100+ Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Updated on June 15, 2017

Ever feel that intense feeling you get inside when you’re dating someone new? It’s like every ounce of your being knows that the only thing that’s right is to be with that person right here, right now. Coming down with feelings for someone is a fun and wild experience and should be seized to the fullest!

Part of the fun of getting to know someone is flirting with them, whether it’s in an attempt to get to know them on a deeper level or to take things to the next level entirely. Here’s some ways you might flirt:

  • Compliments: Girls love to be complimented! Not only does it make her feel good, but it lets her know that you might just be into her! (Score!)

  • Hints: Drop subtle hints here and there that you really like her! If she’s into you, she’ll make it obvious!

  • Subtle contact: When you like someone, it feels nice to make subtle contact with them, and if they like you back, it will be welcomed! Touch her hair and tell her how soft and pretty it is, gently touch her hand or even hold it!

  • Pickup lines: I'm the kind of girl who thinks a cheesy pick up line is cute and dorky. You know they're totally lame, but saying it anyway shows you have a great sense of humor, a turn on for most girls!

  • Suggestive pictures: If it’s clear that she likes you, send her a picture of you without a shirt on post-workout! It’ll drive her wild!

  • Texting: When you’re not together or talking on the phone, sending a sweet text in the morning or at night is a good way to flirt and it gives her something that she can go back to if she ever desires contact from you that she can’t have at the moment!

Flirting is a great way to get to know someone and their boundaries, and what better way than coming up with a few flirty and dirty questions to ask! A girl will usually take well to dirty questions if she feels comfortable enough with you so be sure to test the waters with a few milder questions first. Once you can tell she is willing to play your game, get those butterflies flying and the temperature rising with these dirty questions to ask a girl!

Flirty Questions

These slightly suggestive questions are fun and flirty, and are the ideal questions to ask a crush or a new girlfriend to see if there might be a little heat between the two of you!

  • What’s your favorite pair or underwear?

  • Where is your favorite spot to be kissed?

  • How do you feel about kissing in public?

  • Food before fun or fun before food?

  • What is one thing that gives you butterflies?

  • Would you hold my hand?

  • Would you let me hug you?

  • Would you let me kiss you?

  • Are you a snuggler?

  • Would you rather possess good looks or intelligence?

  • Do you think about me when I’m away?

  • Have you ever tried to picture me naked?

  • What is the most exotic dream you’ve ever had?

  • What’s the most exotic dream you’ve had about me?

  • What was your first impression of me?

  • Using three words, how do you feel about me?

  • If you were to give me a pet name, what would it be?

  • What are you doing later?

  • When did you first realize you liked me?

  • What is your favorite thing about when we’re together?

  • Have you been working out?

  • Can you tell me some reasons why I like you?

  • What do you expect most out of a relationship?

  • What would you do if I kissed you right now?

  • Who should make the first move in a relationship?

  • Would you ever go skinny dipping?

  • Would you like to go on a date with me?

  • Do you see me in your future?

  • How did you get so beautiful?
  • What is your guilty pleasure?
  • Have you ever flirted with a stranger online?
  • What is your favorite thing about me?
  • If I could take you on a date anywhere, where would you want to go?
  • Hot showers or bubble baths?
  • Do you invite someone in on the first date?
  • Would you invite me in?
  • Glass of wine or 6 pack of brews?

Dirty Questions

Ready to crank up the heat a notch? Fire off some of these questions to your girl! But beware, if you're not in a serious relationship, prepare for possible backfire!

  • Have you ever wanted to role play?

  • Would you ever use bondage?

  • Where do you like to be touched?

  • Do you think love making should be anywhere, not just in a bed?

  • Is there any moves that you’ve never tried but always wanted to?

  • Do you like to mess around with extreme temperatures in bed, like ice or wax?

  • What kind of props do you like to use in the bedroom?

  • Where is the most adventurous place you have done it?

  • What are three places you’d do it outside of a home?

  • Classy lingerie or fuzzy, pink handcuffs and blindfold?

  • What is one outfit you’d like to see me in?

  • If I was a motorcycle, would you want to ride on the front or on the back?

  • Do you like your hair pulled?

  • Do you like biting?

  • Do you like scratching?

  • Do you like to give or receive hickies?

  • Do you like being teased?

  • What is your favorite thing about my body?

  • Have you ever peeped in on me changing?

  • Are you a virgin?

  • What age did you lose your virginity?

  • How many people have you slept with?

  • (After asking previous question) Can I be one of them?

  • If I asked you to make a bedroom bucket list for me to fulfill, would you?

  • Do you have any secret fantasies?

  • What are some dreams you’ve had about me?

  • What underwear do you think I’m wearing right now?

  • Could you please lend a hand?

  • What is your favorite position?

  • What kinds of wild adventures would you like to take me on?

  • If we’re out shopping for clothes, would you sneak into a fitting room with me?

  • Have you ever done it in a public place?

  • Do you want to do it in a public place?

  • How do you want me?

