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Manipulative Games Women Play on Guys

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Have you ever noticed that women can be quite manipulative? Mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, lovers, and mistresses all know how to do it, but I would like to focus specifically on games that women play on their significant others.

So guys, pray to your Heavenly Father to always protect you from falling into the hands and lures of a perfect female manipulator because when you do, you might not be able to come out unscarred. You think you are a strong man? Just wait until you encounter her.

In this piece I intend to come to men's rescue by pointing out those little ways in which they could be coming under manipulative attacks, even when they don't recognize it.

1. Praising

All of a sudden, she’s constantly praising you. In almost everything you do, you get the praise reward. And you know what? Your head starts to swoon and you start thinking you are the greatest guy on earth.

It’s not like praising someone is bad. No, not at all. In fact, it is one of the most important ways of showing appreciation and people love to be appreciated. But a close observer will find it peculiar that the praise frequency has increased. Hmmm. At such times, that is when I advise any sensible guy to watch out for it because that is usually when she will make a demand that you might not be able to turn down without feeling bad.

She's working and counting on this emotional angle. She knows it works effectively and so should you.

2. Crying

No one likes to see a crying or weeping woman, especially a very pretty woman you feel something for. It's really touching because she can appear to be so weak and defenseless. The manipulative woman knows this and she’s more than ready to use it to her advantage once you give her the opportunity.

She knows how emotional you can get. Oh, you think men aren’t emotional? Take it from me; men are emotional, but they have been socially conditioned to hide their emotional side.

There’s only one way to stop a beautiful lady from crying, especially that lady who really means something to you: you give in.

You may not know it, but she is smiling inwardly. And believe it or not, mothers know how to effectively make use of this strategy the best!

3. Pet Names

Pet names are used to establish fondness and familiarity. Couples are known to use funny pet names with meanings only they can understand.

For the men, he may call his wife a pet name like “honey”, “darlin”, and many other meaningless stuff of that nature, but the bottom line is that it’s all mechanical to him. Nothing is seriously implied or intended except in the case of…you are supposed to know what I am driving at by now.

But to the woman, it is much more than that. She knows how to put her guy's pet name into valuable and rewarding use.

She has mastered how to coo his pet name in a very soft and gentle manner. She perfectly knows how to moan it into his ears. And all at once, the poor fella is standing at attention and alert like a dog waiting to heed to his master’s calling.

4. Touching

The power of the human touch should never be underestimated. You can transmit a wide range of varying information to the other person by simply touching him/her.

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Where you touch a woman only shows what you have on your mind, and since we all know what many men have on their minds, we can agree that men are not at liberty to touch women, especially in the public where they are supposed to act like gentlemen. But women have this natural advantage in that they can touch a man, even in the public, and only the man will know that this touch is very different.

A perfect female manipulator knows how to touch her guy and how long she will allow the touch to last while communicating her intent with her eyes. With this manipulative move, the guy will become helpless at her mercy!

5. Comparing

When she wants to get things done her way, she may try this comparing strategy. She won’t directly table her demands, rather she will just tell you that you have done the same thing for her friends, neighbors, or some other person she knows. Don’t you get it? She’s telling you that she doesn’t want to be left out!

And you know what? It works!

It works because many people, especially men, don’t like to be compared to others. It can make someone boil inside when all your shortcomings are presented before you. You know it is going to be very bad if other women come out in public and the only odd one out is your woman and it is all because of you. You know it is not a good idea for a man to be known (even by many people who will never get to know him personally) as that stingy man who could not provide “such a simple thing” for his woman.

In adverse cases, some women are known to have even gone as far as suggesting and even going as far as helping other women to look “elsewhere” for solution/s to their "problems" thereby opening the door for all sorts of extramarital affairs, STDs and in some cases even divorce.

This is a great temptation on the man and so to prevent all that, he may just have to cave in.

6. Obedience and Submissiveness

The good book needn’t have specified that women should do this. Any woman who wants to get her way with her man knows that this is one of the most effective ways to get the man to bend to her wishes.

All a man wants is an obedient and submissive woman who will respect and shower him with love. He does not want a boss in the home.

When a woman shows obedience to her man, she increases her chance of getting whatever she wants from him through persuasion by tenfold.

Granted some men know how to abuse a woman’s obedience and submissiveness, but that will be a subject for another article some other time.

7. Avoiding

She may start getting you to notice her by avoiding you. You will notice that there is an inexplicable distance between the two of you and you will start to wonder what is it you are not doing right anymore.

She knows what you are going through and that’s exactly how she wants you to feel.

Normally, most people only value something when they are about to lose it. So by presenting herself in that manner, she is sending you the warning that you are about to lose her.

And if she happens to be your “one in a million”, then you are in real trouble. This silence can even lead to serious emotional breakdown.

Therefore, playing this type of card in manipulation is often the most dangerous. This is because men, being highly visual, can easily lose attention because of the several distractions that they experience in the form of other women. He may just decide to avoid you too because he is incapable of handling the extra emotional burden that you have suddenly become. Worse still, he might stumble upon someone better than you in the process.

In the end, instead of getting him to come your way, you achieve the opposite by chasing him away, maybe even for good!

But that is not the problem for the perfect “mistress” of the game. She knows when to stop. She knows when and how to signal to the man that it was nothing but just “fronting”. She knows how to apologize without even saying the words and most importantly she knows how to use this new war front strategy of giving up to her advantage which will invariably make the man ‘feel” powerful but this will even make it easier for her to get him to acquiesce to her demands!

A perfect woman manipulator? Fear her!

8. Nagging and Bombarding

Many times, men complain that their wives or women are always nagging them. I know it could be a terrible burden for the man and most times the only way to get her to stop is by consenting to her verbal barrage.

Another form of nagging could come in the bombarding of the man’s life in whatever way she can. This bombarding could be in the form of constant phone calls, text messages, and emails.

She may keep on doing it until the man has no choice but to understand that she can be quite a pest.

In case you don’t know, nagging could be a weapon of obtaining what you want because the man is more than tired of hearing the same complaints, the same demands, the same old story…

But women also know that nagging could also invite a lot of trouble for them. It could also be one sure fire way of getting the man to commit wife bashing and battery!

9. Seduction

This is one thing every woman knows how to do and they have all the tools at their disposal to make things go their way—almost all the time.

The greatest weapon at their disposal is of course their luscious bodies.

Just by revealing some flesh here and there or by smooching the man heavily, women make men with red blood running through their veins lose total control, especially if the man has a history of lack of self-control.

There is a way she might give you that promising “under the eyelashes” look and you get the lust filled and tempting messages at once without you needing anybody to help you in figuring things out.

