go... i am not looking back... no not this time..

Jen 4 years ago

I've been married for almost 4yrs and we have a 3 yr old daughter. When we started going out supposedly he was single w/2 kids. I never met his parents cause supposedly they worked a lot. I got pregnant & he said he wanted us 2 b a fam. I accepted we had a little wedding in wich his parents didn't show up supposedly they had 2 work. Likea week after he begged me 2 meet his fam didn't want 2 go but I accepted cause either way they were my soon 2 b born fam too. Once I had a foot in the door his mom insulted me saying I was a homewrecker & that the bby I was expecting wasn't even my husband bby. He didn't even tell them we were married. I forgave him cause we were on the first week of marriage but then I heard this other girl not the mother of his 2 older kids was pregnant & we both had the same time. So he was w/the mother of his 2 kids this other woman pregnant & me. He swore it wasn't his & stupidly I believe him until the DNA tested positive. & I forgave him . A yr ago he didn't come 2 sleep so I knew he was w/some1 else I packed my stuff & moved in w/my parents. He camed like a month after saying he never cheated that he loved me & 2 move back I said not until I was sure he had changed. Lately he says he works 2 much & didn't have time 4 us. He moved w/his parents supposedly 2 save $ 2 get us a bigger apt. So I thought he was working so much 2 find us an apt but no he's Being cheating w/this other girl he posted youtube videos on her Fb wall love songs & I confronted him & he denied it saying how I've never trusted him that I never loved his kids, that I should of moved when he told me 2. I have 2 beg him 2 see our daughter & he says I have 2 jobs I don't have time but he does have time 2 go clubbing w/this girl. He doesn't give me child support he doesn't even ask or calls 2 c how our daughter is doing. And then he haves the nerve 2 tell people that I don't let him see our daughter. He received my bbys health insurance renewal & I'm begging him 2 send it2 me cause she needs it & he doesn't even reply my emails. I never thought he was this kind of person.

jatalynn 4 years ago

My bf and I have been together for over 6 years and I recently found out that he has slept with over 15 people since we started and women...from craigelist. 5 were from our town which is very small. I feel like a fool. I love him but I don't know if he is filling me full of lies when he tells me he will never do it again. Seems unlikely.

Katrina 4 years ago

I got married july 2011 and my husband left me in september 2011. But in novemeber 2011 he wanted to sort our life out together again with our children. I said okay to find out the whole three months he had another woman and her child living with him at his place. He stayed wih me on and off and the nights he told me he had to work late, well he didn't he was with the other woman. When i recently found out i was honestly devastated. I felt and still feel so sick in the gutt and my heart aches that i have been played a fool for the past three months. Now its going to be so hard for me to believe a man that they love me after what has just happened to me.

stupidgirl 4 years ago

This is such a great article. I've been trying for years to figure out what I* am doing wrong in my relationship with my baby daddy to make him be unfaithful, he was married previously before he met me and he was very unfaithful to his wife and he used to say because they had a very unhealthy relationship. But now I get it. It's not the relationships he's in, it's part of his character. Time to pack my bags and quit putting myself and my child through the ringers trying to keep Daddy by us, if a child isn't enough, nothing must be. Thanks!

PITY ME 4 years ago

If a man starts cheating, its sometimes the last resort. Maybe you girls should lose a few pounds and liven up the bedroom...just sayin

Move On 4 years ago

I was married for 20 years when I found out my husband was on a dating site, he was actually trying to see if his girlfriend was on there! Yes, what a tangled web they weave. Well I left and am no longer part of his lies and the screaming and yelling have stopped, for me. I hear he screams at her and even leaves her on the side of the road when they fight. See she had fun spending my money, sleeping with my husband, and enjoying dinners that I paid for when my husband would debit them from our checking acct. BUT NOW I am divorced and receive child support and alimony and she deals with his controlling, arrogant, bullying personality. See when another woman wants your husband, the best revenge is to let her have him!!!!!!!! Watch out homewreckers because when you want someone elses husband you just might get them. GIRLS, Let the cheaters go have self respect!!

Jan 4 years ago

Just want to say, all those who have been cheated on r all brave and caring people, who have really hurted over such partners that r truly worth nothing, not yr time, care or love. All those that cheated knew exactly what they were doing. These cheaters will cheat no matter what! These r people who lie, r cunning, selfish,cold hearted and self centered, weak, two faced, and nasty by nature. Get out, and get rid of such a person, and god give u the strength to get yr life back and be happy again.

jenna sarah marie 4 years ago

iam doing it leaving him for good..though it hurts a lot,,,love until it hurts no more.,,,i never thought i will be this strong to leave him finally,,,enough of the lies, enough..

Jan 4 years ago

U r strong. Loving someone sincerely and truly, can sometimes makes us feel weak, emotional and venerable when we think of losing that someone. There r so many of our own emotional feelings to address first, we can forget or overlook that the person that we love is not true, is breaking us and hurting us, yes they do it all knowingly. It may all be hurtful for sometime, but I do assure u that later on, when yr life is back in yr control, u will feel better. Take care of yourself for now. My ex husband cheated on me through out our marriage. He was my best friend for four years before marriage. I thought we had the best friendship, the most trust and love that one could find. Of course he denied the cheating. Than he divorced me, I was too broken and too lost to think about a divorce. I was trying to get my heart and head over the shock of the cheating. I was depressed for two years, tried working, but couldn't. After four years now, I am so happy that he is gone. All the mind games, lying and heartache I was living is gone. I have got my life back, can smile and laugh again. Cheaters, don't love anyone true, they r just players, will get away with it for as long as they can. These cunning and shallow people can take a lot more from yr life and break u as a person. I'm glad my life is good again. Cheaters r not worth missing! Think about yr future, plan ahead. Make yr life what ever u wanted it to be. Goodluck.

Confused 4 years ago

I read so many comments if not all and I can relate to everything that's been said. I'm a young woman proud mother of my 3 yr old girl. I've been with my child's father since I was 16. I got pregnant at 17 and went thru a very rough pregnancy emotionally and physically. He cheated on me so bad... I was ashamed to open up to my friends about what was going on bc it was bad enough I was already pregnant. It wasn't just the cheating but the way he treated me was terrible. Some days were great and others I just wanted to end my life. After my daughter was born a lot of his pasts came out of the closet along with a few crazy ex girlfriends that were madly in love with him and knew about me.. If I can give any advice please never confide in the girls that your spouse/bf is cheating on you with bc they will manipulate you and try to turn u against him and vise versa bc u soon realize they are still in love with your man... I did. Biggest mistake but it felt like a weight lifted to know some of the truth about what he did when he was with them behind my back. He made promise after promise to me that things wud change...and I was so in love with him and still am. But I continued to go thru the same vicious cycle of the lying and cheating... We wud break up almost every month bc of it, and because I couldn't get over the past, I wud bring it up constantly till it drove me crazy... Throughout these years I wud do the "driveby" and go thru the phone, even got into his email before, and snooped thru the car... Please don't do what I did.I stopped a year ago but If you ever feel like you have to stoop that low and work so hard to find out if your bf/spouse is cheating on you,you are wasting your time and your heart. Y do it when you already know or feel it in your gut? I felt like I needed that extra answer to confirm my accusations and I was never wrong... My last tri-mester during pregnancy I went thru a terrible pregnancy skin rash that still effects me today emotionally dealing with my body. I lost so much self esteem I started blaming myself for I he was cheating, I thot it was my body bc it will never look the same although he wud always say he loves it. 3 yrs later I've gotten into better shape and still working on stomache that got badly effected. But sadly to say just in 2011 He cheated on me again behind my back...Created social pages thinking noone wud tell me or find out. When we were both so happy or at least I thot so and i was devestated...He hurt me verbally and mentally and tried to protect himself by making up stories and calling me crazy and was in denial all these years. we went off and on and I had watched him move from girl to girl by facebook and twitter nd everything else.. I tried to move on as well but we kept running back into each other. Now its 2012. I gave him a pretty hard time last year about being faithful and honest now I feel like I'm just waiting for it to happen... I wud bring up the past everytime we fought making our relationship strain even more and it killed me... As far as being a father he has improved greatly compared to how he use to act before but still has his moments and could do better... Right now Im so confused. Were fighting and he broke up with me. We are slightly trying but I feel like our relationship is finally coming to an end for me but for sum reason I feel like I don't want to ruin our family or lose him but as time goes by im understanding what I really want and what I deserve.. He still has his very rude ways in how he treats me just like when I trying to fix this, He's pushing me away or trying to make me feel bad so I can beg, just to let him know i still want him bc part of it was my fault for always sayin some negative things nd bringing the past up. Right now Im trying to do what's best for me and my daughter and I'm slowly coming to a decision...The hardest would be to see him move on and actually be happier than he was with me... This has been such a tough time but I really need to figure this out asap....

jan 4 years ago

Dear friend,

This man has been cheating on u from the beginning to the end. U need to realise that he didn't and does not love u. If u love someone, so much, u over love them more than u could love and care for yr self. U have not cared about yr self enough to put an end to the disrespect and emotional abuse he is giving u. It's effecting yr health. It's unhealthy to love this way. When u love someone so much, and he does not value u

as a person, if u keep coming back, he can treat u as badly as he wants, because he doesn't actually care and u don't care about yr self neither. It just gets worse, until u leave him.

Plz see yr gp and ask to talk to someone, Just to talk about the cheating, the hurt, yr feelings. It will help clear some of the confused feelings. It's easy said than to leave the person u love. It's hard to admit that he is treating u badly. Until u realise the truth, that is actually there inside of u, yr inner voice, that he will always cheat.

Once u get yr confidence and self worth and self esteem back, u won't care if his happy or not. U will concentrate on yr life and yr daughters life again.

With cheaters they r only happy for a while until they cheat again, than its over again. What goes around really does come around. Just a matter of time.

There are quite a few self help books u can order from Amazon, just to read and learn about the situation. From reading u will also learn about yr own emotions, and y u r finding it difficult to leave the man. I wish u the best of luck, hope u find the direction to better yr life.

move on 4 years ago

Hi Confused,

You are not confused, you know what you need to do and that is leave him. Have self respect and do it for your daughter!! Don't enable him, the longer you stay the longer he is able to cheat and manipulate you. Life is too short to live it like you are. Believe me I did it for over 20 married years and more than that when you add the dating and engaged time. I should have never married my ex-husband b/c the signs were all there but I was too scared to walk away. Now with counseling (and there are plenty of places to go for counseling) I have broken the cycle of my abusive, cheating husband by leaving my home and filing for divorce. I was divorced in Nov 2011 and it was a terrific day!! Now as I stated in my previous post, he is still miserable and treats his g/f the way he used to treat me. See abusers and cheaters are never happy so make yourself happy and MOVE ON!!! You all can do it, really what r u losing???

In the same boat.... 4 years ago

Wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear, that I am not insane and that cheaters will always be cheaters! I found out that my boyfriend of three years is cheating with an old flame from 20 years ago. Of course I am called crazy when I smell the same disgusting perfume all over his clothes and still I love him. Told him to leave and he is still hear made me believe that it was all in my head and even felt like it was. But once again I smell the same perfume and have even more evidence and just as you said I have done things I never imagined just trying to get real answers. But all the snooping and checking up is really making me ill. I do not deserve to live this way. I have loved him and been so good the least I should do is keep my dignity and self respect and slowly move on...The pain is so great and i know it will pass with time but its like waves in the ocean I try to tell myself maybe it will pass but then my embarrassment for even staying with him hits me. I'm so confused my strength of doing what I know I must which is tell him to go comes and goes. Thanks for letting me pour out what others are tired of hearing me say...

Carrrie 4 years ago

I am in a relationship with a married man. Initially when I met him, he told me that he was separated. After a few months, when I was already deeply in love with him, I discovered that he is not separated and still very much married.

I know that I should have broken up with him then, but he told me a bunch of stuff like how he is going to separate and that they are staying together for the sake of their children(They have two kids).

So I stayed, a couple of weeks ago, I went through his mail, I got to know his password and I was shocked to see that all this time he has been having multiple affairs online and has even met around 3 of them and has been meeting up with them and sleeping with them!

And the worst part is that I am still with him. But Ive had enough. I have to break up with him. I'm going crazy imagining him with all those other women. I need to end this. I hope I have the strength to do so.

starshine78 4 years ago

Ladies or men! Get yourself together! Lets make this easy, simple and to the point. Partners that cheat have a need that is not being met. So much depends on the situation and circumstance. Although I strongly agree that cheating on someone you love is wrong I also realized I have complete control over the outcome. I spent days, months and many sleepless nights trying to analize just how someone who said they loved me could cheat. After much wasted time I made a decision to make a change in my life and control my own happiness. This is what I discovered through my hurtful experience. You have two ways to handle a cheater. Have fun with it afterall you have deserved the right to play! First choice is you can drop them like a rock and never look back. With this choice you MUST be completely ready to stay committed to your decision to break up and stay completely consistant. Change your phone number, stop all communication and if they still try to find a way back in your life be prepared to file a restrainning order and envolve law enforcement. This step requires complete commitment other wise you will only send the message to them that you are wishy washy and insecure. What you start you must finish when dealing with a cheater or you cheat yourself.

Second choice is for all of us that still find love in our hearts for them and find it more hurtful to let them go for good. So if you find yourself at this stage of the relationship but hurt from their cheating and totally unable to accept it or allow it then what I am about to share with you will work like a charm. You first have to own the right that you deserve better and write down exactly what you WANT. Example of a want may be a car, house, money, perfume, phone, clothes, vacation or just merely chores done around the house. Make you a Honey Do list. Make up a nick name for them and start calling them by a different name (something funny like Sweety Pie or Goofy). Get wild in the bedroom and command them to play a role of some sort. Get freaky! If they say anything you dont like call them stupid or tell them to shut up. After all if they are a cheater they are more insecure than you ever will be! No matter what do not let them see or know you are down or sad. Smile at all times and be happy cause of the fact you are going to be after giving them a stout dose of their own medicine. Start spending time away from them doing last minute activities like going walking, shopping, or just riding around with a friend. Dont invite them and break plans with them often. Call them and ask if they can get off work early to spend time with you! Call them back and tell them somethings come up and you cant spend time with them. Throw them a bone every once in a while but only do it when you got a drink in your hand. Later own you might want to use that as an excuse for your kindness! Soon they will beg for your attention and tell them you will need another stiff drink. Use lots of humor and sarcasim. Turn the tables and show out! Start thinking of your own happiness and what you want. Become selfish!! Afterall it was Snow White that coughed up the poisonous apple on her OWN. It was Rapunzel who used her OWN hair to escape the tower. Beat the Cheat cause they love the torture. Its either you or them. It is wonderful healing therapy. Meanwhile be looking for a real partner that is worthy of your good loving.

Levertis Steele profile image

Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime

Kate Downs:

You laid this message on the line in plain English without beating around the bush! I was gasping for breath as I read it. It is clear, precise, and to the point. Yes! It is overflowing with truth, and I love it.

You said it is not the other woman's fault. Is that why the other woman often gets away with murder while the man is scandalized and spread before the world to see his sins? Oh, he deserves it, but the woman deserves a thrashing, too. Many years ago, my best girlfriend had a fling with my husband. That hurt. That hurt horribly. We were best friends before he came along. I expected loyalty from my girlfriend. She hurt me more than he did. You are so right. Cheaters cheat like a profession, and there will always be a woman, or a man, for the cheater to be with.

Voted up, interesting, and useful. Thanks for sharing.

Tabitha 4 years ago

So he is an ex now but why am i still friends with the girl he cheated on me with :/

nia 4 years ago

Gah! found out he's cheated with another woman. He said that woman was pursuing him but damnit! they've gone out on many dates. We had a fight and he slept outside my house the whole night inside his car. I'm currently monitoring that woman's FB status daily. He said he loves me and don't have feeling for the other woman but damnit! why gave that woman a chance with him in the first place? I should start flirting with other man so I can stop obsessing over him and get back my confidence!

gee 4 years ago

spot on . you are husband of 15yrs is so inmatured i always know when he is at it. he has cheated on me from the onset. yes i know one will ask why am still with him. i am because of my kids. where i come from divorce is out of question and infedelity is on a man side is never frowned upon. i found a way to make my life calm and happy.

Mar Enriques 4 years ago

we are married for 14 years, iv cheated my wife several times before, after 6years of marriage i stopped. a year ago i started to date a 19 yr old girl, and she told me that her own brother was having an adulterous affair wt my wife apparently the days i was not cheatin. My wife admitts but she says they were only frends and she was only in love with the words not the person for a span of three years up until she gets pregnant last year, she would not admitt more. My concience tell me they had.

MoveOn 4 years ago

Everyone should stop playing games. Drop the cheaters like a heavy load. (b/c that's what they are) Move on and live a happy, emotionally healthy life!! Don't stay married for your kids, it's not healthy for them either. If you move on at least they will have one stable, honest parent in their life. My son does!!!!

Levertis Steele profile image

Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime


Oh, yes! This article is helpful and it is the truth. To not know that is to not know how many women feel and react to cheating. The three mistakes the author has here are the exact ones I made and have seen other women make. I was young and did not know as much as I thought. I divorced my husband because he continued the cheating. The second time around, I was wiser and even managed to stay married.

My mom told me that a man will always find something to do that we women do not like, so "try to make it work." She added that "the next husband will present you with a challenge, too, although it could be something different." She was right in my case.

