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Lack of Sex and Sexless Marriages


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Lack of sex in marriages happens—you may call them lulls, low points, or dry spells. Long-term sexless marriages happen too. We've all heard about it, seen it (on popular talk shows, etc.), and possibly experience it. The general statistic is that about 15-20% of couples experience a sexless marriage, which is defined as having 0-10 sexual encounters per year with their partner. Think "Happy Birthday honey. See you next year".

A dramatic lack of sex in relationships has people asking, 'How does this happen? How does a couple go two years or 10 years without sex?'. Everything may be normal—no illnesses, chronic issues, or disorders. So what's going on?

Please Note: This article isn't for the incurably happy and sexually satisfied couples, even though I know some of you will feel compelled to leave your gushy comments. This is truly for those of us who are curious or experience this in our marriage.

It's Complicated

For those of you who think dating is tough, try making a marriage work. It seems that marriages get more complicated as time goes by; resentment for things said or done can accumulate, having children, other family that lives with you or gets involved, illnesses, stress, work overload, and the B word—boredom. Almost all of these listed is inevitable. Not much can really prepare us for the demands of marriage. There is so much involved. It can be difficult to pinpoint just one single aspect that led to sexlessness.

Quantity Versus Quality

Once married, instead of sex simply being an aspect of a couple's relationship they enjoy, it becomes an expectation. Expectations are usually things we avoid or procrastinate on doing. Often times, from the women's point of view, "sex is just another chore". From the man's viewpoint, sex is expected, but he must realize it takes work to get her into it.

Men tend to keep score on how often they get sex. Women tend to barter, giving sex in return for something they really want, like a massage. Society focuses on quantity of sex. It gets more attention than whether the sex is good or great (quality). If you want to improve the quantity, then focus on quality—maybe this means foreplay or trying new things or finding what relieves stress for your partner.

The number one rule of human nature is to seek pleasure and avoid pain; therefore if the sex is good or rewarding in some aspect, a person will seek it. Likewise, they will avoid it if they are tired, the sex isn't good, bad mood, not interested, stressed.

Men vs. Women

Women derive all pleasure from how good her sexual experience is—did the man mentally stimulate her and was he willing to please her physically, not just for his own agenda. For a woman, 'good' doesn't always mean orgasm, it means fulfilling emotionally- made her feel closer to her husband, made her feel sexy and wanted. Once married a woman does a lot of little things for a man and he may not notice- she cooks, does laundry, makes his appointments. Men enjoy these little things and women do too, but in the form of little things to help her relax or enjoy a sexual experience.

Men need sex for different reasons—if they cheat it's not because of the quality of sex within their marriage. Instead they reported or complained about the quantity (lack of sex). In fact, cheaters state the sex was good with their spouse when it happened, but it did not happen enough. For men, a sexual experience is predominantly physical, but satisfies an emotional closeness to his wife as well. Sometimes it's the only way he feels close to her so you can understand the immense importance of sex to a man.

Many men view sex as part of the foundation for a healthy relationship—if the sex is happening, then there are no problems as far as they're concerned. In actuality, sex is an expression of the relationship. For some people, they don't need sex to have a good relationship. It's important for men and women to discuss their own needs of sex with each other.

Sex vs. Desire

As a couple, people need to realize sex and desire will obviously be different for each person. Sex is different for women, physically, because women ovulate once a month for a few days. During that time they are most fertile and at a natural sexual peak—they desire the intimacy of sex. There are also times in her cycle when she will naturally want to be left alone. Women who are pre, currently menopausal, or post will experience a fluctuation (highs, lows, and unpredictability) with their sex drive. Also women on birth control pills do not ovulate, therefore a possible decrease in sex drive may occur.

When the desire between a couple fades away, sex becomes an act of just going through the motions. Some people don't need to feel desire or desirable to have sex and others do. If you want to be regarded as desirable by your spouse, take pride in yourself and your body (no matter your size or limitations. Desire is all in the mind- whether it's you or your partner's mind, desire is purely a perception.

Routine vs. Spontaneity

Many of us married folk have fallen into the routine called marriage. It's the same thing every day for my husband and I; he goes to work, I stay home with kid, he comes home, dinner time, he plays with kid while I get a mini mini-break, I put kids to bed, and then we watch TV or read until we're both asleep.

Kids create routine; dinner time, bedtime, bath time, etc. It's healthy for kids, but not for marriages. So you're probably thinking I'm going to argue that spontaneity needs to be rekindled in order for sex to increase.

Wrong! Most sex in marriages with kids, is spontaneous sex- get it when or while you can. I miss the days when my husband (before he became my husband), had to call me up and ask me on a date, I got dressed to impress, and we both knew what would be happening that night- it was planned, but hot, and something we could look forward to. I like to plan to have sex, then I can put make-up on, dress up, etc and the anticipation is like foreplay. Same can happen in a busy marriage- planning can be hot. Make a date in the schedule and flirt throughout the day.

Communication vs. Relationship

Often times, lack of sex in a relationship has nothing to do with sex, it's a symptom of something else going on. There is a problem that needs to be resolved before sex happens. Unfortunately, communication breaks down or ceases altogether when sex diminishes, and communication is the only way to detect and resolve problems within the relationship. If one or both of you are not willing to talk, then divorce becomes likely. Lack of communication and lack of sex is more detrimental to a relationship than anything. A good clue to where the problem lies is at what point the sex began to slow down significantly. If communication is interrupted, then the sex life will be, and soon the relationship will completely suffer.

Ask Yourself

If you are the partner putting sex on hold, then you need to know exactly why your motivation is to do so. Once that hurdle is demystified, then it's best to go to your partner to tell them what you need to be physical again.

