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Woman Dresses Like Her Work Crush for Halloween and Everyone Wants an Update

We have to know how this turned out.

If you're anything like us, you probably watch a lot of TikToks. You see all kinds of fun stories that leave you wondering what happens next. Well, when @postalstoregirl Kaitie posted this Halloween video, not only did we love watching it unfold, but we're demanding answers!

Kaitie decided to dress up for Halloween as her crush Sean, who is also her UPS delivery guy. The anticipation of her waiting for him to come in and see her is palpable! Will he realize that it's for him? Will he even notice or put two and two together? We can't wait to find out! 

But nooooo. Kaitie leaves us all hanging! We have no idea what happened after Sean came in. It's killing us and we have to know!

And we weren't the only ones feeling that way. @Alisha Oliver demands to know, "Dude?! All that anticipation and no reaction?! No more packages until we see his reaction!" @Mateo agrees, "All that and you don’t post part 2! I don’t know why but I want to know what happened!" @kcouncilor adds, "Trusting the algorithm to bring me back." We are too!

We all seem to be waiting for Part 2. Still. @Tawny Dotson asks, "Dear TikTok algorithm gods please let me see part 2." @KaraHarmon tries to be reasonable with, "GIRL you can’t leave us hanging." 

Well, Kaitie does say in another TikTok that she posted Part 2 in the comments, but that it was pretty anti-climactic. In another post she says that she did ask him out, but he declined, stating it was a conflict of interest. Boo! We were hoping for a happily ever after!