A marriage is like a car. When it is new, all is well, but you must put gas, oil, and other needs into it. There will be times when a major job is required. If complete maintenance is kept up, it will last on to antiquity. If it is neglected, it ends up immobile, still visible, but not functional. If the owners decide that they do not want to repair it, it could end up crushed and on a conveyor belt at a steel company. The End.

Married people should not trust outsiders to keep their bodies clean. There are too many incurable diseases everywhere to take such stupid chances diving into someones else's body fluids. Condoms are not made of iron, and there are many devious women who know what to use to cause them to fail when they want to trap a man with pregnancy. Men can be such easy prey when clever women brainwash them. Many a prominent politician in high offices have been victims of conspiracies that used women as bait. A fling or affair could be a death sentence, political assasination, or both. I do not understand the ignorance that makes anyone with an ounce of intelligence play Russian Roulette. "Knowledge" definitely does not mean "wisdom" as some think.

Levertis Steele profile image

Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime


You fell in love with the phantom, not the real man. The real man is the one who is butterflyig with all of you women. You are caught in a trap and are afraid to walk out that door! You are the only one who can free yourself. This man is having fun wallowing in a pool of women that he has fooled. He does not want to leave his wife. He wants to keep her and swim with a few fish on the side. His wife is the big fish, and you extras are little anchovies. You will be hurt as long as you choose to be. Even if he divorces his wife and marries you, you will only take his wife's place as head of the school of fish. Will that please you? You will have status then! Girl, wake up and let this man know that you will no longer be a fisn in his pool. You do not need his permission or to give him notice. Just walk away and do not look back. Dogs return to their own vomit to lap it up, but you are better than that. One day you will ask yourself, "Why was I so blind?" It is wrong to go with someone else's husband. No good will come of it. Let that wife have her headache! You have no right to make demands on him or expect him to be true to you. He is not your husband. You are a cheater, too. You are cheating his wife of her husband's time and attention, if not affection. You and those other women are equals. You all date a married man. Surely you can be better than that!

I wish you the BEST, and it is certainly not that married cheater. I am trying to help you to stay off INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY, lady. I once had an associate who had just gotten a doctorate degree and had a great career ahead of herself, but she was shot to death because she could not let go of a user who had a string of jealous women. Run!

Levertis Steele profile image

Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime


You said, "If a man starts cheating, its sometimes the last resort. Maybe you girls should lose a few pounds and liven up the bedroom...just sayin."

There is no excuse for cheating, and the one to blame is the cheater. So, a man has a right to sin because a woman did not liven up the bedroom! There is never an excuse for wrongdoing.

How many men are overweight and never lose a pound? How many men do not give a woman a reason to liven up a bedroom? They have problems, too! They could go to a doctor and try to get some Viagra or some other treatment. Women put up with a lot. Why do men think that they have everything together? They don't, but many women try to be understanding.

A woman has three babies for a man, gains 40 pounds, and the man blows a fuse. Who got her pregnant? Who caused her to gain weight? What if the woman complains about his weight gain, his baldness, his lack of other abilities, and a thousand other things. Women are generally not as rude as some men.

I have seen men leave their good wives for cheaters who had them fooled. I have also known a few men to divorce their wives after a hysterectomy and marry other women who had the same but did not tell them. I do not sympathize with such nuts. Some men need to get a grip, grow up, and realize that a woman is not just about sex and what arouses them. They need to take a shower and elevate their minds.

Suzy 4 years ago

I found out last night that he has been cheating on me with a woman he has been texting for a couple of months. The texts even showed that they'd had sex last week. We were trying for a baby and he spoke about us getting married just last week too. I feel like a fool and as if my entire world has fallen apart. I have thrown him out but I feel so lonely and sad. I don't know what to do.

Move on 4 years ago


Don't feel lonely!! You did the right thing!!Threw out the garbage in your life. LOL my exhusband slept with a phone in his pocket so he could text his gf. Now she has him 24/7. Better her than me!! She can have him and his phone b/c cheaters never change. Old saying "cheaters never win, and winners never cheat!!" So true!! He chose what he wanted to do, but he cannot choose his consequence!! You are in control of that!! You go girl!! Be strong!

thinkaboutit 4 years ago

Why r so many people cheating? Is it really right or ok to sleep around, have sex with anyone u want when in a marriage or a relationship? No limits! No good morals, no values. Today's society has lost how to be faithful, how to up hold trust, how to respect the partner to refrain from sexual desires. How to care for others, how not to hurt others.

The few people who do have faithfulness in their hearts and minds find it difficult to understand the cheaters minds. The cheats don't know what faithfulness is because they have no morals, so anything goes.

At the end, everything goes downhill. Marriages and relationship break, homes break, children suffer, partners suffer. Point is, go back to a limit, have good morals and values, don't break trust, be faithful, don't ruin lives for lust and cheap trills. If u r that weak as a person that u have to sleep around and cheat, than don't be in a steady relationship or a marriage.

kurio 4 years ago

I believe it is a two way street, equal effort is required. Dead weight will drag you down. I think we live in a society with too many options and information. Between the internet and smart phones, the world is at our fingertips. Porn is everywhere, sex is marketed everywhere. Unfortunately, nobody sticks out a commitment anymore, school, marriage, career, homes, vehicles. We live outside our means get stressed and blow up. Some don't like to work at anything!

I think Levertis Steele's reference to the automobile sums it up! You got to take care of the things you love and cherish!

Jc 4 years ago

Wow. It is that simple? I don't think so..

DelllciLU 4 years ago

This article is very encouraging.

This whole year I had such an amazing relationship w/ the shyest guy in school. By the end Of our relationship (which only lasted 2 weeks) he had already kissed 5 different girls besides me. He admitted to all of them an he was so ashamed the few weeks after.But he is so nice to me and the only guy I have really ever felt anything with!!! I don't want to just let it go, but the more time I spend with him the more the other girls get up on him. He just keeps cheating and cheating and everyone keeps judging me for running back every time!! Saying that I'm "immature" and have "no self-control". When I know they all like someone for a day and decide they're losers. They dont know what its like to have a romance. But I'm starting to think its time to move on. And it's going to be so hard, since he is my first kiss and he has amazing manners and ugh. I'm glad I found this article. :) and I love hearing stories like mine(:

DelllciLU 4 years ago

Oh and also...

If youre trapped and you want to truly try to break a cheater from the inside out while also giving them a sour dose of their own medicine, try this. It has worked in one man, but we are split up and Im glad!

1. Expose

DelllciLU 4 years ago

Oh and also...

If you're trapped and you want to truly try to break a cheater while also giving them a sour dose of their own medicine, try this. It has worked on one man for me (and in a very effective matter!), but we are split up and Im glad!

1. Expose them. Tell them that you know what happened, how it happened, everything etc. even though you may not. Make em' blush from embarrassment and ashamement (if that is a word!)

2. Make them REALIZE what they have lost. Show them how beautiful you really are, and really rub it in their face about how they ruined it. How they would break the heart of such a caring girl like YOU. And how they would ruin such a once happy relationship! And don't just let him know. Let the girls know too.

3. Let them dig their own holes. The fact that now everyone knows he's a cheater and that he ruined a perfect relationship with a perfect girl (you) will (most likely.Depending on the guy) torture him. And he'll come running back to your feet.

4. What to when he comes running back? You're going to have to spin your heels the opposite direction. Immediately. This is one of the hardest things to do. But you need to think of what YOU WANT, and YOUR NEEDS. You deserve better anyways :) knowing this is a good way to handle a cheater, I just can't bring myself to complete all the steps. I hope all you strong women out there are stronger than I!

Hope this helps!!!

Shakshi 4 years ago

Hi everyone..dis s a gr8 site..

Plz cmnt on my stry guys.i need ur hlp..

So i am 5'6" n i had a bf..he loved me..i used to sty alne in my apartment..evryday night he used to come home..and thn he used to strt striping my clthes of..he evryday used to suck my boobs..he used to play wit thm..he pinched it,squezed it, used to salivate it..etc..whenevr we meet,he used to hug me and touch n kiss my boobs were quite huge..n now he is ignring me..wht shal i do?

Move On 4 years ago

Don't play games!! The more you do the more he wins!! End it and move on!! He doesn't deserve to talk to you, text you, email you, etc. Be healthy and cleanse your heart and soul of his manipulation and lies!

emilyjane 4 years ago

Today (of all days) is our 16th wedding anniversary and I found out my husband, whom I hv 2 kids with, has been at it again. We for the last ~6 years had a long distance relationship due to career choices we made. He has admitted to having an affair 5 yrs ago. Things were ok up until last month when we finally moved in together bringing the family together. I found more than 50 texts sent from his phone to women calling them "babe" etc, but he said his friend made all of them, which the friend confirmed when I called him. he said that won't happen again, then he started to hide one of his mobile phones - he said it was not working and then said he has misplaced it. When I checked the itemised bill today I found over 80 calls made to yet another woman last month and another 75 the previous month (who is also married and with a husband and kids). over 10 calls made by my husband at 2-3am within 5 minutes!! She tells me my husband should stop calling her!! Also, I found numerous phone #s and email address of women (with very cheap-sounding login names) written on pcs of paper in his wallet - he claims not to know what they are!! Although I was physically away from him for several yrs I found so many boxes of condoms(which he had bought in BULK) - when confronted he said he uses them when he mas*****tes, which I believed!! I found used condom wraps in his flat when I was helping him clean it before me moved in together - he said that could be the same friend who used his mobile to text to his women who must have used them in his room!!!!! Whenever we had been intimate he insisted on wearing a condom, although he used to hate them before!! Why am I being so stupid?

Anonymous 4 years ago

I am sleepless knowing what my Husband has done! Same stories as these. Its as if ALL these cheaters have the same brain-- or lack of one. I just realized reading here "why" his old cell phone sits on his desk! He works from home. Thank you for this hub! His 1st Wife died of cáncer and I think he was cheating on her. Once a cheater always a cheater!

wenta 4 years ago

my name is wenta, i had a problem with my wife sometimes ago but never knew what the problem was,i tried to asked her but she refused to tell me what it was as time goes on i discovered she was having an affair with a friend of mine that happens to be my best friend,i

was so sad that i never knew what to do next,during my search for a way out i met a friend of mine who had similar problem and introduced me to a man who helped him with his situation,on getting to the man i discoversd he was a spell caster i was shocked because i have not had anything to mdo with a spell caster in my entire life so i tried to give this man a chance cos i never believed in spell casting as i thought it will not work for me but to my surprise i got positive results and i was able to get my wife back from him even after the spell caster did all i discovered my wife fell much more in love with me on like before so i was so happy that i never know what to do for him so i am using this opportunity to tell anyone on this blog having

similar problem visit and your problems shall be solved…

happiness 4 years ago

thank you for the time you have given me to help make me a better person and make much more and see much more in my life. I knew I had personal problems. I guess I did not want to see what the truth was about my direction in life and why I was doing certain things. Your insight and genuine ability to be able to see what the real situation is with me is helping me overcome the boundaries I have right now. I know it will not be easy the path I have chosen but at least now I do know what path I want to be on., Thanks to you I know a little bit about myself enough to help me make changes within. Thank- you once again.It really is a big big help to have you in my life and on my side. I will forever be grateful to you

melissa 4 years ago

is there a man out there who has never cheated in a relationship?..i dont think are dogs and the always wil be dogs. they think by using their dicks..

sarah 4 years ago

Hi everybody

I've been reading a lot of the messages left on this board and I'm so sorry to anyone who has suffered a cheating partner.I've been cheated on before and it wasn't nice but I didn't really love those people very much. But for the last two years I've been with a guy who I love but constantly accuses me of cheating on him (I never have). Today, I find out that he's been cheating on me. When I confronted him about it he tried to kick me out of his house as if I'd done something wrong. It's late and I'm in the US visiting him but I'm from the UK so I have nowhere else to go. I feel dreadful as it is and can't understand why he's treating me terribly when he's the one in the wrong.

yaya 4 years ago

it has been 4 years that am with my boyfriend, and the first time he slept with me, was just 2 weeks after our 1st meeting.. and ya, that day, just after sleeping with me, he went to chat with other girls, he had gf in france, in our own country, i was feeling so disgusted.. but i forgave him, but 2 years back, he cheated me again, he used to chat with all my girl classmates, even meet them and other girls, i was like a fool.. everyone used to laughed at me but still am with him, and now, he stay far from me, dont even kiss or touch me when we meet! i have checked his email everything, but i dnt knw if he is cheating again!!!

please advice!!...

We Know Better 4 years ago

I am a smart woman, business woman, strong, raised 2 children working multiple jobs. I never put up with anything until I met my BF of 2 years. I moved to a small town to get away and I met him there. I had people immed. telling me to be careful and he liked women. He put it off to small town - which I understand as I also lived in a small town and gossip is horrible. BUT there is truth to so much gossip ladies. I gave up everything to be with this man including my dignity and self esteem. I knew the whole time it was wrong and I never let him out of anything he did.. but I did by staying. I left 3 months ago.. packed my bags and left. One of the most difficult things I have done. The mind manipulation that comes from a cheater is amazing.. but they have years of experience and you do not. Its like a resume on cheating and they qualified and good at it. I felt I was being slapped in the face on each side constantly for 2 years finding... multiple e mails - , graphic facebook correspondence, pictures on his phone.. bank accts etc.. I thought if I could spend every second with him he would not have the time to cheat.. WRONG. Our sexual life was AMAZING ladies, so its not the sex that drives them away and these posts that say "loose weight and liven up the b room" - well they are prob cheaters too. I am thin , BEAUTIFUL and very capable of satisfying a "healthy" man. HEALTHY is the key - they are not and we are not. I became vulnerable to loosing my mom, loosing everything I had in a past divorce and BK.. they know vulnerable women immed.. and they prey on you. We are looking for love, security and they are looking to claim another "victim" for their warped satisfaction. They are ill - plain and simple ill and we also need to ask why we are there. I am in my first stage of becoming healthy again after 2 years of multiple affairs on his part, verbal and on 2 occasions physical abuse. They yell when you find out what has happened to control you and yes you are "crazy" , "loosing it", "its all your fault", you are "drama".. I have heard it all... but we know we are not and we still stay trying to "fix" to "make better" something that will not get better. They take over your entire life. They lie, they sneak and they cheat you and you cheat you from your own personal health. It takes it's toll ladies no matter what you think, physically, MENTALLY and emotionally. They are good at what they do , "masters" and you are not. You are up against a smart man bc he has done it so much and learned from all the mistakes we let them know they make. STOP NOW ALL OF YOU - we all make the mistake and stay.. IT WILL NEVER WORK, NEVER. You are cheating yourself and all your loved ones for A COMPLETE SICK LOSER. It feels like love but it's nothing but games for him and he will win. YOU WILL LOOSE. We all think the same thing.. oh my god he will "move on and be happy w someone else", "He will love her more", "it was me", "I didn't try hard enough". STOP - none of this is true - they are the one's who are ill, not you. It is a sickness and addiction. Some may change and that's great but I believe 99.9% can't and won't, Not for you not for anyone. It can be the most beautiful, skinny sexy woman in the world and THEY WILL STILL DO IT!! Love yourself and though it seems the hurt will never stop....they say it does. Mine has not and I feel my heart will break in two.. only yesterday he called and wants to work it out..... he was mean on the phone saying "stay off my phone" and "that's not our only problem what I do", "i have to accept him for who he is" and on and on - all the mind games..his games controlled our lives.... it is so messed up there are not words. MY mistake I ANSWERED THE PHONE. I need to stop and I will. I am 15 hrs from him and thank god - he asked me to come back this week and I won't. I thought about it as we all do, BUT I WONT !! STAY STRONG, stay busy, talk to a counselor but DONT GO BACK!!! HE WANTS YOU WEAK THAT'S PART OF THEIR SICK SICK GAME. LOVE TO ALL OF YOU - LOVE FOR YOURSELF !!

guest 4 years ago

To all of the women here who's husbands,boyfriends, have cheated. I lived that life for almost nine years. I finally (with the love and support of friends and family) left him for good. Once a cheater always a cheater ....its true, and any woman who thinks its not is fooling herself. Oh sure she can think, "he cheated,I forgave him, we've moved past it and things are better than ever." I've heard that from many women. They are sadly mistaken in thinking their significant other has made this miracle turn around and is no longer cheating. Cheating men are liars and have major issues. "Women make us cheat", "She didn't do this right or she did this wrong" Give me a break. Men use their wives or girlfriends as an excuse for their bad behavior. As I tell all men.... personally, hindsight is 20 20. If I knew then what I know now...I would have left the first time he cheated instead of throwing away years of my life with a jerk that didn't deserve one minute of my time. Lessons learned. God Bless

sierra 4 years ago

I'm reading these posts and crying. my husband and i have been married for a year and a half. last week i found out that he has been cheating on me. not once but the whole time we have been together. 6 years. When i found out it took me by complete surprise. i happened upon this news by accident, not even looking or thinking this would ever happen to me. i stayed up all night long reading all the messages sent back and forth. 6 years of messages. 6 hurtful years. from what i gather he never really liked me. told this woman that he loved her and that he wished it were her he was holding instead of me..... me his wife the mother of his child. i didn't ask for this. he is the one that asked me to marry him hes the one that wanted kids hes the one that lied to me though the whole thing. and what did i do when i found out? i woke him up and asked or an explanation. an explanation? its all here in black and white. he told me that he was lieing to her. trying to win her over. trying to make his life sound bad so she would feel sorry for him. what? what the hell does that mean? why? i don't understand why. why would he ask me to marry him knowing he is cheating on me? how could this man i thought i knew carry such a burden with out even blinking an eye. i don't know this man that i married. my whole relationship has been a lie. I loved the man i thought i knew but now? how can you love someone you just met? i feel cheated and tricked. and what do i do the night i found out. the night he cried like a baby? i held him in my arms and told him everything is gonna be ok. me? he woman that was lied to and cheated on? i held the cheater in my arms and told hm everything is gonna be ok. wtf is wrong with me. every time i bring it up he cry's and i back off. act like everything is ok. but its not. why should i care about his feelings when he had no regard for my own? he even told me that he didn't feel guilty the whole time it was going on. so why am i still here. why didn't i just leave. how far will i let this go. and tell me this when will i respect my self enough to say enough.

whatsthecheatersname? 4 years ago

My heart goes out to all the people who have been hurt by cheaters. Cheating really breaks hearts and homes. I suggest that we should name and shame the cheaters on this hub.