Women are able to succeed in this so well because they know that nature has cursed men with one severe affliction—an insatiable desire for sex! And seduction is usually the forerunner to sex.

So as long as the man believes he is going to get his fix at the end of the day, he might not care about whatever the woman is suggesting, even if it may appear absurd to him at some other time.

But for now, his whole body, mind and, soul are united and focused on one thing alone.

Ride on baby, your wish is my command!

10. Sex

This is the ultimate one. Any woman who knows her way around this interesting topic will always know how to rein any man in.

This is simply because even if the man does not like you, he won’t be in such a haste to throw away the baby with the water. He will always want that girl who knows how to give it to him and that means…he will always come back.

Which means the lady can always get a second chance to manipulate and subtly table her request repeatedly until it is done!

Last Word

A perfect female manipulator is an enigma to behold. She knows how to keep guys on her beck and call. Don’t blame her. She is able to do this so well because she has taken the time to study men and understand men psychology so as to effectively code how they may react to different situations.

If you are a lady reading this and you think you have been found out, listen to me, you have no reason to panic. Just remember what I said earlier, most men don’t even know it when you are doing it to them. But, even if they know, they don’t give a damn.

And that’s usually because he knows that his reward for giving into your antics could be great in…da bed!

Questions & Answers

Question: Would you consider yourself a misogynist? And if not, how do you justify such an article?

Answer: I don't consider myself a misogynist. I consider myself as someone who just says it as it is. That's why I wrote such an article.

Question: What inspired you to "say it as it is" in this article? I applaud you for your honesty!

Answer: Thank you for appreciating my honesty.

The thing is that sometimes, it pains me a lot seeing some things some men actually do go through with in the hands of women, in terms of them being manipulated.

And it really hurts me so bad, that some of those men don't even see what is really going on, or how they themselves aid these women in manipulating them, either by their actions or inactions!

So this article is like a wake up call for such guys, if you like!

Question: I'm living with a man who exhibits many of the traits you have listed above - men are both capable of emotional manipulation?

Answer: You are absolutely correct.

Men are also capable of emotional manipulation.

Played or Been Played? Share Your Stories.

Hannah on September 04, 2020:

Hi, I'm wondering about the "Obedience and Submission" part, it seems like a 'you scratch my back I scratch yours' sort of scenario which I wouldn't consider to be manipulative but more of an equal partnership?

Jessica Revill on April 18, 2020:

Speed is often the problem. Your feelings matter. why trust someone after a week? You need to observe them over time. How much they are true to their word, how generous they are. Speeding a women into bed means you lose connection to your higher sense. If you do this you are most likely to get hurt or manipulated. Manipulative women wont last long if you simply spend time wanting to get to know them. They'll quickly move on and you will have dodged a bullet. Put sex down the list 2nd or third and values first. You may have a better outcome.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on April 09, 2020:

Hi there, Confused.

It's quite a pity you're going through such a terrible situation. Domestic violence is not healthy at all!

I can't really say I know the reason why he is behaving in such a beastly manner towards you and I don't see how being born in a family full of women could be a contributing factor to his bad behavior.

However, it is still your choice to make either on leaving the whole situation or staying put.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do... and thanks for stopping by.

Confused on April 09, 2020:

I am women who is on the receiving end of all this by a man, in spite of being sincere and honest always. The only extra missing here is he hits me too. Is it because he was born in a family full of only women. No one knows the truth except my child. To the outside world he is sweetest person planet earth has seen.

brij on December 24, 2019:

I had a fake girl friend who mnuplated me in love

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on August 01, 2019:

Katie, why tricking him?

Why not go straightforward and ask him to marry you if that's your desire?

Or better still, ask him the type of girl he will like to get married to, assuming he's the marrying type... and then you go ahead and become that girl?

You have many options on how to go about this but please remove the idea of tricking him into it from it.

This is because, once or should he discover you tricked him into it, I don't think he will be so happy with you about it.

Good luck.

Katie on August 01, 2019:

How do I trick a man into marrying me? I'm about 27, him 29.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on June 10, 2019:

Wow Nero-Wan, such an interesting experience you've got there!!!

Anyway, I'm glad you were able to take both the positives and negatives in such experience.

If you ask me, I'd say, that's just life!

Thanks for stopping by.

Nero-Wan on June 08, 2019:

It's amazing how much information one can chance upon on the net these days! I chanced upon this when it suddenly dawned on me that the woman I was with had four other guys she was sleeping with; the funny thing is: she was heavily manipulating all of us-well at least she made others think one of us was a mere Uber driver...hahahahaha...I'm not gonna lie: I was not totally faithful whiles I was with her and so I'm not gonna play the 'innocent' victim card here. I saw the signs of infidelity the moment she came to my house the very first time. she had numerous calls, placing her location at different places right in front of my eyes! It was that moment that I knew never to trust her. To cut a long story short, we dated and broke up and reunited not too long ago, only for what I have described to happen. The other funny thing is, most of her friends knew I was not the only one she was sleeping with because most of her friends were also at it with other guys (including married men). Having failed to be faithful in most of my relationships myself, I do not bear any grudges against her except for the fact that I give her credit for playing her cards right all this while. Right now, I have officially ended things with her; she is the one who does the calling and texting here and there but I'm not quick to respond. Now, she's still playing the manipulative game by throwing tantrums about how she'll exit my life if I told her to and suddenly apologizing profoundly for 'disturbing' me. As I ponder over everything, I realized that she has become this person because her social media accounts revealed a history of a woman who has undergone a drastic transformation from a good girl to a very reckless woman and she seems to get results from being the latter. Nothing personal; I've forgiven her and I'm trying to put my life back together as we speak. I've just been taught that sometimes things happen to us because we have also done same to others or we have to be first candidates so that we'll think about our actions before we do to others. is understandable that women by nature can be manipulative-they are like cats. Just that the good ones know they wield such power of manipulation and would only use it to push their men to do better; the reckless ones would only see this power as a tool to manipulate men through seduction and sex in order to use them as a means to achieving an end. There are good women and bad women out there and they all manipulate in one way or the other. A man should be able to tell the purpose for which the manipulation is being carried out and advise himself according! Some men also manipulate women as well; I'll not turn a deaf ear to that aspect of reality as well...I believe we each owe each other a duty to ourselves not to be taken for granted-both men and women as such. Let's not make this a thing exclusive to women only though I must admit that it is the nature of women to manipulate-the difference between them is the objective they seek to achieve by this and most importantly, the motive behind their individual and respective actions

Travis in the City on February 12, 2019:

Emmyboy, my last comment was accidentally sent before it was finished. If you select to publish it.....please end it at a logical place or please add on some appropriate verbiage and bring it to a good closure. Thanks!

