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Marriage Coach Explains Why Women Stop Wanting Sex

Has bedroom fun in marriage taken a nosedive? It's incredibly common in long term relationships for couples to experience peaks and valleys with their libido, but women seem to struggle the most with this phenomenon. What's up with that? One woman on TikTok claims to have an explanation. 

Marriage coach @themccabelife breaks down the most common reason why women stop desiring sex in their relationship, and what's she's got to say is pretty eye opening. 

It's not surprising to hear that as a marriage coach, this woman is hearing complaints from men about a decrease in bedroom activity. Though there may be a variety of reasons why women are lacking desire, the possibility of an emotional or relational disconnect makes a lot of sense. 

Many viewers seem to resonate with what's being said here and some have varying thoughts on the matter. User @antoinettezeecat says, "It is not always an issue due of withdrawing it is sometimes that his behavior turns her off." Fair enough! Commenter @raineydaycheesecakes shares, "You can’t ignore me all day and think I’m gonna perform for you at night. If my emotional needs aren’t met, I can’t meet his physical ones." This is such a powerful point and so true. A woman's emotional needs must be met for sex to be enjoyable for her. 

Viewer @mariaachim30 says, "For me it's none of the above, I just ain't in the mood after a day at work, cooking, cleaning and washing at home. I just want to rest and sleep." Many women can relate to that. In fact, evidence shows that women are still pulling the majority of the housework and child care in cohabitating relationships, even in egalitarian structured relationships. That's enough to make any woman exhausted! 

It remains to be important to have these discussions, share experiences, and be honest about the reasons why sex might not be as appealing as it once was. When we get real about what's going on, we can begin to look for actionable solutions moving forward. 

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