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How to Massage a Girl: Tips That Will Help Your Girlfriend Relax

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Find out how quick and easy it is to massage your girl and make her feel totally relaxed and de-stressed.

Find out how quick and easy it is to massage your girl and make her feel totally relaxed and de-stressed.

Do you want to learn how to massage a girl? Do you want to learn the massage techniques and touches that she will crave, again and again? This article will stay away from cliché and boring tips like "rub her shoulders." Rather, it will spell out the exact muscles that need to be rubbed, and show you exactly how to do it, with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials. Read on for fun massage tips that will bring a smile to her face.

Tips for Massaging Your Girlfriend

  • Make sure the environment is relaxing. Lower the lights or maybe light a candle. Put on some music in the background while you massage her. Allow her to pick the type of music she wants to listen to.
  • Make it strictly non-sexual. If your goal is really to relax her, then stick to that plan. Don't get confused halfway through and start getting romantic. Make it all about relaxation and all about her.
  • Warm your hands first! Cold hands might have the opposite effect from the relaxation you are going for.
  • Use lotion or massage oil, if you both like. You can use fancy lotions or massage oils if you want, but it's not necessary.
  • Ask and listen. Ask her what she likes, where it hurts, and what feels good. Keep asking her what feels best. Avoid or be extra gentle around areas where she's tender or strained.
  • Pay attention to her body language. Keep listening and watching to see if she's enjoying herself.
  • Be gentle. Pressing harder does not equal more relaxation. Rubbing too hard can really hurt and may even leave her with sore and aching muscles.
  • Clothing is optional, but it is likely that you and your partner may find the whole activity a bit too sensual. Your aim is to relax her, not get into bed with her, so to keep the whole process entirely non-sexual, it's best if both of you have clothes on. She can wear a sports bra and tiny shorts so you have access to all the muscle groups without having to worry about clothing getting in the way.

Massaging your woman does not always have to be an elaborate effort. She can lie down or just sit in a chair. The point is to keep it simple and have a no-nonsense approach to it. Even a 5-minute rub can do wonders to perk up her mood.

1. Start With Her Trapezius (Especially If She Has a Headache)

The trapezius is the muscle group between your shoulder and your neck, commonly known as "traps." What many don't know is that this muscle extends further down the back. This muscle group is easy to massage and delightful to be massaged upon.

How do I massage a woman's trapezius?

  1. Your girl can lie on her stomach or she can sit on a chair.
  2. Stand behind your girl and locate her trapezius muscles—the portion that protrudes on the back of her neck.
  3. Gently rub and then squish those muscles. You will probably hear a sigh of relaxation as you rub this part.
  4. Slowly extend your thumbs down the back of her neck and keep rubbing.
  5. Keep moving down to rub the entirety of her trapezius muscles. (See the image below to see just how far these muscles extend.)
  6. Repeat the movement a couple of times.

An important thing to remember is that the traps are a sensitive spot and if you press a tad too hard, it will hurt. Be extremely gentle, listen to her, and watch out for any spots that hurt.

For illustration purposes only: The extent of the Trapezius muscle highlighted in red.

For illustration purposes only: The extent of the Trapezius muscle highlighted in red.

2. Massage Her Thighs (Especially If She's Been Walking, Sitting, or Standing Too Long)

Thighs are one of the first muscle groups that feel burnout. Thigh muscles deserve a lot of love and pampering after a long or hectic day.

How do I massage a girl's thighs?

  1. It is best if you take one leg at a time. Have your girl lie on her back as you massage her thighs.
  2. Lift her legs up and allow her to release all the tension from her abdomen and thigh muscles.
  3. Start by rubbing and pressing the upper thigh muscles right from the hip bone down to the knee.
  4. Then do the lower thigh muscles, right from the end of the buttocks to the back of the knee.
  5. Gently clamp her thigh with both your palms and press gently as you work your way from the top of the thigh to the bottom.
  6. Repeat these movements a few times.
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3. Massage Her Arms (Especially If She Has Just Been to the Gym)

When you massage your girl's arm from shoulder to finger, you will be touching numerous muscle groups, including the deltoids, biceps, triceps, forearms, and palms.

How do I massage her arms?

  1. You can either do one arm at a time or take both arms at once.
  2. She can be sitting on a chair or lying down—it really does not matter, as long as she is comfortable. Lying down might help her relax more.
  3. Start by holding and rubbing her deltoids, which is the round part of the shoulder at the top of the arm.
  4. Work your way down the biceps, triceps, and forearms.
  5. When you reach her wrists, take your girl's palm into your hand and press gently at different spots on her palms.
  6. Proceed to her fingers.
  7. After you reach the tip of her fingers, work your way back up to her deltoids from where you started.

4. Massage Her Feet (Especially If She's Been Standing All Day or Wearing Fancy Shoes)

A foot massage can be relaxing, fun, and even slightly ticklish. It can feel especially heavenly after trotting in heels or after a busy day running around.

How do I massage a girl's feet?

  1. Focus on her ankles, heels, toes, and the soles of her feet. This is best done one foot at a time.
  2. Get your girl to sit on a chair with ample back support and kneel down in front of her, or sit and hold her foot in your lap.
  3. Clasp her heel with both your hands and gently start pressing as you work your way towards the toes.
  4. Squish the sides of her feet.
  5. Press and rub each individual finger/toe and the space between the toes.
  6. Use your fingers or your thumbs to gently press random spots on the sole of her feet, just like how you did her palms.
  7. Repeat the entire movement on the other foot, and then repeat. Keep working from ankle to toe over and over again.

Give your foot massage a special touch by leaving her feet in a tub of warm water for further relaxation as you move on to massage her elsewhere.

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