Likewise, if you are the partner doing without, then it's wise to bring the topic up comfortably with the other person. Make it not about sex only. Ask if there is anything stressing the other person out or how you can help them in some way.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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OLIVERA on February 16, 2020:

Thank you for reading my post. I am a man in my fifties. Ive only had free sex one time(back in 1991). Picked up prostitutes in the 1990"s. Had no relations with women from 2001-2018, not even a handshake. I never thought when I was in my 20"s that I would be sitting here writing this. It makes me sad actually. I don't want to marry, but would like to have some intimacy sometimes. I think Ive decided to just forget about having any intimacy and concentrate on other things. I feel bitter and jealous most of the time. I'm getting to the point that I do not want to be around women, because I know I cant have one. My life is miserable in every area and I cry a lot. Sorry for ranting, I needed to vent.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on May 17, 2013:

Bart Kenner~ It sounds like you accepted this treatment from women for far too long and that led to your bitterness, which at least you admit- it's kind obvious anyway. I'm not going to tell you how you should be, but let me make one observation here- how strange for you to turn around and treat others how you were treated. It's childish- sorry about that judgment, but honestly having kids, this behavior is seen in kids that are bullied at home then not having mature brains yet, go out and bully other kids at school. And you enjoy it...OK??? You let yourself get hurt. You let others treat you this way. Your wife rejected your sexual advances, well women don't usually have the same libido as men nor operate on the same hormones- we're different and here's where communication serves well in a relationship- communicate before you get married how often you like (or expect sex). If she is far below you, perhaps you are not meant to be married. If her hormones are off a loving conversation can influence her to get checked by a doctor. I have heard this viewpoint from a lot of men, including my husband who claims his ex would withhold sex just for fun. Well, not ALL women are like that. Yes, women withhold sex but usually because others intimacy and emotional needs are not being met. Now I'm not going to blame a man for not knowing exactly how to meet my emotional needs but he also can't blame me for not meeting his physical needs 100% either. Marriage shouldn't be called marriage- it should be called Compromise.

If rejection hurts that bad for you, you were putting too much stock in what other women think of you and that aspect of your physical life.

Just some thoughts Bart...

Bart Kenner on May 14, 2013:

I used to be a passionate romantic loving man. I am still loving but passionate and romantic? I took passionate and romantic wrapped them up in newspaper, put them in a shoe box, dug a whole by the septic tank and covered them with dirt. They are as dead as my sex life. I have made a promise to myself never to degrade myself by wanting sex. Health problems have made this possible and I thank God for the drop in testosterone. I would have been a more happy and complete person had I never had anything to do with women, their lies and games. Bitter, yes I am. I love my wife, I treat her well, I kiss her, I hold hands and we do things together but I will never give her sex or love making. My ex wife is always trying get me to go back with her. I enjoy rejecting her. I enjoy rejecting my wife. I get much pleasure out of saying no to my wife. I use all the stupid excuses I used to get. You know all those lies you women tell to us men. I go out of my way not to look at women or stroke their stupid egos. On the rare occasion that I feel the need I just take matters into my hand so to speak. No rejection, no hurt for me, ever again. Life is good and it is even better without a woman ripping my heart out by withholding sex. Love yes but foot massage? The answer is hell no do it yourself. Holding hands and talking or going for a walk is no problem, but a back rub is a hell no. Take a pill if you have a sore back. I do my best to look good. I keep my weight down. I dress well and groom myself for one good reason. The reason is to say no and enjoy watching my wife or other women's ego crash and burn .

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on May 06, 2013:

JenIncognito~ I understand. I watched my parents be in a sexless marriage for years until my dad cheated on her. At 10 yrs old , and even before, I remember wondering what the heck they were doing together. I never even saw my parents kiss or hold hands. Sometimes it's best for the kids too. Try and recover and gain some self-respect back as well. Obviously by his response you were having issues with each other and I thank you for sharing your story. What seems like a bad ending isn't always that bad at all.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on March 10, 2013:

Jake~ Are you single or marries cause I've been both- married now but single for 30 yrs. and the way I see it is why screw up my family or go through a divorce just for some new sex. I'm not a guy, but women are fast becoming major cheaters and the way I also see it is nobody with an ounce of maturity who cant see consequences or their actions, would cheat. Lack of sex isn't the main reason for people cheating and that's not even the main idea of my article here. I'm talking about lack of sex not cheating and lack of sex doesn't usually lead to cheating to they're not related.

Some people always see the grass is greener, but I know that new sex, while exciting, is only short-lived while if I screw up my marriage for that, I effect my child's lives for the rest of their lives. Ouch, now that;s beginning to be quite a turn-off so no thanks and if you're married, then you act single and should be single but do your wife a favor and divorce before you cheat. Honestly you sound single and I know guys who think its the ideal way of life, but then you get an STD and Ouch another turn-off from carefree sex. There may diseases out there we don't even know about yet- aids started somewhere. So yay for new sex! Please note my sarcasm.

Jake Jericho on March 05, 2013:

Interessting but I've always wondered why most articles on marriage and sex miss out on one of the most important aspects of why it is so hard to keep making sex fun and exciting after being married for a few year. The way I see it, regardless of how often you try to change things up and spice things up with new ideas, quantity or quality, it is practically impossible to substitute the thrill derived from the chase you get when single. To me this is the route of all or most cheating. We fantasize on new sex and more new sex . We dont exactly know how things will go when meeting for the first date and that's what makes it so exciting, we the men have to do our best dress up talk slick and be cool, the women have to dress to impress and be as sexy as the can while marriage regardless of how good the sex is, or how often we get sex, just doesn't come with that thrill. I still need answers to how to handle that part of the marriage equation.

cheetah786 on October 07, 2012:

sex is just one aspect , of a marriage relationship. A marriage that is purely exist for sex not last long.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on September 02, 2012:

cheapshopping~ sounds like you have sme things to work with at least. Things will get better- a baby is temporary. I have a 4 yr old and 6 month old.

teresapelka~ yes I agree. I believe intimacy and friendship are most important. However, it may be different for someone else. The key is to be communicative about what your desire and sexual needs are before getting married. I think that's a big issue in marriage- both have different levels of intimacy needed. Thanks for stopping by.

Teresa Pelka from Dublin, Ireland on August 30, 2012:

The trap of the sex 'revolution' has been to have sex for a must.

There could be some sex differences between men and women - sex always means intimacy, however. Taking intimacy for granted, trying to have it for a deal that might be demanded - kills intimacy, and therefore sex.

I believe in a possibility of friendship between a man and a woman (one could't have to bed everyone round, and what would marriage be without friendship, anyway ;)) I believe that sometimes taking the emphasis off sex could help the relationship.

Humans are not always sexual. Anything like a sex drive lietrally couldn't even exist, or you'd have spring 'bouts' and autumn 'surges'.

There has to be some room for the psyche, where the body would. :)

cheapshopping from cheap shopping on August 01, 2012:

the house, he can't really dance anymore because of his knees, so there's really no novelty. In fact, this past weekend we did get out of the house, to a country concert -- second time out since baby was born -- and I mentioned that the people swing dancing on the floor below were doing the kind of dancing I know how to do. He's more of a ballroom kind of guy, which I know the steps for but can't keep my feet off of his. Yep, adding in novelty has been added to my list of stuff to work on -- he still get variety in conversation, but that's about it :P.

