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7 Signs That Men Want to Make Love


Everyone can express desire, but men in particular have some unique signals for showing they're interested. However, it's up to you to recognize the signs and respond if you want to.

1. Lowering the Voice

A man who wants intimacy tends to speak in a lower tone of voice, almost indicating that there is something private between you two. If he grabs your shoulder, then you know he's actually thinking about grabbing something else . . .

2. Biting the Lower Lip

If he's lightly biting his lip while talking to you, it may be a sign that he would really love to be biting your lips and kissing you instead.

3. Sustained Eye Contact or Looking at Your Lips or Body

If you're talking to a man and you notice he keeps on looking at your lips, it may mean that he'd like to plant one on you. Sustained eye contact is also a sign of sexual interest, as well as a man checking out your body. If you notice that his pupils are dilated, then it definitely means that he is aroused.

4. Touching on the Face or Neck

If your man is touching you on the face or neck, even a light touch, it's probably an indication that he wants a little more.

5. Mimicking Your Movements.

If he's mimicking your movements, then chances are he's become very in tune with your body. This is a sign that he'd like to get to know it a little better.

6. Touching His Nose

The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine reported that the nerves in a man's nose are connected to his sexual organs. So if you find that he's touching his nose again and again, it is a sign that he wants to make love with you. Reply to this signal with a soft touch and kiss his nose.

7. Touching You All the Time

If he is always trying to get his hands on your body, it is not a meaningless action. It shows that he wants to spend the night together with you. Respond favorably if you'd like . . .

Video: See If He's Flirting Through Body Language

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Anonymous on February 25, 2015:

Maybe husband sometimes scratches his nose in public or when talking to his office colleagues. Does that mean he is interested in sex?

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