How to Behave and Act After Sex: What to Do Immediately After Making Love to Your Partner

Updated on December 29, 2016
Don't ruin the romantic intimacy that you share with your partner by being insensitive.
Don't ruin the romantic intimacy that you share with your partner by being insensitive. | Source

How to behave after sex? Whether you are a girlfriend-boyfriend couple or a husband-wife married team, take note of tips and the things you should and shouldn't be doing after sex.

Romantic intimacy is all about caring for each other and your partner will appreciate your efforts in looking after him/her even after making love. Cuddle, snuggle, spoon, laugh, smile, giggle – Do all it takes to keep your partner happy in bed even after sex.

1) Don't go to sleep immediately after sex

Regardless of how exhausted you are, don't pull up a blanket and go to sleep immediately after sex. Whether you consider it a sign of satisfaction or not, your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife may find it very insulting.

By dozing off immediately, you risk making your partner feel belittled by sending out a strong signal that you got what you wanted, and are now dozing off.

2) Watch TV if you have nothing to talk about

If you find yourself in an awkward situation where you and your partner have run out of things to talk about, simply switch on the TV. Lay in bed snuggled up to him/her and relax as you watch TV.

If you are lucky, your favorite TV show might be on air and you may be able to lighten up the mood.

3) Don't play video games on your computer, console or smartphone

Sex is supposed to be followed up with cuddles, hugs and giggles. Instead of doing this, if you start playing games on your smartphone or PC, you are likely to annoy your girlfriend or boyfriend for not giving due attention.

If you find yourself guilty of this habit, stop playing video games immediately after a lovemaking session and focus all your attention to having a romantic conversation with your partner.

4) Don't analyze or criticize the lovemaking

Analyzing the hot rendezvous that you just had with your partner immediately after the act is as risky as it gets. Don't make the mistake of giving constructive criticism or telling your partner how a move could have been better.

Even the most carefully chosen words can be taken out of context during delicate moments. Don't give your partner a chance to interpret a statement in a way that you did not mean. If you must discuss sex, do it after a few days.

5) For partners in a hurry: Don't dress and leave

Dressing up and getting ready to leave immediately after sex can make your girlfriend or boyfriend feel like someone who has just been used for a purpose. If you are in a genuine hurry to get somewhere, be polite and explain to your partner that you would love to stay but you have no choice.

Make him/her feel better by staying back for some time before you head out. Better yet, cancel your other appointments and spend time with your partner.

6) Find some lazy entertainment options that you can do together

Whether it is watching a movie on a laptop or hopping on to Facebook and spending time looking at each others' feeds, look for things that you can do together.

Make sure that entertainment option you pick is something that you can do together, is laid back and does not require much energy to pursue and. The last thing you would want to do after sex is to have to do something that ruins the relaxed ambiance.

7) Don't talk about things that can lead to an argument

Don't ruin a perfectly romantic setting by picking up an argument or a pending fight with your partner after having sex. Even if the issue is on the tip of your tongue, hold it back and wait for another day to blurt it out. Unless urgent, refrain for picking up even the pettiest of arguments.

This applies especially to married couples who may want to use the spare time to talk about a pending issue. Husbands and wives should leave picking up their petty battles for a later day.

8) Avoid showering or cleansing immediately

Regardless of how sweaty you have become, don't be a freak by furiously cleansing yourself or heading straight for the shower. Lay in bed with your partner after having sex.

Talk, caress, share jokes and do whatever it takes to bring a smile on your lover's face. Rushing to the washroom for a bath immediately after sex will make your partner think that you are feeling icky and dirty.

9) Don't announce hunger pangs immediately

Although there is nothing wrong with feeling hungry after a charged session in bed, it may come across as insensitive if it is the first thing you say after having sex. Wait for a few minutes until you and your partner relax, cuddle and wash up before announcing your hunger pangs.

10) Don't ask your partner if he/she enjoyed it

Did you enjoy it? Don't ask questions like these to your partner. In your bid to learn how to behave after sex, you should know that a real man never asks a woman if he satisfied her and vice versa. Would you ever imagine Brad Pitt asking his beautiful lady if she was satisfied after a romantic scene in a movie?

Leave the inquisitive questions for a later date. Focus on keeping your partner smiling even after you both have made love to each other.

11) Don't praise your lovemaking skills

If you really think that you have been a great lover, allow your partner to compliment you. Don't go on praising your own lovemaking skills because that is considered rude and obnoxious.

Rather, take a moment to praise your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife's moves in the bed. It will give him/her a boost in levels of self confidence along with the desire to please you over and over again.

12) Avoid burping or passing air

Burping or passing air can be a turn off for many. Whether you are a girlfriend-boyfriend couple or married partners who have known each other for years together, try to avoid and stop all forms of escaping gas, whether it is burping or farting.

13) Cuddle: But don't become clingy and needy

Cuddling after sex possibly leads to some of the most flirty and romantic conversations between single and married couples. It can be in the form of snuggling up in a blanket, spooning each other, candid pillow talk and much more.

Don't cross the line as you cuddle with your partner. Act as a mature person in love and be the true romantic that you are. Don't be overly clingy, mushy and needy like a little baby.

14) Lay in a bubble bath

Follow up your intimacy in the bedroom with a bubble bath. This one is a sure hit because it requires little or no energy and is likely to leave you both refreshed and rejuvenated.

You can plan for this by buying bath bombs and other bath accessories. If you want to spend more time with your partner, grab your laptop or tablet and watch a movie as you soak in a warm tub.

15) Go to your neighborhood cafe and lounge

For those who would prefer fresh air over being stuck within the walls of the bedroom, head out to your neighborhood cafe and sip a hot cuppa as you laze away an hour or two. Head out in your out-of-bed clothes and don't put much effort into looking good.

The key to enjoying a cozy date after making love to your partner is to be as relaxed and calm as you can. Don't be in a hurry to get to the cafe and don't line up your little outing with chores. This is a very cozy date idea especially for winter when you can sit back near the cafe's heaters, relax and unwind the exhaustion away.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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    • Kenja profile image

      Ken Taub 

      7 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Nice, gentle, rollicking, fun variety. Good stuff. Ken


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