Signs You are a Great Kisser

Updated on August 22, 2016

When a romance heats up, you'll find yourself liplocked with the person you've been seeing. Sometimes we all wonder if the person we're kissing is enjoying the session as much as we are. There are some pretty obvious cues that your kisses are doing justice. If you're not getting these cues, you could be kissing in a way that comes off weird or undesirable. Kissing is an art, and it can be learned. We exchange a number of chemicals in a make out session to find out whether the person we are seeing is a good mate. Kissing is both emotional and practical. A lot of times that first kiss can be a defining moment. If you don't like the kiss, and it doesn't get better, you could be in a lot of trouble.

When it comes to kissing, I recommend getting to know someone for awhile before you smooch. When you build an emotional connection over time, the kisses will be more worth it. You'll have understood each other well before lip touching and from spending time before hand, you could pick up on some subconscious cues. Don't rush the kiss, let it come up naturally. It may take a night, a week, or even months before you and your loved one finally share the very first kiss.

Signs You Have Good Kisses

1. Your kisses are addictive and your partner keeps wanting more. You end up kissing hours at a time without complaint.

2. Your kisses put your partner at ease. All the anxiety goes away. You feel like the two of you talk better after a long make out session.

3. You have people crawling back to you months or even years later for your kisses.

4. You are comfortable changing it up. You kiss based on how your partner kisses you back. You don't just go rogue. You listen to your partner's body language.

5. Kissing is you and your partner's favorite pass time.

6. When you kiss, people don't doubt your love. They feel supported. They feel safe.

7. You are a very comforting kisser. You know how to bring things back when there's an awkward moment -- like running into each others' teeth.

8. Your kisses goodbye are long. The two of you linger for more than a usual amount.

9. When you kiss, you can tell your partner is happier.

10. Kissing feels natural. Everything seems to flow together. You don't feel awkward adjusting yourselves. You could kiss for hours.

11. You always pick a comfortable spot to kiss. You don't spring a make out session in a place that would make your partner uncomfortable.

12. You're not only looking to do French kisses.

13. When kissing, you also use your hands. You don't just lay there.

14. When you kiss, you feel more like yourself. You feel more at ease. You feel like your partner is also more at ease.

15. You make sure you have clean breath and clean teeth before you start the smooching.

16. Your partner flat out tells you she likes the way you kiss and wants more.

17. It feels like second nature to you... and it is still exciting.

18. You kiss sincerely, rather than whatever floats your boat.

19. Your kisses gives your partner goosebumps or shivers. You probably can't tell, but they might tell you their lips are tingling.

20. When you kiss, you don't just kiss the mouth. You go for the neck, the ears, and whatever graces you.

21. You're so good at kissing, that if you fell asleep in someone's arms, you might kiss them in your sleep, making them laugh a little.

22. You can have a good make out session without requiring it to lead to more. You're here for the kisses, and you like the kisses.

23. You feel closer to your partner after a good make out.

24. Your kisses lead to your partner bringing your body closer or playing with your hair.

25. You keep your tongue swift, but not like a roller coaster. You would not be described as a lizard.

26. You ask for consent. You make sure the kisses are wanted.

27. When you stop kissing, your partner wants more.

28. If you were to take your time before a kiss, your partner might get anxious and ask why you are teasing them. You have them begging from the palm of your hand.

29. Your partner makes proclamations of love during kissing. Including: "I love you." "You are so beautiful." "I've wanted you for so long." "I'm falling for you."

30. There are rumors about how well you kiss. Somehow those lips have caught outsiders' attention.

31. You're not a sloppy kisser. You don't leave your partner slobbery. You use the right amount of moisture.

32. You don't leave hickeys all over their body. Maybe one or two.... but you're careful, precise, and mesmerizing.

33. No one has ever broken up with you because of the way you kiss.

34. No one has ever complained about your kisses.

35. You make kissing fun and relaxing. You don't put too much pressure on anyone. You have good self-control.

36. You compliment your partner for their kisses.

37. You know that kissing someone's neck is serious business, and you find yourself targeting this area.

38. You enjoy kissing, and bring the enjoyment out in other people.

39. You don't complain, give lots of directions, and you essentially don't ruin the mood. You let things flow.

40. You could teach classes on how to kiss like a gentleman or a lady, and you'd make lots and lots of money.

41. You don't make a big deal if someone isn't kissing the way you like. You try new things when it comes to kissing. You know how to adjust to make kissing better.

42. You take your lips off someone else's lips to breathe. You don't try to stay liplocked for no reason.

43. When you kiss, you give little back massages.

44. You don't smear lipstick all over your partner.

45. You don't wear so much makeup that you taste bad. You have clean, tasty skin.

46. You got kissing pretty quick, let us say by your first kiss ever.

47. You don't just kiss randomly as if it makes everyone feel better. You look for body cues.

48. You let people take their time and communicate. You don't kiss someone until they are ready.

49. You could write a book on kissing and what to do and not do.

50. You avoid garlic and onions before kissing.

Don't take kissing for granted. Studies show couples that kiss more end up staying together. Don't skip out on the kisses just because you're bored, not feeling it, or want to try something else. Give kissing a chance. Sometimes, you might not be into the kissing till a few minutes into it -- especially for women who take longer to be in the mood. Let your partner kiss you for awhile if you're not feeling it, and wait till you are ready.

If you don't like kissing, try to find out why and how you could improve the situation. You don't have to kiss... but if you can work toward liking it, you might find it easier to find someone to date. Sometimes once you start kissing, you'll find that you have mental clarity in the relationship. Sometimes kissing is what ignites it. Just as once you say "I love you" outloud can also be a big moment for your heart and relationship. Don't be afraid to try new moves, don't be afraid to breakup if you're not enjoying your partner's kisses at the start. Kissing should be fun and enjoyable, not a bore or terrifying.

Remember, everyone didn't start out knowing how to kiss. It's okay if you are inexperienced. A lot of times people can't tell if you haven't had your first kiss or very many kisses. Own those kisses and make them believe in them.

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