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How to Tickle Torture Someone

I love tickling, and I know a whole lot about how to do it in a fun, safe, and memorable manner!

How to safely and consensually tickle someone.

How to safely and consensually tickle someone.

How to Tickle Someone

Whether you're looking for an innocent game, or you're seeking a new and exhilarating bedroom activity, tickling can be a fun way to play with a friend, lover, or partner.

Tickle Torture 101

Follow these steps to give someone a tickle torture experience they will absolutely enjoy!

To begin tickling someone, it's incredibly important to be sure your target is okay with being tickled. Do not touch someone's body without their consent. You can also determine a safe word before the torture begins to ensure a nonthreatening experience.

If at any point, your target asks you to stop, don't keep tickling them. Remember, this is supposed to be silly and fun!

2. Expose the Skin

Pull back any clothing that could cover your intended tickle area. It could help to pull up their shirt or take their socks off.

3. Tie Them Up (Optional)

You can also choose to tie them up or restrain them in some way. There are many different positions to choose from. Some ideas are spread eagle, hog-tied, tied to a chair, or tied standing up. You can use ropes, bedding, clothing, ribbons, or even handcuffs to constrain your target.

4. Start Teasing

Tease your partner by lightly running your finger along exposed areas of skin. This will help build their anticipation, adding to the torture element.

5. Attack!

After you've built up enough tension, suddenly jump to their most ticklish spot. If it's their sides or tummy, lightly pinch and run your fingers up and down. For the armpits, dig your fingertips into their armpits, make light circles on their skin, or wiggle your fingers around. On their feet, quickly drag your fingernails up and down their soles and use a feather in between their toes.

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Another Method

Start with the feet. Lightly drag your fingernails up and down the soles looking for the best reaction. Once you found the best reaction, tickle around the spot for a little bit. Then, proceed without mercy!

Once you've tickled the feet for a while, it's time to move onto the upper body. Start by lightly pinching up and down their sides looking for reactions. For a minute or two, tickle in the spot that yields the most intense reaction. Then stop and wiggle your fingers in their tummy or lightly but quickly drag them all around their belly. After this, move to their hands and slowly drag your fingers down each arm and back up to their armpits.

Then lightly wiggle your fingers in there, and then you can dig your fingertips in or just make small, light circles with one or two fingers.

And that is how to give someone a tickle torture they will never forget!

Because of their soft bristles, paint brushes can be great tickle tools!

Because of their soft bristles, paint brushes can be great tickle tools!

Tools to Tickle People With

Below are some of the most popular tickle tools.

  • Feathers
  • Paintbrushes
  • Lotion
  • Hair
  • Pencils/Pens
  • Toothbrushes
  • Soft-bristled hairbrushes
  • Lips
  • Ice cubes

How to Get Someone to Tickle You

Though some consider being tickled to be an awkward or uncomfortable experience, others find a lot of fun and satisfaction in the resulting sensation. If you are looking to be tickled by someone, the best method of approach is to simply ask! Communicating clearly about your desires can help you and your partner understand each other on a deeper, more intimate level.

If you have already discussed your want to be tickled and have determined it is okay with both you and your partner, you can leave hints by leaving parts of your skin exposed, running your fingers over your body while they're watching, or starting a consensual tickling match with them!

Let the Tickle Torture Begin!

There you have it, an in-depth tutorial on how to tickle (and potentially torture) someone. Stay safe, have fun, and leave a comment below!

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