What Does It Mean When a Guy Kisses Your Forehead?

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Meanings of the Forehead Kiss

A forehead kiss is “a non-threatening form of affection," as long as it's from a lover’s point of view or someone you have been intimate with!

It’s the kiss that says, "I really care for you and I want to look after you and protect you." It means he feels comfort in being around you and with you, and it's a way of showing how much he cares without words.

This kiss implies his respect for you.

The forehead kiss is special because it can be shared between romantic lovers, friends, and family. Of course, its meaning changes depending on the context. A forehead kiss between a mother and daughter is much different than one between two friends or a boyfriend and girlfriend.

In relationships, the meaning will differ depending on who is in the relationship, what kind of relationship it is (new vs. long-term), and other characteristics.

  • Most often, especially in committed relationships or friendships, it is a symbol of being protective, loving, and caring. It is a display of affection to show that the recipient is cared for, loved, and understood.
  • In relationships where one person is much taller than the other, the forehead is at kissing height and an easy target, easier than stooping for the lips or the cheek.
  • It could be simply be a nice spot to kiss, depending on the forehead.

The Backstory

Tonight as James left my Johannesburg apartment, cupping my face in his big soft hands, he said “goodnight" and kissed me gently on the forehead before disappearing into the night. As I watched him leave, I couldn’t help but wonder what that kiss meant.

Kissing is a natural gesture of human affection. A kiss can mean many things. It could mean I love you. It could mean sexual desire, reverence, or even hello (i.e. a peck “hello” or “goodbye”). Most of us have experienced or explored these types of kisses in all different situations. A kiss can tell us so many silent truths about the person you are with or the relationship you hold together. Still, that kiss on the forehead baffled me . . . what exactly did it mean? What should I read into that gentle giant’s intimate kiss he left on my forehead?

To decipher the forehead kiss, I began to research the art of kissing and what each form of a kiss could suggest or portray. So, kiss after kiss, I went through the list and found the following through my own experience.

Types of Kisses

The (Sometimes Infamous) Peck on the Lips

This is a quick, innocent kiss, when two people kiss on the lips, smacking them together and making a (mwah) sound. This kind of kiss is usually used as a greeting, either a hello or a goodbye. It could also be a thank you when receiving a gift.

You could expect it from a friend, your granny, a parent, or other people in your life that you have a strong connection with. In these cases it is non-sexual, just a gesture of love and comfort in one another’s presence. If between partners, it could be a small gesture of love and affection. It's quick and brief, a signal confirming the love or intimate nature of your relationship together.


The Lingering Peck

I have a male friend who used to have a crush on me. One time when dropping him off at home after a night of heavy drinking and dancing, I leaned over to “peck him” a goodnight kiss (see above). According to him, I “lingered" and he tells me about it to this day.

I, however, have a very different explanation for this story and assure him every time he brings it up that I was drunk and stumbling a little to get back my starting position, that in fact if I had lingered, it was not so much me trying to show interest in him as it was me trying to get my bearings together.

Ah! The dangers of the lingering peck. A lingering peck is a tell-tale sign that the other party is romantically interested in you, longing for that kiss to last and move into the next kissing phase. The lingering peck is usually followed with a look into one another’s eyes, a little grin creeping up in the corner of the mouth, and maybe even a gentle exhale or nervous giggle. Your heart starts racing. It is a kiss of things to come. There is nothing innocent about the intentions of this kiss.

The French Kiss

The french kiss is “a kiss with tongue." It's when two people's tongues touch one another in a sensual sexual dual. It conjures up sexual desires, intimacy, and romantic ideals.

It can be seen as a form of affection in public, and behind closed doors as the act that accompanies love making. It usually takes place between partners who share the same feelings for one another, who are married, dating, or are the stereotypical friends with benefits, where french kissing comes hand-in-hand with love making.

There is no doubt that your body and mind will react to this sensual kissing in an erotic manner. A "kiss with the tongue" stimulates the partner's lips, tongue, and mouth, which are sensitive to the touch, sending signals to all your other erogenous zones.

Oh how we love the French!


The Forehead Kiss

Finally, the sensual kiss on the forehead. It’s easy to understand the other styles of kisses, because all we need to do is listen to our bodies and how they react in those circumstances. The light bulbs turn on as we experience each form of affection and we know how to place the gesture.

However, as James kissed my forehead, emotions and thoughts rushed through my head. I couldn't pinpoint the kiss. I felt comforted in the tenderness of his cupped hands and his lips pressed against my skin, a tenderness that could also be the adoration that a father or mother has for their child.