What's the cheater's name?

Kez 4 years ago

People please spell correctly it's: lose as in "I've lost something" not loose as in "he has loose morals". The spelling detracts from the story.

Tom 4 years ago

I have read most of these and it is very disheartening. I have been cheated on once - in my most recent relationship. Ended over a year ago and I still have trouble trusting women. I forgave the cheater - or at least I THOUGHT I did...6 months later, she did something else that made me question her love for me. It wasn't exactly cheating, but I eventually decided that with this act COMBINED WITH the cheating 6 months ago, I couldn't trust her and, thus, ended it. It goes to show that continuing a relationship with a history of cheating generally doesn't work. Even when I THOUGHT I had forgiven her, in the end, my decision was affected by it.

Wasted Time 4 years ago

I was with a man for 14 years with 10 years of marriage. He cheated on me right when I was trying to discuss getting off birthcontrol. He ended up getting the girl pregnant. He left me & now I find myself hating the young years I wasted. I'm so sad.

Young Ladies: learn from me, have kids early ....

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

This and the comments should be required reading for all who discover their partners are dishonest. Don't love these people. They enjoy taking from you and lying to you and they definitely don't love you. If you ask them why they cheated they have 100 reasons, and will find a way to blame YOU, so don't ask them. Say nothing, pack your bags and WALK.

And -- "spells" do not work.

Elise 4 years ago

Wasted Time-

I doubt this has anything to do with you not having a baby earlier. Having a baby to keep someone around is not a good plan. Your boyfriend or spouse should be on the same page with you as to how your joint lives play out. If he wanted a baby and you didn't at the time, then maybe this was not the right relationship. My boyfriend's ex kept having babies to keep him around because he loves his kids and she knew the guilt of not being around them would keep him there. Now she is alone with 3 kids because she was trying to manipulate him into staying with her when their marriage was not healthy or good.

I say, have children when you feel it is right and your partner should be on the same page too.. Women place too much importance on other people's feeling than our own. Our feelings and direction of our lives is our choice too.

Adele 4 years ago

I fell madly in love with this man whom I had not seen for 24 years. He was my first boyfriend and my highschool sweetheart. He was married to a disgusting 85 pound drug addict who was selling drugs out of the home and they lived in filth while he worked 16 hrs a day for 15 yrs. DYFS came to the home 7 times. She never worked and created a $30,000 bankruptcy; went up to 250 pounds and then demanded gastric bypass surgery. She became an alocholic and drug addict. She laid in the living room and did drugs and smoked all day. I went into rescue mode falling madly in love with this man helping him prepare documents and researching even getting my father's daughter involved on a daily basis to "save him from this hell he was in with his kids". We talked on the phone every day and texted 100 times per day and saw eachother every two weeks for intimacy and face to face loving. I started to get irritated after 18 months about this jerky neighborhood woman who kept babysitting his children and calling and texting him all day while he was at work. He insisited he never cheated on his wife and that this woman, "mo" was just his friend and I was crazy. I got him divorced with no alimony, no child support (he got the kids) and he kept his whole pension. Shortly after I began to ask more questions about "mo". I couldn't believe what I was thinking because this "mo" woman literally has six kids and lives in filth and is on welfare committing fraud etc. Ultimately I found out that "mo" was worse than the wife he divorced. She was a "drug addict for years" according to two of his family members plus she admits this to everyone. And she openly admits all of her children were taken away and put into foster care for her drug addition and drug dealing. Worst of all, he had been having sex with this gross disgusting woman for years and continued to have sex with her throughout our 18 months of passionate love and teamwork. Instead of apologizing he emailed me telling me this addict was his friend and would always be his friend into the future; prioritizing her and sweeping me (whom he always proclaimed as his soulmate and the most beautiful woman on earth one million times) under the rug. When he came to his senses he tells me he never told her I even existed!! and he "broke up with her" telling her about me and saying he wanted me. It was sickening. The whole 18 monthns I was worrying, loving, fretting, advising, and dreaming of this man and he was drunk having sex with a drug dealing addict with kids in foster care watching football. Every sex, text and call was a total lie. I have been sick for two months and at times do not leave my bed. He is out there laughing it up and carrying on with life. This is a cautionary tale. Any man who says "oh she just babysits my kids" or "shes just a friend". Think twice. And if you ask him "Are you attracted to this piece of shit?" and his reply is "I don't know. I don't think of her that way." Run for your life. He is cheating!!!! And you will have to get an std test like I did. I guess since I didn't do and sell narcotics, swill beer, and I work and clean my home; I wasn't ultimately for him. It's called being used. I wonder why he divorced the first run down drug addict to go with the even worse one with 6 kids not even his? I will never know.

Adele 4 years ago

Oh and did I mention in my post above that he was supporting her and all six of her children (not his) from 2 other men and he has gone back to her and is supporting this worn out drug addict again. I don't understand and will never understand how I have two college degrees with high honors;work in a noble profession; am told I am beautiful by 5-6 men a day and I spent 18 months loving a cheating user who now is rich and free to continue to cheat with ignorant drug ass ugly felon addict number two. If it wasn't so heartbreaking and shocking it would be ludicrous. I hope I can get out of bed soon. what a disaster

Only me 4 years ago

My ex cheated on me!

I knew he was a liar , he lied about the littlest things.. But I just let it go! How stupid and weak of me!

But I had knew he cheated on me .. He gave an excuse that he hadn't been in touch at the weekend because " I thought I lost my phone, was going to cancel the sim and everything"

I didn't believe him, I asked why he didn't use a pay phone or even email me?!!!

This is where he started to trip himself up and say " I left my phone at work because I was busy and just forgot"

Those two story's don't add up!

I really don't know what he thought or why the hell he would try and deny it

Then came the " I love you and always will, I don't want anybody else, I only want you! "

The trust had totally been shattered, he was definitely hiding something!

I just needed to see him in person to confront him (.. Long distance relationship)

So played along and pretended I had forgiven him..

The weekend after he was suppose to come and see me..

The day before he text me telling me he couldn't come because he had a lot of work on!!

That was the last I heard of him... It's been a month now!!

So I guess I was right, he was a cheating liar!

He deserves whatever he gets in life , I treat him like a prince, was so kind, opened my heart up to him and after 8 months here I am..

Empty inside!

Not as bad as I was the first week.. It was an awful feeling, one Iv never felt before, one I never want to feel again.. Ever!

I blame the distance

But mostly I blame him!!

I managed to stay faithful!

He was the first guy I had been with after my 8 year relationship ended a few years before!

Knowing the signs to look out for are the key!!!

If he lies to you, his mum, friends.. Himself!!

Then he's going to cheat, lie and hurt you!

I haven't been in touch either..

Who wants a cheater!!!!!!!!

He's still alive though.. I know that for sure!

I say good riddance to bad rubbish.. There are decent men out there who will love you and stay true..

It's the finding them that's the hardest part!!

Cheaters are losers!!

Cheaters are not worthy of your time!!


Trust your instincts!!!!

And be happy!!!

Jessica 4 years ago

had a gut feeling that my bf of 6 months was giving someone else the attention i felt like i was lacking....he works off 2 weeks home 2 weeks....the 2 weeks hes home i stayed at his house the other 2 at mine..but i had moved a lot of stuff there and he had me believing up until i busted him that everything was perfect, i asked him many times and he assured me, well when i walked into the hotel room he was staying at he was a dear in headlights and asked me what am i doing there really angry, and told me to leave, i looked at him and around, u could tell he just had a little fun and was on the phone flirting with his ex wife....anyways he escorted me out to my truck and never would answer any questions its like he was a total different person, told me to go home and he would talk to me when he got back from work..well im not gonna sit and wait for an answer while playing i did some digging and found out what i needed to know after i blasted him on facebook all kinds of people came forward....he still has not talked to me, he texted me he came home early and to get my stuff out his place last night at midnight or i want have i went and he was changing the locks and locked me outside and told me to get everything myself ...and i had some pretty heavy stuff there..u cant get a uhaul or people to answer there phone that late for help....the shit was in his shed with no lights outside, im pretty beat up after loading it myself...the wrose part is the hate to watch me do it myself and him smile and no remorse ...i have no clue who i was with....kinda scared me....he actually has showed no feeling whatsoever or remorse for anything....and its really hrd to let it go.....

stephanie 4 years ago

I kno that every woman probably goes through the heart break process of life. I have gone through it several times... but my recent one was the worse... i was with my boyfriend for 6 years..... and we recently broke up.... we were going to get engaged this summer but for the past 2 years he has been acting different.. couldn't really put my finger on it but he was different... and now after 6 years he tells me that he wants to take it back a notch and he wants to go out with his boys more and his "platonic" girls toooo..... and am like wow...... it hurts beyond belief..... how do u waste your time on something you dont want you know?? i mean if a guy wants to cheat and do himmmm ,, why not just break up with the girl and stop wasting her time??? i mean them as fools also waste their own money and time to be with someone that they dont even want to be with anymore but why??????? for me, it has only been a month since the breakup and it still hurts a lot..... i reallly thought this guy was different but i guess what we women do is just create a fake relationship in our mind and think that ,that is our current relationship.. we get blind.... and betrayal after betrayal and lie after lie we accept it , thinking that we are still with oour sweet men that we fell in love with ..but truth is that , the guy that we fell in love with left long time agooooooo.... and wee just haven't noticed....

in my case i thought i still had my sweet,shy guy that introduced me to his family and couldn't stop talking about marriage and our future.... but in reality it was a liar that keep secrets and was physically, and emotionally abusing me... bringing me down and trying to make me feel as smaalll as an ant..... but after i guess the final straw i snapped out of it..... he told me that i had to accpet that he was going over other women appartment( as friends) and i couldn't stop him..... i snappped because he had promised not to do it and he openly told me that he did and will continue and does not regret lying to me at all..... at that point i snapped.. and even though he nor me broke it off , i knew it was over and yes i do still love him with all my heart , i now know that i fell in love with the person i thought i knew in the past and the sweet loving guy that is no more... its a said reality but after soooo many times of getting put through this...( with these 6 years being the breaking point) i cant trust another man... its trully sad but true.......

and as a woman it hurts even more that he didn't even fight for me.... he just gave me up like nothing... so 6 years and countless tears i end here with a broken heart and infinite time to heal... with sscars being part of my outer sheelll forver and memories that burn through my mind of what could have been but never will be again or maybe never was..

mandy duffy 4 years ago

hi my husband cheated 11 years ago he left me twice for the same person after id had our 3 baby, then through fb i caught him texting and phoning two women in destroyed and cant get over what hes done how can i move on from this

Adele 4 years ago

How do I get out of bed? This man used me in every way possible to get him divorced and rich just so he could go with drug addict number two with all of his money intact and take care of her goat brood and filthy home. Why did he cry every time he saw me and I him and spend hours planning our future together? He is somehwhere working and laughing and I am paralzyed here in bed. See Above. I need some real advice.

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

Adele, you are the one who gave love, kept your vows, persisted in loving. You are brave and noble. Be the queen of this experience. Please get up and get dressed as a first step. That's all you need to do today.

who cares 4 years ago

gawd! maybe if something isn't working, BOTH could do something about it!

a cheaters friend 4 years ago

first of all you're sooooo wrong!!!!! the fact that you say "cheaters cheat" and saying that is the end of the line and that they will always cheat is so wrong. you cannot judge someone like that! my best friend (a guy) cheated on his girlfriend with just a kiss. all they did was kiss and he was drunk when it happened. i hadn't seen anyone beat themselves up as much as he did. his girlfriend found out and dumped him and he tried anything and everything to win her back, he promised her so many things and by the way he acted i am positive that he would have kept every promise. He has been broken up with that girl for over a year now and hasn't even talked to another girl in a dating kind of way since. he was so heart broken from his own mistake that he barely smiles. he really hurt that girl and he knew how badly he hurt her and he was disgusted with himself. its been over a year and he still feels terrible about what he did. so don't say that a cheaters always a cheater!!!!!! not everyone that cheats stays a cheater.

brokenhearted in toronto 4 years ago

My boyfriend of 2and ahalf years cheated on me when i was 7 months pregnant it completely destroyed my life i was so hurt and torn up about the whole thing but so confused because i was having his child never once did i think my bestfriend could have hurt me in such away. the begining when i suspended something if was checking his facebook msgs and phone until one night there it was messages from some girl i called her and explained who i was and we met up the following day to find out this girl was a friend of mine from my teen years i was so embarrassed i was hurt and didn't understand how she didn't realize who he was as she seen him in front of my house multiple times even though i treated her with respect and never blamed her for a thing she went around spreading nasty rumours about my bf it made me so upset that she would do something like that even though we were friends and agreed to keep our business personal now to this day im still with him changed for him catered to him and yet i feel like he's done nothing for me to show me he's willing to change he still msgs other women inappropriate things and tends to take off with out calling for days i've just about come to all i can take i just don't know how to end a relationship i've built my whole life around

miss kitty 4 years ago

funny thing was I knew my husband was suffering from low self esteem when I married him. Stupid me didn't even think to be running the other way because people who need constant attention and praise really do need constant attention and praise. And there is no way one person can be all to someone that needy EVER! SO FORGET IT PEOPLE!. I must say I have learned so much recently and still have much to know. That need to know I thought was need to know about him and who he did his thing with. But it's not. I learned it's a need for me to know ALL THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT ME! And what I did know about me was great too. I know I want everyone bullshit out of my life! Even if I get two more years eft here on this earth. I am going to have a day when I am living a life I want and find fulfilling for me. Screw the game players! Being happy is a serious thing to me! Great article! I give it a 11 on a scale of 1-10.

Brianna 4 years ago

Hey Adele :) I just wanted to say no matter how excruciating and painful life may seem right now, the pain will recede. Life is always changing and unpleasant memories and hurts slowly fade away. I know sometimes it can be hard to let go even when are own well-being depends on it. But life always get's better. It has to.

AISH 4 years ago

I have been working with Dr. Messiah for the 4th time and again all my wishes came through in a matter of days. This time my problems were love related and I never imagined that magic could fix it. This service is really great and since I had everything coming through again (for the 4th time) I really felt I should leave a message here. I normally don't like doing this. Anyway, you should give this service a whirl, it really works great.

Rosalie 4 years ago

Great site. Thank you all. Didn't realise there were so many cheaters out there. Makes me feel like I don't want to go into a relationship ever again. Partner of 22 years having a textual relationship with a work colleague. He had a nervous breakdown over it saying that he thought he was in love with her, but the psych said it was an obsession. Came to a head when she moved on and found someone else (again at work) with whom she is going out. However, has the texting stopped. NO! You are right about the lack of something within these people. It seems as though it is a mutual ego stroking affair. But, if he cared for me, he would see how much this was hurting me and should stop for that reason alone. Has told me he has on numerous occasions that he has, but it always starts up again. She shouldn't be wanting to text someone if she is in a relationship either, but I think it is for the same reason, they both like to have the other person tell them how wonderful they are. I don't know if the relationship ever got physical, but it doesn't matter as the betrayal is just that; a betrayal - physical or otherwise. Anyway, he doesn't know it yet, but I am going. As he is a police officer I have to ensure I have a good exit strategy and I am in the process of doing that. I have been to a solicitor, changed my will, and am making sure that I will be ok financially. She only works part-time, has two girls, one of whom is autistic. She is now going out with an inspector of police and said in a text to him how she is the talk of the police station. Well she will be soon... when I dump his clothes on her footpath. Wonder what her inspector will think then. One good turn deserves another. My partner was ill and I know he tried to stop, but she keeps texting and then he responds eg "I haven't heard from you in a while. Is everything Ok? Are you alright?" He obviously is not strong enough to resist. Think he actually likes having her ask about him. And it makes him fell like a big man to say things like, "Are you Ok? If you or the girls want anything, just let me know". He doesn't even help me carry the groceries upstairs. Then the icing on the cake, he bought her a birthday present and I got nothing....zilch. Well, he can have her permanently now, but he won't have me. That is going to hurt him very hard financially as he moved into my house all those years ago and then we bought his parents a house, so now he has to find somewhere else to live and he has to pay me out for half of the house his parents are in. Imagine, paying rent and paying off a house. As you can see, sometimes I think he is only with me because of the financial gain and he is waiting for her to finish with the inspector (she has been married twice and has had numerous boyfriends) and then he thinks it will be him and her with me at home. Is he in for a rude awakening. Good luck to you all, but make you own luck too. I intend to.

strength to leave 4 years ago

Thank you for all the women that shared they're painfull stories.. Im ashamed to even say ive bn in a very unhealthy relationship for 6 years ive never fealt so much pain and heartache in my life.. I couldn't tell you how many times he's cheated on me, he's been with his babys mom the whole time weve been together, he keeps promising me he would change but of course hasn't. Ive bn driving myself crazy trying to b detective for the last 6 years. For the last 6 years ive been trying to figure out why he would cheat on me? I always had a very good self esteem I used to even think I was beautiful.. but not anymore. Now I look in the mirror and see all my wrinkles and my weight... What did I do wrong? Not cook or clean enough? Not dress up enough? Not skinny enough? I changed my hair color, cut it, dress different , etc.... Nothing was gd enough for him because he still cheats on me. he travels for work at least once a month always takes some random girl...I can go on and on of how many times hes hurt me.. I recently found out he has his ex pregnant, so now he has 3 kids with her. Ive been depressed, suicidal, I made him my life.. I have a lot of friends and family that Love me but I still manage to push everyone away and give him 110% of my attention. I dont know if its because I recently turned 30 but IM TIRED OF EVERYTHING... I PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY DONE. IM READY TO BE HAPPY AGAIN. I just started seeing a therapist thats helping me see past FIDEL. I gave him 6 yrs of my life. My 20s. I have a beautiful 14 yr old daughter (previous relationship) that needs me more than anyone. I don't want to cry in front of her anymore. I pray to God Please God help! Give me strength to leave him and never look back. Ple

Mary 4 years ago

@ Rosalie:

There are some problems in your story, and I suggest you consider hard before you carry out the details of the scheme you describe. I think it is right for you to leave your husband, the sooner and swifter the better, and that it in fact will be a relief to you both.