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on February 12, 2019:

@Travis in the City

I just like how you ended it: Be Careful.

Oh yes, I advise guys to be ALWAYS aware of how they deal with the women in their lives because these manipulative moves we are talking about here, can be launched on them at any time!

"Don't go to sleep..." - 2pac

Travis in the City on February 11, 2019:

Emmyboy I must say, you have hit the nail on the head. Women live by manipulation. They are taught this technique as little girls.

And, if I may add, if you notice, after a relationship, most females are quickly into another relationship. Women almost always, have guys (or other females, if such is the case) waiting in the wings; who have already put in their bid. They are “hanger-on-ers”; just waiting for a “break-up to be”. As someone put it.....”a woman is like a monkey, she will not leave her branch unless she has another branch to swing to”. Notice how quickly they are in another relationship. All too often, there is no gap in time.

There is an old expression which says, that with females, “nice guys finish last”. Putting aside my own experiences with females; I see this is true from observing other people’s relationships. The guy that is good to his woman; the guy that does not ever violate the relationship; the guy who sincerely cares for her; the man who would never raise a hand to her; or scream at her; the man who shares whatever he has with his woman; the guy who protects her and totally loves her, he will likely finish last. Yes, there are exceptions and some females have depth of character; but, these exceptional females, are simply too few and far in between. Most of the time the “nice guy” is left crushed. It is the more sociopathic man that is not hurt by a female. This kind of guy is well ahead of their curves (pun intended); he has no feelings to begin with, he himself is about manipulation. He can out manipulate the manipulator. And, he is one good actor. He is never left crushed. It actually takes a sociopath guy to counter what a female dishes out.

I saw on You-Tube an Asian female phycologist who was commenting on females with Borderline Personality Disorder. This Ph.D was someone really smart, who knows the “woman act”. And she is totally transparent and honest, in spite of being female. She is the exception. This good doctor said that in our society, more females than men, have Borderline Personality Disorder, because woman are allowed to get away with the types of behavior found in this phycolgical disorder; whereas, such outlandish behavior in men is simply not tolerated. Please, if you are not familiar with Borderline Prrsonality Disorder, use a search engine. For sure, you will have known such a female. And, the ones who are not this far gone.....are not far away from falling under the label of this disorder. Again, yes/yes/yes, there are exceptions (like the above professional).

Men must be on-guard. I am speaking of guys with morals and true goodness. And this includes strong and tough guys. This includes Ivy League guys....meaning really smart men. And this includes street-smart guys. And all the other good guys capable of real love and caring....they too, must be on guard. Guys who are too nice to females are “at risk”. We can loose everything in a heartbeat. Unless of course, she is one of the few exceptions.

There is a double standard in place. As was said previously by others in these comments, women can touch us freely but we cannot touch them, under the same set of circumstances. And, I will add; females can show portions of their private parts and act totally say, their cleavage. If we showed ourselves (not that we’d want to) we would be arrested. They wear dresses that show their legs and as they cross their legs, we may even see their panties. This is not such an innocent act, as they would have us believe. I have seen woman (even at business meetings) wear dresses with an open back; so we can see their bra. These are tools which they use in furtherance of their manipulation. High heels included. If we did not react to these tools in such a “promising way”, they would not bother with such “tools of the trade”. We see on the news that female teachers have engaged in sexual conduct with underage male students. And almost always, they do not serve jail time. But a male teacher, who does a similar act with a female student, finds himself in a State prison.

Guys, look around. You need not look too hard to see how things are stacked against us. We must all be actively aware of what can happen; of how easy it is to become a victim. Let us all hope and pray of finding that exceptional female; but, likewise we must hope and pray that we will easily know the difference between the exceptional one and the evil one, or maybe I should say, between the exceptional one and the ordinary one. Things are not as we were taught as boys. Be careful.

Jeff on January 10, 2019:

Well here I am 20 years diving and mastering fishing ....time well spent. Booze hounds and sluts never been my passion but to avoid..... Women look as if they all become as butterball turkeys, sexless and worse

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on December 01, 2018:


You're welcome, bro.

As long as you keep your eyes open and stay focused, without allowing yourself to be 'blinded by love', so to speak, it will be very very difficult for women to manipulate you.

Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

Jay on November 30, 2018:

This is a great article, thank you. I've known that women do these sorts of things all my life. Women on my mother's side have mastered this. I have mostly been cautious when I sense manipulation from women because I don't understand it very well, but it's nice to see it all drawn out so I can wrap my mind around it. I feel more comfortable knowing how it works and why they do it, even if I know I can't avoid it. It kinda feels natural, almost comforting, and it's certainly interesting.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on November 05, 2018:


I think I will agree with you that finding that woman who wouldn't be trying to manipulate you all the time is the key!

But that also means you have to be on the look out all the time when dealing with women so that you won't be caught unawares because given the slightest opportunity, she might just launch these manipulative techniques on you without any forewarning!

You feel me...?

Ha ha ha

Thanks for reading and commenting.

I appreciate.

BillyBoi76 on November 05, 2018:

I think all women manipulate, it’s just a matter of finding one that doesn’t do it all the time.

Anonymous on October 03, 2018:

Most women are just very evil today unfortunately and very extremely dangerous as well.

Joe Soap on September 21, 2018:

Women are basically neurotic, but these women are psychopaths. However, although you'd leave a male 'friend' who treated you like this in a ditch, if she's attractive she'll get away with murder, literally in some cases, so take care.

Best Answer Ever on August 16, 2018:

Well unfortunately most of these type of women do have very severe mental problems altogether to begin with, and they really should seek some kind of professional help which they do need very badly before their condition gets much worse. And there are many of us good men out there that would really know how to treat a woman very well since many of us aren't like that at all, and many of us are very seriously looking for a relationship today as well. However unfortunately most women now have such a very big list of demands when it comes to us men. They want men to have a very full head of hair, be very good looking, very excellent shape, have a great career making good money, have is very own million dollar home, and drive a very expensive fancy car. Well that is one hell of a list that these very ignorant women want from us men now since most of these women are so very obese to begin with, and not all that attractive either like they really think they're. They have no respect for us men at all these days and their manners are very horrible as well, especially the ones that really think they're all that too. It is a very good thing that most of the women in the old days were real ladies and very old fashioned which today they're so down right horrible altogether now which is the real excellent reason why so many of us good men are still single today thanks to these losers. Give me a real good old fashioned woman anytime since they were certainly very easy to meet just like our family members did. Women in the past were the very best of all, and today Yikes.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on August 14, 2018:


To tell you the truth Andrea, no woman on this earth can actually hold me by the balls, like you inferred...