Jeanine on April 30, 2012:

So true... at my age... although it is important to have a lover... it's not nearly as important as having a friend...lovers are for a season... Friends are forever...

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on April 29, 2012:

Jeanine~ the key words are doing something and not expecting anything back- its so easy to keep track...a point system. lol.

and be friends...for crying out loud people!

Jeanine on April 24, 2012:

Be her friend for a moment... sex is wonderful but so is loving your best friend... be her everything and don't expect anything in return... do you love her for the love or for the sex... there is a huge difference in a womans mind... I say mind... men think with their brains... women with their minds... it's all connected for her... so build it again if you have to... for you and most men it is in compartments... for her and most all women, your life with her is a continuous thread... like a very thin wire... it's all connected for her... go back and see if there is a kremp in the wire... you have some time on your hands so trace it... you'll find where you lost her, repair that first then slowly go back down the wire to the present, walking every step of the way... by the time you get back, she see that you care and she'll be ready for you again... remember she is always tired, take her away if you can and expect nothing... be friends for a while... I am forty two years in with my love... so somethings only come from experience... do not give up....

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on April 23, 2012:

poisson~ it could be any number of things...honestly. And the reasons can change often. I know most women are just plain tired and exhausted and yes we sometimes suffer from losing attraction to our partners.

You must find other things to do with her and be her friend again... so that she'll talk to you about anything and open up. Find other activities to do together without the pressure of sex. As a woman it can feel like out partners only do stuff for sex and that's a turn off. Then we feel guilty about not having sex with you and it turns into a cycle of he's not happy and she's not happy. Only your parnter can let you know what's going b that friend to her.

poisson on April 22, 2012:

I am going on a month without sex, the longest in my 5 years marriage. Before we were doing it once a week and that wasn't even enough. I tried talking about it with the wife but was told it was because I was not doing enough around the house, so I stated doing more than i usually to around the house I was told that all i cared about was sex.

I am binning to think there is something else going on and it's driving me crazy not knowing what is really going to her mind. One thing that came to my mind is that she's no attracted to me anymore.

What do you guys think?

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on March 09, 2012:

Amy~ It's easy to get lives entagled with each other and be dependant on each other finanfically, etc. I've started at square one after leaving somebody who I was financially dependant on- I had to get rid of my new car, new apartment, my dog even. But I made it work. Always have a plan B when married. If you are truly stuck make the most of it. partners can be intimate but not have sex and you can find hobbies to pass time. There is no reason tobe miserable. Like you said it's better than living in a cardboard box because some people do.

Amy on March 02, 2012:


You had askedwhy has he stayed well he just refuses to leave and I stay because were retired now and has a good pension plan and med benefits. We don't have alot of money just enough. If either of us left we would be living in a cardboard bow under some underpass. So its really horrible that my life has turned out like it has, but some day it will be all over.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on January 12, 2012:

Amy~ wow I really wish you would find your way out of that marriage- that's not even a marriage. Why has he stayed? Why have you stayed?

Twave~ thanks for stopping by.

Amy on January 09, 2012:

Married 45 years last week, you would think that's an accomplishment buts it been a nightmare. We have had sex once and that was our wedding night. When the I dos and our wedding night were over he moved all his things down stairs, and that's where he has lived all these years. He worked nights all his life to be away from me. We went no where together he cancelled our honey moon all of his vacations, and made sure his weekend were not the same as mine. He goes no where he just shuts himself down stairs, no phone, computer, no TV that works and he sold his car.

Ryan from San Francisco on January 03, 2012:

Great hub! I totally agreed. Although I've never been married, from examining friends and other people's marriages I saw similar things

Thank you for taking the time to write it and share it. :) 2 Thumbs Up

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on August 27, 2011:

Neil~ this is one of my earliest hubs and it was a hard topic to tackle. I had just overcome some things in my marriage and realized these highs and lows occur throughout marriages and for various reasons. The communication thing is number one. Couples just let issues go on for so long until its become a bigger problem and usually effects the sex life when many times it's not even about the sex iteself- lol. THanks for reading.

Neil Sperling from Port Dover Ontario Canada on August 26, 2011:

this was an informative read - funny i never saw this hub before... well done my friend.

Every relationship has it's own view on this and each person in every relationship will have their individual views... you did amazing at exploring this topic and with the comments the nail was hit with the hammer.

Bang on! Good hub

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on August 25, 2011:

yes that puts it into perspective.

myfacelikemirror on August 22, 2011:

I think life is above all sex and lust.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on August 17, 2011:

trusouldj~ most of the time women start viewing it as a chore when there is too much on their plate with other things. The poor woman needs some free time or time for herself. With somen, it's usually mental- we have sex with our brains so stimulate that again!!

LaZeric Freeman from Hammond on August 12, 2011:

Nice hub. It's difficult wanting to be close, but your partner would rather not. Fascinating how can go from absolutely loving to have sex anytime, anyplace, anywhere, to seeing it as a chore.

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 30, 2011:

I agree!!!

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 30, 2011:

likewise and thank you for the inspiration. Your passion in your writing is what I need to get back to with my fiction writing. ahhh creative expression, nothing like it!

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 30, 2011:

it's cool izettl- I am giving u permission to call me whatever u like lol- I enjoy your being on HubPages because it's writers like you that keep my interest. Thanks again izettl for the inspiration...


Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 30, 2011:

I perfectly agree, Johnathan, that the little things can be made fun. But not too much fun- that kind of chips and eating like that, we'd be 400 lbs. lol.

It is nice to be able to see your perspective because it so much resembles mine when I was single. I have to think about what I wanted out of life before I got married and realize life is short- that used to be my motto all the time. but being a mommy, the days are long and the nights are longer ;))

It doesn't help my husband and I have different schedules, I'm a night owl and he's way early to bed so it feels we're always in a different time zone.

Sorry about the spelling- habit, my dad's name is Jonathan.