As you can imagine, this kind of thought was confusing. Was he building a wall between us with his A-frame stance? No, that didn't seem right. I threw out that idea within seconds because I knew he wasn't running away. Maybe he was hoping in some way to connect with me without coming across too strong? It wasn’t the kiss on the cheek, which is a dead giveaway that he just wants to be friends, but a sweet and comforting sign of protection.

But what did it all mean?!

I decided to ask a few male friends about their opinion on why he planted the kiss there. Below is what I found.

The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.

— Marilyn Monroe

What It Really Means When a Guy Kisses You on the Forehead

A forehead kiss is a form of affection. It's a way of showing how much he cares without words (as men sometimes struggle to express themselves).

This kiss implies that he doesn’t only want you to feed his sexual appetite, but that he emotionally respects you and is there for you. I was asking my guy friends about this, and they laughed and told me that a kiss on the forehead is the closest thing to a kiss without having to put in too much effort, and that guys know it makes the girls melt.

I gave one friend a little slap on his arm as he said this. His laughter subsided and he said in all seriousness, "He likes you, he respects you, and he won’t be going anywhere else anytime soon.”

I sit back and have a flashback of James planting his lips on my forehead, my eyes closed and gentle smile peeking out of the corners of my mouth. We look into one another’s eyes, and I know it's true. He really does care for me.

As my friends get up from the table, one by one they leave a kiss on my forehead. These are my friends who love and adore me. It's the perfect kiss—on the forehead!

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Alicea 2 weeks ago

I have been in love with the most amazing guy for more than three years and the moment we met there was this connection and attraction that is very intense and we both have the same feelings for each other the other night when he kissed my on the forehead it was to let me know he truly loves and respects me as I do him. We are both currently with other partners but we have faith that we will be together as we can no longer deny the heart mind body & soul & spirit of the joy and peace we can share with each other as true love always finds a way ❤️

Dee 8 weeks ago

This friend of mine sometimes kiss me on my cheeks and forehead when I least expect it. I have sometimes noticed him staring at him. I like him, I feel safe with him but I don't know / understand if he wants more or if we are just friends. My biggest fear would be to loose him because I truly appreciate him and enjoy what we have.

DonnaW 3 months ago

The guy I been seeing is an absolute gentlemen he is one of a kind and just telling about this is overwhelming because I in my 53 years of life have never met anyone like him he is fun and very loving and thoughtful .. he kisses my forhead quite a bit and I didnt the know why until he himself told me what it means I have never felt so loved.. he is perfect never knew there was such a possibility..well as perfect as man can be on earth anyway.. he opens my car door even and the other day people just stared at him as he opened my door I felt very lucky to have found such a sweet sweet man ..

Goli 3 months ago

thanks for all your comment , yesterday I kissed by man who I love him, but he never said me anything . It met me .

he kissed my forehead , my cheeks .

small 3 months ago

After my ex and I started an agreement one night, I started throwing glass in the room because I ask him to leave and he didn t want to. He swept off the glass, ensure I didn t step on them and said that he wouldn t let me by my self that night. He ended up staying over that night and kiss me in the forehead in the morning before he left, but he usually kiss me on the lips. He text me the next day and I didn t reply. We don t talk since then because of the things he said that night. He used to cheat on me, lie, and abuse me, what did that kiss mean in that case ?

Rachael 5 months ago

I got a forhead kiss with a passionate kiss idont know what that means

hubber8893 profile image

hubber8893 6 months ago

As far as I knows, the forehead kiss is the representation of care and protection by the person who thinks himself to be superior than the person being kissed on forehead.

Although a nice sort of explanation of other types of kisses.

Nicki 6 months ago

This article was very helpful. However, I met someone while vacationing and the sparks flew immediately. Our chemistry was so intense. So we went to a club and we're all over each other. We were not drinking heavily, so I know it wasn't the alcohol.. lol, and we were kissing. He then kissed me on my forehead. What does that mean?

Grachelle 6 months ago

This is really true. My man has been entitled as the "famous playboy" in the past and was changed in 360 degrees when he met me. He implants forehead kisses and I absolutely love them. It means respect and its an assurance from him that he will always love me no matter what. Its pure affection without the presence of selfishness or wicked plans. Its a promise from him that tells me I have his full respect and we'll last long with that. The FOREHEAD kiss is really the best out of all kisses. Check this out for all the ladies still looking for their Romeo. A real gentleman respects you. That's what you should be settling for.

sasha 6 months ago

a forehead kiss means that he loves u deeply and cares for u a desire thats more than just the sexual attraction! But sometimes in life things dont work out and time just gets in the way or you get in the way of time. love will be love, the heart wants what it wants(*)

Beachygirl 8 months ago

I just kissed a man I used to see 18 years ago on the forehead and I had never kissed him that way before. I wasn't even sure why I did kiss him that way. I truly care deeply for this man. To see him again after all these years was amazing. I wanted to resets lush our friendship first and not start things off in an unhealthy way. Now he will not take my calls. I'm deeply hurt and letting go now. Feeling sad. I have not been with anyone else in all these years. I feel like I have waited for no reason and wasted my time.