It's not just possible!

You wanna know why?

Of course, I am so adept in spotting all forms of manipulation from both men and women... especially women!

And as such, I am always ready to apply preemptive strikes to cut off the manipulative attacks wherever and whenever I sense it is lurking around me.

Well, it's not always as easy I might be making it sound here... but then, the truth is that when you take your time to understand human nature very well like I've done, you can even start to predict a manipulative attack even before it happens.

Believe me, most people are so easy to read.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on August 14, 2018:


In that case, you must have had quite an experience with women... terrible experience, that is, right...?

Sorry man.

But it's all good.

Ha ha ha.

Thanks for stopping by.

Alan on August 12, 2018:

I've been on this earth for many decades and I have met only two women that weren't like what is described here.

Andrea on August 08, 2018:

Emmyboy, you get what you've allowed yourself to grow accustomed to. If you can't find a better quality of woman than the type you describe in your article, then you should be looking in the mirror and questioning yourself why. Maybe you need to rethink why these kinds of women have such a hold on your balls.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on May 12, 2018:


I like your last word. I really do.

Sometimes, you can become so good in manipulating others to the extent that you don't even realize again when you are doing it.

I hope that I'm not in any way referring to you, huh?


And I agree with you for agreeing with PrettyCute.

There was never a place in the article I said ALL women are manipulators.

There's always an (expected) exception.

The problem only seems to arise when you find out that almost everywhere you turn, you see so many different women doing or trying to pull the same manipulative moves over you.

At that point, you start to ask yourself, who amongst these women do I have to trust again?

@Red Pill

Everything you said is true.

I fully concur.

I can't see myself fully trusting a woman if even she tells me I have no reason not to believe her.

The fact that EVERYTHING a woman does for you, she does so for a reason is enough fact that keep you alert while watching her moves!!!

Like my boy 2pac might say, "Don't go 2 sleep" and I will like to add to that... "...when you're with a woman!"

Red Pill on May 06, 2018:

Don't ever trust a woman, they are chameleons. They will say what you want to hear and act interested into your life. That's in order to gain information about you in order to trap you. They will lie about anything and speak half truths.

If you read into Cluster B personality disorders it basically describes 99% of them. Once you know all the manipulation tricks, they can't control you. Learn all the red flags and leave them once you see them. Usually their ammunition are passive agressiveness, shaming tactics, projection and emotional abuse.

Men and women love differently. A woman's love is conditional, they only love you for what you can do for them. Educate yourself about hypergamy. They are selfish and entitled. Watch what they do, not what they say. Words are just words without action to back it up.

These creatures literally live of attention, so don't give it them if they don't earn it. Stop putting them on a pedestal just because she looks good and shows some cleavage or ass. Don't let them have sexual power over you.

Always ask the question, what does she have to offer besides sex? What does she want/demand and what does she give in return? When a woman loses her looks she will lose her secual market value and usually that's when she reaches the age of 30. That's also the time she wants to settle after getting fucked by 20, 50 or even 100s of men. Why would any seld respecting man marry a woman like that? Just look at the statistics of divorce, where 70%+ are being initiated by women.

Don't ever think she is different than others because they are all the same. Some will even get pregnant by other men while they're married. Always do a paternity test on the child! There are many crazies out there that will divorce rape you and take everything. Men only can lose in marriage. Men should realize they are the prize.

I love women but hate female nature. Just see the hypocracy and double standards for what they are. The only winning move is not to play the game. Realize how much time, energy and how much money you put into them and what you get in return. Rather put all that into your own life, as you never lose when you bet on yourself.

This post will probably get a lot of reaction from women. Let me say this you can't manipulate me, shame me or control me. These are my beliefs and I will stick to them. I am speaking a truth many don't want to hear or accept.

And last but not least she is NEVER yours it's just your turn.

Wayne on April 21, 2018:

I would have to agree with pretty cute, not all women are like this ,if you really want to talk there are alot of asshole men out there, My so called friends are worse and there men. You have to pick a woman that doesnt have alot of issues because there so hurt they subconsciously hurt others. I learned this from counselling. Hurt people hurt other people.

PrettyCute on April 20, 2018:

I am a woman and I used those behavior above but I did not use it as manipulating my boyfriend.

Its by nature women have that kind of attitude especially if they truly love their boyfriend.

1.I praise my boyfriend because I am happy that he protected me and make me love me but I did not praise him to follow my wishes.

2.I cried in front oh him- not to manipulate him or make look me pity but I cried because Im in pain for what he did to me.

3.Pet Name- yeah i called him a pet name because i felt he was my favorite and whenever i called him that way Its just to make hi feel he was special to me and i giggling on him just like my pet my favorite.

4. Touching - I touch him because I like that warm he gives to me. And I touche him because I want him to feel my sincerity.

5. Comparing- yes all girls compare their boyfriend to others but its not to manipulate them. Its our way to motivate them to make them more successful and become more great than other men. We women are proud to show to other women that our man is more capable than their men.

6.Obedience and Submissiveness - We do not manipulate men by being obedient to them it because we love them and we like to behave the way he wanted to . Submissive yes we are to only to our true love We will not submit to men whom we do not love deeply.

7. Avoiding - yes this is true especially when we are hurt by them so badly. You wish to be alone if your man hurt you because it pains us so much if we keep nearing our boyfriend or our special someone who does not value our feelings , who keeps hurting our feelings , the reason we avoid our men is lessen the pain they give to us temporarily.

8.Seduction- We don't manipulate our boyfriend with these. As possible we want to look pretty sexy and appealing to our boyfriend everyday because we love them and we don't want to loose them from other women out there. It so painful for us if our true love is stolen by other women just because we are not sexy enough for him. I really let it done " I want my boyfriend eyes only look at me" and only me.

9.Nagging and bombarding- its our way to inform our men about their lacking , and how they should be improved in life, Sex is the best gift we want to offer them not to manipulate them but to make them feel how we love them with all our heart.

LAST WORD- We are not a manipulator. We only express our true feelings to men

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on March 14, 2018:


I feel you.

Sometimes your peace of mind is far more important than anything any woman, or human being, can offer you!

Thanks for reading... and commenting.

Matt on March 13, 2018:

Completely agree. This article affirms why I'll never get married. Why spend your time being nagged at constantly by some broad, just to have all your possessions taken from you in the divorce proceedings? No thanks I'll keep my dignity.# Peace and quiet

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on December 14, 2017:


Why are you sounding so pained and frustrated?

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on November 29, 2017:

Hi there Lauren,

Why do you say guys have no idea at all?

I'll really like to know.