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 30, 2011:

and it's spelled 'Jo-h-nathan' lol, not 'Jo-n-athan...' but it's cool lol :)

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 30, 2011:

I guess. I never really wanted to have kids, but I cannot anyway, which is sorta good in a way. I think that even if you have kids there are things like late-night movies for couples, bags of sour cream + onion chips, and also macaroni necklaces in the daytime. I hope I am inspiring you...HAVE FUN izettl!!! I'm giving you the single man's perspective, and I have one neice and a nephew, so I sorta get it. It is hard- I call it "The only job that is full-time w/ no benefits and no pay, where you work for free and get no paid days off or vacation time!" lol-


you're a cool chick, so I hope I've helped...kinda... :)

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 30, 2011:

Jonathan~ i used to be creative in all areas, but honestly life does get a little more serious at some point- you plan a night out and hte child comes down with fever and cold. There is always something that comes up when you have kids. Also, if I chose not to be married, being a single mom isn't what I would call FUN either. There are other choices- none of them fun though. Spontaneous also leaves the building with kids- like I said you can just go do something and BAM something ruins those plans when you have a child. It's a big ordeal just to get out of the house with kids. A simple trip to the grocery store or whatever you do is at least twice as long with a small child. I think raising small children is difficult and this effects relationships for sure- I honestly don't know how they make it past this stage- some do some don't I guess. My point is that I look at this as hopefully a stage and not a lasting thing. Life is a roller coaster afterall- ups and downs, right?

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 30, 2011:

wychic~ yes the novelty wears off after a while on many things, and that I guess is the trick to get that back or even a hint of it. At first, you haven't seen all a man's "moves", but after years of marriage, you've seen them all. I desire "it" (sex), but I miss it in the days when it was a novelty, when it was the star attraction in a relationship. You mention you don't get out much since the baby- wow, can I agree to that!!!

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 26, 2011:

Ok izettl I've got it. Listen to this - the first paragraph is the truth, followed by the second (in the above post, that is) which is a self-defense device lol, then followed by a reasoning that sounds like there isn't another choice! Fun, izettl, FUN!!! Spontaneous! No thinking! Just do it like Nike :)


Rebecca Mikulin from Sheridan, Wyoming on July 26, 2011:

"Marriage seems to make men think their quest is over and now roll over and 'do it'." This bit made me giggle -- yes, I know the not wanting it side too, except that was with my first husband. He would literally make googly eyes at me when I crawled into bed, then roll over on his back and say, "I'm ready!" Oh yeah, super sexy :P.

I think my husband may be in about the same place you are -- there has to be something there to want! I'm getting past a lot of my self-esteem issues, but I am well aware that I run around in the same style of jeans and T-shirt all the time, or scrubs while I'm working at home (which is most of the time), and my hair is almost always up in a bun. We don't really get away from the house, he can't really dance anymore because of his knees, so there's really no novelty. In fact, this past weekend we did get out of the house, to a country concert -- second time out since baby was born -- and I mentioned that the people swing dancing on the floor below were doing the kind of dancing I know how to do. He's more of a ballroom kind of guy, which I know the steps for but can't keep my feet off of his. Yep, adding in novelty has been added to my list of stuff to work on -- he still get variety in conversation, but that's about it :P.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 26, 2011:

Raven~ for me, it's not that my husband doesn't desire me- he does more than I desire him. He used to do a lot of cool things and now he goes to work and watches TV- boring so I really don't view him as desirable when I see him with the same routine everyday.

I read in cheating studies that men do not care so much about what the sex was like just as long as they were getting it often and a certain number of times. That is their main compaint. I'm sure what you're doing is a good way to keep him interested, but even that can't last forever unless there are 60 and 70 yr olds in porn. Tricks will only work so long. I actually want to desire my husband and I have to work on that.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 26, 2011:

wychic~ I read your comment to Mysti- my God, you are exhausting me just talking about all that you do. But I am right there on your husband's side of things- about the kids draining him. I am a stay-at-home mom and work part-time at home. If I wear something nice, somehow my daughter spills on it or chasing after the dog, I rip something. Anyway, I wish I had other outlets like I used to go dancing, go to the gym, etc but now I am so exhausted from my daughter all day and trying to get work done at night that I have nothing left for anything else. Having a chronic illness of course doesn't help, but otherwise I desire sleep and peace more than sex. Also, with my daughter glued to my hip all day the last thing I want is my husband all over me when he gets home.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 26, 2011:

Mysti~ I think some people are more physically sexual than others and not just desire level. I am fine pleasing myself, I have normal desire levels too, but I always say I can't massage myself so that's what I enjoy my husband to do. What I miss and need to really want sex, is flirtations, banter, a desire before sex for each other, a little dancing or drinking. My husband simply puts down the TV remote and is instantly in the mood. Uh, not for me. I am a woman and I need the other stuff. Marriage seems to make men think their quest is over and now roll over and 'do it'. I don't want to do it just to do or make the weekly quota. You seem to be happy and fulfilled other than the sex thing. And yes, it could be worse.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 26, 2011:

Jonathan~ I found a lot of myself (before marriage) in what you are saying. I had these ideas and expectations of marriage and avoided it until I was 31. Actually I was anti-marriage for a while. Then I got more serious with the man who would be my husband and I wanted more fun, a new adventure, something different to experience like marriage. I took 'the leap' and yes, it has been an adventure. So many lessons to learn, but one being it isn't all fun.

I know a little about Jeanine's marriage and it seems great and ideal from what I know. Not sure if I can get to that enjoyable part in my marriage again because we are 'working on it' and that implies work.

You're not young and stupid, you have expectations. The biggest mistake people make before getting married is not voicing those specific expectations. We fall in love, etc ,etc, and we forget to say what we want, what we hope, what we need. If you find 'her', tell 'her' those things. People and circumstances change, but our basic wants and needs about being loved don't. My husband happens to need a lot of love and attention and guess what? So does my 3 yr old -i don't have the energy to take care of them both. That's were I struggle. I thought he just liked me a lot when we were dating and he called every day, but that is actually him- he is a bit needy and he needs to be loved like that. I need space so you can see where we have to get this together. Those expectations should have been discussed before marriage. Don't make that same whoops.

i agree with you to make fun of what you can- that is one area that has changed significantly between us. I have bad days because of my illness but there isn't one day that goes by that I'm not joking around. Sometimes it's borderline smart ass, but whatever.Thanks for dropping by again.

Raven on July 26, 2011:

Hi Izetti, I like your hub and some of what you have to say. I am one of the happy,sexually satisfied,and gushing married couples, however it took us 13 years to get where we are. My husband and I were high school sweethearts but without God in our lives we would be just where you guys are. You do not allow outside things to break the bond of a husband and wife. The bible tells you how a man should love and treat his wife just as it tells us how to treat our husbands. I use to get upset about porn, but it was not about me it was about me at all. Ladies listen and listen good. MEN Want Sex the nastier the better, peace when they come home, and a happy, sweet lady like wife in public; who can play the part of a high class whore in the bedroom.

