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Girl Hears Woman's Voice Coming From Her Man's Game and She's Shook

It tends to happen when you least expect it. Your man is in the next room playing his game, then the next thing you know, you hear a woman's voice come out of nowhere. Who is she? Does he know her? Wtf is her business? 

In this clip, TikToker @pain_and_pixels films her reaction as she hears a strange woman's voice coming from the next room, and she says she's "never felt more psycho than in this moment." 

Yikes! We get it. These days, audacity is running at an all time high, so you never know with some people.  Flirting with someone else online isn't appropriate to many people, and might this constitute as soft cheating, maybe? On the other hand, it could be nothing just as well. We wonder if she confronted him though. Part two, maybe?  

Viewers are chiming in to confirm her suspicions as well that there is something suspicious about this woman's voice. TikToker @yeah.nah.bro says, "Oh, that's a flirty voice and laugh too." User @babykbx adds, "I just know the game ain’t that funny." Another commenter, @galacticbeez, confesses, "The way this isn't even my man and I’m having heart palpitations." Finally, user @hard_candy14 offers some useful advice,  "Talk to him about it. If my girl felt uncomfortable about something I was involved in, I'd want her to let me know. that's just me tho..."

Needless to say, this is something that would cause anyone to raise an eyebrow, but it's also one of those things where you can't just assume anything, or else you could easily end up looking like a crazy person. Do some further investigating if you must, but the best thing is to talk to your partner directly about what you find appropriate in a relationship. 

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