But think real hard about HOW you want to do it: The man has already had a nervous breakdown, you tell us - and still you want to carry out a revenge on him? Consider showing mercy to an ill man. Nervous breakdowns can be life-threatening, and it is not always obvious to the surroundings before it is too late.

I understand that being cheated on is very painful - I have experienced it myself - but cultivating revenge and spite will only make things much worse for yourself.

Further, I am not at all sure that you have been cheated of anything. You describe only texting - verbal communication - and the messages you refer are indistinguishable from those of a true friendship. OF COURSE your man is soothed by someone asking kindly if he is OK, and being concerned about his well-being. Any human being is, and if one has a breakdown, such small words of kindness can mean the difference between suicide and survival. It is as simple as that. If you grudge the man such comfort in a time of emotional pain, then it seems as if you do not love him one bit. Do you really believe that him sharing friendship with another person takes anything away from you? Several of my best friends are of the opposite sex, and never have their partners, nor mine, grudged this. There has been mutual trust - which is essential in a relationship - so that we have been able to even sleep over at our friends' houses, or travelling together, without anyone ever thinking that this was a threat. Nor has it ever turned into one. Never has the border been crossed from a brother-sisterly relation and to a romantic/sexual one. The friendships have remained purely platonical, though emotionally intimate, and this have only strenghened all parties. I have also become friends with the spouses of my friends, and in that way everyone is a winner.

Of course there is a challenge to begin with in this, as everyone has to find their feet, but it IS possible if the people involved are emotionally sound, and then it is very heart-strenghtening and happiness-generating.

Also, you seem to be assuming a lot about your husband's text relationship, and do not hesitate in naming it an unconditional betrayal. BUT - have you considered, that if it is only friendship, then you have contributed to destroying something most valuable?

You do write that your man thought he was in love with the woman. Yes, he may have been. But even that is not in itself a crime. It would be if he started an actual love relationship without ending the relationship with you first - crossing the border between emotional friendship and into erotical and romantic declarations or acts. I cannot see you saying that he has. Instead, you write - about the fact that the man is still texting, i.e. SPEAKING with the woman:

"if he cared for me, he would see how much this was hurting me and should stop for that reason alone."

Do you really believe that a person in a relationship should cut off all his friendships with anyone of the opposite sex? And do you really believe that it is a sound thing to demand of another person? I think that demanding this from someone will unavoidably damage the love capacity of the relationship itself.

I am sorry to say this, but thinking in this way signals being controlled by envy and jealousy, and these highly destructive states normally happen where there is no real love in a relationship. Your uncharitable attitude towards your husband, too, seems to demonstrate that you do not love him. So how can you presume to demand something from him that you yourself have not to give? You chide the two you envy for "telling each other how wonderful they are". But that is an important part of any real friendship or love relationship. To strenghten each other by joyful and heartfelt admiration. Would you not be happy if someone reacted that way to you?

But consider that you will not be able to experience this as long as you fill your heart with spite and revenge. If you have no charity for the two people you seem to plan to publicly humiliate and financially backstab just for the hell of it, then have charity on yourself.

As a preparation for having a more successful relationship next time (yes, I do not think you should give up altogether on love, but instead kindle the hope in your heart that one day YOU will meet someone who can tell you you are wonderful. It IS possible). You obviously envy them because you wish for the same thing. And no wonder - we all need this.

But to be properly prepared for receiving such a love in a way that does not destroy it, you MUST let go of spite and envy and revenge. These things are born out of a fundamental doubt about your own lovability. And acting on such feelings WILL make you less loveable and less "wonderful". So don't go in that direction. Take heed of the warning, for remember: You can get rid of your husband, but never of yourself.

Instead, try hard to be honest and calm when you approach your husband with the news that you are going - and, if you in any way can muster the strength to - be CHARITABLE to him. By this, I mean - do not say or do hurtful things, though it may be almost unbearably tempting, do not, of course, backstab him or make theatrical gestures like that with the clothes on the footpath. Come on... You are planning to punish the woman for having written him questions like "are you allright?" She may not even understand the hint, and you will only make yourself look ridiculous instead of leaving in a dignified way.

As things are now, you are very unhappy, and obviously should free yourself from this unbearable situation. But take care not to hurt yourself even more along the way.

Some final thoughts concerning the - as it seems to me - central problem of distrust in your relationship:

Obviously, you have no faith in your husband, since you suspect him of only staying for the money. There is nothing to build on between you, then. Nothing will ever be good in a relationship without trust. And it is good that you have had the strength to look that squarely in the eye, and prepare to take the consequence and leave. Many women don't. Kudos for that.

Another thought concerning the distrust: It worries me that you have read the text messages at all. How did that happen? Has he shown them to you, and was he pressured to do so - or have you actually spied on him? This I consider a serious violation in a relationship. Few things can destroy trust better. It, too, is a betrayal. (But hopefully that wasn't how you got to the text. Forgive me for the thought if unjustified.)

I think it might be a good idea to be 100 % honest to your husband and tell him what you are thinking. Calmly, not spitefully or in other ways emotional. Hard to do, I know! But if you can tame the green-eyed monster and actually meet him in honesty, being what you are - including with your hurt feelings and sorrow, but not attemting to push him in any direction, simply telling and asking for truth - you might get a much clearer idea than you have now of where he is and how he relates to you. It could make the separation a much better experience for both of you.

Good luck, and be real careful, for I think that right now, your worst potential enemy is yourself.

PS: That he and she are still texting, though she is in a new relationship, rather strenghtens the probability that their relation is only a platonic and pefectly honest friendship.

That makes it sadder still, even perverse, that you hope to damage also the woman's present romance with the inspector, by placing the clothes to indicate she is cheating on him. Which it does not seem that she is. "One good turn deserves another"??? I cannot see she has done anything to you at all! Your husband even went into therapy because he was feeling guilty about having warm feelings for her! How many husba

Sad 4 years ago

I never thought he would cheat, we are married with two beautiful children and broke my whole world...he promised he would do what I'd takes to make it right...counselings and doing extra stuff for the guilt he has from it and trying to pray about it...but the pain is there with evey touch, kiss,'s been more then a year and I cringe at the thought that he was so weak that he tripped can a man call himself a man and be so weak...I am still so hurt...we are still trying to move on but I don't know if I can continue...

BossMare 4 years ago

After you read all these threads, you can be sure of one thing....the propensity to cheat is character flaw with psychological underpinnings. Of course, I have to share my story with you because that is how we all heal and learn. I just broke up with my BF of 3 years and I wish I had done it a long time ago. After one year, a Chinese woman who spoke broken English called me and told me that he was HER BF. He explained that was his previous GF (when he was MARRIED to his wife flag #1, ignored)and that he was getting rid of her but I would have to be patient. Then he sneaked around behind my back for another year with her and then got to the point where he said they were "just friends". However, I caught her at his house one night (and I kicked her ass out) and then I caught him at her apartment another night. Although he had the smile of an angel, he was a black-hearted devil and I'm glad he's GONE. Ladies...never take them back after the first deceit. It's a revolving door. Find a good man who deserves you!

squirleydee 4 years ago

I am a woman scorned. The first time my husband cheated on me was with a friend of ours. My husbands coworkers girl friend. He had to quit a good paying job least he get face bashed in on a regular bases...but I wasn't strong enough to leave. We have a child and I have one from a former marriage that ended because that husband cheated and got another girl pregnant. My husband has had other woman that I have caught him comunicating with on the phone. The phone has beebs huge issue for us and is worse now that he has a hand held computer. I am not on the account so I can't check up on the records. He keeps it with a lock screen because that is how I busted him before. He never puts down his phone anyways. He will sleep with it in his pocket sometime and wake up when it vibrates in the night. He is constantly txting when he is home. There have been times that he has gone outside to his truck to talk. He is a truck driver by profession but I am not allowed in it. He hides the keys or keeps them on him.

I say all this to restate the obvious ..all ways a cheater. Some of them just get better at it as the years go by.

He knows he has me in his dept. I have no acsses to his bank account. I have to ask for every dime I spend. I have no income because I have been denied my disability. Oh yeah. I have a debilitating terminal illness. I am fully dependent on him. Everything is in his name. I feel I have no where to go. No money.No car in my name. Last time I questioned him about how he was making me think that something was going on. He took my phone so I had not contact with anyone who I could reach out to. I have no computer so my phone is my only life line.

I left to care for my father after his heart surgery. He told everyone I left him. Refused to transfer money into my account for my Rx and funds to care for our son.

I truly think he does not want to be in this relationship but won't let me leave with his son. When my older son became old enough to understand what was going on, I sent him to live with his father. He may have knocked his wife up while he was still married to me but he is still with her after 12years and 2I kids later. He is a better role model if you can understand that. It hurt my child to see me unhappy. I hate to see how this is going to mess up my younger so and how he learns to treat the woman he will have in his life.

I know I have a long road to haul. You would think he could just wait tell I'm dead. Then he can do whatever it is he is up to. Maybe I will never learn the truth.

lonelygirl 4 years ago

Hi I just really really need some advice here right now, i found out my husband has been cheating on me couple weeks ago. were in a long distance relationship ,this is the first time he cheated on me and ive been cheated on. I found out that he got back with his former gf without me knowing but i find that out no matter how much he hide.And even planning to live in together. I was very shock,upset, angry,depressed,devastated, and even to commit suicide, i was confined at the hospital. It so hard to breath everytime i think that the person whos suppose to be mine is sleeping with someone else. By then my family make him believe that i died from commiting suicide and his miserable right now.. I jst want him to regret what he did, i want him to feel what i felt,i wnt him to realize that i died because of his SIN, the pain that cause him knowing that i died is not even enough with the pain that he cause me.Even if he knows im still alive he will still choose to be with this girl. I devoted my whole to tht person but just then ill just find out hes dating his former gf, while im here alone and empty. Was it wrong for me to make him believe that i died?

CLH 4 years ago

I don't agree that "cheating" is a personality flaw. Sometimes cheating does happen in the heat of the moment, and is not premeditated (not that I'm condoning it, but I also don't believe it makes them a demon). If a person was addicted to drugs or alcohol and beat the addiction through counseling, are you still going to quarantine and stay away from the person because their addiction is a 'personality flaw'? How is cheating any different? I'm also sensing that this was kind of a feminist approach to men cheating.

langie 4 years ago

Thanx for this eye opener!!!! Yhaa it is vert hurtful and sad to find out that some1 you love is cheating on you!!

He cheated on me several times but still with him because i love him, i always thought he would change, i put all my energy and my everything to this relationship but tja yesterday he slept with another woman.

Soo pissed.................

balibaliman 4 years ago

Has anyone of you ladies asked a man why he cheats?

anonymous 4 years ago

of course we ask...but all they ever do is blame us...or stress....or money problems...or the house not being clean enough....or arguing too much....or one excuse or the other. But not once do they ever accept responsibility for their actions...always so quick to put the blame on someone or something else. So what good does asking do? There will never be an honest answer, so why torture ourselves?

anonymous 4 years ago

Cheating certainly is a personality flaw. If the person has an addiction to sex, that is one thing that would have been obvious in a relationship, trust me. But when you're with someone for years, and the sex goes away, the personality changes, the habits change, the nights away get more and more, the scents you don't recognize appear, the stories start to get confused....then it's not an's a LIE. It's something that is PURPOSEFULLY being hidden from the other partner. This is not an addiction, this is cowardice and guilt and a complete lack of respect for the other person to end the relationship to spare the heart, pride and feelings of the other person. REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT'S A WOMAN OR A MAN....cheating is inexcusable and unforgivable. Sex addiction is a problem to work through with your partner. There is a BIG difference. You would not have thought this article were "feminist" had the author written about androgynous subject. No, cheating does not automatically make someone a "demon", it does however make them disrespectful, dishonest and disgusting. Who knows what that person could be doing to endanger the people he's lying to.

Survivor 4 years ago

This is so true! I was married for 8 years to a military guy and we had 3 kids. I didn't find out he was cheating on me till I was already pregnant with my 2nd child. I too went crazy looking for evidence and boy did I find some! It was random woman, ex girlfriends, and what not. So, I packed my bags and left with my kids. He deployed eventually and had a year to think about his mistakes or so I thought. I took him back for the children and I believed him when he swore never to do it again. To make a long story short he never changed! He cheated on me again when I was pregnant with my 3rd child he thought I wouldn't leave him cause I told him how important it was to me that my kids have a family! I just want to say to woman that have kids with these type of people don't stay because of your children trust me you and them will be better off. So after years of torment and humiliation I moved on for good! It's not really our fault they cheat. For a while I thought it was me. So I got so fit, and did everything he asked for in bed, so that he wouldn't go looking elsewhere but it was a waist of my time! I left him for good and it was the hardest thing I had ever done I loved this man deeply. Also stayed with him for so long cause my mother had me convinced that all man were cheaters might as well stay with the father of your children. But this isn't the case at all there is good man out there in this world!

A year and a half later after moving away with my kids. I met this great guy that I have been with for a little over 2 years. He excepted my children and is even a better father than my ex! He is way better than my ex at everything. He even cooks for me (never has a man done that for me before!) He also had been cheated on by his wife. We both had similar stories and he too has kids. We are doing great even though we are both traumatized from being cheated on and scared it will happen again. We both work on it everyday together to get through it. We now have a baby together!

I can honestly say I found my soulmate!

As for my ex he still calls and emails me trying to get back with me. Lol Lady's and gentleman it does get better! Cheaters in my case don't change they just get worse.

Melissa 4 years ago

The posting from7 weeks ago by a woman named Carrie sounds like it could have come from the womwn my husband had an affair with. The womans middle name is even Carrie. My husband started cheating on me & I had no idea what so ever. We have 4 year old twins. Supposedly he told her that we were separated etc. Of course none of that was true. After a couple of months with her he did move out but he said there wasn't another woman just that he was stressed & needed space. It was crazy, I still didn't know anything was going on, he was coming over everyday & we were actually having more sex then before he moved out. He kept telling me how much he loved me & how beautiful I am & he couldnt keep his hands off me. So I believed that he was just needing some time & we would be fine. He would say when hed come over it was to see the kids but he wouldn't spend time with them, hed just be all over me so I knew he missed me. I finally found out he was cheating on me & that he was actually living with this other woman. She was spending a lot of money on him. He was bragging to all his friends about the truck she was going to buy him & how she was going to take him to Europe, he was driving her sportscar everywhere & telling people it was his. He filed for divorce & even then kept telling me it would never be over with us. When I initially found out he was living with her his reason was that financially it was easier for him. He doesn't have a real job now, he works for her when she needs him to. She supports him. I dont feel sorry for her because when I first found out who she was I spoke to her & opened my heart up to her & asked her as a wife & mother to please end it & give my family a chance but she didn't. So I guess shes bought him & wants her moneys worth & he is trash who sold himself because he doesn't care about the pain hes put his own children through just so he can have material possesions. He has even been with 4 other women since he started his relationship with her. Just recently he was talking to a friend of both of ours who didn't know he left me & he was bragging about his rich girlfriend & how he doent work. Someday they will both be miserable because what goes around comes around. I have a friend who knows of her too because my friends husband used to be a bartender & she would spend lots of $$ on him & she doesn't care if the men are married or not. As long as they both stay the hell away from me & my babies Im fine. I know he will continue to cheat on her & she will continue to pay for his services so if thats the sick life they like then good for them.I just wish hed quit still trying to control me & just go away!!!