Men are visual creatures I stopped getting upset at my husband watching porn, and while he is at work I will check out what he was looking at and add it to my next showcase with him. He watches less porn and more of me wondering what else I will do next. Men are NASTY when it come to sex and are sometimes fearful of what we as female will think if they ask for certain sexual favors.

You think your man watches too much TV or spend too much time playing the playstation get naked and clean the room he is in walk in his line of site giving him something else to focus on. Remember to say you love someone means loving them enough to change yourself first.

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 26, 2011:

Izettl is great!


Rebecca Mikulin from Sheridan, Wyoming on July 25, 2011:

Mystiblu, that's hard to fathom going through 30 years of that :S. My husband was in the Navy for 6 1/2, but that's before we got together. Other than the first six months (long distance) we've never been apart. I know he also internalizes a lot of things, and sometimes it will take weeks or months before he'll reveal the frustration. Right now he's unemployed; he seems to be happy tending kids and home while I write, but I have no doubt that he still feels a bit emasculated by that. I'm still trying to get to the point of being completely happy without the physical side of the relationship, but I'd hoped I'd get more than three years of it ;). I'm sure eventually it'll come back, but for now I just try to refocus.

Good to hear about the book! I have several eBook outlines and have been working on a training course, but actually FINISHING the big projects is always a huge challenge. My highs are all from life too, which is another thing dear hubby can't seem to get the hang of (smoker, drinker) -- he has just decided that people who love crafts should have their very own mental disorder :P.

Fran Hafey from Virginia, USA on July 25, 2011:

Hi there wychic, my gosh you have a lot of hobbies!! :) I keep myself busy with a lot of things & since the publishing of my book recently, I stay even busier! I'm in the marketing phase & also working on a second book. I like crafts, gardening, playing my flute, my fur & feather kids, sewing & working on getting healthier. I run several Spiritual discussion groups, have for years & have my own website, blog & much more. I can feel changes coming, because with the book finished, I feel I'll be shifting a few things around. I do have difficulty getting around some days, for now, but my health is improving. I go through times when I vent my frustrations & then it passes. I feel my husband has internalized a lot of the issues also that doesn't help much with his libido & his drive for sex & intimacy. He's comfortable in our relationship & our life together. He doesn't fear I will up & leave him because of the sex issue, I have much more respect for him than that. For me, sex used to be like a drug, I wanted it, needed it & it got me high & made me feel loved, appreciated & more. I also had to overcome issues about how I viewed sex. When sex wasn't in my life, I literally felt I was being punished. My husband was military, out to sea for six months at a time & I have always been faithful. He was in for 30 years! As we grow older & are with someone for many years, things do change, but there's much more to think about than just sex. Yes, it bothers me, not having sex, I don't smoke or drink or do drugs either, lol, but I do get high on life & love, so life isn't so bad, not at all. I just would like to get laid a few more times before I get too old, LOL.:) Peace~

Rebecca Mikulin from Sheridan, Wyoming on July 25, 2011:

@ Mystiblu -- I agree, sex helps a lot when things don't feel good! Granted, other than a sciatic nerve injury, I don't have a lot of physical complaints. He has severely arthritic knees, but in the past that's only limited variety. However, he says, "The stress of dealing with the kids just kills my libido." For me, it's that stress and everyday stuff that seems to be enhancing that libido -- sex is the only way that I can express every emotion I have in a positive way, and he doesn't even have to listen to me talk :P. Trust me, any other ways I've found to express feelings of frustration and aggression have not been well-received.

The only problem with the hobbies, is that so far they've led me to be healthier and have more energy -- kind of counter-productive in this context. To date, I own and run my own business, have two kids, and also enjoy biking, yoga, Pilates, fishkeeping, running, baking, volunteering for the local animal shelter, volunteering as a coordinator for Bountiful Baskets, sewing, beading, micro-macrame, crochet, button crafts, polymer clay, gardening (we just moved into a place with a massive and horribly overgrown yard replete with trees, bushes, and flower beds) -- and I've even been learning automotive repair, and getting halfway decent with our vehicles. In any given week, I participate in no less than half of these, and usually all of them. Like I said, I need more hobbies if I'm going to make it through this "dry spell" ;).

Fran Hafey from Virginia, USA on July 25, 2011:

Hi izettl, I have health issues too, chronic pain & the likes, but I believe sex helps release endorphines that can help pain. I do understand being ill & not wanting sex, especially due to pain. I have arthritis & fibromyalgia, thyroid & a blood clotting disorder, so if I can still want it, that says a lot! lol. I'm not "old" but even seniors seem to be having sex! Tv doesn't help when it shows everyone having sex the moment they meet & it lasting all night & being perfect. My husband & I have had some "howling, fantastic sex" the first 10-14 years of our marriage, then he got sicker, then I got sick & we just kept taking turns. Now, we have each other & we do love each other tons! We've been through a lot together, we have trust, we can talk about anything, we cook for each other, have older kids, Grandkids, pets & keep busy, but to a sexual person, sometimes you can never be busy enough to not want intimacy & good sex! Hormones don't help either, for both! Yep, some days I figure, he's worth it and having each other is better than not being together because of sex. Sex is great, but its not something we have to have, like air, food, water... :) It's nice that we hold hands, sleep butt to butt, laugh, cry & even scream now & then, so maybe we're pretty normal. lol. Counting my blessings~ Hang in there sweetie, it will get better, it will. :)

Jeanine on July 25, 2011:

Johnathan , it's not that, you are young, you are healthy... and that's a wonderful thing... not stupid... i read your poem very graphic... Oh my... did that feel good to hear me say you go boy, don't stop for anything, because she's out there and she knows she has your number... just hasn't called it

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 25, 2011:

maybe I am just young and stupid still or something :) ?


Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 25, 2011:

geez man no fun there

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 25, 2011:

Mysti~ I can relate but the other way around- to your husband. two years ago I got Rheumatoid Arthritis and was bedridden for a few months. I know having this put a damper on things for my husband- even though I am managing it right now, it's something that comes and goes and my husband is sexually high charged. Health issues can really play a role in the sex department. I wanted to open this up for discussion a little more because I know a few people in your position and mine. I can see where you'd be extrememly frustrated because your husband's condition isn't likely to improve drastically so what do you do right? Wish I had an answer. Lots of hobbies like wychic said- lol.

