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Tips for Coaxing Your Guy to Cuddle More


Did you know that cuddling not only helps keep couples close, but it also eases stress?

Some couples tend to put snuggling on the back burner for other important responsibilities such as household chores, children, and work related needs. Often times, men tend to forget cuddling as one of those vital needs a woman desires in a relationship. But, cuddling is one of the most important ways to keep a loving and healthy bond with your partner. Here are some tips for getting your guy to snuggle more so that you can enjoy and more intimate and healthy relationship.


Let your man know how important intimacy is to you

Some men tend to get comfortable in a relationship and stop cuddling as much as they did when you two first met. This isn't because they don't love you, but more because they don't realize they're neglecting to do something you desire. Open up and talk about how you want more intimacy in your relationship. Tell your boyfriend how good cuddling with him makes you feel. Let him know that snuggling makes you feel closer to him. Most men are willing to cuddle more if you just tell them that you desire this. Sometimes, simply asking for more snuggle time will get you the loving you need.


Offer to give your guy something he desires in return

While you may love cuddling, some men see it as an unnecessary thing. However, if you play your cards right and make a little deal that you are willing to give your man something he has been missing in the relationship, chances are...you'll get your cuddle time. This may mean that your boyfriend will request more love making, but what goes better with sex than snuggling? Tell your man that you are willing to make more time for sex if he can give you cuddle time after. If he requests something else, tell him that you'd like at least 10 minutes of snuggle time a night and you'll give in return. Bargaining is often the best way to get what you want.


Take initiative if more cuddling is what you want

Don't always expect that your guy will just snuggle up next to you. Instead, simply grab him and wrap your arms around him. Often times, telling a man what you desire is best done by just doing it yourself. Some guys don't want to listen to a drawn out speech about why they should or shouldn't do something. This might be portrayed as nagging. Instead, touch your guy's hand, hug him gently, or grab his arm and put is around you. Do so quietly with a gently smile and your boyfriend will understand what you want. Body language is one of the best ways to communicate your thoughts and needs. Next time you're in the mood to snuggle, simply do it and watch how your man reciprocates.


Be more loving toward your boyfriend

Being sweet and showing love to your man will encourage him to want to cuddle with you. Some men enjoy the sweetness so much that it makes them want to snuggle you without being asked. One of the best ways to have someone be kind to you is to show them sweetness first. If things have not been good in your relationship, treating your boyfriend better will help to create a stronger bond and encourage him to be more intimate. You cannot expect your guy to cuddle with you if you have not been very kind to him. Most people will do for others whatever has been done to them. If you want some cuddle time with your favorite guy, give him loving kisses on the cheek, rub his back or shoulders, touch his hand when passing, or do any other loving gesture you can think of to show you care.

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Is Your Guy a Cuddler?

DEB on February 27, 2011:


Cindy Lawson from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 15, 2009:

My Hubby is great, he gives me so many cuddles I often have to tell him to stop simply so I can get some sleep. Wouldn't change him though!

Beth Arch from Pearl of the Orient Seas on December 15, 2009:

Not only us women want to be cuddled more, but men too.


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