Mad 4 years ago

I have a boyfriend who cheated on me and I have no idea what to do. He said it happened a month ago and he came clean about it because he said he felt horrible for doing it. And all he says is that if he does it again he doesent deserve another chance which I agree too.. But I love this boy and it's so hard to trust him. I mean he cheated on me with my so called best friend. They both have their own sides to the story but I rather belive the one who dident hide it. And the one who is not a constant lier. So I'm not sure how to build this trust back. We where four days from our first year together. He cheated from pictures rather then phisical activity but it hurts just as much. I want to trust him again but I'm not sure if that will ever happen when Im so worried he will do it again. It was supposedly his first time cheating so I'm giving him another chance. I wish I could just relax a little and enjoy it until I may have to make the decision to leave him. I can't say he won't change but I can't say he will either...

Andy brijose 4 years ago

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enough 4 years ago

I've been dating this man for almost a yr now and recently I've found out he's been talking to other women since we've started dating...he's been telling them things like he loves them misses them and would rather be with them and that he doesn't want to be with me but yet he was still with me...soon enough the txt messages showed where he has been to these peoples house n where he's been calling them multiple times a day. Then when I confronted him about it his only answer was "you act like I'm fucking these people" truthfully he didn't have to he had done too much already...but none the less it was obvious that he did....and yet I still love him so much. So as stupid as I am I stayed and I write this laying beside him in bed...increasingly I'm starting to think its time to leave even though I don't want its been said a cheater cheats and that fact is never changing

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

When you "take back" a cheater you are allowing him (or her) to get away with it with no repercussions, and without repercussions he or she will keep on cheating. They'll think it's okay until they meet a partner with the self-respect to dump them after one cheat. And no taking back. If you love a cheater the most loving thing you can do is dump him/her. It will teach them that there are some people they can't manipulate.

Tired of it all .... 4 years ago

I have a fiancé who I have been with for 8 years. We had an affair for 2 yrs. I made the mistake of leaving my husband for him because we knew each other for a long time. He wormed his way into my heart, and I thought this is going to be trouble. Still, I did it because I was in love with him when we were younger. I cannot forgive myself for what I did and how I thought we were in love etc. We ended up moving in together and have been together since then and engaged for 2+ years. I have my child and he has his children. It's been hell with just that portion of our lives. Still, I shouldn't have moved into together because he has cheated on me since DAY 1! With a gal from out of town, with a gal who he met at a pet store, with some nurse online which they exchanged nasty photos, etc., with a high school girlfriend is lives out of town and is also married, with now for the last 5 years a gal whom he had a four-some with and a full blowm affair behind my back all this time. i confronted him with ALL of these and each time he came up with MASTERFUL lies. After a while, I couldn't stand it, I decided, I want to feel what he feels. I hated myself for that because it wasn't right, but it was almost retaliatory. We were not engaged at that point, but I thought, enough is enough. I need to find a person who will love me and be true to me. It only went on for a month, because my conscious wouldn't allow me to go further. It haunted me. So, I thought, he must be pretty sick-minded to get through the day and each conversation with me. I started listening more to his excuses, his accounting of where he was, etc., and I would say, tell me again, and the story would change! It was so obvious that he was a pathological liar. When I would call him on the line about it, he would make me out to be crazy. Our phone records showed him texting the latest gal and the married gal at least 700-1000 texts in a month's bill. During the day, he wouldn't text me back for so long that I would text back saying helloo! He'd say sorry, so busy. After looking at the bill, he just blew me off for the texting he was doing with the 2 and 3 gals. How the hell did he get ANY work done!!!! To this moment, he confessed having a "friendship" with the gal who lives down the street and now works down the street from his office. Oh, how convenient! Seriously?? When I work an hour away. He's confident I'll never find out. It sucks because I know everything anyway. I found out and he confessed to "having a friendship" I said you CANNOT HAVE A FRIENDSHIP with someone you have a love affair with and a four-some with while we have been together all this time. She is a plain jane teacher who cannot get a man at all. She has no eyebrows! and I feel ugly because she is having his atttention. So, I broke up our engagement with him and he BEGGGEDD ME BACK and said he couldn't lose me and that he would FIGHT FOR ME. But lo and behold two weeks later, he's back seeing her. She's pushing her way into him again and he's not saying NO. This whole forum is about CHEATERS. I know I cheated, but it was with him. I've known him for my whole life. We have connections. It's not right. I have remorse, I have guilt, I have the ability to NEVER DO that to another person because it feels so AWFUL. It's like a wound that never heals because someone keeps stabbing that wound and opening it up to bleed again. PEOPLE: These are serial cheaters who have major phychological issues. They are narcissists, bi-polar, pathological liars, who have no touch with reality and have a major inability to be accountable for their actions and how they impact others. It's borderline sociopathic. We get sucked back into their kind words of love. They know how to work it with us and we melt. BIG MISTAKE. Love is not about this magical thinking. It's about mutual respect and real honest to goodness core values. Their addictions are "love addictions" or sex addiction, but an addiction nevertheless. They need therapy to find out their insecurities and heal themselves. Like a drug addict or an alcoholic goes to rehab, these people have to as well. We cannot enable them any longer. It's tough love for those who are cheater on. Get the strength. God knows I am still gathering it.

carlos septus 4 years ago

damn i'm totally agreed with that so a cheater is a cheater there is nothing you can do to change the fact so i spent eight years in a relationship i was happy sometimes but the most important thing i'd loved her so much and she felt the same way too i gave everything i had just for us to be happy the first time we met she was 13 and i was 12 we were so young and stupid but after 3 years we started to know what is good for us,what to do to make ourselves happy and lives better last summer we went for a vacation in her family wow i wish i'd never go there she did all crazy thing disrespected me infront of her friends and others bad things so after the vacation i saw an email on her account who said to an other she loved him

PimpingAintEasy 4 years ago

Maybe if the spouse would spice things up in the bedroom, he wouldn't go around cheating. Live up to your half of the marriage

Really? Are you kidding me? 4 years ago

So "pimping" person.... what happens when a person does everything and is good looking and would make any man proud and the partner spouse, husband, wife, fiancé, BF GF or whoever STILL cheats??? This is not about what the other half is doing. I know plenty of people who do everything and are AMAZING so it's not that, it's a sickness, like an alcholic loser. IT'S A CHARACTER FLAW. They didn't get enough love from their mother, father, or their parents did it, so they learned it from them, or they were really insecure in high school, and couldn't get the girls, and so have to prove it to themselves or others they can "pull" .... bottom line it's Bulls**t !

Over 40 and still single 4 years ago

It'll be a cold day in hell before cooking meals and keeping some guys fruit of the looms Spring Time Fresh are my priorities...hoping like hell the whole time that he's not lying to my face and out dipping his wick wherever he wants to, perhaps bring me home a disease he caught from some skank, at my age. There are DEFINITELY worse things in life than being alone!!

warm_whispers profile image

warm_whispers 4 years ago

very great post dear i do agree with u ... i faced this with whom i relay love and try always to let her know what she think is not right ..even i gave many prove for her but cant accept ...

Tryingnottobestupid 4 years ago

Man I wish this post was around several yrs ago when I first started noticing 'suspicious' behavior from my husband. We are now separated but he is 'fighting for us' and is desperate to get me back. Sad thing is that I am actually considering it, no decision yet but cant seem to fully let go... It hasn't been discussed much on here but it is really much more complicated when there are children involved. He seems v remorseful and his behaviour has done a 180 wrt the kids and responsibilities. I know he has not kept his promises before but I am tempted to give it one last try. I guess my best advice for those of you who have been cheated on is to get the hell out before you have kids with this man (or woman)!! Otherwise depending on your custody arrangement you are stuck having to deal with them on a regular basis. Not exactly a clean break.... GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

WomenCheatToo 4 years ago

What do you do when you come home and there is a note that says "I am on a date, sorry that I am such a creep", and then have your woman come home at 4 AM saying she "fell asleep". And that she is fucking this asshole because it is "good for our relationship". Yes, this really happened. Women cheat too, and they come up with the most incredible bullshit to justify it.

sofia 4 years ago

i just found out my husband of 10 years got with a prostitute. i am leaving him. once a cheater always a cheater. people are telling me to forgive him but i can't find a place in my hurt to even trust him again. what do you think?

julie 4 years ago

How i got over the break up, is listen to break up songs..they really do help especially songs like Jamelia sings "thankyou" or "Im not missing you" from Stacie orrico. I kicked his arse to the Kerb when i found out my partner was cheating. I didn't notice anything i was too busy with the children,. Me and kids deserve sooooo much better.

Lia 4 years ago

Love don't justify the fact of been with somebody that clearly doesn't love you, the one who loves doesn't cheat... Have dignity, for good sake!

coryna.rowley@gmail 4 years ago

Hi ladies

I really need some advice here. My husband of 2years and father of our 1 year old daughter is bisexual...I found out a month before our daughter was born. He has fantasies about men and has met up with one guy off graigslist that I know of. I have been copeing with this for too long. I have found no strategy that has brought me any peice of mind. I have resorted to considering revenge..I know cheating is wrong I just don't know what else to do. I want him to know how it feels. In a way I just want someone to reassure me I'm still attractive sexually. All the lies and truths I've heard from his mouth will forever scare me and the way I view everyone around me. My husband is a great person but I can't help thinking its all a mask, underneath is the ugly munipulative liar he has been. I want to believe I know him but do we ever really know our spouse? I sometimes believe he is only with me to seem "normal" as his parents are catholic and would never except his gay tendancies. I want to believe I love him but how can I love someone who won't show me who they truley are....idk anymore. If he is bisexual he will eventually want dick again. Right? I don't want to be around for that day when he breaks. I just can't bring myself to move out, my daughter needs a normal life with a father and mother in the same roof. I'm afraid if I leave he will be with men and as shallow as it sounds I don't want our daughter to see him with other men....

Someones oppinion please


leny 4 years ago

i felt i dont know what to do having communication with my ex boyfried every day just to satisfy myself of missing him but im not happy anyway im afraid with my actions telling me that he loves me but i know he still has a girl friend that he told me they are not already connected by i dout it ... i want to hide from him find myself and go on with my life but i dont know how but i think that the best for me.

mafia 4 years ago

relationshps are troubles i used to think maybe am the only 1 facing horour problem in my relationship en 2day am suprised how many woman are suffering bcaus of men

cheated on by a coward 4 years ago

cheaters cheat because they are selfish children. It is no different a 5 year old throwing a fit because he cant eat ice cream at 8 in the morning or a 50 year old man screwing a slut because his wife wont let him get drunk every weekend. Cheaters are selfish babies that act out in arrogance. They are weak and they lack effective coping skills. NEVER does a cheater say to themselves, "Well, I know I will probably destroy my family, wife and children, but my penis really needs to be massaged by that ridiculous slut so I am choosing misery for everyone just so I can have a happy penis." CHEATERS DO NOT CHOOSE TO CHEAT anymore than a male dog "chooses" to have sex with the neighborhood bitch dog that is in heat. They just physically respond with no thought to the damage that is certain to follow.

Billy 4 years ago

You know all you women are claiming once a cheater always a cheater... You are wrong.

I have once cheated on my fiance, it wasn't something she did wrong, although I blamed her, I got bored, and went elsewhere instead of handling my problems the right way. Before she became my fiance, I cheated on her once and I have never done it again, and its been a long loooooong while, and I still feel as though I don't want to cheat, I love her, am dedicated to her, and fortunate enough that she was strong enough to hold on and it rewarded her as well.

So for all yall who think once a cheater always a cheater, leaving doesn't make you any stronger than staying and forgiving. Now twice, is a different story, I did it once, and that was my last, and the worst mistake of my life.

Brad 4 years ago

I met a girl 3 months ago whom moved from Texas to Florida (where I live) roughly 4 months ago. We met when she came into my work, and I was extremely attracted to her from hello. She came to visit me several times at work after meeting me and we developed a friendship. I finally mustered up the courage to ask her out. Several days before we were supposed to go out she called me to tell me she's married but separated and asked if it changed my mind on going out. She said she was married for 5 years and found out her husband had an affair for 1.5 of them.

I didn't really know what to say, of course it was a shock, but I was still very interested in her. I am not a cheater, and also have strong morals that would typically keep me from touching this scenario. However, to me she's a dream girl gorgeous, highly educated and we have everything in common.

We went out several times, I was very reluctant to make a move because I would like reassurance that she is done with him before I play with fire. At the same time I began to really like the girl.

Recently I found out the guy has come back into the picture. I believe she is going to give him another chance, and trust me after finding this I plan to stay away and out of their business. But I can't help but wonder why she would contemplate giving this loser another try. I'm not hurt as I never got emotionally or really physically involved but my mind is just blown.

After getting to know several of her friends and family members I have found they all despise her "guy" . They all know he will hurt her again as soon as he "has her again" he seems to get off on this type of conquest. They all also really like me. My question is I feel like I have a chance to speak up and possibly prevent her from making a huge mistake should I???

Part of me feels I should because I'm not a close friend or family member and if I lose her so be it, I wasn't in her life before. I know guys and know she will get hurt, and she's a great girl and I don't want to see that happen.

At the same time I feel like I should stay as far away as possible, and not respond to her when she reaches out to me. I am a successful attractive young man with Tons of promise and have plenty of girls who are into me, but there is something about this one that I am caught up on.

Most of me feels I should move on because I don't need this drama. But of course a little piece of me feels I should speak up, because I've met a LOT of girls and truly none of them hold a candle to this one?

Thank you

Tra 4 years ago

Hi been going out with my boyfriend for almost 2 years, we have been totally happy, he really didn't seem the type to mess about, so i was never concerned he was. However only the other week he left his work phone at mine by mistake, don't really know why but i did look and its a good job i did. On there he had arranged to meet another girl in secret, you could tell from the texts she also had to be careful. tthere was one from a previous time so this was at least the second time he met her, he asked her if she fancied meeting for a quick BJ. When i had it out with him he said we all have friends and that i had male friends, told him he was not man enough to admit it, then he said he was low and depressed and his mate said he knew of a girl that would cheer him up and give him a BJ, so he said he didn't believe it and then texted her. But at the same time he was texting me from his private phone telling me he loved me. Since then he has tect sayuing he want me back, his sorry and loved me and really don't know why he did go but he said he walked away and didn't go through with it, I know this not to be true at least one of these times at least anyway. I asked if he touched her swore on his kids he did not. I do miss him, just cannot believe he could do that, not really sure whether i can trust him again or not, what do you think. He has always been so jealous of me and even in past almost accused me of wanting to see this band more than him, even started saying i put my mum first when i have gone out with her. Do you think he is trying to cover his own deceat.

bella 4 years ago

i was cheated on by a guy i loved,i mastered the courage to leave him& have fallen bt got up and walked away .i feel so proud of myself for doing that and feel very empowered.

marko 4 years ago

ladies, as soon as your bf or husbands cheat leave them, they will realise then what have they done..i am talking that from experience, i have cheayed on my gf 4 times in four problem wasnt in her it was in me. before her i was 3 years in relationship and i was hurt so i said to myself i ll never love again or trust anywoman, so i met my ex, she was a gift from god thats the only way i can explain her. even thoght i have reason why i v done that, i am still saying here there is no reason for cheatin and there is no point making excuses, all i know i will regret it for the rest of my life for hurting such a wonderfull human beeing. its been six months since we broke up and i still feel the pain and i miss her, god knows i do. she doesnt wanna hear me, she is completely ignoring me and i do t blame her, i just wish she finds somebody that can give her everything i havent. there is plenty to this story but i am at work so cant write all of it

No excuse 4 years ago

I have been in love withe the same man for 16 years of my life. He and I have always ended coming to each other and have been through each others life in the good times and the bad. He is my best friend and i am able to confined in him with everything. He has always had girlfriends and has never been single. The times that i believed he was single we had a relationship just to later be confronted by the girlfriend at the time. I felt humiliated and stopped speaking to him. Our lives have a funny way of always colliding though. Recently i became single and so did he, we began a relationship and where very happy for a year and half. Recently he was sent to another state for training he told me that he did not do long distance relationships and i was crush. Since then we have kept a friendship in which we still share everything just as friend. He recently came home to visit and we went out and had a lot of fun. I suppose my hopes where up and maybe i was wrong. I recently discovered that he has a girlfriend and he had not mentioned it to me, while he was home. If i had known! I felt very sad and upset for her. I am still his best friend and he is mine but i cannot in all sense do this to someone else. I know he has a pattern but i never though that he would do this to me again. He has told me on several occasion how much he loves me and misses me and i have said the same thing. I am crush and i cannot believe i have become the other woman. I feel utterly guilty that this was done, i do not know if he does this to me only or ... i dont know. I do not want to be blame for anything and i do not know if its my fault. He has been the love of my life but am not able to feel this guilt i feel now. Should i say something to the other woman or just leave it alone and walk away?

Prasad 4 years ago

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ylsla 4 years ago

I'm in a relation that took all of my being. Right now I'm a miserable empty shell. A gloomy faded shadow of whom I once was. All the joy is drain out of me. At first I was the character of #3, changing always to please him. Honestly, I don't remember he ever doing anything personal for me. I said, "for the children I will hang in there". But my cheater spouse continue to cheat and turned and accuse me. Now I desire my freedom because I want to be free to find me. Please can someone help me.