JasonT987 profile image

JasonT987 9 months ago

Some people say that kiss in the forehead is a kind of a friend's kiss, but it's not fr me. I mean I never kiss my friends in their forehead! But it's a kiss of tenderness and purity for me.

Eldercurk profile image

Eldercurk 10 months ago from Stone Mountain

This whole kissing thing, they kiss all the time in church, some of the women members there love it. They do it right in front of your mates, and there is no jealously involved; but let the pretty one's do it and see what happens afterward.

Osward 11 months ago

Forehead kiss is awesome! The last time I met with my girl and gave her a powerful one she still remembers it and asks me about the mean,now that I gat it! Its even wow.

TammanyB profile image

TammanyB 14 months ago from South Africa Author

Hello! I am so sorry to hear this; unfortunately on life as we grow in all phases we come across the good guy, the bad guy and the time is not right guy. I guess we need to live, learn and always be forgiving; you never know when may land up doing something similar for your own reasons and can only hope that you would be forgiven. You are young! Life is a bowl of sweets. Enjoy

TammanyB profile image

TammanyB 14 months ago from South Africa Author

Well.... You'll never know if you never try ??? Good Luck! I hope your knight in shining Armour is exactly what you have been looking for. Just don't base him on the movies or romance novels. Those ones don't exist!

TammanyB profile image

TammanyB 14 months ago from South Africa Author

Thank you Deborah. Yes I think we can all agree it gives a sense of unconditional love. :)

ditshelane 19 months ago

Thank u for writing.I've been kissed several times by this guy tht I met @school.few days after tht th guy no longer take my now I'm thinkin he's just fooling around because boys know these type of a kiss makes us girls melt...

daidai69_prettybrowneyez 19 months ago

O use to talk to a handsome man the first one I actually approach in me early twenties and said to myself you will be mines one day i thought he was the most arrogant cool, smart, confident man we kicked it f or a few years of on buddies but didn't work out. Now almost 10 years later we have come back to talk to each other on some we have same friend network pass me her number stuff but anyway. I go visit him after a few weeks of him asking he says it's a gathering but end up just us two first of, we kick it for a few hours as I'm leaving cause he's trying to get me to stay longer but naaawww he says well I'm going to give you a forhead kiss to let you know I'm serious and walks me to the door. The whole time I was there he was saying all kinds of hints (respect, love, marriage, kid's, spoil me, gifts, ect.)but how do I know if he is truly serious he was my crush I let go but deep down inside I never forgot.

Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah Demander 22 months ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

I love the forehead kiss.

So sweet, yet intimate.

Thanks for writing.

Rose 24 months ago

I'm so glad I came across this. I'm hanging with a guy I really care about but he's so closed off sometimes to me. Usually expresses his feelings for me through text but in person when I'm laying in his arm and we're just talking or watching a movie he would just kiss my forehead. I love him and I hope one day he will feel the same

Dineo 2 years ago

I met this guy again after he broke my viginity 20 years ago. We started chatting on text and met.He went schooling abroad and did not come back.Its only now he came back and he gave me that Forehead kiss.I am still feeling strongly in love like the past 20 years.I don't know how he feels and this Kiss makes me wonder

denise 2 years ago

my best friend who i use to being head over hills for, just came to my rescue during my ugly kids adore him he has always been apart of there life and after spending some qt time with them and letting me get some quite time he had to leave, i walked him to the door gave each other a hug, then i remembered why i loved him sooo much from the past, and at that moment he kissed my hair, then my forehead then just walked im lost!!!!!

sewn2 2 years ago

Hello hubpage buddies! I recently met a wonderful man he stated he's searching for a serious relationship with a female. We started dating got close. At first he wasn't ready to be intimate he wanted the relationship to be more than just sex. I agreed but it "happened" anyway. Now after I'll dates he gives me the good-byekiss me on the fore head

Xegirl 2 years ago

I've just recently been kissed on the for head by my hookup buddy. I am really confused by it. You say it's a romantic loving thing to do but we aren't in any serious relationship. I thought we had a silent agreement that we were just having fun in a non commitment way. Did the kiss mean we are closer friends or closer lovers?

nikkisan88 profile image

nikkisan88 2 years ago from Erin, Tennessee

Ok, I've been seeing someone that says he has "baggage" and he and I met at a party back on Halloween and have been seeing each other ever since. When asked about our situation he says "we will see where it goes" but in the past few weeks, he has started sharing some personal information with me about his home life and his kids and has recently started giving me those sweet forehead kisses and I will lean my head on his shoulder while he is driving and he will lay his head over on top of this a sign that he may be interested in me?

