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How to Kiss a Girl? Kissing Tips and Advice for Guys

Updated on November 21, 2016
Before you attempt to become an expert kisser, understand what it takes to lay the foundation for a good kiss.
Before you attempt to become an expert kisser, understand what it takes to lay the foundation for a good kiss. | Source

How to kiss a girl? Let's put aside advice from glossy columns in women's magazines that promise to make you an expert kisser overnight. Rather, this post focuses and elaborates on basic kissing tips for guys – From pre-kiss prep to technique to the things that every man should remember before leaning in to lock lips with his woman. Make your kiss enjoyable, romantic, cute, beautiful and heavenly.

1) Never carry a bad breath

Brush your teeth twice, gargle with a mouth wash, use mints or a strong gum – Do whatever it takes to avoid bad breath you kiss a girl. Bad breath is a total turn off and kissing can go from a beautiful fairy tale experience to a one that she would rather not remember.

2) Wash your hair

Wash your hair or at least make sure that your hair feels nice to run fingers through and is free of dandruff or other stuff that can make her go eew. This kissing tip comes as a reminder to guys that your girl may like to run her fingers through your hair while you lock lips with her.

Her kissing experience will be heightened if she enjoys ruffling your hair and putting her hands through them.

3) Remove/trim your nasal hair and clear your nose

You are likely to annoy your girlfriend if she sees a bunch of your nasal hair greeting her as you lean in for a kiss. Use scissors, buy a nose hair trimmer, use tweezers - Do whatever it takes to leave the inside and outer edges of your nose hair free.

Kissing also involves tilting of the head in many directions, leaving your nose area in full view of your girlfriend. Be sure to keep your nose clean and free of mucus or something that may embarrass you.

4) Smell nice: Use a manly fragrance

Fragrance and smell will play a big role in charming your girl and giving her a kiss of a lifetime. Putting on a manly perfume, cologne or EDT will make her want to smell you over and over again.

If perfume is not your domain or if you are unsure about your whacky choice in fragrances, stick to safe bets like Cool Water by Davidoff, Eternity by CK, Kenneth Cole Black by Kenneth Cole or Hugo by Hugo Boss.

5) Use a lip balm or moisturizer if your lips have become cracked

Your cracked lips can hurt or irritate your girlfriend's lips. As a guy, don't go overboard with carrying a lip balm and worrying about it obsessively, but remember to give your lips a quick check before you kiss.

If you think that your lips have been sucked dry of their moisture because of the weather, use a lip balm or a jelly to bring them back to their tender self. Avoid using fragrant lip balms because a girl generally does not expect her guy's lips to smell like strawberry, vanilla or peach.

6) Don't ask 'May I kiss you?'

Asking your girl, whether you can kiss her or not may blow away the romantic moment. Weather it is the first time you are kissing a girl or a woman who you have been going out with since a long time, take charge and use your judgment to know if it is the right time to have a kissing make-out session.

Is she leaning towards you? Is she facing away from you? Is she smiling or is she grumpy? Think about things like these and make your move. Don't wait for her to grant you permission to kiss.

7) Never approach a kiss with a closed mouth

If you are in the habit of keeping your lips shut while approaching your girlfriend to kiss her, you could be putting her off. A closed mouth could be seen as an indication that all you are looking to do is give her a tiny peck with your lips.

Before you learn how to kiss, remember to open your mouth as your lean into her face. Don't open too wide. If you can't figure out how much gap to leave between your lips, just open up as if you were about to say something.

8) Tilt your head and guide hers the opposite way

Tilt your head sideways and if possible, guide her head to tilt it in to the opposite side with your hands. If you don't, you risk bumping noses and if that happens, immediately giggle it off and tilt your head again so you can kiss her immediately while the situation is still romantic and heated up.

9) Keep your eyes shut while kissing

This is possibly one of the most commonly given, and abused kissing tip of all time. No matter how long or how short your kiss is going to be, remind yourself to close your eyes when you pucker up. It is a sign of enjoyment and by closing your eyes, your body language speaks that you are in a trance as you lock your lips with your beautiful girl.

As you lean in to kiss a girl, give her a droopy, intoxicated look as a sign that your eyelids will be shut the very moment you lock lips with her.

10) Don't hold your hands to yourself

You don't kiss with your hands, but they play a very big role in making your kissing experience more enjoyable. As you kiss a girl, constantly use your hands to hold her neck from the side, support her head as she tilts it, put them on her waist, gently supporting her back as she enjoys the kiss or even caressing her shoulders as you enjoy the tender moment.

Use your hands to guide your girl into tilting the way you want and more importantly, use them to caress her back and shoulder. Don't grope or fondle the womanly parts of her body, leave that for a rendezvous in the bedroom.

11) Don't use your tongue immediately

Unless you are trying to imitate an overtly friendly pooch, remember the ever important kissing tip of never to use your tongue immediately. As you lock lips, allow yourself and your girlfriend to get in an angle where you can both feel your lips wrapped around each others'.

12) Slide your tongue in, never force it

Once into the kiss, gently slide your tongue out for a moment and pull it back in. Do it again and with each time, lick bits of her lips and finally the inside of her mouth. Soon enough, you are likely to find yourself having a tongue duel with your girlfriend.

If the girl brings her tongue out first, welcome it with your warm lips and allow her to take control for a bit.

13) Don't salivate excessively while kissing her

Excessive saliva can make a kiss very sloppy and irritating. Don't become conscious of this while kissing but if you think that your lip locking gets too sloppy, hold back and avoid smothering her with your saliva.

14) End your kiss with a dreamy smile

As you pull away from your kiss, carry a naughty smile on your face and a dreamy look in your eyes. This will let your girl know that the lip lock has left you on cloud nine.

She may too reciprocate your smile with a naughty giggle. Give her a compliment and if you feel like, lean in for yet another kiss and make your romantic moment double the fun.

15) Never hurry: Be cool, smooth and slow

Think of every kiss as savoring the most expensive glass of wine in the world. Would you gulp it down as a shot or would you start by inhaling the aromas, swirling the glass around and enjoying sip by sip until the very last drop?

Assuming that you picked the latter, enjoy every moment of your kiss and immerse yourself into a romantic wave. Never kiss in a haste and go slow. Heighten your kissing experience by feeling every step of your kiss.


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