Fran Hafey from Virginia, USA on July 25, 2011:

Hi izettl, I believe that things happen when their supposed to & I found your article just as my husband & I are at our wits end! I don't want to write a book, but he's diabetic & 9 years older than me. I love him with my dying breath, but some days I think I will lose my mind from the "lack of" intimacy & sex! I have always been a very sexual & sensuous bigger woman & like wychic, I am the one always wanting it! I am a balanced being, so I know I retain masculine & feminine qualities. Its sad, we love each other, but this is a huge wedge that some days I wonder if we will overcome! Along with his health issues, he seems to just be comfortable watching tv. I know he loves me, he shows it very well. Oh & we've been married 28 years & have a great relationship, so trying to hold on to love without the benefits! Thank you. A great topic that needs to be discussed in a forum! Write me. :) Peace~Mysti~

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 25, 2011:

wychic~ sometimes the roles reverse. Sometimes they change thorughout a marriage too. Nothing is wrong with you of course- healthy libido!! I think i had one of those before kids- lol.

I overcommunicate and my husband undercommunicates- it's an interesting conversation. If that's your husband's line about talking too much sounds like he overgeneralizes. I get accused of the same thing even though I've been quiet- ugh!! Yes, time for new hobby- lol. THanks for stopping by.

Rebecca Mikulin from Sheridan, Wyoming on July 25, 2011:

Oh my God, after reading this, I'm beginning to suspect I might be a man! :P Great hub, and encouraging to me to hear that this is relatively common, though I think my husband and I have our roles reversed. Here I am with women all around me complaining that "He wants sex AAAAALL the time," which just leaves me here thinking, "Okay, what's wrong with me, then?" Deep breath, I'm not alone, time to take up another hobby and take the pressure off that poor husband :P.

And...sounds like your husband communicates about as well as mine does. Of course, should I bring up the lack of communication, I'm told I talk all the time and need to be quiet for once. Hmmm...interesting that that's the line even if I haven't said a word to him in over 24 hours...

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 25, 2011:

I approve this message jeanine! lol. The funny thing about relationships is it takes both- sounds so cliché, but it does. Giving and receiving- open to talk and open listen, etc.

My husband loves me so much and I him. But he doesn't talk much and says he already told me who he is and everything else when we met. What I'm trying to tell him is it doesn't stop there- he isn't the same person when we met forever. Things change and that's what you have onging conversations about. He has a way of answering questions with one word or yes or no- it's frustrating to communicate with. I think I'm on a need-to-know basis- lol. I wish he would enjoy life a little more- I don't know how to help him with that, but I'm not a quitter.

jeanine on July 24, 2011:

actually it will come back. it's serious because he has a child...and he wants to provide... it's a big part of being the guy in a marriage... the key to fun is you must look at it differently each day... yesterday was fun for yesterday, but creatives as you bot obviously are....Izettl and Jonathan, I'm referring to...have one more step thaan most people to learn about keep you motivated you only need to dream what is today... and live it, other wise you will be unhappy... it is the trigger that makes the deal happen for creatives... try iy you'll like it... I'm sure... I am 41 years in with the same woman and I still don't know her... I know all the things she was but not all the things she is.... understand... and that's the key... one can not open new doors with old keys... enjoy the life that's given... if one changes one circumstance changes...

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 24, 2011:

relationships tend to take a back seat to responsibilities- work, children, money, ailing parents, etc. spicing up sex is easier than putting fun back into the everyday things in a relationship- that "forced" fun feels like work.I was with a guy for 5 years and we could have fun doing anything- he was definitely my best friend, but the attraction (for me) wasn't there. I just never felt that passion or romance for him. So I can't say I've ever found a guy that has had both- both an attraction for and like my best friend as well.Hard to find maybe.

I always thought that if two people were meant to be together or good together then it wouldn't feel like work but honestly I think every couple (for sure if they're married) comes to a point when it is work. My husband used to be quite fun and funny, but he just said life got serious and that's that. It is hard to walk away because you know it's there. It's not like he was never fun so I hope it comes back or something sparks it back in him, etc.If it was there then there's no reason why it can't come back.

Can't say that I've been to CT, but it sounds great from what I've heard from people. I like WA (where I live) other than the famous rain!.

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 23, 2011:

read my previous post on this hub before the compliment... :-)

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 23, 2011:

yeah, I know. look, fighting for a daughter is one thing izetti, but fighting for a relationship is bullsh*t in my opinion... FUN! fun doing dishes, fun in the shower, fun shopping., fun eating dinner together, FUN!!!! I am sorry I disagree, but if I am ever in the northwest, I'd love to take you for a drink :)

I am saying that it's supposed to be fun-

imagine you fighting for him for nothing- he's a luckyman... do not settle I am from Connecticut and I am a liberal!

you could try:

...role playing (extreme, but sexy!)

a vacationu

dinner + a movie


Have FUN dammit! no more fighting just sexy stuff if u can... he's supposed to fight for you- I understand fighting for a daughter, but not some guy. Anyways, you're cute, I owe you something if I'm ever there izetti


Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 23, 2011:

seems we're a lot alike in some ways- but marriage would ruin that! lol. I used to say that about relationships too- get out if it ain't working or isn't fun, etc. But then I'd never be in a relationship very long if that were the case. You learn to have fun in other ways, have your own life a little bit too. Honestly I never saw how quickly the fun suddenly stopped, but I have a 3 yr old daughter and that's about the time that life got a little more serious. I have tons of fun with her, but not with hubby anymore- he got really serious about life.

I completely enjoyed my single life- sometimes having a relationship here and there and other times not- having nobody (by choice of course- lol). I haven't got the marriage thing figured out, I need to exhaust all options before walking away- I'm a thorough girl.

I learned a lot of cool stuff like that in psychology- never heard the grocery store receipt thing but i totally believe it. People are funny, predictable yet still fascinating.

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 23, 2011:

sorry my computer is on the fritz somehow....

anyway, I like you izetti, so check this out---

When I was in highschool, I was with the same girl for almost ten years. I was a cooler guy in school, so that's whatever. We were like Bristol's sweetheart couple. Then, one day, she walked in the door and wouldn't kiss me. I couldn't understand. My mother had always taught me to just be nice to girls, and I always was. I learned something though.