And thanks for stoppin' by, by the way...

Lauren on November 26, 2017:

You guys have no idea at all

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on November 23, 2017:

@Laughing Woman: I have a feeling you're extremely adept in the art of manipulating your partners... from the way you talk.

@Nice try: Your belief on whether this hub was written by a guy or a lady doesn't change any fact in the discourse.

@Onder: Frankly speaking, sometimes being single is just the best option.

Onder on November 23, 2017:

I tend to find that the less attractive the girl, the more she will need to manipulate in order to have a chance at making a man chase.

The one I dated recently did the following:

- Took hours to respond to text messages.

- Made me an option to her plans and not a priority.

- Mentioned how she's open to anything in the sheets.

- Pulled me in by acting nice and submissive.

- Started cancelling plans at the last minute with lame excuses.

- Turned things around when I called her out on her behaviour.

- Keeping me as a backup while she now sees someone else.

I simply laughed this all off. As a man in my thirties, I simply have no time for any of this stuff and lose interest the minute I smell her doing it.

If it's assumed that practically every girl will be like this throughout the relationship. Then I'm prepared to stay forever single and happy.

Nice try on September 16, 2017:

This has been wrote by a female, and im not weak minded to believe any of it.

Nice try.

Laughing Woman on September 15, 2017:

Lol, if you think pet names and touching is part of a manipulative ploy, you're deeply damaged.

Also, all couples/all people manipulate each other to some extent. A man saying that his wife cooks better than him (or his mother), to get her to cook a meal for the night, is no different from a woman using her sweet cooing voice and a bit of lady-charm to convince him to take out the trash or (for his own benefit) go to the gym with her.

Also, also, a relationship is partnership, both parties need to learn submission, and love for each other.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on August 31, 2017:

Don't read so much meaning into that, Glenn.

Women, most women anyway, tend to do that sort of a thing.

Probably, though instinctively and subconsciously also, she doesn't want to appear cheap.

Thus, should the sex ever happen at all, she'll prefer it was entirely your idea.

That's why she's probably 'baiting' you already.

Women... you never can tell but it's all good!

Glenn on August 28, 2017:

Well, I've started (and may soon end) a relationship with a younger woman who seems to think it's ok to to 'trick' me and test me to determine my 'intentions' toward her. She says things and uses words like 'getting intimate' and then gets mad at me because I 'assumed' she meant getting sexual. Because, you know, no one on the planet equates intimacy with sex. Yeah, right.... Because she claims to be a born-again Christian, I hadn't made any expectations about sex with her, but she seems to feel that baiting me is an ok thing to do. I'm getting very tired of her deceptive behavior and game-playing.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on July 08, 2017:

Hi there Charlene,

Where did you get the idea that men are 'excused' to beat their partners for nagging?

Anyways, I sense a lot of anger in you which is why I'd rather assume your comments on black men is nothing but a joke, or am I wrong?

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on July 06, 2017:


There's every possibility she's trying to play the game of 'eat my cake and still keep it' with you.

But then again, there's every possibility she's being truthful.

Why don't you talk to her and let her know how you feel about the whole situation?

Why don't you let her know how much sex means to you?

If you cannot cope in a no-sex relationship, then I think the best thing to do is to call it quits.

Richard Hertz on June 22, 2017: man, who willingly signs a legal document; a marriage contract, is going to get a raw deal when it goes bad. 60% do and 86% are initiated by the women.So, that agreeable, fun, energetic, sexy lovely shows you all these great attributes and man you think Great! All the while her clock is guess what. She gets what is programmed all along...a child or two. and you just moved down a notch or two, probably behind the dog and you have just become her cash register for life! If you are lucky that cheerful partner stays true to herself or... returns to her man hating ways of her upbringing, she hid so skillfully. In which case as the kids turn older she will be plotting how to cash you in. So buddy don't let a women put paper on you. It is an outdated agreement, you will NOT be treated fairly in the courts and be prepared for extra difficulty having any relationship with your children. American women suck.

RZZR on June 06, 2017:

Sounds about right

Yannick Messaoud on May 30, 2017:

This is called toxic either parents or relative, or people. At 45 i have been single for 4 years, i was mainly raise by my mother and grand mother who where very toxic to me, i had a tone of girlfriends from 18 t0 33 i was in 2 long term relationship that should not have happened. I was always very active even today at my age i manage to train 5-6 times per week in the gym, i pro wrestled in the indies in Montreal, did lots of martial arts and so on. Back in 2000 i met this chubby fat girl was not my type but she manipulated me with her friends and the biggest mistake of my life i went out with her for 3 years, she was perfect putting pitty on her she even trained in the gym with me and lost the weight but when we bough a house she gained it back wanted kids and wanted to take control of the relationship, social programming very dangerous and savior behavior, i dumped her she is now married living with a man they have five kids 2 him 2 her and 1 together she is so fat not even 5 feet tall and close to 200 pounds, i dodge that bullet. Growing older i met this girl sexy great body did not like sex at all and had concentration issues its like she was not there ever when you spoke to her, once more my savior behavior kicked in and i was close to 10 years in a worthless relationship, she dumped me on the worst way for a co worker. I have been single for 4 years now and have worked on myself a lot, i learned from myself i read a lot of books alpha male books men going there own way i do not hate women, but i feel great now, i learned to take care of myself cook, clean and all and i don't need a women with me. I am very well aware of all the manipulation techniques the women use to control men, to get pregnant, to get what they want, i was lucky to never have kids and even if i might never get back in a relationship at my age, because i know well to much what i want in a women then be it, i am not sad anymore, i am not lonely and if i get down a bit i look at other men who are married with kids and have a very boring life.....

Katie on March 26, 2017:

Good article as a women I see far to much of this and I will be honest and say I am guilty of a few things on your list. However, I am an empath so it is interesting to me that an empath is even capable of manipulating someone. However, the guy I did it to really deserved it for being an asshole. Needless to say we split up for both our sake. Now I have decided to put a hold on a relationship and focus my energy into helping others because it genuinely makes me happy to focus on helping others in a setting that isn't romantic. I wish you well and hope you find someone you can genuinely be happy with.

Best wishes


Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on March 16, 2017:


My Gawd!

Bellapillai, I must say you sound like a realest HARDLINER!!!

The Truth Is on February 23, 2017:

Then again God made these pathetic creatures to begin with unfortunately which the women in the old days really did put these real loser women today to real shame altogether.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on January 06, 2017:

Hi there, Mr. Clint.

What on earth are you talking about?

I wrote this piece and I ain't no woman.

I'm just a reader and an observer who has a deep insight into (most) human behavior.

That's all.