Su 4 years ago

Ive been with my ex for 6 years and engaged to him for less than a month. He has cheated on me twice before. After he proposed in mid jan he had an affair, his third this time. He says he needs to clear his head and has been nice but I know it's all lies. He's still in contact with the other person who is also attached with someone. They deserve each other and I'm counting down the hours which is tomorrow for him to move out and eventually out of my life forever

disgusted 4 years ago

Thank you for this article. I have just found out my "new" husband was cheating throughout our entire relationship. He was cheating entering a relationship. he was going to Asian Massage Parlors for years and paying a lot of money for extras. He never disclosed this. So he entered into a relationship with me doing this and never stopped. He was also still in contact with his ex girlfriend who he labeled a "psycho stalker". So you would think he would not be in contact with her.. Nope he was the whole time. So I have spent hours and hours trying to figure out why someone would enter into a relationship knowing he will not be committed and then enter a marriage. It sickens me. I only wish I had found out before marrying him. This article is great because I am so tired of hearing men cheat because the wife is not providing sex or intamacy. That is a cop out and an easy excuse to make. This man entered into a commitment fully aware of what he was doing. Why bother ? The funny thing is, is that he was the one pursuing me right from the beginnning. I wasnt sure I wanted to first live together, he convinced me. Then wasnt 100% on board with getting married but he was the one pursuing. I only wish I followed my gutt instinct. So bottom line I really believe there are just men out there that are going to cheat no matter what you do, they are just cheaters. They are immature and have no business entering into a marriage or relationship knowing this. Thank you,I think this article is 100% true

m... 4 years ago

Has anyone of you ever stuck with it and played by the same rules? After all, if he can cheat,you can too!What's fair is fair! It's a business relationship, right? You know, just still pay half of all the expenses and smile and lie just like he does! Give him back a taste of it. Wonder what would happen??? I think I'm going to give it a try. I'll let you know what happens. Hey, maybe I'll find someone who knows better than to do that in a committed relationship.

m... 4 years ago

But of course, PLAN AHEAD. Prepare to leave when YOU are ready. And you are right. I think it all stems from getting EVERYTHING you want. He's a spoiled brat. Well, I AM TOO. He's met his match. ME.

Yummy mummy 4 years ago

3 yrs ago I was about to give birth to my son n found out the father of my kids was still with his wife of 20 yrs n they had 3 kids, practically had to drag him outa her bed, anyway present day n thanks to find mi iPhone I found him again with her in a new house, his excuse I went to see my kids however they are all grown up, I'm the one with a 2 yr old n 6 yr old??? Yet he's still going 7 days a week at 5 every morning he's on sofa for now am I dull or ain't I seeing the pictures guys as he ent leave n I'm finding my life hard and draining ?!!!!

Yummy mummy 4 years ago

Just to add I was with him 10 years n didn't have a clue about her n her me !!!

alikat 4 years ago

i was married in 2005 to a man i thought was my soul mate. we had a son in 2008 and in 2010 i became pregnant again. my husband cheated on me while i was pregnant. i was so sick and wanted to die. i was confused by all the lying. i begged him to come home. I needed him so bad. i had many complications with my pregnancy and was in hospital on bedrest for 3 weeks. I had my daughter and she is perfect. now i hate my husband for what he did and i cannot get past what he did to me. i cry every day. I wish i was stronger and let him go while i was pregnant. I feel trapped. He wont leave and says he will cause a long hard divorce if i file. I love my kids and i am trying but its so hard. i feel like i made a huge mistake. i am so sad

Yummy mummy 4 years ago

Hi Hun once a cheat always a cheat ah? Well I'm guessing ur confused, sad and hurt by all he has done to you I mean if thats how some1 who loves u acts against you then there is no hope, u feel ur life will b unhappy without him web truth is he's the one makeing it that way, I nw it's only words hun n until I've been in ur situation words and actions r 2 very different things, b strong for yourself and ur kiddies, n as for messy divorce Hun let him have it I mean the kids best place is with theyr mum so i guess ul have the best prize of all, there's som1 out there for every1 that special sum1 who makes u feel whole again hun n the longer your staying with tha scumbag the longer he will take to find you, stay strong hun n follow ur heart x

cheatingpigsthattheyare 4 years ago

Cheaters should be shot in the head and thrown in the river for what they do to the other half and for ruining lives.

Miserably In Love 4 years ago

I have been married toy husband for 11 yrs now.. We have 2 wonderful children and a great life!!! We hardly ever fight and have great times together!!! I am so in love with him even after all these years!! But I know he cheats on me!!! I have never actually caught him red handed... accept for the Adult Finder sites to meet up with women.... the comments he made to the women and them back to him makes me absolutely sick as well as the naked pictures he has of himself on his profile!!! He swears it is not him and denies everything whenever I ask him ab anything and tells me I am crazy!!! I know that he loves me and wants to be with me, but I want someone for myself, not someone that shares himself with everyone else!!!! I just don't know how to be strong enough to walk away.. plus I am a stay at home mother and to be honest I'm a little scared to do it on my own..

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

"Miserably in Love," your chosen name says it all. No matter what he says, he does not love you. But he absolutely will respect you after you tell him "Enough" and "Goodbye."

donttakehimback 4 years ago

U don't want to let him go,or break the home, worried about the kids, u love him dearly, don't want him to go the person he is cheating with. The best thing to do with the cheater is to let him go. no matter how much it hurts, let the cheater go. it will be a huge relief and the best peace of mind u can have.

jamesmoon 4 years ago

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Debbie Robinson 4 years ago

I go with the liar liar comment:

If they cheat don't tell them you know.

Why not cheat too especially when you know

that you didn't cause the problem in the first

place. Maybe you meet someone better while cheating.

connieanderson 4 years ago

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ERIK 3 years ago

ERIK AGAIN me and my wife have been together 17 years and we were childhood sweethearts some one convinced me of something untrue and my wife did not deny it and i made a choice out of anger but when saw how bad i hurt mywife i wanted to die and the shame was the most intense anxiety attack ive ever had there is know pattern its something i gotta live with and it sux bad i really hate my self and destroyed my own self esteem as well as hers and i will spend the rest of my life attoning for it you dont just give up because its convinent you lazy cow (my wife told me to throw that in ) bad things happen and its for better or worse if my wife were to ever duplicate my mistake i would not throw her away i would try toget through and fix it

3 years ago

abusive and shallow.

Lusle 3 years ago

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lisa1787 3 years ago

My husband has been verbally abusive since 2 weeks after our marriage. He has dumped me several times, so, long story short, I saw another guy for a little while. It was nice to be with someone that didn't call me fat, stupid and worthless, etc.

That ended. My husband still continues to constantly check out other women, like he always has and he knows it kills me inside. Today, I caught him with my mail again - women's catalogs with young girls in bikinis, etc. hidden in his truck. I have walked in on him doing 'the deed' while watching MTV (he is almost 50 - yuk!) and he constantly lies. I am so sick of him. Why don't I leave? I am on disability and completely financially dependent on him.

I liked the advice at the beginning of this thread to where it is said to let him know one time and one time only that you are upset, then don't let him know how deeply you are hurt otherwise. Basically not to give him the time of day. I also liked how #3 - don't start trying to change for him. Before I read that, my ammunition for tomorrow was to torture myself so that I look like the 22 year olds that he checks out and ask him for money for a boob job and hair extensions (like most of them have. lol) But, instead, I'll just change right before his eyes and as I gradually get better, I have a great feeling that my new self will speak for itself. I did this a few years ago, I looked great, felt great, etc. But then we moved to a place that I hate, got depressed and quit working out. Now, 4 years older, I don't care what happens to this marriage. It doesn't even really feel like a marriage. We never go anywhere because he always ruins it by checking out other women, and I ruin it because I am watching him like a hawk. 17years of misery. I am just waiting to die.

Rachel 3 years ago

One thing that worked for me when i found out my fiance was cheating i told him the next time i found out he was seeing someone and was willing to come home and lay in my bed and not think of my safety i was going to go out and do the same thing. Except i would be thoughtful and tell him after we were intament just before leaving his arse. I also put it past him that he should look at it from an outside perspective...what if it happened to his sister and his brother inlaw gave her would he feel about that?

David Kent 3 years ago

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Ciara 3 years ago

I left my husband, took the children and filed for divorce when I found out how far his on-line romances

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thunderg 3 years ago

Its hard to go through all the drama when a man cheats. Its hard to remove youself from the gutter you find yourself in when you find out the man you love is a lier and cheat. But its better to stand up and brush yourself clean of all the drama and walk away. The longer you poke around digging and trying to understand why, the more the situation will stin

mountain rose 3 years ago

My husband is a cheater and I am so destroyed. I have tried for 37 years to make him love me enough not to cheat. but whenever the going got a little tough... he goes hunting. And yes there is always someone out there. Now my children are grown, I am old and feel ugly. Don't wait girls. Once he cheats, if he doesn't agree to go through years of counseling like 5 with accountabilty, then don't take him back. No one would guess my church going husband was a repeat adulterer. He would go years between events. but I know of 4 in 37 years. Each time he begs and pleads and apologizes. Don't take them back. Cheaters cheat. Once they do it is easier the next time and they get wiser. After all this I still have cried for the past three months. I have a hard time accepting it is over. I actually thought that at 62 he was too old. LOL.

vanessa 3 years ago

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smith 3 years ago

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vibesites profile image

vibesites 3 years ago from United States

I was guilty of all the three things. I wallowed in self pity with the thought that the woman was better than I that's why my ex cheated. Now you clear it all up for me. Now I know that they cheat because... they're cheaters! It's in their nature. It has got nothing to do with me or the other woman. It's the cheating guy who's the problem. Thanks for posting. :)

marion langley profile image

marion langley 3 years ago from The Study

You totally called it. Knew a very attractive couple that married and divorced over both the wife and husband cheating. They both went through all three responses...investigating, self-blaming, trying to change things. As I said they divorced...the heart break is they both blamed it on the other and both promptly started up new relationships so you know it'll probably happen all over again cause like you said cheaters are cheaters. The immaturity that contributes to cheating also contributes to the drama! Think people can grow out of it?

Moda 3 years ago

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michael 3 years ago

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nichellewebster profile image

nichellewebster 3 years ago from Silicon Valley

Please don't call the "other woman" pure evil. She might not even have known.

bruno 3 years ago

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radhika 3 years ago

i have been cheated by my bf coz his parents came to know our relation and he choose his parents and left me after being in relation for 3yrs now he changed his number not in contact thru mails and now moved completely out of my life and now he is in his hometown im trying to comeout of this but he left me for his parents can i call him a cheater too

bruno 3 years ago

Hi My name is Bruno Rico' just want to share my experience with the world on how i got my love back and saved my marriage... I was married for 7years with 2kids and we lived happily until things started getting ugly and we had fights and arguments almost every time... it got worse at a point that she filed for divorce... I tried my best to make her change her mind & stay with me cause i loved her with all my heart and didn't want to loose her but everything just didn't work out... she moved out of the house and still went ahead to file for divorce... I pleaded and tried everything but still nothing worked. The breakthrough came when someone introduced me to this wonderful, great spell caster who eventually helped me out... I have never been a fan of things like this but just decided to try reluctantly cause I was desperate and left with no choice... He did special prayers and used roots and herbs... Within 7 days she called me and was sorry for all the emotional trauma she had cost me, moved back to the house and we continue to live happily, the kids are happy too and we are expecting our third child. I have introduced him to a lot of couples with problems across the world and they have had good news... Just thought I should share my experience cause I strongly believe someone out there need's it... You can email him via Don't give up just yet, the different between 'Ordinary' & 'Extra-Ordinary' is the 'Extra' so make extra effort to save your marriage/relationship if it's truly worth it. you can also call (Dr Akhidenor) on +2348161850195.

jaslourdes 3 years ago

what a biased and bigoted perspective on the complexities of human behaviour. first of no mention was made about what to do if the woman cheats in a relationship and no disclaimer dictating that like reasons could be applied to the opposite scenario. secondly, cheating results from different pressures on the relationship depending on what phase the relationship is at, like a couple freshly dating or a geriatric couple where one spouse is incapable and of course everything in between. the simple truth is that "YES" some guys/ women dont respect the sancticity of the comittment their spouse is making for them just as its also true that some cheating results because one spouse is not putting any value in the romance/intimacy thats much needed to keep the relationship alive. ladies/men you could lose your special other if work , children, drinking and any other reason i cant think of now becomes more important to you than that which you took for granted. please do not put any stock in the above article, its obviously her opinion and doesnt reflect the body of knowledge thats out there for anyone realy wishing to educate themselves. P.S. i cant beleive some of the narrow mindedness some comments espouse

es 3 years ago

This is utterly ridiculous and completely unfounded. I personally cheated on my ex a couple of times (and subsequently came clean about it) however I genuinely believe that was because I was not happy with the relationship and was bored. I have been with my partner now for 3 years never have cheated and never will because I'm happy....

mary 3 years ago


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You scammers should be ashamed!!! 3 years ago

I can not believe all of the third world country dwellers, that are trying to profit from people's heart ache. Unlike the above stories my struggle is real. I'm currently in a relationship with my Teenage love. I always thought we had the kind of love that people spend their whole lives searching for. I've come to realize that the whole time we've been together he's looked for attention from other women. Dating websites, sexting with every woman he's come across. As I type this my eyes fill with tears, as I think about all the love and support I've poured into a relationship that was always one sided. Just because he's not having sexual contact with another woman doesn't mean he's not cheating. I've stayed faithful through three prison terms. I've delt with him turning everything around on me. This last situation he was sending a neighbor naked pictures of his d**k, inviting her into our home for sex while I'm at work, and our 10 year old is at school. He's also mentally, and emotionally abbusive. At the end of the same day I found all this out. He came home drunk threating to hit me (which he's never done). He's so good at turning things around I actually sat and thought what did I do wrong???? I love him more then life itself, but to be with a man for 15 years that's always been an undercover dog... Sickens me. How stupid could I actually be. Yet he's admitted to everything. Nothing changes. I forgive and forgive, because I love him. He's also admitted that had I've done anything remotely close to this he would NOT be with me. I write this and know the answer to my own question. Do I forgive him again, because of the fear of being alone, fearing not finding a love that I've found in him. Yet if that's what true love is what the hell is hate. I'm a beautiful, loving, deciated, devoted, loyal, nurturing woman. Who because of this tanted love. Will walk out of this long term one sided relationship broken, and will never be able to trust again. It's all very simple.... If your not happy in a relationship THEN DONT BE IN IT!!! If your happy and content you don't think about cheating. Stop being selfish. He just doesn't want any other man to have what he does, yet another man may appreciate a great woman. To you cheater out there just remember every dog has their day.... I can look myself in the mirror..... Can you???

pinkpixie808 3 years ago

Alright ladies, here is my advice/wisdom whatever you want to call it. I have been married to the same wonderful man for over 21 years. I am so very blessed.That being said, boy was it a daunting,heartbreaking,emotionally,frustrating, winding road to get here.But is was worth all of the pain an anguish and everything in between that I endured along the way. After a very horrible,demeaning,distrustful relationship,that honestly changed me from the core. I was so unbelievably lucky to be able to trust another man again and to have found my better half (truly).We had our bumps in the road,maybe even a detour here and there.We still made a strong,loving foundation to build our lives together on. People always ask, how do you get and maintain such a great marriage.My answer to them is 3 things, trust,respect and honesty.If you have these things you know you've got a keeper.I don't care what anyone says marriage is work.Both people have to have the same core values and want to keep building and working on making it better each day. I promise you do this and you'll see what a beautiful thing love can be. There will be fights,tears,anger and sadness but the strength,trust and good times will make it well worth it in the end,I swear. I have never told my husband to shut up, your stupid,I hate you or any other derogatory comment like these,I've never done it either,hence the respect. I have had my share of screaming accusations,and general mistrust.But these were just a few of the feelings and baggage I'd brought into this relationship from my previous one.I had to work hard on not putting things from my past and reflect them onto this new person in my life.Even though I had no reason to think ill of him in any way. Ladies,if you are being cheated on wether its emotionally,physically or mentaly get out! Run for the hills!! Because like I always say,I'd rather be alone than with someone who made me unhappy.Its just not worth it. If you can say the person your with makes you a better person,or to be a better person.Then their a keeper and worthy of your love.Do not waste another second on someone who hurts you,when there are plenty of men in this world who would want nothing more than to help you heal that same hurt. Think about it. God bless

Antonia 3 years ago

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Emily 3 years ago

I was with a man for almost 6 years. Someone who I thought was my best friend and treated me wonderfully until I faced a very difficult family situation. The truth was we started dating when he was married and his wife was dying of cancer. I had no idea who he was much before - we worked in the same department - but he started coming over all the time and we became friends. And when he wanted more, I pushed him away too many times to count until I finally gave in and I became the "other woman." She found out, and I went away, but he kept coming back to me in tears, telling me I was his soul mate, etc. I fell for it and after she died, we dated for almost 4 years. But he would never commit. And when I had a difficult time in my life, he started talking to another woman at work behind my back. I later found out he was calling her when we weren't together, texting her from my bed, etc. He broke up with me and when straight to her. Told her he loved her 2 days after we broke up. He still swears it was all g-rated and he left because he felt unloved. but I saw his emails to her professing all the same things he did to me years before. He followed the exact same pattern. He was with her for a few months, then called me in tears, asking me to take him back. I foolishly did. Within 5 months, I found out he was still seeing her. I took him back again. Then he moved out of state for a job and we did long distance for 5 months, until he broke up with me and went right back to her. Since then he was texting, calling me, emailing me and I had no idea she was still in the picture. I called him out on it and he said it's just too hard with me... I make him feel bad. He hates himself now and wants to kill himself - kinda funny since he's well enough to be in a relationship with her. I told him to just tell me he doesn't love me and he wants her - but he refuses. He says he loves me and always will and that he misses me so much, but he's afraid. I give up, he's a liar and a cheater, but I should have known that from the start. I later found out in addition to cheating on me with his wife, he cheated on his first wife with his second wife - who he worked with as well. He has a pattern. I just keep thinking maybe he'll change with this woman - she's now talking about moving to be with him. Yet, all I hear is how miserable he is....I keep blaming myself, that maybe she's better and he's getting therapy now, so maybe he'll end up happy with just stings and I can't seem to get passed it.

