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Kissable Chemistry….Is Your Kiss a Turn-Off?

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Kissing Chemistry

Based on appearance alone, you can see someone and instantly know if you are attracted to them. You can even feel some sort of a vibe when you’re near them; however, the real chemistry is in the kiss.

Have you ever had someone in your life that you only considered a friend, but then one day, you found yourself locking lips with this person? I have...and unbeknownst to me, this person was not only an amazing kisser, but the chemistry was unbelievable. When this guy kissed me, it felt as if the entire room had disappeared; it was not only magical, but the heat between us ignited my loins and swept me off my feet. If I had known there was incredible chemistry between us, I would have kissed him sooner.

Unfortunately, chemistry like this isn’t always felt by everyone. Meeting someone you find attractive is the first step, but kissing that person is a whole different story. Just because the physical attraction is there doesn’t mean the chemistry will be in the kiss.

Bad Kiss

Have you ever kissed someone and felt nothing? No chemistry...and definitely no heated loins. What a disappointment, especially if there were high hopes for potential possibilities with them.

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How can you find someone incredibly sexy and good-looking, but when you kiss them, you feel nadda: Nadda spark, Nadda passion, Nadda wanting more? For me, the “dead” spark has occurred when I’ve been attracted to someone whose kissing style didn’t agree with mine.

Since there are so many different kissing styles, you know when you find one that’s compatible with yours. Most of us have encountered the “interesting” kissing style at some point in our life. When this happens, it becomes awkward and frustrating; you can’t understand why someone you find so physically attractive has a kiss that turns you off. Why do you bump heads or noses each time you kiss? Where did the Chemistry you thought was there go? Could this be a big clue that this person isn’t right for you or simply that they are a bad kisser? There are so many different kissing styles; some can be a turn-on while others can be a Turn-Off!

Don't be a bad kisser! Avoid these types of kisses.

Don't be a bad kisser! Avoid these types of kisses.

12 Types of Bad Kisses

  1. Captain Linger: This person does not know the meaning of pulling back. It’s great when someone’s tongue is moving around with yours; however, it can get exhausting when they don’t give you breathing space or time to rest. A kisser like this might end up being clingy!
  2. Dead Fish: Unless you’re planning to eat a dead fish, no one wants this in their mouth; it sounds just as bad as the experience but hopefully without the rotten smell. Excitement left the building with this kisser!
  3. Caught Fish: Although a caught fish can seem better than a dead fish, it’s really not. Kissing someone should never feel like there’s a trapped fish in your mouth frantically trying to escape. That much quick motion should be saved for something else!
  4. Saint Bernard: This kisser has no problems with dehydration, and it shows. When you’re done kissing this person, you definitely have enough of their DNA if you need to do a background check; not sexy at all. Handy wipes should never come after kissing!
  5. Happy Dog: Although it’s acceptable to be licked by your own dog, it’s not as acceptable or enjoyable to be licked by a person. This kisser takes kissing to another level and obviously has problems “staying in the lines” (your mouth). When kissing turns into licking your face, it’s time to say goodbye. This person might be too kinky or just too gross!
  6. The Lizard: When someone sticks their tongue in and out, not trying to connect or “dance” with your tongue, this usually means they are lazy kissers. Lazy kissers= Lazy Lovers. Do I need to say more?
  7. Hollow Man: Boring! Just like this person probably is in relationships and in the bedroom!
  8. The Starving Mouse: This can be very sexy if done right and for short periods of time. Problem: some people just don’t know when to stop making you wonder if they need to eat before kissing you. Biting too hard or nibbling too much can become annoying quickly. Do you really want to end up with chapped, chafed, and possibly bloody lips after a kiss?
  9. The Wood Pecker: This person loves peck kisses, and it shows. Someone who only pecks when they kiss (or prefer to) is usually not experienced or not that into you!
  10. Pacifier: Hmmm. Again this one can bring potential heat to the bedroom; however, when the tongue is mostly what they want to suck on it, tends to be a big red flag for mommy issues!
  11. Sucker Fish: Moderation and ease are nice, but over-sucking is not. Why would anyone want their lips to look as if they are covered in hickies or welts? Can you say control issues!
  12. Car Crash: This person has no passion and gives you no room to enjoy the kiss or participate. It’s all about them. Repeat after me…“selfish lover!”

Bottom-line, kissing is like a dance between two people’s mouths; when you’re tongues and lips move together in sync, it can be magical, even breathtaking. Why settle for an uncoordinated sloppy dance of a kiss when you can find one that melts your heart?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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