I stand with you when it comes to allowing women manipulate me.

I call them out on it once I notice it.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on January 05, 2017:

You have a point there, Mr. ManofTruth!

Man of truth on January 05, 2017:

Women are not human...if you still dont realize it...i feel for you..

They are like aliens that invade your brain and make you a puppet. In so many words..mental hacking mind controllers manipulation is only the beginning of it...think about it the use emotional tactics to control become docile and they "pussy whip" you...most men are controlled by thier s/o. Id expect women to get upset and become vehemently abrasive at the sight of this comment but a real man knows what it really is

Tmill747 on December 04, 2016:

Very interesting article, I'm a woman that was married to a man 11 yrs and a darn good woman that truly loved The Lord. He left me for a woman of that nature been with her 4 1/2 yrs and I still don't think he's aware. I just needed that coming from the male perspective I truly desire to find a real man that's strong and not weak willed.

Terrie Lynn from Canada on October 21, 2016:

It's an interesting read. But honestly . I don't like games. I don't play games and never have. It takes a better person to be able to grow , invite and except a person for who they are and work at growing together . I have no place for games. As a women who has been married for over 30 years , this type of women give us a bad name. But toning in cheek , I have used his talking in his sleep to convince him t do what I want , if that counts. You are a good writer , please keep it up. I think it's harder to be up front , honest and open ourselves up and talk a chance on finding true love , with respect and honesty . A lot goes back to self talk and what we allow our mind to control us.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on August 18, 2016:

@ Giuhkvy Man, I like your guts. It gets so good knowing that there will always be strong men out there like you who are not just ready to allow any female to control them. I like that. Keep up the MACHO spirit! Yeah!!!

@Hanzo Thanks for reading.

Hanzo on August 17, 2016:

Very good article!

Giuhkvy on July 01, 2016:

Interesting article. Fortunately, for me, I cut a woman out of my life the moment I get any indication that she's playing games. Personally, dating and mating means nothing to me if both sides want to act childish instead of real. That said, there isn't a woman alive that'll ever have me wrapped around her finger.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on April 13, 2016:

Mr. Konnect Life, I like your way.

Konnect Life on April 12, 2016:

lol, the FIRST thing I did after reading some of the article was go to the comments section to see how many angry, offended people there were swearing up and down that THEY, of course, don't do this.

Sure enough, the first female comment I read fulfilled my predictions.

It's always the same thing, whether you talk about how women don't like nice guys and go after bad boys or anything else of that nature - people get offended and are ready to get defensive and say it isn't true, or they try to justify it by saying others do the same thing.

It's so funny to me.

What I like about being highly intelligent when it comes to sociology and psychology is that I no longer listen to what people say or wish to believe. I've learn to read people through their actions.... And one thing that is extremely common is the fact that most people who get offended or feel the need to reply to these type of articles in anger or try to disprove or discredit it are precisely the type of people who (knowingly or unknowingly) do the things the article is claiming.

It's funny how much people don't know themselves and cannot see how they are in reality, and truly believe that they are the way they wish to believe that they are.

Anyway, ... I could say more... But I'm done for the most part. Lastly, these days I cut women off pretty quickly if they aren't as interested in me as I am in them. I no linger play the friendship game with women who clearly know I'm into them and want to keep me as friends just do receive my attention and feel wanted and get pretty much all they desire from the interaction. I also make my intentions clear from the beginning and move on as soon as I begin to detect that they aren't interested in me the same way. Since most women won't come out and just clearly admit they are or aren't interested, even when you clearly ask them, I can only go based off of the vibes I'm getting and assume that if I am misreading her to be uninterested when she really is, she should at least be smart enough to communicate that to me IF she truly wants to. Otherwise, I forget about her as much as possible, and any women who cannot honestly and openly communicate in a clear, affective manner is not worth my time anyway. I allow a limited amount of games. If they continue past a certain extent, I declare her as not interested and move on, which means now she is hearing about and giving me advice about other women or things in my life as a friend - if I am even still talking to her.

These days, I keep it plain and simple.

Now, I'm done.

Enjoy your day.

Aneesa on March 03, 2016:

I agree some women are manipulative.But i think there's no shortage of manipulative men.

Kathleen D. on February 20, 2016:

I work as a part time bartender and esthetician so I see a lot of the interaction on both sides. When I start a relationship with a guy I keep pushing the envelope. Over time, I have gotten guys to take me on trips to the Caribbean . I always try to see what I can get the guy to do for me. A guy can't become my boyfriend for long unless he will wear a bra for me. You can always tempt a guy with sex, and once you can get them in a bra and panties under their guy clothes, then you can really have influence. No guy wants his buddies to know that his girlfriend got him to wear panties for her. It also helps keep them faithful for obvious reasons.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on February 10, 2016:

Stephanie, you very funny. Seems you cry a lot, huh?

Ha ha ha... sorry.

Of course, any discerning man will know when the crying is real or not.

Used to have a girlfriend then. All it takes for me to get her crying was just to disagree with her.

Now, you tell me, what do you make of that?

By the way, did I tell you I loved disagreeing with her?

Ha ha haaaaa!!!

Stephanie P. on February 08, 2016:


crying is a way to manipulate men, huh.

perhaps, with some women who are trying to get something. but how about when you are explaining something to someone and maybe a few tears leak out because, say, you always wanted to have a kid and instead spent your youth incurring debt by pursuing education, now it seems like a child may not happen. because you are too responsible to just get knocked up and let the state pay.

and no, geniuses, i am not talking about trying to get that guy to "give in" and have a kid. or trying to get him to do anything except understand.

what game is she playing then?

articles like this are really dangerous for the simple-minded to read, because then they try to say that all crying is game playing.

here's an idea...if you don't want to see the girl cry (never mind that he broke your leg in 3 places), how about walk your happy ass to another room and let her cry in peace, and direct your violent temper somewhere else.

mr goat on August 03, 2015:

Problem is, even though everything this article states is pretty much accurate, the variation and terms a woman plays these games from early age till death, is so bewildering that the only time it seems to be not a big factor is age 15 to about 27 and then other manipulation devices come into play as many are now ladies with a few kids from different dads and their entitlement factor goes through the roof as they are being supported by external men, and the government and they are now looking for a cap on the top (a man) to now provide that 'next level' of comfort. But problem is for them, there is now too many of the same acting that game. I

Some Dude on May 10, 2015:

@anna: another manipulative tactic commonly used by women when they don't agree with something: attacking his masculinity to put him on the retreat; framing his opinion as a result of being an inferior male to discredit it. Pathetic. If anything, women should hate women like you for giving them a bad name instead of hating men like Emmyboy for his opinions.