If it isn't fun, stop doing it. The two of us probably weren't having fun anymore, so I left. I think that fun is the key. Now I am single and not sure what I am doing, but she is okay and that's what matters. I think that if it isn't a goodtime, it isn't worth it.

p.s. I think we both read each other's profile at the same time :) so I wanted to tell you that I also studied Psych- for instance, did you know that after purchasing your food at a supermarket if you go to hand-off the receipt to an unexpecting passerby on your way out that they will take it from you 99% of the time for no reason lol? it always makes me smile


too bad you're married lol, but that's cool- I've never 'talked' to married girl before lol :)

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 23, 2011:

well acutally it's Saturday and I'm married- that's why I'm here on the computer. I was single for a long time too- I'm kind of a loner type, but enjoy the companionship aspect of marriage. It is discouragin how quickly the sparks fade and how much work it acutally takes.

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 23, 2011:

you? because uh uh, I couldn't live in the shower :)


Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 23, 2011:

that's about right lol- and it's cool being single. I don't date much, as you know it is Friday, but I love writing and art and music. I guess I'm in love with someone already lol :)

(and do not say myself, that would be messed up lol, although there's nothing wrong with that)


Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 23, 2011:

you must be creative and not married.

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 23, 2011:

I have no clue... I'm creative :)

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 23, 2011:

Jonathan~ sometimes marriages kill creativity lol.

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on July 21, 2011:

oh I am soooo not the guy to agree- I am far to creative, but it is a nice article... :)


Sex Issue Remedies on July 17, 2011:

It is a wonder how such a beautiful experience goes unpracticed by so many married couples. Thank you for this very interesting and informative insight into this subject. Cool Hub too!

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 14, 2011:

Sweetie~ women are mental creatures and this can sometimes interfere with their sex lives. It's best if men can understand that about women and nurture that side of us- in a perfect world. Thanks for stopping by and being a fan.

sweetie1 from India on July 14, 2011:

Beautifully written hub Izetti, intensity and number of times a couple has sex is different for each couple. In many societies girls are brought up telling sex is only to reproduce and have many mental blocks too.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on June 10, 2011:

I totally agree, and the problem arises when one partner wants it and the other doesn't. Like many things marriage, we're not always on the same page at the same time- thanks for stopping be.

Grace Marguerite Williams from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York on June 10, 2011:

To izetti: Great hub as usual. Many couples, as they get older, have diminished sex drives and are no longer interested in sex while some couples are not just sexual to begin with. There are many people in the world, married and unmarried, who are not interested in sex.

Of course, there are some couple who dislike sex for one reason or another.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on May 26, 2011:

Jeanine~ as usual, but more than ever right now, your words leave me speechless. Me! of all people...speechless. A little bit of dissensitization dumbs down love in a series of scattered relationships. Thanks for this comment. I'm going to think on it more.

QudsiaP1~ thanks for stopping by and reading.

QudsiaP1 on May 25, 2011:

Great hub with very good points for married couples.

Jeanine on May 24, 2011:

Beauty is not to be underestimated... for to gaze upon a woman taller than the rest is a complete joy... to embrace a woman who is shorter than the rest is also complete in itself... many tribes believe one only has a certain amount of love to share... if shared with one person... then one has the ability to see love change and grow the person with whom you are involved... if one continued to give love away to different lovers... and I hear this is a lot of one is at a disadvantage... in trying to keep up with the seeds that are sown... therefore the relationship becomes disconnected from the main thrust(sorry lol) of real love... after many years of doing this... it dumbs the giver down... and could be a real reason... women see men as the less enlightened gender when it comes to romance, caring, and being aware of their loved ones needs... I could have said dumber... but I will leave that to each to decide on their own... the testosterone factor drives men... so women are not innocent here... desire is his gift.... discernment on where and which furrow the crop is planted in is hers... and all this time, you thought is was no fun being a

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on May 22, 2011:

J~ I've told you this before but I'd love to bottle your words sometimes- when you say marriage is a mirror and that analogy. Great wisdom.

In my experience, so many men have been with so many lovers that they are determined sex is a one size fits all. A willingness to be humble enough to learn is also helpful. Facing reality is if you are going to be with someone for the long haul then you need to be prepared and willing to be patient when times are tough, physical ailments, etc. Eventually there needs to be more interests besides looks and material objects in common.

Jeanine on May 21, 2011:

I know this to be true... because my own love... lover and friend of 41 years... never down me for not knowing what to do... taught me what was need and was patient with me until I learned to get about on mt own... my picture of marriage is with a love that was good, kind, patient and after years I am able to please as well as be pleased... but all the times I was unable to please... I never received harsh treatment in any way... I was dumb to the things of love... but had a love that showed me... now I will do anything because I am confident in my abilities... love one another... and remember to be patient...

Jeanine on May 21, 2011:

Marriage is actually much bigger than when we are single... if one explores the subtle changes... it can be like living in the rain forest...the canopy is always there and if one can look up often enough... one can stay in awe for years... if one finds the relationship boring... one but needs to open the mind and the heart will follow... if you see yourself as the only one who has ever been to this part of the forrest then,,, one begins to find things that are tailored just for the one who finds them...there are places that heal... reveal and sustain... supernatural... love...take the thing you love best... and look at it from every angle... turn it in every position to see the best possible light... and then enjoy it... once and move on... if one relationship is boring... try and be more creative... marriage is a mirror... it usually shows us ourselves... we think it's the other person but reality is... it's us... you are your own creator...

a unique thing about woman... she has the ability to adapt to almost any circumstance... I've found if one has the fortitude to encourage her for greatness.... she becomes great..... want a better wife treat her better... kinder... treat her with kindness... each has the wife we help grow and develop... she has an amazing ability to reflect our feelings and behavior..... so I guess my question to all men is... how's your wife...

Sex Sohbet Telekız on May 11, 2011:

It is a fact that some people have marriage without sex. Your hub is based on practical fact.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on April 26, 2011:

Thanks Khalid!

Kesinee~ If you have different expectations than he does, then you can try to compromise or work together on it, but if that's just the way he is and doesn't want sex, then it's better to get out now before you get married. Thanks for the comment and good luck!

Kesinee on April 25, 2011:

Izettl, I and my ex had sex 10 times when we are in 2.5 years relationship. The quantity was not even meet an average annual mean score 12 times or 1 time per month. It's ridiculous and no point to keep the relationship with this guy. Cannot imagine sex life after marriage.