  • Would it drive you wild if I whispered naughty things into your ear?

  • I’m in the shower, do you join in or get me when I get out?
  • Would you flash me?
  • Do you prefer being in control, or being controlled?
  • If I bought you lingerie, would you model it for me?


Want to let your girl know you're thinking about her when you're apart? Here are some dirty questions to text a girl! .... and SEND!

  • Have you ever sent someone a naughty picture?
  • Would you ever send me a naughty picture?
  • Do you miss me right now?
  • What would you want to do if I was at your house right now?
  • Are you interested in Netflix and chill?
  • Is there anything you’re too nervous to tell me in person?
  • How do you feel about me?
  • Would you like to know how I feel about you?
  • Want to go out later?
  • Want to come over later?
  • My place or yours?
  • Can you come over to cuddle?
  • If you came home to find me, waiting for you naked, what would you say?
  • What would you want me to do to you right now if we were together?
  • Are you thinking about me?
  • What are you thinking about right now?
  • What do you daydream about?
  • What do you dream about?
  • If I was at your window right now, would you invite me in?
  • If you could kiss me goodnight every night, would you?
  • We have 20 minutes to spend together, what do we do?
  • You feel my hand going down your back, how do you react?
  • Do you want to see me without my shirt on?
  • If we could be together anywhere right now, where would it be?
  • Want to exchange pics?
  • What are you wearing right now?
  • What is one word that describes how you’re feeling right now?
  • If you come home stressed, what can I do to help you unwind?
  • Would you pick up the game Twister while you're out? And a bottle of baby oil?
  • Ribbed or studded?
  • What could I bring you that would make you especially grateful?
  • Am I going to get lucky later?
  • Can you send me a link to something sexy you would wear for me?

Now that you have a good idea on some dirty questions to ask a girl, it’s time to work your charm and get her to participate! Don’t forget to follow her answers up with your own answers as well if there’s the slightest hint that she is interested!

Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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      • profile image


        3 days ago

        @Lebza Junior: Let her cool off, and talk to her later, and try not to get defensive as that will only worsen the problem. And NEVER say be calm/Calm down.

      • profile image

        Lebza Junior 

        3 days ago

        How do you do when your girlfriend she angry at you. When you try everything and it those not work

      • profile image


        10 days ago

        Idk where the hole is

      • profile image


        5 weeks ago

        The questions aren't numbered, kinda makes it difficult

      • profile image


        7 weeks ago

        I love it

      • profile image


        3 months ago

        Tie your shoe cuz i dont want you to fall for someone else

      • profile image


        3 months ago

        Thanks for the quizes

      • profile image


        3 months ago

        she fell asleep

      • profile image

        william holman 

        4 months ago

        how do i ask my crush out

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        i have liked this, its real

      • profile image


        4 months ago


      • profile image


        5 months ago

        Welp this was awkward

        Kinda doesn't do anything

        They are just question

        Why would



        With you

        Over some questions

        That's gay

      • profile image


        5 months ago

        where do one start we these questions..

      • profile image


        5 months ago

        I ask my girlfriend these questions, im on a call with her right now. We ask eachother lots of questions online

      • profile image


        6 months ago

        how to know that the girl is released while sex

      • profile image

        AnkleBreaker Kai 

        7 months ago

        Yo this made me get to go in her house thanks G

      • profile image


        7 months ago

        I'm kinda nervous about this, but I'll let y'all know how it turns out

      • tutta profile imageAUTHOR


        8 months ago from Florida

        I'm sorry for your loss Alex. But at least you made her laugh.

      • profile image

        Alex Gonzalez 

        8 months ago

        I tried this on a girl I liked it made her laugh until she DIED!

        THE END

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        These are good questions im 15 and it makes my gf keep on going eith the conversation im trying to go through the whole list now

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        lovely, jeff. Me and this girl tried this and I'm telling you it worked! Me and her are gunna get some tea and crumpets next week. #wellinthatpune

      • profile image


        9 months ago

        Loved it great way to keep a conversation going

      • profile image

        Dat dude 

        9 months ago

        She wants sex

      • profile image

        Joey Johannson 

        9 months ago

        I’m only 13 and I have a girlfriend and I love these questions she does too

      • profile image


        10 months ago

        Totally works. Must try it with someone you're mutually serious with, and are comfortable. I tried mostly all of them. Good way to keep a conversation going and interesting, plus getting know more about one another. Thumbs up!

      • profile image

        Happy 16 

        10 months ago

        Omg im so happy she loves me now so much

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        she is disappointed

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        She said no

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        this totally works thanks

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        Sexy I like it

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        lol gr8 stuffs m8, I r8 8/8

      • profile image

        That guy 

        12 months ago

        I did that she slapped me brought me up to her room dropped her shirt and braw and kissed me on the lips and asked me out

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        Good stuffs

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        You weren't supposed to send her this article, you were supposed to ask her questions from it.

      • profile image

        Muff Mark 

        15 months ago

        i sent this to a girl and she said no


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