Nicknash on March 12, 2015:

That's all true. We haven't seen any porn with men masturbating!

Chanakya was right but wrong in the measure. That is, women are 8 times lustful than men. But, the truth is that the ain't just 8 times but 30,000 times. Proof: The vagina has 8000 nerve endings and each nerve ending stimulates 15,000 other. Thus, total of 120,000,000. But, men just 4,000. Thus, 120,000,000/4,000 = 30,000 times lustful. Also, they radiate their lust in every inch of the activities, body, etc.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on February 20, 2015:

I like your opinion, Van.

Whatever rocks your boat is okay by me.

Van1962 on February 20, 2015:

Emmyboy - Your point is well taken and I agree :-) I think I should express that normally it is a woman's natural instinct to be nurturing and loving towards her man, but of course there is another side to that coin, but under normal circumstances it is her natural instinct to show sweet acts of kindness to her man. I would suggest to men to accept those acts as they are intended, and not to automatically presume that she's being conniving and phony, but give her the benefit of the doubt first, because as I mentioned earlier it is her NATURAL INSTINCT to be honest, loving and nurturing. And I am a firm believer that you attract more bees with honey than vinegar, so if her sweetness compells him to give in and comply to her wishes then that's a good thing, because smart men want to make their woman happy and take care of her, because he knows that a happy woman makes for a happy man, so if using my natural instincts of sweet gestures towards my man is going to get me what I need from our relationship with him, then so be it.....that's how things are suppose to be! Just my opinion :-)

But your point was well taken Emmyboy.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on February 19, 2015:

I like your opinion Van.

There is this popular Igbo(Nigeria) proverb we use in my area. It literally goes like this: "The same teeth a dog uses to play; it uses to bite."

I hope you got the message?

Thanks for reading.

Van1962 on February 19, 2015:

Emmyboy - IMO everything that you are calling manipulative, I call it just being a loving woman towards her man! IMO most women are naturally nurturing and loving to our men. Giving compliments when they are well deserved is a good thing. Pet names is another way of expressing a loving gesture. If she is avoiding him, then perhaps she's doing that because he's playing the "avoidance" GAME with her and she is mirroring his actions back to him to show him how it feels to be ingnored by the person who is suppose to love you. And the "touch".... another loving gesture. Knowing how to touch/rub your partner in ways that makes them feel good is a loving act. That's what lovers do! I think it is manipulative to put ideas in mens heads that will cause them to be suspicious of a woman who is only being loving and kind to him. It seems as if you are trying to make men immune to the loving gestures of women, as if you want the men to dislike us for showing them love. Relationships between men and women are difficult enough. Sending out messages like this will influence men to think we are running game on them when the only thing we are doing is being women who want to show our man that we love and appreciate him, and the ONLY way to do that is with loving words and acts. Just my opinion.

Van1962 on February 19, 2015:

To maramerce - I do not teach Grammar or anything like that, but I really appreciate how easy it is to read your comments. It shows that you are conscientious of your spelling and grammar. It is a pet peeve of mine to start reading something and the puctuations are either not there or are being used incorrectly! Your sentences flowed and there were no typos, which forces me to try to figure out what the person is trying to annoying. I think if you want others to read what you have to say, then by all means, go back and read what you've typed, and make the necessary corrections before submitting it. THANK YOU for a pleasant read :-)

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on January 04, 2015:

Thank you Jesus for the correction!

I feel so blessed already!!!

Jesus C. on January 04, 2015:

Lose is spelled with one o.

maramerce from United States on December 19, 2013:

Also, if I take time out of my life to teach a guy a lesson, it's because he truly deserves one. You have to do something terrible to me in order for me to flip that switch. I guess you could say one of my flaws is that I can't just leave it alone. It gives me no peace to let you go on living your life without an understanding of what you've done to harm me. Only when I know that you learned your lesson will I finally let it go and move on. At that point, I will gladly do so without a second thought.

maramerce from United States on December 19, 2013:

I only mess with you if you mess with me. And I'm upfront about it. I let a guy know from the get-go that I have a degree in psychology and a doctorate in don't-f***-with-me. A bit of advice I heard a long time ago that has always rung true in every interaction I have ever had with any human being ever is that people like to tell on themselves. People will tell you exactly who they are, good and bad. All you have to do is listen. Most of the time they aren't even aware enough of themselves to realize they are telling you their flaws and weaknesses. They will say "I'm a liar" or "I have a hard time being responsible" or "I've never been faithful to a woman." If they tell you the truth, BELIEVE THEM. Most of the time when people fall in love, they go into a state of denial. That's why we say "love is blind." Everyone else can see it, but you. Ultimately it takes two to tango. Nobody gets manipulated if they don't want to be manipulated by someone. No one has power over you. You choose who you give power to.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on December 15, 2013:

Hi hotrodj35,

It's funny, isn't it? I wonder why you want to know?

Anyway, the one who got manipulated is the one who didn't get what s/he wanted...

It's as simple as that, isn't it?

Thanks for reading.

Oh by the way, that your username...well...never mind!

hotrodj35 on December 13, 2013:

If the woman uses sex as a form of manipulation and men manipulate women for sex, then how do you really know who manipulated who?

TheEndlessTrip on February 24, 2013:

You really do have allot of issues!

Franko on January 18, 2013:

to Emmyboy, i can't help it if i meet low life women. hey, at least they are good at what they are.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on January 01, 2013:

@watergeek, it's fun when you do it correctly most especially if you know when to stop but don't say I told you so, OK...?

@john, you are right. Our women also need to know what we want too...

@soconfident, you might feel like a victim but now you have been empowered, right?!

@Levertis, I am with you because I see nothing wrong in it too for men to allow women to take over the reins - occasionally though!

@Franko, I wonder what this girl did to you...Ha ha ha!

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on November 20, 2012:

If a woman uses her skills to harm a man, she needs to fail, but a smart man knows when to let a shrewd woman have the Wheel. It is ok to let the woman drive if she knows the right direction because a smart man knows how to take the wheel if he feels the need.

I know a husband who once said that he knows that he is not the boss of the money, but his wife does a good job of making him think that he is. She has managed to get him to give her the money. Because she manages better than he does, they have gotten out of debt and amassed wealth because of it. He is lousy with money and is so happy that they have risen above poverty. He said when she gets out of line, he checks her, and she backs down. Now, what is wrong with that arrangement? Not anything if both help and respect each other and are happy with it.