Rose 3 years ago

I've been with him sir 6 years; in fact he is the first and only man I have been with. After my son turned one I found out that he has been sleeping with my youngest sister for over a year. When I found out I completely shut down. I felt dumb and betrayed. My family disowned me and left town and I was stuck living out of my car with our son. He told me he wanted to do right and build a family. He got an apartment and asked me to move in. I did because I truly did love him and wanted to be a family. Months go by and even though I have forgiven him, I have not let my guards down. A year passes and he tells me he is done trying to work it out and he is prepared to leave me. I beg him to stay and tell him I will try to be more open. He agrees to stay and makes sure to let me know he needs time for himself. Now he comes home 3 to 5 o'clock in the a.m. When I talk to him about the slightest thing he gets very agitated and annoyed. He comes home and mumbles hi and get dressed to leave again. I know u deserve better than this and want to leave. I want to kill myself because this pain is so unbearable. How can he turn around and act like that after I have been so forgiving and loyal to him? I cry every night. I wouldn't wish this feeling on even Hitler himself.

Antonia 3 years ago

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GIB92 3 years ago

My boyfriend and me have been in a four year relationship now and he has cheated on me from get go.... I keep forgiving him and I know I shouldn't I just don't know how to stop and he just recently did it again.... All he does is lie to me too... I just don't know what to do anymore and he thinks everything is just fine and dandy while I'm sitting here hurt and confused and frustrated....!

Jenny 3 years ago

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The Real Answer 2 years ago

Women nowadays are certainly the Biggest Cheaters since they just can't Commit to just only One Man Anymore Today.

A.W. 2 years ago

Not everyone cheats again. I believe you're more than a little biased. Perhaps you're bitter. Where are the statistics to uphold this point?

The Truth 2 years ago

Excuse Me, but it is the Women that are Absolutely The Worst when it comes to Cheating. And they are Very Good at hiding it as well.

Sarah 2 years ago

I'm Sarah. My boyfriend left me for another girl and i loved him with all my heart. There is a day he told me he's no more interested in me any more i tried begging he refuses he told me not to call him again. i went to my friend and i explained what happened then she told me not to worry that there is a site on net that do solve relationship problem. Where i got an email address that he's a spell caster,i emailed him and tell him my problem and asked for help and decided to help me and did a spell for him to come back to me again. 48 hours later my boyfriend came to me on his knees apologizing i thought it was a joke till the next day i got a text on my phone saying he want to see me and still continue apologizing. i will never forget the great man that clean my sorrows and make me who i am today i will remain great full to him and forever because he is real, powerful and he is the greatest spell caster i will believe and i trust. You can contact him on his email address

Newton 2 years ago

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Oni 2 years ago

Making plans to leave this person very soon...

2 years ago

Best post ever read ( and i read lots about this subject)

Elizabeth 2 years ago

I fell in love with Harrison when we were sixteen, but after High School we lost contact and this really affected my metal health. After all this time, I couldn't get him off of my mind cos he was very lively whenever i am around him. I tried 3 online spell which i saw on topic but they stole my money. I was introduce to Dr okannete by a colleague i meant at a seminar in the capital city. I contacted him through email but i was afraid of losing my money again after all the other 3 spell casters done to me, i tried him and it surprisingly worked. Harrison searched for me on Facebook and called me. I was shocked because Dr kannete told me that it will only take 3 days for Harrison to call and it all happened as he said. i gave him my house address and he really came. We both are happy together as lovers. I know that someone out there needs his help. Send him an email through: and tell him that Elizabeth directed you to his temple.

someguy 2 years ago

This is ridiculous, to say dysfunction in a relationship is not a cause of cheating is just stupid, it simply isn't that black and white and each scenario can be different. Granted the majority can be explained away by irresponsibility on "either" side of a relationship regardless of gender, but a relationship in which the needs of one or the other is lacking or the "I'm my own woman i don't change for no man" ideology is also very harmful in a relationship. In a successful relationship sacrifices must be made, sometimes we need to do things for our partners we might not necessarily enjoy but we do it because we love them. A relationship needs to evolve and it needs to evolve together as you are not just one person anymore and selfish decisions affect both partners, the man and the woman both need to respect and acknowledge the needs of their partner so their partner can feel as though what they want and need is being noticed thereby making that person feel loved. If i was to maintain the attitude that I'll just do as i want and "change for no one" and ignore what my girlfriend was to ask of me then i would only have myself to blame when she seeks else where for what she wants, i accept this idea isn't pretty and probably goes against out moral idea's of how mature we consider ourselves to be but never the less people will still contest that they cheated because something was lacking in their previous relationship and is now being provided else where, to say cheaters cheat because they are cheaters and that is all they will do is just naive and not all cheating can be put in this small box.

I am 21 years old and in a 4 year relationship that has gone with no complications due to the fact we have both been willing to change for each other because we love each other, changes on my part alone have been physical and emotional and if these changes were not made then i cant be certain things would have gone so well for so long.

Free your mind of the idea that changing for your partner is a sign of weakness, that is your pride talking and pride is the biggest weakness of the human mind, changing for the one you love is a sign of love but you should expect the same compassion back.

BIZ 2 years ago

what a piece of garbage. "cheaters cheat". You cant just generalize an action like that. I¨ve been a cheater. And that was the dumbest thing i´ve ever done. That made me realize how much i loved my girlfriend. I told her about it and she broke up with me. I spended 3 months, just chasing her. She took me back but couldnt get over the cheating part, which eventually led to her breaking up with me. I cheated, but if i wouldnt have i would never know how much i loved her, and i would´ve never appreciated her as much as she deserved. Now she is with another guy, and probably happier then she was with me before i cheated. She deserves that, and i am happy for her, even if i am a mess... Cheaters dont cheat, they are the one that eventually gets hurt..

Becky Kelly 2 years ago

I promise to share my story

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ANDY 2 years ago

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Harvey norah 2 years ago

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sorrowful 2 years ago

I was in a relationship with a married man. This man was 23 years older than I was. He actually propositioned me and told me the relationship between he and his wife was not a good one. I believed him. None the less, I told would not do it but for months he called me every night and said and did all the right things. One day we actually had sex and then it became official. To make a long story short...his wife called me and said the most insulting things to me...she wanted to know what her husband and I did (she wanted the details). I told her I will not say anything about her husband behind his back. She called me a whore and the funny thing is her husband convinced me that he and I were doing the right thing....I really fell in love with of now he no longer calls me because I told him that a male friend and I are reconnecting. He then proceeded to insult me and has stopped calling me he said he needs things in his house to die down then we can start up again. ...but I don't want to start anything. ...I just want to be friends. ...he hurt me so much because he didn't stick up for me and he too pushed me aside....I feel so dirty and used. How do I get over the hurt he has caused?

Mireille 2 years ago

so what your saying is, that once he's cheated on you he will continue to cheat regardless of how he knows it made you feel, how he almost lost everything....he will still return to his cheating ways?....maybe not straight away but will at some point?

I've been with my husband for 12yrs...married 10...he told me 3mth ago he cheated on me and was so sorry that it was only the once...I felt he was lying to me so did some digging around found pictures of himself (naked)...I confronted him with these images and he finally told me he joined a sex web site and had met 3 women for sex....he slept with 2 of them more than once....he has vowed to me he will never do it again, and he loves me and doesn't want to loose me...I love him too so have given him a second I waisting my time???...will I be in this place again in a few months, years?

sorrowful 2 years ago

He kissed my bellybutton. ...the first was forced....then he never did it again....

Just saying 2 years ago

Maybe man are just cheating because they have to little attention.

Cause I can't imagin that someone would cheat just to hurt his partner.

Very Seriously 2 years ago

Usually women are the Biggest Cheaters, and always will be.

confidential 2 years ago

Different from other comments here. In my case im the other woman. I met this guy while i my self was in a relashionship. My boyfriend of 8 years had been the type if man who is very macho and after all the time spent i still had to begg him to tell me he loved me. I started to not care and go out with my friends till i saw a guy i had met maybe 5 years before.. I had always felt atracted to him but it never crossed my mind to cheat on my hoyfriend before.. So when i saw this guy again we kind of cliked exept for now he was married. We started hanging out more since we both shared mutual friends and started realuzing how much we had in common. So we fell in love.. We dated for about 4 monthswith out either of our significant others knowing.. He would tell me he wanted to leave her and that he didn't care if she found out about us since.he felt he couldnt tell her himself. He posted I LOVE YOU on my facebook page.. Of course she and everybody saw it. He didnt care.. He said i was his soulmate the person he wishd he marrie. He went very public w his feelings towards me. He even told his family he wanted to divorse her. So the day he deaides to ask her for divorse she tells him she just found out shes pregnant. His family goes against him leaving her.since shes having his baby so we broke up. And didnt see each other for a really long time. Untill one day. Was very akward but he tells me he thinks about me evry day and the.onlt reason hes still there is cuss his beautiful baby boy. MY POINT IS THAT NOT ALL MEN CHEAT ON BAD TERMS SUMTIMES THE WIVES JUST DO THE IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP THEM TIED!

Hellsbells606 2 years ago

How u get them is how u loose them..... I met my x 14yrs ago... He was n a relationship but it seemed jus casual.... I fell in love with him n wanted him so bad I never did anything til he ended it.... We were together for 14yrs in which he did cheat n I knew he did.... I loved him tho.... But 6weeks ago he left for his latest fling n left our 2 children too.... As I said the way u get them is the way u loose em.... Some men jus have that cheating gene no matter how good u treat them......

Movingforward 2 years ago

I disagree about not launching an investigation. I tried to not do that and did know something was not right, but the uncertainty kept me in the web of his game even though I was stubborn and resisted and reluctantly tried to open myself up to giving this man I cared for so much a chance, so, I decided that getting up off my butt and checking into things would confirm what my intuition alarms were screaming out for me to do. A now - police Lieutenant that I knew from many years back, came back in my direction acting like he wanted us to take things further.. Without going into a lot of detail, I noticed he was selling his house. He did not mention any of it to me (red flag!). So that right there told me there was something very wrong if you are dating someone and talking about getting together at retirement, blah blah blah, and not telling them about a big move like that. I noticed disappearing acts, and over- the -top excuses, so I began doing a few drive - by's and noticed his cars were never there at night anymore. Then I looked on the real estate add and seen photos of the interior and it was bone dry empty.. So, I knew he had to be staying somewhere else. I put off investigating until I woke up one night in an almost anxiety attack state with a nagging feeling to get up and go find out what was going on. So, instead of ignoring my internal alarm bells, I went with the flow and took action as I felt something was pushing me to get up and just find out, I desperately needed answers so I can put thing to rest and make a logical decision.. Thought, maybe his cars were at his moms house nearby in the area to justify this awful painful feeling and told myself, stay calm, don't jump to conclusions, verify and keep doing so until insisting on concluding what I just knew was the case anyway, I just lacked factual proof, so I checked there waiting late enough at night to give him time to be home, NOTHING! I just knew he had to have another woman, because of all the things adding up.. So, he said something weird to me once that came out of the blue about buying a house with a woman that did not work out and this was while he was apparently pursuing things with me which suddenly felt painful and downright confusing! As if he had no conscience about it in the way it popped out (Giant red flag)! In my mind, I was thinking WTH just happened and is he joking to say this out of nowhere, was it a hint, or the alcohol he just drank - It felt emotionally abusive in that moment, it was awful, like he changed into a different entity? He had also been slipping a name, twice on past dates. So, I started asking him directly if he has a new home with another woman, he said. NO! I would ask again at random, he would avoid answering or divert the conversation on to other things. I got fed up as I began to notice more inconsistencies in his routines, tone and odd behavior which was obvious and I wanted information and closure FAST in order to peacefully walk away from his game without any further questions! My investigation, resulted in the discovery that, he purchased a home on Nov. 15 with another high ranking police woman in his department. So, here's where it get's even more absurd. I called and asked him to meet so we can have a discussion as there were some important things I needed to inform him about and that it was important for me to do this in person, not via phone or email, because I wanted to see the expression on his face during my interrogation. Which, I was very calm and nice about because I knew all I needed to know, but wanted to get a better idea of his character by watching him for about an hour as I carefully chose which examples of off putting things he had been doing which gave off lots of red flags to dole out and observe his response.. He kept denying everything and after an hour, I figured it was just time for me to calmly and in a matter of fact way, tell him exactly what I knew that he did recently. I told him since you are not willing to be open and honest about your plans and actions after not informing me of recent big decisions and changes you have implemented into your life, I know you are living with someone.. He denied it AGAIN! Then I said, I know all about it now, you put me in a position to waste my valuable time and energy to confirm I was not part of some sort of sick game. I discovered you purchased a home this past month with another woman. Not only is she just another woman, but a female police Lieutenant in your department and she also has no clue about me and from the looks of it, you were going to keep this double life you of yours going. Oh, and the strange part is, this man did start only confessing that he had multiple long term relationships with other women - that he is selling his house, but falsely claimed (insisting) that he is still there (yeah-right!), but refused to mention anything about the woman he bought the other house with.. I felt, heartbroken, depressed, stressed out, humiliated, fooled and betrayed because I knew this man for over 20 years - there was a time we went our separate ways, but whenever we did re-connect we did so as if we never lost touch like we did at one point for about 6 years as I decided to leave him alone because of his serial dating. Now, I realize, I never really knew how bad he really was thinking that his lies about dating others was bad enough.. Seeking information was the best thing I ever did along with calling him out on his BS, because I considered myself at least to be a true friend of his and when you care about your friends, no matter how tough it is, someone has to bring their faults up and lay them out on the table evenb if it causes embarrassment for either party, because he had a habit of serial dating when he was young, but since he's much - much older now, I thought, maybe I could put the past behind, but he is worse than ever, with his deceit, trickery and psychological games. There is so much this man has done, I just can't mention in this post, but part of me feels so empowered because I was proactive in not just sitting back or walking away, I wanted complete closure from my own safety, well-being and piece of mind, and no longer have to wonder why, who, when or what - any longer all because I checked him out. Forget all the nonsense about society labeling you as some sort of stalker, there is a difference between stalking and getting information that can save your health, valuable time, energy and sanity from this type of abuse from a man.. Sad, due to the history of knowing him, but he's not right in the mind, and I had to finally accept it and if I did not investigate, who knows what kind of mind games he would have still come back later on to pull on me..AGAIN ! He could have put me in so much danger because of who this woman is in his department and town, it was as if he was playing a game of Russian roulette of lets see how far I can go before I get caught with consequences.. It's devastating to know you loved and cared for someone with such a dangerous personality.. I recommend checking things out, but once you find out, handle it gracefully. It took a little time to think it over and my approach was not to retaliate or expose him, which by all means he absolutely deserves because he's betraying a woman he works with. But, I am afraid of other women because the last time I tried to warn a woman she had a predator at her door she turned on me, to compete for him.. So, I promised myself, that if I ever get deceived or played again, the next woman is just going to have to get damaged and hurt to find out the hard way, just like I did, because sometimes trying to help others gets you in trouble... I am sad for the loss of what I thought could have been, but the person I now seemingly imagined him to be, was not in reality who he really was. So glad I checked things out, because when you don't and just end it based on your feeling or intuition without direct proof and facts to add to that can make you vulnerable with that same person should they ever return 20 years later with charm and insincerity.. Not worth it!

