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Woman's Stress Over Meeting Younger Boyfriend's Friends Is Totally Valid

Meeting your boyfriend's friends can be stressful enough, let alone when there's a significant age difference - 22 years of an age gap to be exact. 

In this clip,  Alex tells us she's been dating a younger guy for nearly two years. They are super happy together, she says, but now she's about to meet his friends for the first time, and she's very nervous. She tells us all about why and requests for help from her viewers. 

Having anxiety in this kind of a situation is understandable. With so much pressure and emphasis on appearances and first impressions, who wouldn't be nervous? We all want to project the best version of ourselves possible, but it's also important to stay authentically and unapologetically ourselves. Confidence is one of the sexiest attributes a woman can have. A woman that knows her value and owns it is a woman that no one can resist. 

It seems like many other viewers agree as well. Commenter @sirynsong1 says, "Wear what you're comfortable in when going out. Don’t overthink it, if your authentically you they will love you for you, not what you're wearing." Another viewer, @grampy2244 adds, "You are a beautiful attractive woman. Take a deep breath. Don’t dress to impress. Be you. Honestly confident, classy, and a woman with integrity." 

As for the outfit choices, it seems the room is divided. Though, @jessnnc recommends, "first one but I say where what you would normally wear around him, or help him pick. He knows his friends and family best." 

Regardless of what ensemble she ends up going with, she'll look great and her boyfriend's friends are sure to love her just as much as he does.