Men who say they were in the dark usually know that they were manipulated, but a weakness prevented them from wanting to see it. Face it, some men enjoy women having the upper hand because of what they consider to be benefits. Besides, what's wrong with a man giving a few advantages? My goodness, a woman with sense does not want a cheapo. Everybody knows that a man puts his money where his heart is. That is how some women measure a man's level of interest. I wouldn't say rob the guy, but good Lord, he knows that he has to lay something down! They should think of it as insurance payments. :D

Derrick Bennett on September 29, 2012:

Wow great information I feel like a victim to some of these tricks

john on August 30, 2012:

lol, more women should read this article.....80% article in hubpages are about how men should act, what women hate about men, bla bla bla, yes we men sometimes make mistakes, but so are women!!!! its refreshing reading an article like this

Susette Horspool from Pasadena CA on August 21, 2012:

I'll have to figure out how to do it honestly. Hmmm. Seems like that would be pretty powerful and fun for both, huh?

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on June 07, 2012:

I am so happy for you Sue. Sometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to recreate ourselves and I believe you are doing a great job in doing that, huh?

Seduction game is good so you should try and get back at it, ok?!

Sustainable Sue from Altadena CA, USA on June 07, 2012:

About crying. Just so you know, many women cry when they're really angry. That's because we're conditioned into it, just like many men get angry when they're really hurt. In our culture, men are not allowed to cry, women are not allowed to show anger. It's a kind of twisted way of being for both.

A long time ago I was removed from a job in a dishonest way. I was so angry I couldn't voice it and cried instead. That made me angry at myself and became the trigger for retraining myself into being human, instead of "female."

I'm like karmicfilly now. I've decided my best chance at happiness is to stop the games and become the best person I can be, in and of myself. I'm responsible for my own happiness and believe that when I'm happy it helps others around me be happy. So I go for the things I like doing, whether or not a guy is available to do them with, I'm more direct in my approach to people, interested in a lot of different topics, and play the seduction game only minimally . . . although that part I do kinda miss. (lol)

Dale J Ovenstone from South Wales UK on June 05, 2012:

About crying

Once challenged, for something extremely bothering, that could be a relationship maker or breaker, a women using manipulation knows this and she’s willing to use it to her advantage once you give her the opportunity but the only problem is, she calls you jealous, just for asking, just for enquiring, even though she gives you good reasons to enquire, not seeming interested in getting the problem out into the open at all but breaks down & cries instead, blaming you, the guy, like your the one who done something & not her, going around trying to make him look a fool to others, does she do this behaviour to all guys she meets & gets into a relationship with I bet she does, I suppose this is her inbuilt defence mechanism & she don't see a problem messing with emotions but thus, she can go too far, blaming others where as, in her own eyes, she's an angel, looking towards others for her comfort when things don't go her own way, it seems like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

Manipulation is wrong from both men or women because a TRUE relationship needs two like minded folk to work adequately, nothing hidden, no secrets if asked about, why not share them, what is there to lose, only, the partner can have his real choice then & make up his mind, of how he deals with the situation once out in the open, he can clear the air & move onwards.

My girl, at one time, she gave me cause to question, I did, she caved in, verbally, & by her answers alone, my questions has not been answered but they have, only in negative body language & unusual emotional responses face to face that anyone reading face & body signs for so long could detect once in her company, but she broke down & cried all the same so we both had to part for the sake of a peaceful mind.

Great hub Emmyboy, thanks for sharing

Regards Dale

Dave on May 01, 2012:

"Love" and "romance " are a racket - a con game.

Once a man knows this he is immune from manipulation.

Dont take my word for it. Read all the "Men dont get married!" articles on the net. One horror story after another. I defy any man reading them not to have his mind blown! You wont date ever again - if you do read them.You will learn to face reality, the road to freedom opens up. "MGTOW"

Dave on May 01, 2012:

I know and identify womens manipulative technique

and more men are wise to them.

Manipulative people are dishonest. some men manipulate too

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on April 22, 2012:

Thanks a lot karmicfilly for being honest. Thanks again for giving me that hub idea. Maybe one day I am going to do the hub and put the polls and hope that you read and learn a lot from that too.

And please, do keep it up with that "too thirsty for knowledge" nature of yours, ok?

karmicfilly from Franklin, TN on April 22, 2012:

As a woman I do want to give voice to those of us who do not intentionally do most of these things you mention in the article. Have I in the past, Hell yes. Do I currently or have I in the past half dozen years, Hell NO. Once I realized what it was that I was doing and the intention behind it I changed. Thus I don't date much since I don't manipulate men and I may be disappointing to them. Not sure. Many don't like my honesty these days and believe I am too strongly opinionated and forthright. I don't tap dance around a subject and agree to get along.

Does this make me less desirable, Not to my knowledge. Yet I have heard from many just of late that I am: too pretty, to passionate, to driven, to strong willed, to high energy and lastly too thirsty for knowledge.

I myself like all these qualities and don't see a problem with any of them. The fact that I am honest, make decisions, and have my own thought should intrigue the male population but alas it seems they feel threatened. Maybe you can do a poll and write a hub about that so I can read and learn from that one.

Thanks for an entertaining read.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on April 03, 2012:

Thanks a lot Mary for reading and most especially for wishing me a good woman with a twinkle in her eyes...

Mary from Washington on April 02, 2012:

Ha! Ha! We have been found out! Honestly, I try to not be manipulative but I have noticed the extraordinary power I carry in a relationship. It really shocked me to discover this. I was in a horrifically abusive relationship for years. In that event the positive powers of this woman were of no avail. Oh my!It was rough going. I have been shocked to discover that in a more even relationship I have all manner of power. As I said, I do my best to not use my power for evil. i think it is deliciously delightful when men and women each use the power they have in sweet ways. Thank you for your writing. I hope you find a good woman who uses her power with a twinkle in her eye.

Danielle on March 01, 2012:

So you think all women are manipulated or just the ones you've been with?

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on February 27, 2012:

Of course Anna. Men are also manipulative but it's nothing when compared to the subtle, natural as well as calculated style of a woman's...

anna on February 27, 2012:

Pathetic... Grow a pair... Like men never manipulate!

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on January 29, 2012:

Thank you so much. I am so glad you liked it.

But don't spoil it by letting your wife know that you know...

Just allow the fun to continue and hopefully you will still be getting that necessary reward for playing along.

Once again, thank you so much.

Mike Pugh from New York City on January 27, 2012:

I liked this hub it was funny, and interesting as well as hitting many of the points that men pretty much fear that woman are using to lure them back in like a hook to a fish.

Your take on the woman's techniques is pretty cool, I dig your thought process, but especially like your writing style even more. Awesome job, and was just wondering why there's no images.

Anyhow your a great writer, and thanks for sharing this cool hub on the woman's possessive power, even if its annoying at times I love how my wife play such games, LOL.

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