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WifeyStyle 2 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Great article, however I do believe that women should investigate. You should have proof when you confront your partner with something as serious as infidelity.

sandy 2 years ago

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Dr Max Zuma 2 years ago

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lucas 2 years ago

holy estrogen

relationship counselors would tell you your wrong and you didn't full on avoid the fact that women cheat a lot all you ladies need to get one is be alone.

ashley 2 years ago

I been in a relationship with a guy for three years he have seven kids n I have none I continued to love him couples of months I found out he was still having relations with one of his kids mother in that made me talk to my ex just cuts I was hurt but came to agreement that we wanted to work it out just when I thought it was getting better we had went to red lobster in a woman had approached our table in said you welcome I questioned him n he said that was a stalker I lnew

BECKY 2 years ago

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testimony 2 years ago

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look I beleive what my gut says Im sorry,. Even if I cant actually prove he cheated by proof . Ive been with him For 4 yrs. I know him pretty well seeing ad how weve spent everyday together. Its also  2 years ago

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maria 2 years ago

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why me :( 2 years ago

I met my husband about 3 years ago when we first started dating everything was perfect, and when i say perfect i mean PERFECT, But sure enough like every relationship things start to get rough and we got through them. he joined the army last year im 19 hes 22 so you know under the circumstances we got married but even before then things were going horribly wrong honestly i had to beg him to marry me , now that right there i should have known i shouldn't be getting married AT ALL! But anyway i did it cause i loved him so much and was desperate to be with him. So we got married, fast forwsrd to now about a month ago he starts talking to other women on social networks and didnt come home one night it was the worst and i started asking myself what am i lacking that makes him want to cheat?? he told me i act dumb thats why he does it, i admit i did act like i didn't have common sense sometimes so i worked hard to make myself better, and i did. So after that whole fiasco he tells me he wants us to move forward and he not gonna talk to other women but that didnt last long he does it again and i catch him, we fight then he says he isn't gonna do it again. BUT NOW HE KEEPS doing it, SO FUCK HIM!! i deserve so much better i never cheated on him and i know it is not a hard task it is very simple actually but he see it as not a big deal, so this is the last straw! I hate playing detective going through his phone i just cannot trust him to not cheat and he prove me right EVERY TIME! so you know what im outta here, its too bad that i had to come all the way to texas from Georgia only being our first month living together that he is a cheater so im going to end this now im only 19 and i need to be starting college but i didn't cause i was waiting til i moved out here, THE BIGGEST MISTAKE! since im only 19 i have my whole life ahead of me and i know there is someone out there that will value a relationship just as much as i do so im not even gone stess about this even though it HURTS SO BAD, GOD IT HURTS ME TO THE CORE,but i gotta love myself first and i realize that i am worth more than this to be hurt so bad

Disgraced 2 years ago

@confidential. I am a married woman with two children, my husband slept with this girl who he had known for a while, a week after losing my baby this girl told me about him and her and she had the same attitude as you. Woman who go after married men are absolutely disgraceful human beings... That is a family you are destroying! How can you live with yourselves?! If I ever met the woman who came into my home and slept with my husband knowing that he was married with two beautiful little children I would literally kill her..the dirty tramp!! She knew me and him were going through a really tough time and took advantage of the situation. I hope in future women like you think about the innocent lives you are destroying before you act like hookers. As it is two years down the line we are just recovering from the incident and my children have suffered tremendously. I had to move back to my mums, We have had to move out of our family home, they have moved school and my eldest has heard me cry myself to sleep. They have only now settled, It's disgusting, all done over a one night stand that really wasn't worth it!... Moral is if they are in a relationship especially if they are married and absolutely if there are children involved...dont even go there!!

cynthia 2 years ago

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moongirl52 2 years ago

OK's what I am struggling with. I have been married for 13 years. My second, his third. We are older-late 50s. While we have a decent marriage, we have some issues...I think he drinks too much, he thinks I am too rigid. I honestly feel he doesn't "like" me much, but I know he loves me-if that makes sense. All of a sudden he has struck up a "friendship" with a woman he met at a medical supply store. She is divorced with two kids. He has gone to her house to help her with some building issues. I found out through a notification that our texting on our joint cell phone account was going over. When I looked online I found ALOT of texts to and from this woman. When I asked him about it he told me he was a shoulder for her to cry on. She is in a bad relationship and asks his advice. I think he is being naïve. Now I snoop. Can't help myself. Via social media I know he is in contact with her BUT not with his cell phone. I have a feeling he is cheating-if not physically at least emotionally. Am I wrong to feel this way? He told me because I found out about the texts I made him feel like less of a Apparently I am not supposed to question him. He also said he has seen me be friendly to men at work-ok, I deal with the public, I kind of have to be. The difference is I don't continue to be nice to them after they leave the office-no contact at all. Am I wrong to have this gut feeling that there is more to this? I want to talk to the woman but just don't want to deal with the consequences at home once I do. Any advice?

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saunie 21 months ago

question, i have been married for 23 years at the time this happened ,my husband cheated on me with a women across the road,, then he left me for her this happened just days before our 23rd wedding anniversary..also the first anniversary of my mothers death wich sent me into a mental breakdown ,he left her twice came home to me the left me again ..begged her to join him again at the beach sent her money to come on by the way he sold OUR atv "s to buy HER a car well she took his money and had her man tell him he waas day he calls me for the FIRST time ..i spend my own money and go get him it has been 9 months now he is still here but i can not get passed knowing I AM SECOND CHOICE ,I THE WIFE AM A REBOUND WHAT DO I DO???

alwayslily 20 months ago

Aug 2014, was my 30th year anniversary, I was already picking up on the "tells" that we women start sensing and catching, on labor day she texted me their very raunchy texts to each other, then she sent me pics of them, hr "swore" someone was "pranking me" but I knew better, he said everything was alright, hehe actually left for work one morning 2 wks before Christmas and never came back, called, texted, emailed, nothing...I packed all his belongings and put them in the garage, three days before Christmas he showed up, he stayed until the day after Christmas, left again and has not returned, he texts me on new years eve, he texted me "hi" two weeks after that, he texted me "I miss you" two weeks ago, I did not, have not responded to any of his texts, he is too cowardly to talk to me, he hasn't even broken things off with me up to this date! I don't know what he thinks, but cheaters will always be cheaters, I gave him all my love, loyalty, commitment, joy, everything, in our 30 years, but I will NEVER take him back, he will get all that is coming to him because you cannot evade karma, it will get you no matter what, or no matter how much time passes, I am building a new life for myself, it has been rough, but every day it gets better, and I feel real bad for him because he will never be a complete happy man, he had the Scarlett A letter imprinted on him, and though its not visible to the eye, those who know us, of our years together, that's the thing they see now when they run into him the Scarlett "A" all over his face, aura, soul!! good luck to all those suffering out there, stay strong and stay true to yourself, love to all!!

asmith176 17 months ago

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Johnc240 17 months ago

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Johnc143 17 months ago

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Nancy 13 months ago

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bella 12 months ago

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carol 6 months ago

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SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 6 months ago from USA

Spells will not get your lover back. Besides, if you read the article, you would know that you don't WANT a cheater back.

Shelly 3 months ago

I have a 1 year old and in 3 months pregnant and I just found out that he was on a dating website named tagged I don't know if anyone know that are not can anyone help me in only 20 and he is 26 please help me

Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah Demander 2 months ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

Sad, what we put ourselves through.

Great article. The bottom line is CHRATER CHEAT.

You do t have do do anything better or different. A cheater, man or woman, will cheat.

Thanks for writing.

Jasmine 2 months ago

Thank you

Dagny 2 months ago

We dated for 3 years and always been nice. I trust him because i was never the jealous type and he always told me whenever he met up with an ex, i believed him. He didn't have a phone back and spend most of his time with me. The end of our 3rd year he got himself a phone and i was excited coz then we can communicate easily. But then the texting was less frequent each day, one day he just stopped texting and always had an excuse to not meet me. i found out from a friend that he caught him in a coffee shot talking with a girl. After days trying to find out who the girl is, one of my other friend who was also his, told me that she was a girl he's been trying to hit. I was in extreme pain hearing that. We got back together because he promised not to contact the girl anymore. 2 weird months went by and i caught him texting her again. and that's it, you're right, once a cheater always a cheater. I left and he begged for me to meet him once more time, i refused.

Dagny 2 months ago

And by the way all the comments here, people sharing the experience, help me as much as this article does. Just to know that i am not alone and there are people out there who went through the same thing and is able to walk away AND be happier, makes me feel more optimistic about this journey I'm in on forgetting my ex and start to focus on myself.

wtf 2 months ago

I see comments about "maybe they cheat coz they didnt get enough attention" or "maybe theres something wrong with you" "maybe they get bored of you". THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE. Of course that can be a problem, but a problem TO TALK ABOUT. You either want to fix it together to be a better couple or LEAVE. CHEATING IS NOT AN OPTION.

joel 2 months ago

bollocks, folks cheat as they are not satisfied, simples

Divya 2 months ago

+ Pity Me stfu

AshelyRosalinda 2 months ago

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michelle 2 months ago

i suspected that my boyfriend of six months was cheating with this girl he was texting .saw i took her number without him knowing and texted the girl interogating . after i felt guilty and told him thats what i had done .hez so angry with me am afraid he will leave me

kay 2 months ago

I think when your married it hurts more because you made a vow under God. When your dating you can always just walk away because there is no marriage. Not saying it doesn't hurt. When you have children in a marriage it is hard to leave because you want to protect your kids from not knowing whats going on. So many people thought it would not happen to them but the devil is so evil and wicked that he will find a way. I thank God for his strength and love for me. I have been married for 9 years. I have trusted my husband to be faithful to me. It is hard when you think that the only person in your life had your back didn't. But I must say that the only way to overcome cheating in a marriage or relationship is to pray. Pray to God to help you restore your marriage or relationship and he will mend your broken heart and your relationship. There is a book called the power of a praying wife and also the power of a praying woman by Stormie Omartian. A really nice author about praying to fix your relationship. Trust in God who will give us strength.

kadi 2 months ago

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felicia 2 months ago

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anonymous 7 weeks ago

A cheater cheats. It has nothing to do with you. It always is about them. Cheaters perceive "Who makes me look best?"

They do not give a damn about you and they do not look back. Ever.

Thank God you were not saddled with their narcissism.

Monica 6 weeks ago

my husband broke up with me about two weeks ago, he didn’t give me a reason why, he just told me that he wanted to be honest and that he didn’t love me any more, I loved him so much but he does is to travel with different girls to unknown destination, I was all over the internet trying to find who could help me out with my situation but no results at all or little signs, I was about to give up, then luckily i found (robinson.buckler @ yahoo. com in the internet, that this spell helped a woman who had the same issue as mine, when i contacted Mr Robinson , he said he will help me and just as he said, I received a call from my husband begging to reunite with me again, i accepted him and things really changed he stopped his bad habit, We came back together and I was astounded because so many say they are the best but can’t back it. but Mr Robinson buckler really surprised me with his spell ,

Rachel 6 weeks ago

I disagree with the last I think men sometimes cheat because they don't feel appreciated enough in the relationship. But he has to be willing to work to change to make sure it doesn't happen again. If he's not willing to go to a therapist to work on your issues he's not worth it.

Fred 6 weeks ago

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SNEHA 6 weeks ago

my husband was not responsible towards my child & me. I was haveing a chat friend . he was 20 years at 2010 i was 25 years. I always share abt. my problem. 14 feb. 2011 he proposed me. But i gnores at last on 25 march 2011 i expected only because his exam. he was enable to concentrat his sudies.

we met on haji ali ,at mumbai. he given me lots of promiess. from 2012 he stated forcing me for sex. I told me that when he will marry me I will alow with him. simple huggung & muchi was going on.

due to age difference & I have one child I explined him several time that I m going to stop the relationship he promised me that he will be with at every movemt of my life. 2013 he lost his father due to HIV & his mother is haveing some. He rquested me that "PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ME AT THIS STAGE". he married by isslamic kubul. I always took care when ever he come from south to north While return I pack food & scnaks. he always says that his fried says that your beloved is loving you very deeply marry her. During Ramzan he stays one month I serveved him.night he fight with me up till 2am for sex . I will be getting 1 hr. sleep. again mor. 3am i wolk up for preparing food as iftiyari. at 9. am i go for work. return at 6;30pm i prepar snack for him for mazid.

I alway call him when ever he travels 2016 july i was tring his no. from 9:00pm to mor. A girl picked cal & informed me that their are in relaion from one month . they were together from last night. I was broken the person who told me that when he will get govt. job. he will take care of me. & my child. When i enquired abt. he TOLD ME GET LOST FROM MY LIFE GET MARRY. SOCH LO BURA SAPNA DEKHA. I WAS HAVE LUST WITH YOU. NOT A LOVE. I WANT TO BE RINRELATION WITH THIS GIRL. NOW THREE MONTH MON PASSED. EVEN DURING FEB.2015 I CELEBRATED VELETI'DAY WITH HIM BY GIVING HIM A SEPRISE CAKE.

Kobrien 4 weeks ago

Not all men or women cheat because they are unhappy or dis - satisfied.

Nor Am I saying to put up with it. Temptation has and will always be a issue in the human race. The media and advertising sure get there hands dirty in the message they get accross. I am a graphic designer. I don't think people realize that at least 90% of ads you look at have underlying messages. Sex Sex Sex. Seach videos that show you sexual messages in ads and commercial, children's cartoons, logos and more. Good one is how sketch artist start cartoon character's with a sexual organ.

With bill boards on the sides of roads that say" Life is to short , have an affair or cheat. " when society accepts adultery their are consequences. Besides Divorce or angry partner. People will continue to have their cake and eat it to. There are few cases of a husband or wife that felt so bad they told spouse and remained faithful. Majority that cheat can and will do it again. Yes I agree that your spouse is 100% At fault. The mister or mistress is at fault when they knowingly participate and know they are married. In the bible it states not only is the spouse committing adultery other involved person that knows they are married are also commiting adultry. I think they should pass laws on adultry. Other country's and some US states gave already Done so.

Maridol 4 weeks ago

3 months after our beautiful wedding and lovely honeymoon my husband had an affair. That was 2 years ago and I can't get it out of my head. His attitude is "so what I had an affair. Get over it" out of sheer grief and insanity I had a revenge affair. Told my husband and he hit me on 4 different occasions. All I want is to get away from him. I leave him he bombards me with loving messages... He is very manipulative and controlling. I am his 3rd wife he cheated on his other 2 wife's not with me as I wouldn't date a married man. Stupidly I thot he loved me enough not to cheat I thot he's older and wiser but I was wrong! What chance does anybody think this marriage has?

Randy 4 weeks ago

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maria Jossy 3 weeks ago

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Martha 3 weeks ago

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Velvet norman 3 weeks ago

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Monica 3 weeks ago

I've been so stupid. I honestly thought this was the one. The men I would live with force be rest of my life. Sometimes we think we know everything. It turns out We don't knows a thing. 3 weeks ago he left his old iPhone on the dresser. He took the new 7 with him. Same as almost every morning We kissed good bye He left for work and I stayed to do the bed and clean up a little. His cell buzzed I thought it was strange considering that it was no longer in service. So I looked... His screen was locked but you can still see the sender and the first part of the msg. Some were harmless but there were to from a women name Sandra from a websit called I thought it might be a work websit or something. When we love someone we automatically try to put things in to "good prospective" but something told me to look it up. So I did... It turned out to be a sit that people use to met other people through pictures. My body froze. I was hoping that maybe it was from a time that we were not together. We've had a lot of ups and downs. I reacted fast and conected to the websit throw my facebook page. I hid my basic information and changed my name. I up loaded a fake picture as well. I looked him up by his full name. Under men, his age rang (in case he lied), and to the rest all that applied. A lot of diffrent pictures came up. There he was... A picture that he has on the side of his stomach. He had only switch a letter of his first name, same city, no last name, and no face. Just his upper body. I knew it was him. It showed coments under his picture from 3 women. They were flirty and one especially and his reply was As well. It was from 4 weeks ago. We were together at that time. There goes my heart. As I was checking his profile he received a msg from the websit letting him know that me(under my fake profile) was looking at his profile. Among the women who had liked his picture was the women he had two messiges from. I messaged her. I was polite and straight to the point. Honest and clear. She was very helpful. I haven't spoken to him in person. I confronted him over the phone but he denied everything. I can't believe him. What am I suppose to do now. I'm not afraid of being alone. I'm afraid of making the wrong choice

bella 7 days ago

I seriously don't know what to do. I just found out 2 weeks ago that my boyfriend cheated on me with his ex. I feel like im going crazy. I never thought that he could do that to me. We were already together for more than a year. I was 22 when i first met him. He's my first boyfriend. I gave him everything and trusted him. I am aware that he cheated before and got cheated back by his ex so he told me that he is a changed man and he would never cheat on me. 2 weeks ago i found out that he cheated on me back in 2013, a month after we celebrate our first anniversary. He cheated on me with one of his ex! i just found out about it. I've been asking him for the past 3 years if that was true, coz the girl told me that they had sex 3 years ago and He told me it wasnt true and that i should believe him. And now i made him to confess because his ex is threatening him that she would send photo so he doesnt have any choice but to confess that it really happened. Right now we already have a baby and im pregnant with our 2nd baby. Imagine i just found out that he cheated on me 3 years later after it happened. Im really going crazy. I want to turn back the time but i cant. Should i still trust him? i dont know what to do. I srsly dont. He's been saying the same thing he said 4 years ago that he's a changed man, and he changed after that. Can really cheaters change? Im pregnant and im going crazy, everyday i wake up and just thinking to just end my life since this is all a mistake. Please someone help me. Did anyone experience the same situation?

jane 5 days ago


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mixie 4 days ago

I agree that if you plan to stay with a cheater don't try to find any information. However, in my case I needed it in my state in order to file for a divorce and come out of the relationship. You can't just say I think he is courts want proof or you end up spending a lot of time and money to fight it out! Finding out was hard, but I was relieved that I wasn't crazy and it's making my divorce go a lot smoother. He would never confess; therefore, I did the best thing for me...find out, no doubt, move on!!!

Johanna 2 days ago

I used to think magick was bogus but after George left me I felt open-minded to try it. Maybe I was desperate too. But this is real! alfredhealinghome(@) restored the love we had for each other. And now he proposed as Dr. Alfred promised he would! I am your friend forever and very grateful for all of this................Johanna

Liza 32 hours ago

my husband has been doing alot behind me which i dont know about but thanks to tang for helping me hacking his phone for knowing all he has been doing behind me if you need someone to help you here is tang mail ..


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