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How to Kiss Like a Pro With Hot Kissing Techniques

India knows a thing or two about kissing. Read on for tips on how to kiss like a pro.

The Initial "Kiss Connection" Can Get Your Romance Rolling, or Kill It Dead!

Your first date is nearing its end. The all too important kiss is on your mind. You walk her to the door; the uncertainty builds as she takes out her keys. She pauses, your eyes connect, this is it, the moment, now or never... leaning in you close your eyes and "BAM!" the connection is made. The warmth of her lips brush yours and you feel her kiss electrify and stimulate your entire being. This is the power of the perfect intimate kiss and the science within.

Kissing is an art, and in being so is fundamentally erotic. It is where everything human and intimate begins. If ever there was one moment in an intimate setting that makes or breaks us, it is the initial kiss. Are we ready with the best we can offer? Have we had enough lessons on the art of kissing? If not, then who will teach us the all important kiss techniques? Our best mentors have been our lovers and friends. They have taught us much of our intimate communication. And if the goal is to cause your partner to want more, then being a good kisser is the most important way to communicate what kind of lover you might very well be.

When we kiss or 'make-out' with one another we instigate toward deeper meaning actions. We tell our partner that we are compatible and desire them. It can be a most reassuring way to telegraph your true feelings without speaking a single word. (It can completely eliminate the, "What 'cha thinking" debacle all together.) And wouldn't that make for a wonderful evening?

The Science of Kissing (2 min. video)

A Fun Kissing Game to Connect With Your Partner

How about giving your partner a special treat. When kissing begins to escalate, gently slide your hands up and over the ears of your partner, forming a sound barrier, a temporary seal over the ears of sorts. By depriving sound, you increases the tactile sense or sense of touch. This causes the focus of their mind to zero in on your mouth and your kiss. That's right, their attention turns to your mouth where it becomes their entire world. It's simple and harmless and an interesting, if not passionate, study in intimate communication.

It is our human nature to do the things we ourselves enjoy most. This being the case, you should pay attention to what your partner is doing. What is his/her kissing style or technique? How hard does your partner press their lips to yours? Is the mouth closed for a while before opening to invite french kissing? Is lip nibbling going on? By managing to understand what your partner is offering, you can return to them the things they unknowingly are asking of you. By understanding our partners intimate communication, we might just make it past the front door to find something deeper and more gratifying waiting inside.

A Kiss can be like that of a lightning strike...

A Kiss can be like that of a lightning strike...

A Kiss Is Like a Bolt of Lightening

Kissing is the greatest most intimate expression of love, this is apparent by how often we find it within our literature, new as well as old. Nyrop offers a quite descriptive example within the love story of Daphnis and Chloe. In an act of appreciation, Chloe has bestowed a kiss on Daphnis--an innocent young-maid's kiss. The effect has an unexpected electric impact. The scene takes place as follows;

"Ye gods, what are my feelings. Her lips are softer than the rose's leaf, her mouth is sweet as honey, and her kiss inflicts on me more pain than a bee's sting. I have often kissed my kids, I have often kissed my lambs, but never have I known aught like this. My pulse is beating fast, my heart throbs, it is as if I were about to suffocate, yet, nevertheless, I want to have another kiss. Strange, never-suspected pain! Has Chloe, I wonder, drunk some poisonous draught ere she kissed me? How comes it that she herself has not died of it?"

As we can tell, to underestimate the impact of an intimate kiss is to underestimate the impact of a lightning bolt. Communicating with our lips goes well beyond that of our speech, entering into a world of communication that would seem unreal and most improbable.

Kissing Is More Than Kissing. It's Science!

A question we often ask our friends, "Is he/she a good kisser?" would seem to be the most important question of all. Kissing is so much more than just kissing. It is the pivotal point within our 'mate choice'. For most women, it would seem that kissing is more important than for men, making it almost imperative that kissing take place before any further sexual encounters occur.

When we kiss, we are retrieving information about the person we are in contact with. We can taste, smell, feel and hear everything about our partner during the kiss. This information is translated into how we think or feel about the person. Most interestingly, we will know in that very instance if we really want to kiss them again.

Some studies show that women tend to be attracted to partners that have a different immune system than there own. This is detected through smell while kissing. A research study managed by Professor Windy Hill, Lafayette College , determined that kissing can affect the oxytocin hormones (the love hormone). This hormone is important in social development and bonding, and cortisol which is an indicator when considering stress levels is also affected. As you can see, kissing can either bring new emphasis to a relationship, or it can shut you down completely.

Our lips have a different architecture than most of our skin. The difference can be explain when we look at the facts surrounding sensation. We can get bumped while walking through the mall feeling the mass of pressure on our back, but no real pain. Other than being involuntarily repositioned, not much more than,"excuse me" can be detected. However, something as simple as a tiny drip of moisture at the tip of a straw touches your lips and you feel the localized moist texture and temperature intensely. The nerves of our lips reside much closer to the surface of our skin than in almost any other location on our body. Thus, the architecture of our lips is designed for understanding and learning as well as bringing passion to our hearts and minds.

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