5 Reasons Narcissists Use Sex

Updated on December 3, 2017
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Karli writes as a therapeutic outlet and with the hope that her articles will be useful to others who have suffered psychological abuse.


Smoke and Mirrors

It's quite common for men and women who've been romantically involved with narcissists, psychopaths, and other personality disordered individuals to recall the sex as being phenomenal or even the best they've ever had. Once that's set in your mind, it can be difficult to heal from the emotional abuse inflicted by these master manipulators. Worse, if you miss going to bed with your ex, you'll be especially vulnerable to any potential Hoover attempts from him or her. You also run the risk of ruining future relationships with healthy, sane partners if you compare all future partners to your ex-narc.

Often, once a narcissist is sure that you are fully invested in them and the relationship, sexual intercourse tapers off. In some cases, they even take it off the table completely. They will use sex as a tool - to obtain something from you, to get you to do something they want, and prior to giving it up, they will usually act as if being intimate with you is a chore. The mask has slipped, and you've glimpsed the darkness it hides. The kind, adoring, wonderful, too-good-to-be-true persona you fell for was never real, and neither was the sexual creature you thought he or she was. To the disordered, sex is transactional in nature. The enthusiastic, acrobatic, anything-goes romps were as much a tool, to hook you and reel you in, as their loving words and adulation were.

So what does sex mean to a manipulator?

1. Control

It makes them feel powerful to have control over you. They manipulate your emotions, making you believe that they love and adore you. In reality, they are incapable of such human emotions. They mirror you in so many ways, making it seem that you have the same hobbies, taste in music and films, political views, etc., and sex is no different. They adeptly pick up on what makes you feel good, and they capitalize on that to spellbind you. You feel like you're with the perfect partner, but they are merely toying with you.

They sometimes withhold sex intentionally, as a punishment, maybe simultaneously giving you the silent treatment, until you can't stand it anymore and apologize for whatever they've accused you of, give in to a demand they've made, or whatever the case may be. Manipulating your emotions makes them feel powerful, and it's a turn-on for them. Although, it's not always capitulation they're trying to elicit from you; sometimes they'll intentionally make you angry, because pushing your buttons also makes them feel like they have control over you.

2. Material Gain

Generally, we think of female personality disorders playing this card, but disordered men do it too. Maybe they're seeking out a place to stay, food, money, a car to drive, or something else that you are able to provide them with, so they flirt and stroke your ego, and the next thing you know they are sharing your bed. Then they start in with the down-on-my-luck story, and you, of course, want to help, so you move them into your apartment, cook for them, loan them your car, whatever it is they require.

3. Relief from Boredom

Narcissists and psychopaths easily become bored. They like to play with people the way children play with dolls or action figures. They'll most likely butter you up first (see #1, above), especially if you're in the beginning (idealization) stage of the relationship.

Relieving boredom may include sexual intercourse itself; maybe they were feeling the urge, and you just happened to be around. Afterward, you'll either be cruelly discarded or used for other things. In addition to becoming bored on a regular basis, the personality disordered have trouble regulating their emotions and frequently behave impulsively, lash out, or self-medicate, in order to suppress their discomfort; sex can serve as a distraction from feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety, or general emotional upset.

4. Narcissistic Supply

If they are doting on you and flattering you to no end, you can bet you're giving it right back to them. They need to feel special; they want you to put them on a pedestal. In the beginning of the relationship, you do this without even thinking about it, and later on you are hyper-vigilant to their moods and tell them what they want to hear.

They are typically promiscuous in nature, and have many sexual partners; having many suitors makes them feel wanted. They also quickly become disenchanted with a victim and move on to a new target for fresh supply. So, if you were having intense, frequent romps with your narc in the beginning, but things rapidly cooled off, this may be what happened.

Social status also motivates certain types of narcissists. Maybe you're someone who happens to be incredibly physically attractive, extremely wealthy, or hold a position of power at your place of employment. Or any combination thereof. You are a conquest. They want to be seen with you. They want to use you. To do so, they craftily elicit an emotional attachment from you in order to keep you under their thumb.

5. Triangulation

It's quite common for narcissists and other personality disordered individuals to use one mate to make another target jealous. As stated above, having many partners to choose from also makes them feel that they are in high demand. To create this illusion for others, they will use the promise of sex in order to keep many adoring would-be suitors hanging around; this makes the narc appear to be ultra desirable to whoever he or she is targeting.


Don't Get Caught in the Trap

The intensity of sexual interludes with psychopaths is often mistaken for intimacy. Make no mistake that whatever emotional connections you are feeling during these capers, the narcopath is incapable of feeling. Love, deep connection with another human being, a sense of caring for someone else; they can only fake these emotions. They can make you feel like you are the center of their universe, but the other shoe will eventually drop. You can have better relations with a genuinely loving partner. You can forge an emotional connection with another person that will only enhance your love-making. But first, you have to get out of the abusive relationship and go through the healing process.

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    • Karli McClane profile image

      Psycho Free Zone 12 days ago from USA

      dashingscorpio, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. You bring up some very good points. While I don't necessarily agree with all of them, it is certainly true that narcissists' power and validation comes from others. And, yes, we certainly need to choose wisely when deciding who to let into our lives.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 13 days ago

      Narcissistic are being given too much credit for being "masterminds" of manipulation.

      Truth be told I believe it's their victims who come up with terms to describe what basically boils down to selfish behavior designed to help someone get whatever it is (they) want.

      I doubt any narcissistic person took a course or read a book on how to be controlling or manipulative and take advantage of people's weaknesses. They're just being who they are.

      What's always been fascinating to me is how so many of us are drawn towards narcissistic people!

      On some level I think they hope to be "great" by association. In other words if he/she is thought to be "amazing' and they choose to date or socialize with (me) then I too must be amazing!

      However once the narcissistic person shows them there will never be enough room on the stage for them to bask in the limelight that's when they act like victims.

      The "Alpha Male" never has difficulty finding a girlfriend.

      The "Beauty Queen" has her pick of admirers.

      It's probably a challenge to remain humble or act with humility when so many people are bending over backwards to associate with you! Narcissistic people are created by those who surround them. Their power and validation comes from others.

      Each of us (chooses) our own friends, lovers, and spouse.

      Choose wisely!