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How Important Is Sexual Chemistry?

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Just how important is sexual chemistry?

Just how important is sexual chemistry?

Is Sexual Chemistry Important?

For most people, feeling a strong sexual connection with someone is rare; however, is it enough to sustain a lasting relationship?

When there's an intense sexual connection, this feeling can stop you in your tracks. Experiencing this type of sexual chemistry feels as though an overwhelming desire, but instinctual attraction, is magnetically pulling you two together. This magnetic vibe is so powerful; it leaves you speechless—wanting more.

Intense Sexual Chemistry Signs

The sexual chemistry between you both is not only physical but extremely passionate. The way you both look into each other's eyes or touch hands makes you want to pull closer towards one another. You feel lost when your lips touch, as your face is being held with trails of kisses planted down your entire neck. Kissing this person is even better than you could ever imagine; it weakens your knees and almost knocks you off your feet. The heat between you both is so incredibly steamy—even a cold shower couldn't cool you off.

The energy between the two of you sends electricity down your spine and ignites butterflies in your stomach. Your connection grows exponentially stronger, and you feel sexy around this person all the time.

Everything about this person is sexy—their voice, face, body, eyes, smile, and even kiss that you can't stop wanting more of. The attraction is intense and feels incredible…all you can do is hope that it will last.

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There is way more to a relationship than just sex.

There is way more to a relationship than just sex.

Intense Sexual Chemistry Isn’t Everything!

Is sexual chemistry important to have in a lasting relationship? Yes, but sexual chemistry alone cannot be the only factor, no matter how all-consuming it can be. Sometimes it can be easy to get so wrapped up and blind-sided in the fact that you have a sexual connection with someone that you don't conclusively see that there aren't enough commonalities to fundamentally build a lasting relationship between you both.

Mental and Emotional Chemistry

Although sexual chemistry is important—it's the magnet, the initial pull. Mental and emotional chemistry is ultimately the glue to keep a relationship successful.

Are you able to talk with ease? Does it feel organic being around this person? Do you laugh together? Are you comfortable crying in front of each other? Can you be 100% yourself? Are you supportive of each other's lives? Can you discuss important issues with one another and open up freely without judgment or worry? Are you comfortable together—when your clothes are on?

When you can connect with someone not only sexually but also mentally and emotionally it creates a stronger bond that's more meaningful. When you find this combined chemistry, it is not only worth cherishing, but also worth keeping.

Having only a sexual connection is enough for some people, especially if they don't want to be in a relationship. However, if you want something more than just having sexual chemistry with someone, then be true to your boundaries. Know that you can have a deeper connection that's sustainable—finding someone who you not only have a powerfully unique sexual chemistry with but also a mental and emotional one. My advice, figure out what you really want before you're consumed by this overwhelming desire and possibly equate it to love.

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