Thanks for your great hub :-)

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on April 19, 2011:

ahostagesituation~ unfortunately most people can't avoid the downward spiral of sex in a marriage. The reason; more people are single longer than ever and accumalate more sex partners. When single sex is compared to married sex, it will always seem married sex is more boring and easily loses its exictement. That's just one of the reasons. THanks for your comment.

Mrs Roussou on April 19, 2011:

Great article and sound points. I'm one of the women who would be suicidal in a sexless marriage. I'd much prefer to be single over that, as I already have plenty of good company. It does seem that something goes very wrong in attraction and sex for some marriages. I'd really like to avoid that.

Khalid on April 08, 2011:

Nice hub

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on March 09, 2011:

Alastar~ Well I am humbled as well- what a nice comment. Think it over and get back to me...

Jeanine~ Again, I have nothing more to say than I love your words, your advice, and your presence on my hubs! You've made my day many times and I have a lot of respect for you- from the beginning, your first comment. Thanks again.

Jeanine on March 08, 2011:

early on sex is a lot like reading a local or state map... when you first get together it's fun just to pull it out of the glove box and look at it (lol no pun intended)... after marriage sex is more like reading an atlas... it's very important to turn the page and visit every map in the book... don't get caught in one state... no matter how beautiful it is...

Alastar Packer from North Carolina on March 07, 2011:

With this site I'm in the big leagues now and feel gladly humbled.Kept looking for something I could add to this hub; no luck, still there might be... will just have to think on it when applicable.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on February 27, 2011:

theoctopusjar~ Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad this gave you some insight- hope it didn't scare you from away form the idea of marriage. Marriage just gets more complicated than dting relationships. Sometimes the complications are fun, like having kids, but many take a toll on the sex life. It's somewhat true.

theoctopusjar from The Bay Area, CA on February 27, 2011:

I really, really like this, because it's something I've been questioning, even though I've never actually been married. I've always wanted to know what happens with sex after marriage,and why it seems to decrease so much in a lot of marriages. This gives me a lot of insight. Thanks for posting it.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on February 25, 2011:

Jeanine~ 3 yr olds are great teachers.

Jeanine on February 25, 2011:

yeah I have a grandson that is three... and he is amazing... always on ten... so loving and so excitable... lessons for all of us... to learn and to live...

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on February 24, 2011:

Jeanine~ you are lucky to have found the love you did and not because it's perfect but because it still flourishes when it's not perfect. Life and love is really about resiliency. It seems everybody wants things now and do not realize there are points in life when sex or other things won't be optimal. It's a small picture in the broad scheme of things. Very true about children. I see how happy my 3 yr old is all the time and she has no idea what sex is. I really love your view on this topic.

Jeanine... on February 22, 2011:

There are always ways to cope... my partner... had medical issues also... complete atrophy in the lower part of the body after cancer... that was twenty years ago and there were some years of pain... we finally ended up not as roommates... like so many non sexual couples do... but more like children... both of us set out to find every way we could love one another... other than sexually... I won't paint it perfect... but love is a strange thing... it grows... either more or less... you get to choose... intimacy is defined by those who bath in it's waters... waters becoming warmer when used... colder if abused... love grows... try not to hurt one another... the child in our souls fears it so... I never needed sex as a child to be happy... so it possible... oh and the bonus is... just when you least expect it... sexual intimacy arrives... maybe not as you had planned... but still an amazing... cloud appearing over the desert sand... enjoy life... it's what you were made for...

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on December 13, 2010:

Old Pete~ thanks for the comment. I previously read your Asperger's hub. Very good, by the way. I've watched shows and documentaries about people with it. I didn't learn much about it in my Psych courses at school- just a little bit. When I was in college, it was around the time that ADD got all the attention.

THanks for sharing your insight.

Old Pete from Brighton UK on December 13, 2010:

This has been a real eye opener.

Grandpa Ken said he was a people watcher and could tell so much just from looking at people's eyes!

When I asked my wife's mother if we could get married she said that she wouldn't stand in our way but she didn't approve because she said that I didn't love her daughter.

In some strange way I knew she was right - but we knew we needed each other and have been married now for over 50 years - and have seven grandchildren. I had often wondered why I lived life on such an even keel - an almost total lack of emotion! It was just over a couple of years ago that I discovered that I had lived with ASPERGERS SYNDROME all my life. Because of a lack of ability to make eye contact people with AS are often seen to be aloof. It is also recognised that the majority of people with AS never marry.

I have always been interested in psychology and have attended a number of counselling skills courses in the past. The discovery of the awareness of AS has been exciting - it explains so much of the way that I have looked at life over the years - and the endless ways people react with each other but this was one area where my knowledge is very limited. I can't remember the topic of love, sex and marriage being discussed in any great detail.

As I said this has been a real eye opener!

Augustine A Zavala from Texas on October 08, 2010:

Very informative and thoughtful. Thanks for the hub!

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on September 28, 2010:

Eva~ you are absolutely right

Eva on September 27, 2010:

When men cheat, it generally has little to do with the attractive factor of the other woman they’re cheating with. It’s all about the type of attention that woman is giving them, not their looks.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on August 16, 2010:

Nat~ That's a very sad story and probably more common than people realize. Finances and convenience, kids, etc keep couples together when they are not having sex. I think when one partner can't (medically in your case) have sex then it forces the couple to focus on the other aspects of their marriage and those might not have been very strong to begin with so the love crumbles. Aside from that, it seems your story is most sad because you've been called names and the tone of your comment reflects that. We enter into a marriage contract (vows) that we will love through sickness and in health, but people have their own expectations in their head of how marriage should be. I would hope you find joy in other aspects of life and the marriage isn't draggning you down in general. She obviously needs to see you as a man in other ways besides sexually. Do you provide for her? earn money? fix things around the house, or other manly duties? Is the E/D medically based or possibly psychologically as well. I'm sure her name calling hasn't helped the matter. It sounds though her mind is made up about placing her anger and unfulfillment on you, but you are not responsible for her happiness. If she was really so unhappy she could have left the marriage- I know there were circumstances that made this hard, but she still could have. You need to remind her this was also her choice to stay. It reminds me of a couple I knew who, on the night of their honeymoon, the husband fell off a balcony and was paralyzed from waist down. His wife, though, was very appreciative just to have him alive. There are hard days, but marriage is so much more than just sex.

Lizett (author) from The Great Northwest on July 09, 2010:

tribaldating: thank you that's a great comment from you as I enjoy your hubs as well. thanks for stopping by!

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