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Woman Shares Reality of Why Women Close Their Eyes During Sex

Eye contact is an indication of honesty and trust in all areas of social interaction. When you make eye contact with someone you are talking to, you are demonstrating your sincerity. Also, when you make eye contact, you embody an aura of self confidence. However, eye contact during sex may be different matter, especially between men and women. 

In this video, TikToker Amanda King sheds some light on why women have a tendency to close their eyes during sex, while men are more likely to stare. 

This subject has generated some much needed discussion in relation to the nuances of human sexuality. Many women know what it's like to have a hundred different thoughts running around in their head at the same time. Some might find that closing their eyes during sex enables them to more easily tune in on the present moment and how it feels. Commenter @ylloh.amirt confirms this to be true. "And that is for over thinkers... we can have convos with ourselves and drive with no music on because our thoughts are that loud."

For others, closing their eyes allows them not to focus so much on all their perceived body flaws. In a response, user @emotionlessaquarius19, admits, “I feel really self conscious when he's just staring at me, I look away.” Another commenter, @jescrane, shares, “But then we have to dive deeper into WHY we have been programmed to feel self conscious......ugh.”

Unfortunately, this is a common issue that women deal with in our modern culture. Society puts so much emphasis on female beauty and it can be difficult not to obsess over every little imperfection. However, what many ladies seem to forget is that if a man is going to bed with you, chances are, he already thinks you are beautiful. In reality, most men aren't nearly as critical about a woman's body as she often is of herself, especially during sex. 

For those feeling up to switch things up for a change, commenter @fallen_angel_900 has some practical advice. “TRY staring back. Whole different level of soul connection.” Now that's something to experiment with, and who knows, you might like it!