Rebaz Manmi 3 years ago

Forehead Kissing . it means that he is a perfect protection for the girl and trying to show the girl a sign that he is the best cover for her and she has to think about the same feelings at the same time the man kisses her forehead ....

ChrisIbby profile image

ChrisIbby 3 years ago from Montclair, New Jersey

The crush of my life recently kissed me on the temple, before we parted ways that day. I hadn't seen him in years and managed to talk with him for a short while. Strangely, I was taken aback by that kiss, first because I wasn't expecting it, but then because he had slightly pulled me to him and his self toward me as he kissed my temple. I mentioned it to my sister and she immediately stated, "That's a meaningful kiss! It indicates that he's 'thinking' of you." I felt glad to hear that and want to believe it is true. I wonder if it falls under the same category as does "respect, compassion, admiration, and love", or it is simply as my sister suggested?

GAZ 3 years ago

I think this kiss is very loving and nurturing. I'm a married guy and I have a close female friend that is often depressed. I kiss her forehead when she cries or is sad. The kiss for me is a sign of deep caring and compassion. When my kids get hurt or go to sleep I always kiss their foreheads. Or when my wife is tired or ill. It is not a sexual kiss, but one that comes from the heart with love. One to be shared with people you truly care about.

hottie31 3 years ago

My boyfriend always kiss me on my forehead. As a matter of fact, he rarely gives me a french kiss. I am in love with him and I feel so good when I'm with him, however, he operates several businesses and he is extremely busy. I've never been with such a busy man before. I feel like he doesn't care sometimes and that confuses me so much. I love him too much to even think about leaving him. I don't know what to do. Please help!

TammanyB profile image

TammanyB 3 years ago from South Africa Author

Sss :) woohooooo!!!!

sss 3 years ago

Im a guy by the way

sss 3 years ago

a forhead kiss means a guy adores you or loves you with all his heart and it means you mean the world to him

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 3 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

Thank you TammanyB:) I appreciate your kind words and once I get my Twitter info and start using my account again, I'll defintely add you! Have a great day!

TammanyB profile image

TammanyB 3 years ago from South Africa Author

MIss Jamie! what a wonderful response! You just made my day! I am so happy you are so inlove and have been blessed with such wonderful gifts of love! Follow me on twitter @actiontam ( Trying to spread the love their too!) choose love my lady .... only magic can happen!

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 3 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

I absolutely love this! Not only because I love Marilyn Monroe's quote, which I've seen many times because I adore her, but I'm in absolute love right now. Only I knew what the forehead kiss meant the first time he gave me one because I already knew how much he loved me and to me, it was an intimate type of kiss. But I'm so happy that you defined the kisses, that is really neat to see that there really are social nuances to each one. When my bf kisses my forehead he is so very gentle, and sometimes along with the kiss on the forehead he'll also gently kiss my eyelids, my cheeks, and other places on my face. It's very sensual how he does it, it's definitely love:) At least in my experience.

TammanyB profile image

TammanyB 3 years ago from South Africa Author

Thank you Sherry for your message. Always remember that you are an aamzing person with so much to give the world. And at anytime if you are with a person who does not hold you up and edify you and creates more heartache in your life than goodness then you need to let them go to find someone who truly deserves you and will share you with the world.

If you listen close enough to your intuition you know the truth about your situation. I hope he celebrates you soon with the world! xxx

SherryB 3 years ago

A gentleman has done this on more than one occasion to me and it confuses me as he says to me our relationship is "Good clean fun... No drama." but then he behaves jealous at times but has yet to take me on a date in public. We work together and he is concerned about others seeing us together although we are both single. One day at a time... I take it he likes me a lot but doesn't know how to tell me and doesn't want to rush the fun we are having.

TammanyB profile image

TammanyB 4 years ago from South Africa Author

IsenHower - Let shope it had a happy ending? Thank you for taking the time to read my hub. :)

isenhower33 profile image

isenhower33 4 years ago from Crothersville, IN

I have done this kiss before, and wouldn't ya know it was only once ever, to a girl that I truly loved :)

TammanyB profile image

TammanyB 4 years ago from South Africa Author

Thank you Cybershelley!

CyberShelley profile image

CyberShelley 4 years ago

Loved the Christopher Morely quote: High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead.

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